See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Self Field Psychology

I found this idea, to be interesting, and most of the idea work! Its about Self psychology, done on the moment. This is some of it, since its too large a doc, including the menu. The full doc is here or here.


    I have been working with the people in field cases and studies, I took 3 years of classes toward the goal of knowing people. To understand what field psychology is and how it works their first must be a know how of what it is. Its self psychology dealing with people who intend things that are slightly crazy or deranged. The field psychologist is a person who is capable of this and more like getting people to better lifestyles or diverting destruction.

   As in a talk down of a lunatic or hypnotism to handle most problems not aforementioned. To cause recovery quickly is what we we try to achieve and to make people with control of themselves where they think they are out of control. By many many means available to yourself as in consideration of life, fate, getting the idea or explaination out, and etc.. What drugs, if any for use are alcoholic and as in AgCu2NO4 + H2O that causes easier talking to or agreement without thinking about it along, with others that effect the mind. The effective antidote is any drink.

   Where this idea came from is how to use the phychology treatments without a big room, in a hospital room or a couch as is in a field of people, and try to get a calm situation of peace of mind to make a solution instead of a problem. Even though the problem could be worse than the solution or vice versa and cause more destruction. Reform is necessary with those whom you can as it can be very hazardous to their health of the moment or crazy making with too much to do.

  Who use it in different forms, cops, reformers and those who control and rehab people like admins. As concept is a point to what is thoughts in ideal, your use of illegality is no longer possible unless you use things that you are aware of in the point you think of by uses in what you do. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

War, By Alusa

  War is one of those topics people usually feel passionate about, that you are either pro or anti war. There needs to be balance. People often want to go to war, but usually for the wrong reasons. Usually over differences in ideology, stealing resources, wanting to control a territory, or some political reasons.

  All too often in whatever country its started in the pattern usually ends up something like this:

  There is propaganda that appeals to the emotions, this can often be portrayed unrealistically as patriotism or nationalism with visions of heroism and glory, where one group or country thinks its better and that the attitude justifies itself, incorporated with taking everything personally and demonizing the other side to make them seem evil thereby stripping away of all their humanity and rights in the mind of that group. The other side is provoked into doing the same thing, at the start of a war hopes are high, but wars are rarely short, all too quickly as friends die, and people suffer, many slaughtered and often times in some foreign country where the citizens themselves are victims, reality sets in. Sometimes through the suffering we finally start to see the others as human. Both sides suffer, die, bleed, and struggle. Both have families, both have something to defend, both were coerced into believing the same propaganda, trying to survive and get home to their loved ones alive. All that pain, all that struggle, governments gain at the citizens expense, the people die and nobody wins.

  Where did it go wrong? We are all connected, we are all human, and we all have the same needs and wants. Man has this tendency to forget that and only looking for personal benefit or only seeing on the surface. This is a small world and we all have things in common, what targets one can effect many. When we go to war for the wrong reasons it always unnecessarily causing a great deal of damage, to others like you. Real people and real human lives are always involved on both sides of any conflict that is the bottom line, such should not be taken lightly. If there is propaganda, or it is overly political from the start, it often means there are ulterior motives that the country is trying to hide from its own people, because its war for the wrong reasons. You don't have to lie to and manipulate people to get them to fight for a just cause.

  If its all so bad why should we ever consider war in the first place? Its really rather simple, any civilization or group of people that was overly peaceful and did not fight back properly got stomped into the ground. Unfortunately there are always those who seek power, and that always comes at someone else's expense. Either by fighting or manipulation and it ends up the same thing. Innocent people get hurt, people die and those groups fall to the way side and are forgotten. If you aren't ready and prepared to fight for your freedom, you won't keep it. We must never forget we are all human, we should fight to protect yourselves, or sometimes to settle a conflict, then stop. Excess is unnecessary. It should only be a last resort or a real matter of settling things quickly between both sides (and then stopping).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Taoist religion

  There is hardly anything written on the way to be a Taoist, online.. but there are some good sites on the religion side of the Tao.

  Site number one be and it describes the eight immortals that are the head of the Tao, Spiritually.. the actual idea here be, that the eight immortals are similar to the saints of the christians. As to know the real meanings behind the names we know and use, is to know them that made them or were called them. And, that the christians and took ideas from them to form their own religion as a point was used for the things. There are things to do and things to realization that, as you are realization by the area your realization is nothing but comparing in what you think to use.

  The point in things are things in use and things called, before they were known were discovered by whom the action and attributes that are noticed for the name that was used in some way as to call out the idea was to say the name and you use the thought you saw from the person as to name the definitions. As a guess is only a guess defining the word was definition, assumed is thought and your use was to see what the real word was actually written down as means to express without the real meaning as known was what was thought. So don't assume as to not jump to conclusions.

  As to think and see how you think after was indications known. As the only actual way to know what we used it for was to guess and that means what we thought the word meant was its meaning and training of the master that taught the true word and use was to use in expression by art. As magic, this was an idea to get as a thought is a compromise to what you thought and what you actually experienced with the idea you spoke and chi energy is what caused the thing to be known.

  As the idea was a concept, as you were the point and the idea was known by what you consider life to seem. This  is a point to use as what you in a conceit, thought were the uses is nothing but a guess. By practical word use, your idea was a concept and the scientific meanings, were a gift to the gods in practical but different use. There were an idea to use things, and there is an actual thing you use on yourself. The magic of the word, is the effect to not do, as you thought unless you can get and use the point you see as observed is thought as example.

  As you think to see and experience, the idea you might be wrong or right in your use. So as the quote is.. as each idea you express is a point you can use them and yet not always know as you use the idea that you think is going to happen. As the point is this.. your use is not always seen, unless you actually get a nasty shock from the misuse of a word that is to see and know. This is saying as you are in a use, and not actually dumb you can say your use is a potential disaster or otherwise a blessing in disguise.

  As your the one who thought to use the word, your use is nothing but a pointless idea that causes anything to possibly happen. Assume nothing in the word your use may imply as your use is going to show up and make itself known by the idea you think but actually know. The quote that expresses this idea, "there are many words in the dictionary and your use is as thought is seen to show as shown the true meanings by reactions, as your thinking and not always thinking in result you could draw disaster upon yourself.

  So as you think upon your use the word and your use is different by the idea expressed, you can create and assign a guesstimate to create some idea and not actually know what you said till you know what you see as observed from a point that is in view to what you see. As so, your idea is this, as you are aware you act and observe how you react you know what you see as you gnow yourself from what you experience."

  There are many scientific meanings, and each one is a guess as you are thinking you know the meaning. Your idea is nothing but a guess as there is no true meaning and what you feel or see is the true idea that the word does. So the word in use is in a way to know and as you ask if you must, as you think you know as the word is nowing or the spirit knows by what it is in senses on the idea formation. As what you see is what you get, your use is your own will to get things or not threaten.

  The eight immortals are very similar, to the eight saints of christian idea. It is very interesting, too that the Tao religion be harder to follow and has the same structure that christian religion has. Where the christian religion be easier and more defined in a concept, things are in form and from the perspective use your thought is a good thought.

  This is thriving as this is to use a point and the string, can think and from the Taoists view maybe Taoists is the use of a better system. As the idea is to know what your thinking, as the energy is chi and life that essence is the concept and the life energy is the string energy from the star. As the star is the solar star, your star use is the entry to the solar place that emulates what you want to see. If the sun wants from your conscious thought to do, as you consider best as you designate the sun don't do or not if you get burned up and die from the idea.

  The second site more defines this idea, as its and it describes the immortals, as well, but as saints. I hope this helps unravel what be the Tao religion, somewhat in comparison, to the christians idea.

  The last bit of info, on Taoism, be here, at and this is the Ancient landmarks site. Look for the section, On Tao, in Section 11.. as it is very interesting and points out some good idea.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

7 super spices

 These are 7 super spices:

cinnamon -is equal to 1/2 cup of blueberries or 1 cup of pomengranates, as it can lower blood pressure
thyme - can help fight infections
oregano - supports immune system and 3 cups of spinach
curry - prevents cognitive degeneration
paprika or red pepper - can enhance metabolism
ginger  - in things as like lemonade and ice cream can lower muscle imflammation and reduce nausea
rosemary - can protect against inflammatory effects

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some facesigns

These are furcadia and other written expressions. Feel free to replace the dot (.) with a dash (-) (-) but some mean different things with a (_) or (-) drop the (_) on some is still the same. The html version, of this info be here.

                    Written by Randy Cosmos
                    Help by AbsoluteKnave
                   Some given by Ben and others as in Stevie
                Other edits provided by Lexi

    * = any, all, correct(ing) star, kiss
    ** = action, take action of   
    ... = thinking or closed off an at end of sentence is continuance
    .. - = end point
    @.@ -
    e.@  | = confusion
    @.e  -  
    EI_EI = squinty eyed, rarely seen
    @@  = goggly eyes of surprise
    @_@  -\
    @_O - = black eye or really big eyes
    @._ for confiscated or intense look
    o.o;;; = sweatdrop
    o-o = ready for any, be at all feeling random, "wtf?"
    o_o = normal eyes sort of a blank stare if a 'you're stupid'/'duh' to 'uh...okay'
    o_O   \
    O_o - = a strange look, confused, "What?"
    O_O = shocked face
    o_o/ = raised hand
    o_O/    |
    O_o/  _/
    o_O// = edgy, knock away
    O_o//  = relaxing, relating, comfort
    o_o//   _/
    #O_O - = you hit me
    O_O#  /
    o_< = crap
    -.- = tired
    -.-;;; = fed up
    -_- = pissed off or shocked
    ._. = I feel small
    .-. = On the cieling or so so
    _-_  \
    _._ = a weird alien-style cat face
    ¬_¬ = annoyed, annoyance
    <3  = heart, feeling
    >.< = anger, "eeeek!"
    >.>  \
    <.< = looking around or suspician, ninja, "wasn't me"
    <_< = shifty eyes, looking to the side
    >_>  /
    >_< = grimace squint, cross-eyed, "damn it!", "God damn it!", negative thing   
    >///<  = Embarrased, "eeek!" (number of //'s vary to determine strength of embarassment)
    >///>  = Embarasment but looking to the side, embarrasing smile
    o.- = eye closed
    -.o = eye closed
    >.- = eye closed (cringing)
    -.< = eye closed (cringing)

    "." = happy
    "_" = stern, miffed, confided or concern
    ^.^ = very happy or cheerful
    @.- = doubtful
    -.@ = doubtful
    ^_^ = smiling
    ^o^ = shouting for something, happy face, yawn or "Yay!"
    -o- = out cold
    ._. = disgruntled
    ?.? = interrogate
    ?_? = questioning
    ?-? = query
    *_* = startled, starstruck
    *.* = nonplussed, silenced, active
    p-p = put out face or down and out
    p_p = defeated glare or pulled out face
    pp  /
    xP  = eyes closed and tongue out, blushing or embarassed with his/her tongue out, laughing and sticking out toungue
    XD  = laughter
    xD  = wider mouth laughter
    xDD - xDDDDDD = more wide mouthy laughter
    xD; - xD;;;; = nervous or serious laughter
    =-D - = slit for eyes, a mature happiness
    -D   /
    =D  = Happy
    =o  = shock/surprise in a mild form
    =O  = gasp
    =)  = lsd face, dopey face, doped face, lsd puppet face
    o.ob = thumbsup, ear, listening, ok or okay
    do.ob = face with ears, all ears, perked up or listening
    d.ob = all ears or listening
    :B - = dorky face or feeling dorky
    =B /
    x]  = a sorta smile, boxy smile
    x/  = gutted, sad face, unhappy face
    :c) = smile or upcast
    :c( = frown or downcast
    :-O = Oh, surprising, wow
    :-# = zipper lips, zipped lips
    ;O  = shocked with a wink
    ;-; = a sad crying face
    ?:/ = confusion, miffed, confused, consterned, concentration
    ?:|  |
    8:| /
    ?:e = screwed up, in thought, hassle

    :D  = big smile
    :E  = cheesey face
    :F  = vampire or biting the lips on one side
    :R  = teasing fang, threatning tease
    ;P  = a wink sticking out tongue
    :S  = cross, frowning
    :z  = slanted face, in some sense similar to :/
    :Z /   
    ;z  = winking slanted face
    :@  = open-mouthed
    :$  = sweet cheeked, blush
    ;|  = wink
    :|  = stern, closed mouth, nonspeaking
    :/   |
    8|  /
    :]  = smile, wooden smile
    :[  = devil eyes, hostile
    :'  = quirky, bashful, run through
     :)  = smile
     ;)  = sly, wink
    :(  = sad, downcast
    :'(     \    
    :3  = kitty smile, "nyaaah!", cute
    ;3  = winking kitty smile, cute wink, sly cuteness
    ?=3 = Uberkitty, somewhat trouble, very cute
    D:  = Bad thing, "omg!, "oh no", "gasp"
    =DDDDDDD = crying, drunk, getting wasted
    SD = funny, confused and gay
    8D = Wtf, Slightly stupid and partly paused smile
    8B = 8, nerdy glasses look, nerdy
    8o| = expressed, concentrated
    8-| = spotting, looking, wearing glasses, scrutiny
    8-) = worried, downcast and worried
    ^o|  = cock-eyed, cross-eyes, criss-cross
    :o* \
    :-*  = whisper, very quietly
    +o( = bubbly, blowing bubbles
    <^) \
    :^) = disconcerted, distrust
    *-) = leftward frown
    |-) = a yell(ing)
    <:o) = hats off, give to you, a given
    //.- = emo smile, emotional smile, Emover
    \\.- |
    a.e = beaten
    a.f = face beaten
    e.a = beaten up, beaten
    e.e = becoming bored/whining
    e.o = exceptional or absurd
    e.u = ignored
    o.e = close to it or closely linked
    o.o = seek otherwise, surprise or passing blank stare or glance
    o.u = comparison
    e.f = beat up
    c.c = electrified/vacant eyes, comparison
    f.f = double fuck or fucked up
    g.g = great importance, googly eyed
    n.n = semi-sleepy
    p.p = defeated type glare
    q.q = stunned

    T.T -
    T_T |
    v.v  |= is sad or crying
    u.u -

    x.x = dead
    z.z = z_z, annoyed or annoyance

    e.n = losing patience

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Angel idea

Angels exist, from the actual granting of God, to the few lucky people, who request the form, by actions, and use idea with intent, to earn it. They are given more power, by people believing in the power of their ability, that's also popular belief, and that's what grants them their ability and power. God just gives them 'missions', and also some of his power, gained from belief. They are able to manifest effects and events, on necessity. Power is then generated, by the actions the angel does.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The chimp diet

 This is, to eat whatever you want, in smaller quantities but not too small, except if your extremely obese and consider small to be large or medium, where it will actually have, to be small, in this case. Except at breakfast time, where it can be any actual portion size, except large. And, there is a necessity, to exercise during the day or night, drinking warm water, before meals and right after meals. Why warm water? It breaks down oil and fat easily, where cold water, doesn't. But, cold water can cause appetite suppression. So, Everytime you pee, drink 2 glasses, of cold water after. When feeling the urge to snack, or eat unnecessary food, drink 1 or 2 glasses of cold water, instead. As, the key to losing weight, is breaking down the fat and oils, in a food. And, suppressing your need to eat.

 There are two types of exercise, the lifting weights style and the aerobic style. Its good to lift weights, at least once per every 2 or 3 days, whatever you can lift, where 5 kilos or 5 lbs are a good start weight. Aerobics consist, of walking, doing repetative motion, and other things, with the body. Doing so, at least 4 times per week to everyday, for 20 to 40 minutes a day. Oh yea, try to keep active, during the day and sleep at night. With limited naps, if any, during the day.

 For, more info and diets, goto here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The seven plagues

The 7 plagues listed in new revelation bible book, but never detailed as its counterparts are and are a mention of them only by phrase. These are the possible plagues, at a guess in several ages back to now order.

1 Bosqoes curse plague or a stoning and shapeshifting plague which, in the ancient past, turned humans into basketcases or other beings that was gotten by mutation effects and possibly as bugs or an idea shape, and it is originally caused by a wish for power from fey. Who cursed the human that had wished for it from its cruel heart to have unnaturally occurring ability an it had sprung from the influence of unrecognized uranium and other toxic things being mined and taken in, mixed with some type of magic effect where the effect can be any magic attempt, which unknowingly triggers the plague effects, as the curse is fed by the ability in people. Plus, the form the victim thought about, was what they became. It spreads like a disease, due to the effect of the curse of the malicious fey on the condition.

Chemically speaking, what happens is in the body first, and then its magical in effect. The body changes to do the mode of breaking down the toxins first and shitting out the toxins after, that it couldn't breakdown. And in that process of getting rid of dangerous toxins, as in uranium or fluoride, the body can weaken. Added magic to this, is like causing the weakness to stay and then the influences of others aura can cause a change. An adaption of your body, into theirs, due to the magic that's in the body. Speaking about what you want, or using vocals could cause an amplified magic effect. Due to the toxins and elements in nature, as its from the cursed effect.

The curse causes it to be plague-like, as the body can only hold so much energy and magic. So, the curse spreads with the energy, as the body shares its excess energy to others. It is also naturally selective, and sometimes by touch. Letting itself pass to the new host as an bio-electrical discharge, as it is a form of electricity. This bio-electrical discharge can activate magical ability, magic and sometimes weight. This weight can be endless, unless the person is helped or helps themselves.

On rejection of the originator or host, the person can develope a disease. Sometimes a mental disorder, if they were unprepared for the power it grants in a magic exchange, beforehand, can form. If fat forms from the discharge, its a magical fat that will generate some craziness and even more ability. One thing is for certain, the original host is almost always linked to the infected by some idea or way.

Then it forced a lethargy on the victim, to sleep such as in a coma and helplessness in which the change happened, to the body and only after it was finished, would the victim wake up, after being helped and sometimes frightened of themselves, for the change that occurred, as this is the stage that fat can form, but its always uncertain. After this, the person only had to look at someone, to become the form and then theres even more ability that can manifest, sometimes by speaking of things, also there was no reprieve as the victim becomes a shapeshifter. In the end, they gain unnatural insight from the magic ability, along with magic and ability, to change their shape.

This plague formed such like as faeries, trolls, orcs, halfmen, other people by this mutative plague, and it can be controlled by shapeshift methods. The only cure is to take in enchanted liquid silver or enchanted water, and as a drink with the liquid silver properties its as a small quantity, to kill the curse leaving a slight undeadness to the body, but control, of the shapeshift ability. The ability of magic van also temporarily be neutralized, till the body comes back to life. The cure can kill the host, but if enchanted right, will bring the body back too as it also kills the disease with the body. The cure can also leave the victim unable to lose the weight, unless they work at it.

There is yet another way to become less weight with this disease, and its counted as a cure, as it causes the person to lose weight by the idea and choice of another. In effect to actually attempt a shapeshift, where Its to mentally choose another person to become, who is thinner. Then it naturally occurs if the person chosen is naturally your body type, and sometimes if not your body type, it takes the words of 'I choose [to become] you' or 'I wish to become you.' While looking at the person.

Due to the curse, the person can gain your weight as you lose your weight, or you simply lose enough weight to become like their form. Again, it depends on the person, as though to naturally gain weight from food or always remain thin and skinny.This weigh less cure doesn't always work and can leave you stymied by the effect on people, confused by the reactions you can get or disputable by the idea you thought would happen, but it doesn't.

2 Vampirism started as a plague that killed, but a regenerative person came back spreading a mutated version, through the influence of his aura, causing living undead slightly affected by sunlight and unable to see a dawn, without death. They can eat anything though without trouble, plus rare bloody steaks be a very good substitute.

3 Black plague which was caused by feeder ticks and fleas, mutated by volcanic ash to continuosly feed, spreading anemic to worse effect ending in death, by a chest rattle.

4 Byoma or baphomet plague - power triggered plague caused by a curse that infects on attack, touch or power share gives the person astral woman wings, womans breasts, astral forehead star, goatshape head, spell immunity, drug resistance, slight dementia, suggestability, regeneration and omnipotence plus it is symbiotic to its host, leaving only an undead scent, to the body making it into that of a lich. The cure is faery water.

5 Tuberculosis was a lung disease spread by lung, coughing fits that spread germs in sneezes and cured, by peninsulin made by a plant.

6 Aids which is a disease that spreads through fornication, and caused immune system failure of the body due to too many drugs.

7 Dimentia caused by suicide tendency plus stress, overload leading to lack of sleep and the mind breaking, into destructive visions after a mental breakdown and cuz of inability, to handle a situation the victim turns to destructive, purpose guided by suicide tendency turned to death tendency. The cure is to ingore the visions and voices, by observing them to shut them out thru meditation, with sheer force of will plus discipline.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alternative Dimensions

Some may think they know all about the dimensions. But, there is more about dimensional planes. As to some, the dimensions exist outside ourselves and then they are viewed internally as though they were in our minds. It seems the reason for dimensions are to make it easier to understand the world, thats exposed. What is sometimes experienced from this exposure is the alternate possibilities.

In dimensional idea, there are numerous amounts of alternate possibilities. In which, we tend to goto the alternatives and dimensions sometimes, just by thinking about the idea, and we are there by the subconscious doing the shift. But, this shift happens by us sometimes unknowingly. And we can think of the place we are in, physically, or where we came from and boom we end up back where we started from. As a person is there from the apes in life transmuted, to energy or other places to a point that gave idea.

This is called alternate reality shifting. Once we realize that this is happening, then there is the possibility of doing this consciously, by making the intent to 'be there' in our minds, sometimes to escape the present reality. However, during the process, we can space out and sometimes wander off. Thinking it was a daydream, when it was us actually exploring the other alternatives and dimensions.

As a moment, when we get to these alternate possible realities, we can 'borrow' the idea and sometime ability, from the place. Adding to what we have here, after we return and this allows the understanding of the dimension to be better, sometimes it even improves the idea we express, albeit it might be a daydream to us. So in an exchange of some idea, we actually can visit the dimension, after that first visit with ease, to know it for our own idea.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dream Types

   There are many who do dream about idea and things, considered a level 'y' activity for being wild in perception, or the wild 'dream state' level of reality. It is the hereditary idea that is expected, but anything goes in this level. Its a wild level of perception, because anything is acceptable and is sometimes done, even in lucid dreams. Sometimes to be where the wild situation is in a dream state.

   Where, people realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the situation wasn't real. Also known as the 'lucid' dream state. Once you realize that you are in the wild state, anything can be manifested, but you may quickly awake from the wild state when you realize you are in it and try to control it, though sometimes not.

   Also, some mostly found that dreams can be categorized. Where the people that were doing anything at a whim and getting things done or the people that were singing in perfection and in tune in a singing contest were "just a dream" and usually lacks great meaning that other dream types have. Due to this fact, it can also be dangerous to consist at the wild level and try to make something for themselves.

  As there is a point, and as you are not wild you can create or seem realistic and as you are your fine. This is the 'y' level of reality and is consistent of the vow to do things any way that's possible. As when you have an idea, and you decide to work on it, manifest it, make it a reality, you are vowing to do so. These are the categories listed as dream types.

There are two main groups of dream types

   Personal-type dreams, where all of the dream is created by your conscious or sub-conscious thoughts of things you know, and is usually internal.

   External dreams, where the dream content comes from something other than yourself (a telepathic link, being contacted by another being, etc)

More of the external dream types are as follows

   Dreams that are "planted" by another person or being, for whatever reason they are influenced. Sometimes these are used to give you messages from certain entities, such as to give you some good knowledge or to warn you of a future event. Sometimes they are planted by malevolent entities to scare or intimidate you, usually when you are growing in strength and/or doing something important that goes against their wishes.

   Messenger dreams are when you receive semi-hidden information from the higher plains. The message is often revealed to you with symbols. For example, if one of your front teeth falls, it may mean that one of your close relatives is about to die soon. The messenger dreams can also be caused by the sub-c connecting to the z-field, where all information of the universe is kept as a flow. The z-field is what some call the "universal database" that also holds the energy of the universe. Sometimes the mind can take this info and make something useful from it, resulting in a new idea. Another type of message dream is the one where an idea you've been thinking on for a time suddenly comes together as a spark of ingenuity. This isn't actually a message dream but an internal-based dream that draws from the universe for it's content.

   Astral dreams, which are where you are seeing something which is happening on the Astral plane of existence - Some have had nights where they'll leave their body, do something astrally for someone, an example is 'it was kind of a favor for someone, letting their dead relative say a final message or something', wake up the next morning, and is told that someone else had the same dream, or similar. Some can almost physically die during one of them. Other times you have an astral journey that may be confused for a simple internal whacky dream but it's actually an astral journey which can be evidence by some effect that is left over after from the journey, and that tells you it was a journey dream rather than an imagination dream.

   "Parallel" dreams, where you're in a parallel reality, much different from another plane of existence, think 'Multiverse' theory. Could just be taken as a false assumption, though. They closely resemble the internal ones listed above. You may see locations in the dream that are familiar to you but warped in a way. These will be consistent through the 'parallel' world of the dream. They are seen by others as well. Sometimes they are the same as the planting dream by some entity but different only in that they are planted in the dreams of multiple people. Sometimes a dream is purposely or even accidentally caused by one purpose and it happens to them and some others who may be involved with the person who causes it.

Some internal dreams:

   There's the lucid dream thats internal with meaning, as well as truth. Where it will appear real and due to some stress of an internal/external factor, such as life issues.

   There's the fear dream of internal just dream type. Its set off by learning something and the dream is the reaction to it. also usually caused by stress of internal/external factors like life issues.

   Dreams with meanings and dreams that are just dreams. Such dreams stop happening when you get the thing or you realize it will never happen. Then, your subconscious squelches by suppression, the dream. The normal dream type is when the sub-c is just sorting through external situations for the mind to handle, like alphabetizing a bookcase of information. The 'dreams with meanings' is where your subconscious is trying to send a message to the conscious mind through the use of a dream. The sub-c thinks only in images and metaphors though, so it's not as simple as a normal message.

Other idea in dream types

   Some have both dreams with meanings that are personal types and these are dreams that are of subcontact. That didn't start with them, but turned out to be them. Whatever you do you work hard in them. Whatever you do with a wizard, you're slow to react with contact and solemnly do.

   The other type are dreams others have are that of external or just dreams, dreams that are magnificent with meanings in order to cope from others.

   Opposite dreams. These are dreams that show you doing the opposite that you do in life. This serves as a function to keep balance in the mind.

   Physical dream are the dreams that seem physical and sometimes mirror real life. Most physical dreams can occur to be the whims of what we desire and are external dreams with meaning or its just a dream. Where we get aware that we're dreaming in real life dream, and there is this protection thats fully there, then this protection is supposedly removed, because we have our consciousness interact with reality to form the dream. Yet we also wake up when we realize its a dream through indications. And, its as though we want it to be real, sometimes, as its all too good to be true. So when our will is to awaken by realization thats through indications, then we wake up and reality goes to normal.

   There is the things that you think are dreams as well, where they appear like dreams but are something else. Like Astral Projections and Ethereal Journeys.