See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

interesting by ideal

geneva convention
some book excerpt by material

I think i observed someone type this that i saw outside. As I naturally use things yet eat less or nothing. I think to work more otherwise exercise. No spell effects me so I think to work this off or do things correct. This is a can't but gain money spell. Wealth is the point you can do things, so you can think the effect the creator creates by ideal or ideal concept. So think to get better ideal. I think this works to usage by area feel. this I believe uses money as in a string a energy source to create what you consider or use is interest if to leave the money in a savings account. So if you get off my fork i can do things. there is nothing wrong.

See then you work or cause what you wish, em en no or focus to create except a don or spirit so I think then work by feel. A spirit is a demon if poltergeistic or use by creative by area activity. Activity is what you consider so demonic is also possession or not. Now to drive or walk a spirit out of your body. Think to end the possession by your own ideal. This is area energy that is thought to be demonized so the smart air is thinking then stating smart to work. Think not to throw then you won't get poltergeism or not by feel. This is as you ask then my point so stopping here is good, I think uses are by what you realize or realise. so think to work or quit as i just made it so i do. Zephra is whom causes this.

tap trick; a small trick, tap some object to create the effect by vibration. don't need a big vibration this is by a point to area create, ore use is amazing where you think to work. so think to do better.

summoning; the thinking you do summons by feel. i think the risk is unless no longer needed.

use ideal; use with the computer is what you consider by experience or expertise with practice with machines. think to the practical use then think no more use to stop. keep yourself away from the screen about a few feet.

foia; you see to not be insecure by secure means. i think this works to the use. thats actually some ancient leaf that cures people this is usually by touch. acidic to the touch, this is what you consider as i have some so it doesn't seem to always work. as your energy or force is spiritual thats activity by the area that reveals what is there. foia is similar to a four leaf clover, so when you are aware the area has what seems to be the leaf thats acidic to the touch you have some.

sex free; the only way to hear people that are spirits is to let the creator allow you to hear him or her. so sex free is to discern what you dislike then think disinterest as you think to the person by speaking. don't think to push people away that don't need you. this stops a sexual or lust act. so use by feel is a push off or away otherwise you think or thought disinterest you won't create as though you had aids by feel. don't use by feel if you think to work with a high strung person that you consider or they could by speaking things, if worse feeling thats the trap you get hit with or leaving them alone otherwise. if you don't want love then you get something else by a roach appearing, see that appears like a plague if allowed to grow that only disappears if you don't have lust or this ends by no need.

six free; i think the area is free by the six area people that could rule or regulate things.

freedom; this spell causes what is seen freedom that is ideal, set free is use by theory by the point you consider with life or area feel.

see or not; this is use to consider the point, then think to create what you wish. then use is non or more by ideal. whom you think you are you can act like. I usually picture them so when I see their portraits or think their form or name i can seem. appear is thinking to the use or area use by feel.

invega could if necessary seem replaced with oregano with fluctuating weight unless basil or dark chocolate sometimes with cinnamon. dark chocolate is possible to use to suppress diet need. see as long as you sausage it, seen is use think so your car use is mood relaxing.

this uses unusual useful ideal. especially with dark chocolate, basil with oregano. this is sometimes supposed till thought or supposed to do things as things or now i see it or drink it to breathe. think or see the use before the use is ideal or needed. so dr.kirsten what you think.

I think people or area deserve to work as they want. As lee would say this is by feel with experimental drugs not really known so don't expect too much. to evacuate to another time is what should be done before the volcano goes off as before my soul goes off. i think this will work. think to work with things you know till proven wrong. i wonder what would happen if i was correct or wrong?

soe i think then if we were wrong the creator corrects my work. seeing this is true, i wonder what you can see with people if clairaudience was used. i might find out later. ciou for now i am done. mirror archontic energy to be away from you then run or you will collapse without knowing why. then use a beautiful image to work with, think to create as i am not going to crack up or down.

soe i think for a moment though if you were aware you could create what you want, think no monsters appear or come out to bite you, i think this would mean cool ideal by now. if you think then consider what is wrong you can get a point to correct. think to correct then you do. soe if you find irrational behavior, think to soothe things over immediately for no problems to occur. because you don't want to appear crazy or insane.

thats because karma only exists for those that believe there is karma. i guess you mind the area energy by feel. then channel or focus to restore. otherwise the ideal activity is what is thought about to occur theory or as you suggest then there is thought. when you talk like that you are channeling something or someone by area ideal. zephra was a real person, think then use this ideal you can create what you want or wish by now. i think this means though that i am thought now so i will leave even before. i await the pic that shows this accurately yet here is one. the pic is the use or area marked by this.

Illuminate Experience

Magick is an ancient system of psychology, invocation & evocation
4 Archangels command 144 spirits within Temple of Man, the Body
72 Angels command 72 Daemons, 144 spirits of Man's Nature

The whole universe is contained within or use is your body or the end of the concept. This is what I learned with now or later.

Ra-pha-el / East / Air / Mercury
Mi-cha-el / South / Fire / Sun
Ga-bri-el / West / Water / Moon
Au-ri-el / North / Earth / Venus

Nosce te Ipsum ... Know thyself or you are yourself
Tu es Deus ... You are the creator or you create by some feel

"The Magic of Solomon", a 1996 film by the OTA

"Dark Mirror of Magick", a 2003 film by the OTA

The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as Lemegeton
Lemegeton 1:
Lemegeton 2:
Lemegeton 3:
Lemegeton 4:
Lemegeton 5:

The Anatomy of the Body of God

Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing: The Crystal as a Stepping Stone to Clear Vision, a Practical Treatise on the Real Value of Crystal Gazing

The Greater Key of Solomon: Including a Clear and Precise cleaning or preparation Exposition of King Solomon’s Secret Procedure, its Mysteries and Magic Rites, Original Plates, Seals, Charms and Talismans

so if you don't or by thought think then its in use you are aware, that is the true way of the ideal user feel. magick is interest so i accept things that you consolidate to use. ascend the spheres but non will know till you think they will. see that is a truth about magic. think the point then you know. i think then you knew by the feel or area you see or sense. this is the sense or sensation by the feel.

Until then, if to work with the working part of the brain creates with ideal the rest of the area to work this works. this is with the part or point to work with another so you aren't diseased. the chi energy cures this ideal that the brain is wrong so you think then your restored sometimes by varied ideal.this uses vibration with the point or area concept to restore yourself by concent.


"The Master Mandala", covered by C. R. Poke Runyon, Master of Arts in Anthropology, Freemason, Founder

seen ideal to call is to area ideal.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

oregano weight shift

this is the oregano weight loss that this allows. oregano weight loss is oregano, otherwise oregano weight loss by a little or lirt is alert by oregano oil with water then drink the water after to clear the taster point. this allows the oregano weight shift by feel. so think then drink or eat a little to cause your effect by whatever you do. this even works with substitute sugar or activity as chi energy. if you want to go through with the ideal, then its up to you or down by the feel. i think this means i am aware by how people act or react that this either worked or no longer worked. so enjoy what you have to work what you will by the feel i think is there. use basil though with sugar. so all you need is to think the weight then focus energy to shift the weight or shirt down. yes that is allowed.