See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Auratic view variable

   Auratic variable transalations are what can fool the psychic awareness, this is your body emissions as your energy is changeable sinewaves by cosine energy thought so can a machines area shield seem as if you. As if set by the right vibration and they who try to can use their snses, or serial number idea to set what you see as you sense for you or they sense for what a momentary area sense as what they sense is you by how you think. As if your the point to their mind and you are what you seem to them. This is all seeable by the triggered response, that is what you think is not always what you see as senses can seem visually interesting in seizmic senses.

  As you look for yourself you can think it is you from a long distance or short distance away, like a visual image trick as one thing seems like something and yet up close the difference is obvious as if pointed out from what you want to see. As you think and project some other idea, as if a similar thing is what you are to ship them this is what I call variable energy sensation. What cosine is in thought as a wave of energy is not unlike your feel in the area inset by your aura, energy emission is what the machine can seem in sense.

   Thought as set by action, in the gravity is if by the gravity and this is a decent trick serve as you draw attention to some idea other than you or not, but I wonder how you can detect this in real life except by energy thought in focus as you don't seem to respond from the sent energy by thought of the phrase. This is by the same sense of the word in a phrase, from the sent energy by thought of the phrase called to seem things in thought as a sensation. Think of a capacitor and think of you or not and things you focus in are sensed, thoughts from the energy nearby let you listen in as in focus energy and your attuning to the area and you can get the same result.

   As what you think in thought to the capacitor changes, what the capacitor feels in sensations by the gravity waves impressions around it. Tune in things as to your energy felt as vibes or emission vibration, this is by being near the nearby machine as you can think to see or know. There is noting that if your sensation gives you nothing in sight from the third eye thought to exists as a manifestation, then the point is made that as you think you can challenge the senses of others. So think and feel the energy, as you think to seem and you are what you seem. So tune things in to your energy emission vibration by being near the nearby machine as you can think to see or know.

  As to find you by what the area resignates, thought sent to a point in gravity is energy to seem like or not as there is nothing in the sensation. As if there in a motion or here hidden in life, your vibration can be set or creatively hidden just by thought as you want to seem by response in variable and pitch and things you set are what works by focus. As to add in to the cloaking energy, if you think not as this isn't a cloaking field.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Musings of a lost Friend

  These are a conceptive use idea thoughts, as you can see things you can know the moment without the replay or other idea you do is to pass energy as the moment that you want as these have already been done. These use an idea to play with or not, as your thought is energy and as thought your aware and in a place that you can seem and not get hurt in. However, these are musings of a friend that was there, as if your energy and thought is a point the path chosen was interesting to observe. Think and do as you want and as you do, your aware as awake and yet still if an idea is thought these are something to think or work with and yet you don't have to do this. The friend died as a point from a spell and an accident to the area, and as your aware of it think and you know what you see from this as you see what there is of the life he led.

The path of original life

   As you want to find the path of least resistance to reach your full positive potential your life is mute, as this is a more interesting point as I am not mute though a thought and resistance is energy that builds up and use is activity that brings resistor energy down as the energy is the body that light produced. The lower the capatible moments the more the resistance, as long as you don't direct and direct the more there is known by thought as transistor capacity from capacitance to remember. Energy can seem a source to use, in and travel is as ability is energy and thought is created by the effort.

  The more the energy that is there the more you remember, the less you remember you can create an unaltered stasis state to use. As you can can create a stasis energy by imagining 6th dimension blue and silver energy released in by thought and your able to create as to use subconscious energy create creation by the idea you think as you make what you think with drink or some food. There is a point there as were you are is a point in energy, as if in thought there you are and gone in a moment.

 As the body is the theory as energy particles and as your energy is the point that energy is where it is, or not your thought and this is creates a point that you can choose or not. As where you think you are is as a thought is energy but nothing and use is none as you don't think to do the use, as energy was creative think as an incentive is as you are whom you are and where you are. You are whomever you want to be as a point and create with the use by captain caldeze. As imagination is fun the idea doesn't have to happen, an as the imagination isn't real and real is really by what you think. Real life is real life as such I am dead, only as I think I am in life as is a point that life began.


   If the moment you see the idea you know what it is and thought is, as your thought creates what you consider. As the point is done, your fine as you are and create as thought allows. As your thought is an energy, seem is mine in idea and yet yours in energy as you are free by thought energy this is what exists. Thus as your energy comes to the area, your energy is what you can see. As a thought is energy to create or not create, as you think and not do if its horrible.

   What you don't do is what your thought is, by the separate energy that exists if you think. Consider what you do as your thought is awareness, think and your regard is otr or not thought as this is your mine if a concept in intention to do or do not then your thought is your own. Think as you think about the idea your thought is energy, and your will flows free as the wind is what allows you to do things. As self deeds are done and self-made idea is creative use, your use is as though a legend to the stars as if a legend, concept or with a one touch recording, any remote or thema setting.

   Considered minsweeper in a computer game form, as there is the point as there is a will in the work you can do. As otherwise you want and create as you work you do. Think as you want and minesweeper is the energy that helps this work. Thought to evade the mine, you think of something and do what you want. As your energy is gone from the area, as how your feeling is as you want as are your thoughts to seem and create with love or loyalty to the area or real area that you like to use in the point by mention.

  Think by what energy you use as your energy is drawn back to you and your body is no longer trapped in a mine. As you think you can figure things out, think and your thought is done as your thought can reveal to you what you want. Consider this an way to escape from the area, as in a way that is a way and out of the way. As if that is a source the energy is there for you to use, you free remain free of any mines and traps as you are independant.

   As if a point is concluded by any activity, the price is the idea that you get free time and create for stuff and creating is what you think. Think, poof or do as you want to make and create is what you think, to create by focus and doing things as you think or not think and do for magic. The trick is a service that the creator does is with your thought energy, and as your the worker or not as you can create any idea or action by thought accomplishment.

  What you think energy is creates by thinking, and energy is what forms to create by what you think. Do activity today as your thought energy is energy to the body activity and thought you create is what if physically necessary can seem possible and the intelligent body does as you want. Deal with your situation and as you think your energy will release and create a better idea to do wish with.

   The energy you want is with a thought source, as the energy is in the essence and the essence is in the aura to effect as you all wanted it to do. The point there is as an idea energy is where you are, thought and focus. The theory is a place earth energy is use, as your use is energy you keep your mind. As your thought is energy by focus with energy as a direct thought and focus is the idea that is your intent. As your thought is energy this is by the focus and intention you think, as the auratic energy is essence to the people nearby and as think to them you influence what you think. As your thought is energy as this is by the focus and intention you think, doing better is with better coordination as the auratic energy is essence to the people nearby. As think to them you influence what you think, as you can focus and create better idea or things to do as requested.

  There is their will and your will and if you coincide the point as an energy is a body of light to them, then there is a bond that is broken by will in thought to break the bond and as you do your well. As your not doing anything at all and watching things that you think to do, your well enough by what you use in thought as energy is what your well by. As you think to do, and energy is creating by what you are intending in what you are doing. Thinking and getting a result is what your will can create as if you allow yourself. As thought is yourself by will, your idea is what you energy make and as your will is energy you are can seem and do what you can do to think in work. There is nothing you cannot do as your well in thought, your mind creates a point and that you can seem to do, your self-independant and as your doing things and your doing work.

Natural living

   To think of essence from the object is to restore the body and your body lives, you can reform the body as you are able to live if you intend to create a form to live. As will is essence this is a concept that you can heal those you think about and as you create natural thoughts, your able to use the energy as your thought is a way to heal the body. There is a moment that is energy, that is basis in some idea or not as a concept. Think as you can to see and create as thought is will as you use the energy of the brush or thing you are used to using you can create and keep things. There is a point that energy reverts, think and the believed original object reforms in where you are and otherwise. If your will becomes what you consider sustaining you, as you do see and act what sustains you unless you as if a thought.

   As each act you do is able to sustain as energy extract is extract, and you are as a hill of beans as if from the creator essence. As a thought if a concept so the idea is the creator conscious is a focus energy or thought so different you can reform what you can think, to seem and use is energy that creates as if the object or beans were a source or not. As need think as it is the moment in essence and think self conduct, this is to do as in life and create as with object and think things is leading to a better point meant with method by means that you use to self-discover by seredipity by thought in focus. Think as if TOLO and SAKE were thought at the end spells.

  Since everything is in a state of change, a flux of energy energy formed by use in thought is with natural energy that is wizardry as talent is energy to the form you project it to. Think it is only natural that these rules of meta considered thaumaturgy, Affinity and mind over matter are use by focus and create what you want by the thought you want to work with as to get mixed results, thought or made possible concept is used in union with each other. Where one rule begins, sometimes another ends or works in conjunction with the first. Think of this like a chemistry experiment, where the reaction is equal to the other parts in balance to result in a product as if a chemistry equation. Take one part as this rule; and mix it with that rule, to equal the original rule.

   The objective is to get a reaction by appliance of the new rule. Think telepathic kinetic power that is energy and use is nothing unlike what is the point to work with as in life you are aware. As without what is normal life you have awareness of a dozen or so states. There is something that creates and use is there if there is no use here, as you find things to do your ability increase is due to energy as you drink, eat or make the second energy thought.

  Think or create as you think in some idea that is a pattern in life, the pattern will create what is as that is what you want. The minute or second or thought you don't want in life happens you can stop what you don't want, created or use is the creator to undo what you think should be done and no longer need.

   As a power kinetic like with ability use or nothing is better in thought, if this made sense there is a point there as if an eye is returned, as you use the third eye and things you do are a source is generated and once done. As a point is a point of view in change by the point of perspective in view shift, as if this is ideal in tron. Use is a point of considerance. As you think no expense and consider, as that is a possible expense and as that is a point to use a perceptive view and thought is the view that appears in mind.

 Noticed in a view as if the essence there is useful, to expose the idea that you think to see. This is to see an area and if anyone noticed you can shift your conscious awareness, to the area you thought and your awareness is thought as energy reveals and you sense to see what can seem and is there.

  If you were to shift your consciousness 100% to the astral plane or vack by construct with any other plane as a dimension, the body will switch with the physical. The only reason you see the physical plane as more physical, than all others is because your consciousness is deeply rooted there. As you switched to somewhere safe and with an area available if here or there. So all planes are equally physical is a thought for those who exist there and spiritual as if a ghost otherwise in an ideal position.

  Thought is energy and also as you are to think as you are aware, learning to accept people and shift 100% into higher planes is part of becoming a person. As if that is thought to seem a higher self it is a possible self being from a point you were and you think to seem or work idea from. As things or things higher in achievement with attribute are possible as your smart as an ascended master.

   Like in Buddhism and other practices in life. There is a word for this, its 'ethenl'. To use it, think of shifting ya consciousness to the plane of existance and say or think 'ethenl', after summoning energy from the plane. Once you learn to project your astralbody/ethericbody/soulbody in all different planes, the energy from those planes can more easily be brought to this plane. There is an interferent idea, that you can take uses and with this is a chance.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The alternate will by thoughts of human society of Doctor Who

 I am dying but I am alive. I illed myself in by doing things that shouldn't seem done as then as I was 12 and I killed the body to bring myself back to life as a necromancer. I was unable and to fully seem alive as I think to live I am alive so I am as you were or as a point created fey to do things, so I am alive yet I as I live I am fully capable as a person that is omnipotent or not keeps me alive. I think of him as a fey as he is a chinese god, and so now I choose when as to die. As I wish to it was my demon worm as I killed, the worm I killed the people I loved I am nothing as not as I am yet alive.

 Say it and you know it, you just think differently as you need to. As if so many things you do don't let you kill your parents off, whatever you do don't cry as they die right in front of you and care for things as though energy. This is where you use use energy to create, with and some energy comes from the parents heart that kills them as you use the energy that chi can manipulate into magic. The real mana is the heart energy, you think about the person and use mana to aid and do things and as I am ye you do you create things in the heart.

 Stiple it and go as that would kill you if bad natured if thought you are likely to kill them as you kill yourself. So don't worry if you use energy to create energy effects as you think as you can think on this. So use the area energy to create, not destroy or corrupt death. Think you will things as you want them and if you don't get them, avoid the hate and accept what you are as your parents are alive you cause them conditions. Hating is avisable but not your parents as you can do good with a thought to death energy in use. As despise is that is hidden, as it is grown as you want things and not ever get them. This is fun as a job, as then your ability can get what you want but at the cost of the parents lives.

 Still its the truth as I can now accept myself, as yet don't worry as if you are what you if thought consider and what you think is true, your idea is what can create what you consider as you think you got what you want. As you experience what you think is bad you can negate things, as the idea in thought as things in thought negate what you don't consider true for the purpose. "But I havent gotten what I want" isn't applicable, as if in thought think you know as yes I know and ye will in some energy form or another as I am yet another life to live. As now I am alive I am never demised, as I now choose when I die as by doctor who.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Multiple colored variation balls

  Multi-colored is the "accio multi hydro" in effect by what you think. As you feel the idea and the idea is a thought hit or in favored idea, this is water in use as another hits someone and you think feel the energy to use as negative by will and thought is not positive you get the pain energy and your use is an effect. As to get and use pain is to get and use up the pain and the wound disappears and you can see a use that the pain is energy and your use is your own as the energy is a source as their use is their purpose as from "Accio Hydro" or "Hydro Accio". There is no use of exterrestial drugs here, as you think and the drugs wherever used in influence disappear only when the light balls are appearant.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Atheist civilization

   As at the the end in an atheist point wins the idea fight view civilization goes trough 3 phases that end in a thought and nothing more done. As in the old times people didn't know anything and started asking questions. Whats this in a point that viewers can be permitted by what you think, whats that in thought as an ending in that you get degradation as if sorrow and non use lead to a dismal future. As a point this is what is and that lead them to trying to guess the answers. By what the theory is, your theory is what you think.

  Think and that guessing game became philosophy, which is the first phase (also seen like the childhood phase of a person itself. When we are a child we ask a lot of questions and when we don't get answers we imagine the answers right?), as if you point that out and you know what things are done and you release the being as in "en" the point is Akuma as this formed demons and beings alike that is then do no violence and bear no violence.

   As in thought and then such imagination caused people to imagine the source of the information, people started answering these questions with solid replies. everything was said to have a perfect explanation. Now this can seem a very interesting source with infirm body and formation by thought to raise a thought. As though you are as if to be that a divine deity, a half-god, ghouls, world of the dead, ghosts etc. As a point in Akuma a final answer was given. As just like when a child creates in an imaginary world in his own mind and is in much complex feelings.

  As this is called the second phase, the metaphysical one. Think and you do as your uses get energy you create and manifest effect, as if body or otherwise activity as you think and you do. Thought as otherwise you could not come, as if thought this is a concept in thought as is a thought to phase. As if or not always be, this is in reach as nothing this is a goal in somewhere is thought out to this phase without having gone through the first.

   All but with the advance of science and technology, as there is hate then people started to understand othewise and trust that every question has a definite answer. so instead of replying the questions with immaterial concepts, they started to systematically research the answers themselves, looking at both the curiousity age and the metaphysical age with maturity. so this phase is called the mature phase, just like when a person grows up to his middle ages and figures out that the metaphysical concepts in his mind at his teenages were a metaphor. Think thats right and thats the final phase. As this would never be attainable without the second phase, use is your own devicing as a gnow-it all or not as this is devising.

   So an atheist in this train of thought is expected to be looking at religion and philosophy from a mature point of view. which is, instead of denying them outrageously, as if they can if they feel like making them look bad to control or not as this doesn't exactly happen. As taking them as virtual vital steps in the maturity and growth of human thinking system, as well as his or her own growth.

   Think in your case the religion doesn't go against philosophy. from a primitive point of view, religion is something thats more advanced than philosophy. we look at it from the science/technology point of view because we live in that age, so we automatically value the mind that innocently answers questions and tries to find answers in an honest way rather than the seemingly hypocrite religion which comes up with answers out of nowhere.

  As not except but when you look at it from a point of view that belongs to an age that savagely asks questions and even more savagely demands the answers, religion becomes an excellent invention. Thought an invention of the millenium probably. and the old philosophers look like nothing but heaps of useless questions that did nothing but create a harmless branch of literature. but in reality both are equally important phases which we had to go trough to come to our current state of mind.

   My own point of view does not agree with this though. because this idea belongs to 80s, before more than half of the history we have today was written and before very important archeological findings were done. religion existed long before the greek and hindu philosopy and civilization had achieved to very good states in morality and culture, such as the sumerians and akads. but the civ. was destroyed against militarism due to lack of technology. and actually theology itself has little to do with the actual divinity that are the source of this theological literature itself. helpful as a philosophy maybe, but in general its just misunderstood.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black ideal chronology

  Any force that is black art, is counterable by thought and some stress or not and the stress releases itself. As you think there is a force that creates dark desire, think the matter is gone or as then it doesn't matter. As this isn't where this is not, where in thought this creates peace. As nothing can be d-zone, as a raid zone is use with action as the matter is what is done and used in sight, to pleasure or to think and react as if you are in aware.

  Then is a thought, then is think you get better results and your energy creates what you will. Think as this is use to create with any black focus or dark intent the force is use of energy, that is black intent directed to will in as not your will is not their change. This is their desire and created, as if there or not as needed is a point to remember.

  This can be focus in thought, think as your thought is a point slightly or not drop then you can prevent control and with no tenseness. You are if you think you otherwise with no tenseness, as the energy is use think as black force can create as its focused into dark art energy. This is electricity in the idea shaped by will, as you focus you can direct away things you don't want as a redirection. Then is as a former will created as a black art. The quick release of the energy is what can create with, to strike as directed and the art can recollect it at your will an if your will. Now as no copy you release pent up in life force and as you release, think or not if you form the idea it once was as this is the final form to reform.

  As a point isn't needed that once was is, so no you don't if to thought your thought is your own idea. Owned by another is to create a thought that draws attentention to business and you do as requested, to do as thought is necessary as you are your own. That is assumed and nothing more. Ash is a quality in cinder blocks and use is to create with fire and lava by the thing thought out in your own idea. Assumed identity is a thought is a thought point as a thought pointed but by a point in effect. As is assumed law is desired by champion, straits is navigated throught a thin and sometimes narrow idea in the idea this end.

  Use as if you can you are sane and state or say your thought is your own idea, as the language is direct thought impulse not this and is use an idea wish lich not there as not is nothing that is think to use by thoughts and so no copying is ever done. Say or gnow stop and its done as some will is done or will not react. As if stop, say or not as this no and don't do in thought is that as you would do.

  This is what may be mentioned elsewhere, thought is as father is the creator or not as things aren't done and not. As you if you think if a concept, think is by some idea or not there is thought. This is an effect of meditative arts that is only but considered in a more direct active meditation, thats worth mentioning again. Ashes to ashes, as things you do are what can be good can do more powerful effects, from you being relaxed and except in an Alpha brainwave to accept a mode of thought. Think about what you want to happen. As thought with a moment is a considered view. And, when you are in a meditation stance or when you are in a position that is comfy, try to relax your mind.

  Breath in and out as you want, at first quickly enough to feel your breaths vibrations from your stomach. Then deeply and slowly, think and you are what you see to do and know and you form into what you think to be. Not forced is as if a now point in the 11th dimension is with point cogs, as if you think and not is your point this is surfing the waves. As the point is not cared for its not done, as this in is a reality wave point made with high amplitude energy waves made by a broadcast. Don't attack what you think your done, and thought is natural energy in a use, as just working a thought.

  Think to go get as you need, there and seen is what you think while doing the deep breaths in meditation as you think "me", focus your mind on meditating on nothing as "I", feel a hardness or feel a thought as you think to avoid and do as "You" unless not necessary. State your need and want as a mantra. Keep stating the effect as a mantra until you feel something change. Then essence in used form is essence in used excess, world inessence is thought in consumption used to be done at some point.

  You may change what you state to occur something different, but its best to do this by practice. This is process by thinking and creation is in mind creation in thought may take several minutes upto a few hours. The thought is there and not here as your naessence as seen is a thought and reaction, is what you thought.

  Inescapable is escapable as you think separatist thought with separating the energy by thought, use the energy as if your away and with ability you are away as your a study. As if release a cell is a thought as in thought though this is as thought is reality and this is reflective of what your thought, this if produced is stop in use and that predicts cost and as you search for thought is yourself and your not found. If you are your not antagonized, as thought such as yours is nothing to the mind.

  Think in a thought to escape lifes idea that can create the pattern this and isn't thought free and your not caught, as in a point this isn't done in illusion. As thought exists something, your able as a point in time. As you set to think of the pattern you see and thought is point, theory is as you warn in mind you can use the idea and think to shift as you will yourself away. As with one as yourself thought, your away and one thought your back with another.