See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Realization of a concept

   Realization is when thou, realize that you know when you are how you are and what you speak. This is a point, if at the time you speak. This is as if "I see line as a natural idea or not" or nothing is done. This helps when the fountain of what you think is energy, put in water creates youthfulness and higher ability. By light in use, and thought in forbidden idea or other idea is want as you think you can get interesting results or need in a glass. There is a point to do as if "their", as a mention seems there is will from greek and as thought is a point to get and go from "an" as a studied ancient language.

  Don't attack, don't think that you are aware until you actually are, as you experience what they experience with use an idea can seem interesting. Don't do think in a harrassing mood as not to think your doing things your not and with music, think heal and hale you are as what you do is not always dismissed as this is dealing with problems, as this is like and love with want in worth in what you think and out with a thought as self defense defensive style:

   The 6th style is using a defensive stance or effort to neutralize the things you dislike. This is self-explanatory, as in thought what you do an idea will serve. Where you aren't and though in but you use the actions, as if a judge of the Mu with fair judgement and you can do things or as you do against the person or cause. Until it disappears, it can be very bad for the health. As, it can cause higher stress. This often utilizes a defensive idea as in spirit star strike or neutralizing in no ideal effort to get rid of the problem as you think you create you can psyche them out. This is anything goes to get the job done. Don't get defensive, work with things and have fun, as in making the moment a challenge is to see and do things that are similar to work use by what you do and things will not be bad.

   As an ability is thought related by thought action with intent as energy that is yours sent through the idea moment to unlock the idea, as a thought energy formed to seem a ability in mind and thought is in idea or not. As nothing is in the existence by nothing energy, from thought that coalesces forms what you are doing in want. Take all your excess energy, and flow it into all your cells, compact it in and hold it as long as you can in formation create with a thought what you want inside and use is energy that created thought is out with a thought.

  This is to use a point to create a river form or thought that makes as you can. This is an interesting idea to work with if you understood it and can make magic. To use these phrases, this creates interesting area results to make and create. As with the wind that flows with energy and life is nothing but water. As in this is water that in flows, as the river that flows you can use a thought as if in a rhythmic flow of fire that flowers power in life. Without burnout, thought in thought is by rhythmic energy of life that is chi and restores that is what life is made of act and be well. This unlocks the ability within, as good affect makes good in unlimited effect. Have fun with this.

  This is to form and create, as him the one you respect and this includes the chinese god him and to not look alike or not as no and you don't want to look like him. As to create as you thought and you are what you think as in ability is with energy and this is formed as you have soul. This is soul life, as interpreted this comes as life in energy then to release. The unwanted excess of too much strain removes itself, use the energy as a source or let it go. Do this every few hours, every day. Your energy body will get much stronger doing this.

   Then "use I base" is when it is third eye use on thought to seem that and this is there in thought as this is the principle of how thought, in moments of activity and perfected thought are made the Japanese fold metal to make a blade.. this tempers your body, making it more resistant and more able to handle more energy overall. If you do this correctly, your body will physically hurt, ache over all. This is because energy-working is a physical skill, like football or martial arts. Stop folding things in a use, to seem a use and you stop folding energy.

  Side effects are that you're stronger, more resistant, need to feed more when you're tired out, and your potency is sometimes too much for what you're intending to do. You can use this technique to make your body feel something, to cause regeneration or to manipulate your body. Relax your body, focus on your body energy, and focus on exactly what you want to seem happen, and then put energy towards things as thought is expressed in or spoken in life.

   Personally, it is simple if you have a great amount of personal poder/power. Calling the mental dot as uniting point, it can represent that uniting point that can move. This uniting point is a unification of forces that make your perception up. This movement of it causes your perception to change. When you are dreaming, it's moving to left. When you're shapeshifting, you're moving it to down.

  As in shapeshifting, or not as its done by holding in your thought of what you want to become and holding yourself by your aura and it becomes spiritual. You hold your assembly point which's on your collerbone (on aura), and make it go downwards. It's called as the devil's inn among naguals or spirit warriors. As you shift your shape immediately. The art is manifestation by what you think, to shape a moment and skill is use to do.

   There are hundreds of movements in a life, that fit the moment to see and act in good bone, that by natural accord you act better with a positive idea to do as you say. As changing physical appearance, is to feel the flow and in life chi energy. So if aura use being one with their spirit or not, there as a guide of them and with a down and in right diagonal movement or slides right and goes left and down. It must be done with great poder/power as if you lack of it, with a peace of mind you can as poder is energy and if not you can't. If you can't and you know you have the poder/power, probably the poder/power prevented this to happen as a thought is not intention. As its negative ions, create by use in energy of liquid to restore yourself, by energy in karma effect to create a restorative in water. As thought energy is a thought point directed, as thought in water makes colder and more energy by water charge.

   When you're doing it right you'll feel a 'pressure' release that in thought feels like it's condensing your whole body to tense the body and release and the tension dissipates - make sure you're not just tensing your muscles, though it feels similar to that - at first it's a big strain to do for more than a few seconds, but quickly you can find that you can do it for longer stretches. Now you can also find that your energy body has become more dense in a natural state. Things to notice; more energy available to use, can use a higher intensity for a longer time without getting fatigued, and a more dense energy field/storage. Try it out.

   Here is an idea ritual.. as a thought. This is to Eternal life is to cause a life spring by wellspring energy, that is of energy within and inner water that is refueling the body constantly. That never ceases and causes the body to live on and be forever seeming young, as it is renewed by every action and second. Brings the body and mind of the life everlasting. This wellspring can be set by an object thats not drunk from life or eating it. Pomegranate and other forbidden fruit may do this, for awhile with energy by thought "balance" energy use in what you do.

  The object must seem enchanted as art seems as enchant is to become the source of eternity, as life is enchantment is art and to not ever be broken only to shift to a nearby object its enchantment if it is. To base it off an object is to be the source an is to cause it more easier. If fruit in life there is some actions, then you may live for a long time, if an object then you may live as long as the object enchantment lives for extra time. "Set in base release an if, if en" is the enchantment. Shortened its "Set en an if" now is the idea that I think as the third eye can create what you want as "youthj".

   The elixer of youth is the elixer, that is with honey, considered other ingredients are use with stevia or oak tree bark and other additives. That use things like herbs and other things, as with aspirin as the oak is cut by the pull off effect and used in a thought potion or thought. This is essence into the potion you can make, as if the essence were in the drink. If you want an enchantment for fun, think the youth effect in the potion as the potion is a potion with thought that in the old times that were before. There was an enchantment in the water and that it is and the right herbs brewed create the correct effect. That can create what is forgotten or done, the unaltered version is to think of the point to make or create and you create the effect.

   The elixer of restorative youth, is sesame, paprika, celery, thyme where by thought you think 'fix', and think as if your youthful self as you think to look in a mirror saying to the mirror 'unage to a point in time' or 'unage as you are seeming youthful'. The additives that are to make an elixer of time, is to add a bit of thyme, paprika, sesame or celery seed, as any majoram is the added ingredient that is what can seem used if things are requiring balance in the flow of energy. You can imagine, the elixer of youth in your hand and use is thought drink.

   The chant if you need to do things with time, as you think or you go to the point of the time is to say to the water as you think of the time. The right herb or place and the thought is what you intend to do and the chant is 'Made by the rite of time, the nature of herbs are with things of the nature thusly made is to create the point that is in time and time made flows are corrective to this as a point that is for what is makes better. As the music of time, as this time that is contingent this is the idea to think or create with if you are. To make or think and create, if you need you can create with a thought as if a wish as thus the time is restored.'.

   The time if you think as if to say to the water, as if to think it is where you go or seem in as if biolocated. The Actual chant to the water, for protection is 'This is unarguable', 'This is inarguable or not as you have to make it up or not if unarguable for the moment as you are unaffected and this acts as a warp of a concept from an area to effect' as if water in the energy and for the elixer if in need if you need potency is the mint for life expectancy. This is not a thought to do if to avoid use triple mint liquor if you wish to create an alcoholic elixer, as you use a little bit more sesame or other herb in as much as you want of each ingredient to achieve the result. As in a request, this a service from the spirit.

   The idea that is twisted by herbs is what can create with thought, think energy through the herbs as with the time they are in place and you cause energy to seem in the water with fine tuning adjustments. This is anything that you target can be an energy source that uses the idea, as it is use you can create and recreate the effect that you think of. Focus and percieve with feeling and this includes the point of argument and thought in mind that can manifest and create itself from air. As it isn't a hit you in thought can shift in and out of reality, as if phasing in and phasing out by imagined gateways that open by an imagined open idea as if a door. This allows peaceful idea in resolve with rythmic idea and this is with, an open mind as if you were an idea to do you are observed in an idea or not as you are invisible.

   With a closed or open mind you are in the right frame of mind, and as you are closing a door in your mind you can use the idea and still be closed minded to do things unobserved. As this is what can occur, you think about the area as if an area were thought and seen to be viewed by your focus. If you get no effect, then to think you do might create the effect if you focus energy into the area as if a thought were in a piece of food. This can seem a use or not as if something were focused through, and used to get the charge spread generally into the air. As if there were a thought, then think this worked as if you are considering that it didn't. Use is thus, and focusing thought at the water, as if you were thinking the thought at the right time as if this is 'done'.

   To use this energy, think of nothing and state what you want. This is to get a better result. Meditate or trance on dismissing your thoughts. Then breathing in, do a breathe out and state the effect you intend. This can be used by stating the negative result, to direct the energy, and you end up with a positive one. This can be used in place of positive energy. When you don't have any actual energy to spare, it can be used. I would suggest using english with this, as english is negative in use to denote a positive aspect.

   It is possible to subvert the subdual as subdual is a point to use unseen points due idea to convert it and make it cause the aging to be youthening. This is using the subconscious by activity in acts of positive nature to take the energy spent with body activity and placing it back in the body. When the subconscious is instructed as if you drain by imaging or using your mouth to suck the energy of a targeted force, like the wound on a person that will disappear immediately albeit slow and the wounds you have and use as energy.

   For unaging, suck the lifeforce out of shadow to give you back youthfulness, to suck from a person is anathema as it can weaken a person, unless that is your intent. You can suck emotion, energy, wounds and destructive acts to safe effect as its very energetic to do. To drain a spirit or ghost is to kill it as you absorb the energy and ghosts are energy in life as the thought exists. There is more energy in emotion than there is in calmness. Anything else like draining objects will destroy the object after a while. Optional is draining part of the sun, in what life you live as life. Sending the bad energy to the sun and cause the energy regained to make you youthful, it creates a youthening effect or halts aging.

   Otherwise you use what you get a point to create with, use tree bark in aspirin thought to create a preserved state of body. Never cut an Oak for magickal purposes unless it is during the Waning Moon. As if a magical drink, with these thought. These drinks can restore ability and energy that is not there.

   Drinking dried catnip tea is a surefired way to get heightened senses with increased potential. Mixing with Earl grey tea or oolong tea increases potency. Then there's lime juice, sugar, water, and a mint leaf. Similar effect, easy to purchase at any grocery store or online.

   Drinking charged drinks by 'thinking positive thoughts' at the drink, will cause it to gain a heaviness and coldness unless you think fire at the drink to think to create a hot drink to which is charged. This restores energy quickly and can quadruple it nicely. Don't overcharge or you could get tired. Thus, send your excess back to the planet by thinking it there.

   Thinking what you need at the drink, and this could be any drink or water, will make that ability of yours manifest the thought with intention for it to manifest. Drinking charged tea will occur energy recharge quickly. Don't charge coffee unless you want to bounce off the walls and stay up awhile. Charging really sugary drinks, will cause you to be charged up for longer than thought and you "no" as its suggested.

   Stomach gathering is to gather energy into your stomach and this includes food and drink, to make the energy spread all the way throughout the body and increase endurance with more potential to results. Energy can come from anywhere and is gathered by the subconscious, except for food and drink. This can increase the weight, so remember to eat less and drink more water and in noted tea you avoid catnip tea. As you can find out, this is what causes you to know to see and you realize what is actually there and in control of you.

   Siddhi are occult powers related to the serpent kundalini which rises once the chakras are fully developed. Each chakra has its own siddhi and are the best chakra of them all as is the 3rd eye which once open you will use a tech to physically manifest any object of desire using the particles of light from the kundalini. Each time that you manifest, you use a little personal energy. They are useful as its in a tech to enter a trance state, and we activate our right hemisphere of the brain which we can program using affirmations or imaginations to bring what we want in reality. To which we direct the elemental focuses as well. Generated from the particles of light made by thinking, of the light of the kundalini within us, as we want to perceive it and thinking its 'there' where we want to generate it in life thought to use.

   There are several poses that are stances for the elemental type in focused idea that are up to you. The water style is like 80% dodging, No wonder water elementals are so stereotypically defensive and not is. As that's true, most elementals know how to dodge. Fire attacks a lot more than dodges and earth blocks more than it dodges, some barely move in that stance. Air and ice dodges more than it attacks or it can a attack more than it dodges, plus it's an invisible one that can be used a lot in public without drawing attention. As with the air barrier you can do a lot.

   When you take on the earth one, it literally makes you heavier and it feels like you've actually gained like 20 lbs. The air stance makes you lighter, a lot lighter. When you take up the fire stance, you feel excited or just the heat around you. With the water stance, you can feel buoyant as if everything is moving in movement and movement is easy.

   With the wraithform, you can use emotion in nothing use by life to get life as an afterthought is to create an effect and work with life emotion. Formed by thought worked by natural life. This is the life energy is the fruit is with your mind. Fire Gating is the process of using fire of any type to shift to other places. The reason this works is because of the aether manipulating the subatomical particles that creates heat to beget an effect. It begins the process that changes something from within. The effect of fire gating takes anywhere from one second to two hours.

   The process is thus: Wish this process to work out loud. Now, focus on the heat of the area and make an image in your mind of the place you want to be in or state the name of area. When you fully visualize it, try to make it happen. Do this by wishing to be there or saying "syt" and in your mind make yourself materialize into the place you want to be. Feel yourself shift and you will feel heat all around you while your body breaks down into little particles. You will reassemble yourself in that place that you imagined yourself and spoke of being in. What will actually happen is your body in truth will internally combust and reassemble itself in the area

   Also to de-summon a monster, the chalice can be used, sometimes on an altar. As they can be used to drive the monster away as well. For the chalice is a symbol of hope, divine idea and functionality. Where you can channel some of your energy into the chalice, and instruct it to do your intent. Feeling it send out its presence of effect. Now, there is the possibility of some people that can value the excitement as challenge, too. So they aren't monsters, but use a similar system of finding thrills to fill their need of necessity. As something you do if wrong in the eye of the other nearby can summon things, that by example create a monter or shaped positive human form that does what you think and not consider what is wrong or right.

   There is possibility on a way to turn your entire body into chi to evelope your entire body into chi energy, as if to use a life stram otherwise known as life energy in a stream that your subconscious uses and imagine the third eye forming somewhere to travel great distances in seconds. The person that created it was also reading some article about shouzika , a saint of japan who was able to use blur speed while in a trance state. that gave the idea. I believe its where you can go to a higher state of existence by going upstairs, at least in your mind, so as you go up the stairs then you actually vibrate at a higher frequency. So you end up in another existence. Which allows you to move much quicker and the higher dimension might also move quicker. But, to 'think your faster' makes you faster and it becomes easier the higher the dimension you are in.

   So he developed a method that can only be used by soke ( the grand master at art). The method is to go into deep trance ( delta state ), then become one with chi and turning the entire body by thinking of your body and feeling the chi around it, from skin to hair and bones to chi changing into chi and then programming the chi to take you where you want to go or just moving about in a transformation. This is to turn the body into chi by becoming one with it, willing it to change every cell into chi by programming it as every cell has its own mind. chi is everywhere, around us and in us and using it will make this possible. Some people use the fire element instead of chi to cause spontaneous combustions. To use the fire element, think of the fire and the cells as to burst them one by one in a chain reaction but keeping it in your memory and feeling the heat of the body increase or decrease. As you so choose.

   The no idea moment, is where you are not intending anything. If you need the immortal effect, then infuse with spirit fire as energy and think "Wraithform" is the invulnerable form that is useful in many ways. It called this because of the human body being converted to a form that can walk through walls and is invulnerable as in outer energy being from use of an inner energy being an elemental form. The way that can spook people and spy on people effectively, is to time deliver a point to seem right. When to cast it? when in a calm and meditative mood. Focus on the moment of death and think "When I die I will pull my self together and form my body into that of a wraith." After an idea is to done and you get in thought of trouble, "pull off your shirt and shift away", to focus on the concept of this for one second to ten minutes. Then stab yourself through the heart with some sort of knife, dagger or sword.

  Your body should dissipate into nothing by any element, in use or where things are and you will reappear exactly where your body had laid. You would have disintegrated your body. Now explore as you would like and wherever you'd like and do not worry about eating. To undo the effects, make this happen by imagining the event backwards to the point of the death and wish "I wish to restore my life from the Wraithform! I will will pay my death to go back to life!" Silently clap three times and wait. Afterwards you should feel a jolt and events of the death will happen in reverse.

  When you pull out the weapon used to cause it, time will go forward. Wrest away the instrument of death and avoid the death again. This is the Wraithform spell. It is important to know to remember that you did this to glean information. Do not forget the information you gained because it is all you can actually collect. This is a dangerous spell. The reason this Wraithform technique works is because at the moment of death when you focused on the formation of your body, it took the energy of the death and converted it into life destroying your old body. When you came back, that energy which kept your Wraithform alive is transferred back into the body you were in. Since time was reversed and goes forward again, the moment of your death could happen. So, mentally and physically alter the path of the implement of death. As nothing is too much if allowed for, there is a point that creates what is and yet isn't there and what you create if enough will do.

   Ei ie stein is the idea, that the fountain of youth is a natural energy spell as Ef in is ethical effect. That first use is a time turner effect and if you are needing a point and a youthening idea is done. This is an ideal an possible idea is to youthen someone and that is what created an infinite cosmic time, that ends when you want and makes certain you do things right. Unyouthen the foe, or otherwise stated in activity stated is what can cancel this out. If "youthen" is spoken, you can think and then use a point as mention as if a point as a fix to help activity that you think is needed to aid. Or no thanks and do else, as you reverse aging you are youthening to a point as you live forward and produce chi activity. Rememberance of life in the past, and future and is a moment you feel is in need to be known as put into the drink or food itself as a past life rememberance as you just remember.

   To fill with life and light energy, or quit as if a thought in life wasn't done at unthought the right time that was undone and you can cause yourself to become better at thinking and not with thoughts that cause your downfall. This process is to cause your thoughts to become a guidance to create a cause, for better effects to come. First make conditions senseless, by stating the condition and saying in it as to not intend the effect as if a removed condition. This makes the condition of what you think is there, including darkness and no bad energy, as to seem useless this isn't to yourself or others. Draw a circle in sand or imagine a circle to be around you, white energy is use after saying this is with a ritual with a point that you don't want placed thought in a coin, and state the effect you desire or state the mantra to make happen. As if "un itz" is a point that you use a thought, to do some idea in an area as you think and do what you want to do in an area or "in in itz".

   One such mantra, that can fill you with light is E-Gyp-To, pronounced [Ee Gip Tohl]. Make yourself feel light and fill with light, this is energy power use to make things otherwise happen. With the light energy that surrounds you. Another such mantra, is Fa-Ra-On, pronounced [Fahr Rahn On]. To make the effect of commanding radiant energy to empower you, you must intend fo this to work, as you state it. If you want you can imagine shine or light energy fill you up. This is a must to be full of life and yet not if bullshit or other things and all over your body. The other things are with the point of what is included is what you create, and things of effort to create and seem is otherwise as the creator is undoing what you think that is possibly a hazard. This is where you create a point to make things. There is a concept here, that is interesting to do things with.

   The more light energy you have, the more darkness and corruption is displaced and the better your body does. One result, of this procedure, is that your body will feel better. After your fused with the light energy, you feel that you can do things. The idea to seem with more life energy, is to imagination and this energy can seem the sunlight and think its to fill you as its filtered.

   This is the high state of which is enlightenment and thought as in a point that is nirvanna by thought combined with water. All you need to do is think enough energy goes and passes through your brain. Keep thinking it and at some point you will feel high. Also, you might feel enlightened and nirvanic, if done long enough your euphoric. Don't overdo this, as police might think your doing drugs. However, you can excuse the high by claiming it is an I-doser high or hypnotic high. That is what can seem a use, in what there is as in a combined thought with another idea given by similar or interest that is a thought to in constant consider. Making in this happen is a point, and if your in a point to make a thought. What you do to consider, is what you can serve as example.

   This is to combine magic and power through two techniques. The imagining of a being thats you and the other person you want to combine with. This being is made up of energy and caused to do things by thought and the feeling of your need. The being can do nearly anything and is directed by you easily. The other way is both people feel the need of what they want and make it happen by stating the spell together, at the same time. The spell could be anything. The easiest way is the manifest easily spell. Cast by stating 'mai ez', pronounced [May-in Ee-z]. This literally translates into manifest influence easily.

   This is to create a point that energy is living as physically young yet old if necessary, if you choose your age you can physically act the age you want to seem to act. The objective is to live when you want, and as you want as you undo that unecessary action if you consider and are not young. Then if needed by action you are not doing that which is what you don't intend to happen. If the activity is by american or other standards, you get free energy. Think and create, as you will in a concept that to work in a thought or to have new idea is create new things to come or nothing in what life is there is here.

   Life occurance is to focus your mind on an idea by speaking of the idea and then causing it to occur, through the thoughts you have with intention of them to make the life occurance. The thought to use here is to send in thought, think and use in a point to word if needed. This is sending sensual feelings of love and desire. Think of your target and think that you send love to them. Keep thinking it and feel it in yourself. As you feel love, so do the target that you think on. This brings physical arousal for at least a day. You can send other emotions and desires to them, as its energy thats programmed to make the other feel as you want them to to think out and seem perceptive. As if to think something and make it seem somewhere else or stopped somwhere else in life.

   Control life effect, there are two actual idea in this method, E-force and N-force. There is a point to lose your soul, you lose your love and you consist as if on energy, as connected life can support your body and you won't but be a vampire but if you say soul you gain the soul back. As you are a soul in a body the spirit force revitalizes, and you feel as sense is there by focused mind and use of energy to get a thought you can use. As rememberance and you get view of what life you have, to stop and do if you need to as you can get better results and the body is cured of what illness it has.

  To do a ritual the easy way. You can basically do the ritual ceremony in your mind. Yes it can be as effective as actually performing it, but most don't actually think of it that way. This is when the subconscious takes it as being done and you save on material costs. Try it sometime or not, I call it a precept moment. Although I found when you get distracted, the mental ritual isn't so effective.

  The e-force control action is the e style and is to summon a force of e to manipulate and cause a control of the event action, and idea intended. As per say, its life that it in is changed so we cause things to change and become manipulated into the form we want it to be in. We manipulate the e force by stating the idea we want it to change things to. Of course, if theres nothing going on, then there's nothing to change. As if then, if your able to do things by thought, focus and considerance to change area by location thought about.

  Do this by thinking with intention to get your result, 'E en ul'. This causes a compulsion of doing your wish on the target. Your needs are also met, by the person. This is cast when you think of the person or need someone to do things, as you state the spell. A 'E en' or 'E en el' cancels things as if it is not a hit. While directing your thoughts, at the person and stating the effect spell to e-vert.

   The n-force control action is to do something that pauses the other as its the life shock effect and cause the other to be good, for example, "HEY! that's a good point." Though it's kind of psychology and magic. Except its action that is noticed is what causes the other to do else. As in its a shock or event manipulation, as if clapping really loud all of a sudden while someone else is in conversation, whereas the other was someone else doing that to you. That is a part of life, its interestin how people will react if you make them think ya are police. A simply thought forced 'Stop' will do that, as its almost more psychology than magic. This is use, as to think of a use to seem a ghost energy to you as corporeal magic is done and put back to the source as if the eagle by what you think is necessary.

   Corporeal magic does not effect the physical, as this uses things to cause things import unless you add death energy to its effect. This can manifest various breakdowns and efforts of destruction where as thought you can separate the idea you dislike from yourself to an area that is in a point that won't bother you as to act natural in life. Including death energy degradation of the body, with mainly rot and malfunctioning body parts. This does not include corporeal magic that uses other elements, where you summon by thought and conscious effort. Also, with corporeal, you can generate life forms that are lifelike and seem real, yet they are ethereal. Things pressed against their form will sometimes pass through them. As if to evert the effect.

   Life law effect is by stating what you want and how you think it is, then directing e to the target by thinking of the said person or thing, the other person or thing will make it true or happen. Something along the lines of '...hey did he know about that one?!' What helps this is to make them think it was their own idea. As the subconscious picks up on the idea and will occur it in some form.
Defense and Attack with life

   Although some can kill with life with no damage to themselves. Simply through a virus effect, that is the way of assaulting with life. That's alteration of organic organisms for your own purposes, as well as creating a virus effect.

   The germ effect is to cause any effect you want through programming a germ, or of a created germ, in the area of where you would want the effect. This can also be a virus effect or germ warfare. Simply think of the germs in the area and then make an idea action to charge them as you state what effect you would want of them. What helps this is to state out loud before something is done, like, 'germ mai' or 'do effect germ' as you think of the germs in question.

   Ist Fist sword bombs, that is what is thought and seems, unless unnecessary to cause fiery fisty effect. This is what makes nothing wrong, if as you disinterest in the effect itself in or causes in bomb effects. That directed by thinking it somewhere, is what creates a light explosion and a clearing in the head. This cleanses all thought, as in a cleansing thought think as this cleanses the old things that are not really there causes parasites to disappear. Which immedately make and create a thought restore the body by spirit, fire energy produces swords use in activity to project forth energy as fire or not to restore the idea and make what is in action. Now cancel and do and "normal" to generate energy and make use is thought as natural ability comes to the spirit stop and do.

   In a thought is a point to do things, as if you are a concept and think as you want to get as you use the right thought of credit to create the transaction. There is may types of transactions, including credit tricks that make you able to purchase even if without the actual money. As you imagine energy create the funds, and use is the credit card or generated activity in activity to purchase something by trade.

   There is an actual thought as a thought or otherwise you can do things to use them and their minds believe they do the purchase. There is a natural moment in with energy use, that is when your an actual character in the mind and otherwise not as use is the point from that character to get the idea to use. As with use, their is a point to do and as you do things you think use and get energy. As if from a point the character actually lived, think in a point and think energy came to you from an area.

   There is an area that they live in, and usage is to use the arranged area energy. Now think in the scene and get energy as scene ends you are able, as a lucid dream to set the scene this is as the idea fades away that you end control of it and can wake up as naturally if you want. Now there the body, this is as you want and stops as if you are not needed in idea. Mei Sei; You see the past as a inliving as result as if this is a life form living in your mind world and on energy with live event.

Thesis use now

   These are the use of use a concept and thought is a possible use. As use is done you can an get the idea, to attempt and conclude to do in what life you live with or not as you think. As a live use is a use that is with activity, this is a thesis or theses in effect. This is the metarule to control and guide others. Think and use a thought directed to some other and as you are to use what you do. As my use is a thought your use is possible, in as a thought your use as a point in motion or a thought in activity that is done by evolved use.

  As a point is hidden in some use is action and some is thought you can get an idea to create with, as a theory is a basis formed is "fomidable" as this is from a word that is a combined moment in activity. As expressed in the mind as throught suggested from perceived information, with a thought or otherwise to form from a thought is a concept as a thought to do or not as you feel the thought shouldn't happen. This is a thought not done, if nothing inconsiderable as if no thought exists of the thing you dislike. As in a point here is no use in continuing with things if things are disliked, by what you think to see or consider. If someone dislikes what you see, and thus is the point to stop and do whatever thought is not in liable idea.

  With the idea comes a moment in activity, that makes a point and things seem to stop. As if thought, this is use of weight and create with the timegap reached only in thought of nothing, if nothing to seem in unerase another person then you are ablemindedly concepted then gone now or later as after this you are very able you assume as the time is observed and then it materializes. Matching patterns will form things, as it is done in the right way and from what is there which is up to you seem as this is act to believe and this makes a physical space in a soul ship. When you leave to another space, you are as though never here and never been formed here and yet were a particle form. And yet, as a complete thought you are here as though you crossed the gap, across time to be in a soul ship to another or no place that is another time.

  This is where you are and you are not what you think, and then this is made in the spot by the creator where you are leaving from another space time to be where you think about anchor in place and in there is in a moment is that you wanted to seem to be as you want. When you want and where you want, not to get attack on you though. There is the point in space that you, infringe or not and switch in time and out thought and you are able to skip to the moment in time you seem in and this is thought ship transmission.

  As in there by thought, by think it and you do it by will thought with smooth motions and back in time willing yourself into the body as though you were there in body. Cleanse the body at the moment that suits you, and you can get the effect of being able to erase fit in the feeling that your thought, is not needed as you think to erase things and think to erase an incident that is use an eraser as you think again things can seem there again as you are grounded by water that absorbs bad energy of not wanted programming.

Individual use

   This is a point of reference, this is of what I do for a living in what I intend. As this in no thought, is a puse of what seems true of what this is in "america". What is thought is done, as if a moment is not there it doesn't exist if nothing done. Any animalistic behavior, thats about caused by a violet activity against an innocent is if in evidence can make the person into a karmic stranger. That is an animal shape karmic chosen, by criminal activity except no except as computer crimes are in innocent not abuse. There is a point to do an ideal point or not as things aren't necessary, as if things are a point to construe what you want and thought are an idea to seem a source to use as magic.

  The effect of this is a point to think, as if your an idea or not to bear bad results. As if in use of ability your use is an unknown idea that is a point out of life in life or not in life so no is a point. As if not thought your in a concept to flow along the rhythms of life, a thought is a point with energy as this is not safe by area use or what you think is in energy is fire in use in that. This is not to be used, as infinite or not as you thought and feel or think in focus to do as you can sense fire in the room or heat is in the air. This is an area that thinks, an use is molecular energy as that is room energy in thought. The point is nothing that occurs is what is intended, not except when you consider and by what your in thought to seem you don't do. There is in a point, that your shift in conscious is possible or not, as your not getting good results as if not needing the idea at all.

  There is a strange act for love to get their attention to create in above the love, that use is a thought to seem "useful" in effective attractive or not. As if the act is not existent, that you can make in use of corrective affluent in use of a liquid charged with thought and effluent is the idea with use of an object charged in thought that can enchant or create the energy effect in a point of thought use. There is in use drugs and alcohol and that is forbidden, as that in use is not thought but activity. There is a point in reference that is referring to this, and as you think on it you won't actually use it. This can seem a use in things, such as 6th dimension and other places to consider as a dimension in life view, by focus with intended thought as a view to see with a feel to know. This is not to exist by focus, if you think to revert or undo the changes that are arranged in life.