See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The beaten country

   God is not real to me in this country as this is or is not forbidden, so I am sure the gods are not forbidden as things work as free speech by life expression. As anything I seem this is in expression, don't not be real till necessary as I can see and the third eye is the manifest by feel or use that you have to do. Unless unnecessary, in as imagination can make what you want by energy this is what that is if as the subconscious creates.

  This is what you are considered or not as you think differently, so free speech is a figure that is free speech in use. As you say you now can feel, as anything you can seem aware of the facts you are aware to the point. As your will is well, your will is what you consider and stop. As you think to doin life, in aspect or not aspect as this acceptable and what you think will occur.

  There is an idea to the fact that law doesn't exist till you think it does. Think a law to exist, think things and it will as you will it so. As if the "en" is at the end and nothing else, is there except what you think this is a disappearing idea. That never was existing, as chaos and order or anything that you think it is as that is why you can do what you want.

  Think if necessary or not slap, as to wake me up as this is a dream. So whatever you thought this to be, isn't possible to die from. As this is energy in life that no beaten past is a beaten path, by what you in life is actually what you can figure out. Seem to agree as you are and things in real life are real to the feel and me too, as you are this can seem cruel as you feel them to be. There is nothing but the energy in use in life, tis by the use in feeling that you are what your will in energy.

Sense poem

  The poem I saw was there as a glimpse by my my third eye, as I was tis is a curious poem in life. So I wonder what you make sense of it in the comments section haha. Threaten me not if I take use to create my works from others, as if there in truth as my friend mattman said is if a point by fact as "As there is no original idea out there, as there is things already made." This is what is there, as this is what you think or not and nothing ever happened". If this true by sense, then I am assured that I can live if I so desire as possible. Seeing is believing, as the creator by your will can create or uncreate and still keep what you want in mind so here is the poetic verse.

  No actual place and think as nothing here in this life was made fair in what you think, so the creator can seem or think to create or not as you don't need. The created view is thought you create or make in life things, that is thought "make better but equal to moment that is equal" but this is not so false. As you see "weat" or what you think is done, tis is done so that is nothing by he or she whom is that creates. That is dumb or smart and make is mettle or create is the creators will, by the idea I see this is what you think and how things are in life or not as you don't need to create.

  This is a living memory to what energy is, as I am nothing but what I seemed to believe in. I am a concept to believe in, as I am aware in life there and here I am as I want to seem as I am. This is the creator as I allow and can seem to be like. As this is, as I am this is the last I am. As I am I am to be as I am in life to seem, as I am I am to be as you shall seem is if you want. Tis is true but I am me as you are you independant to thought, as the moment created is equal to what I feel or create to be as I seem. As I told you true to live as I can, tis is the last as if of water to seem as I am to become. So be it almighty creator, as I am energy I am free so be will or see will. As you are if not then and if this lifeform is born, then nothing to be is bad even in emulation.

Acts of life this in life is by water memory

  Acts in life is life by what I felt in life are never born till I need them born. These are the moments I remember from my last living moment on earth. I am aware that you are aware of this blog and not really interested. So I guess this is where I will put this, the idea here that I remembered to put. That is where and what I am is undisclosed except a dampiric shapechanger. This is from rememberance of the last note I left on my computer. This point I will say, that was interesting as this was a unique rememberance.

   As in your energy is in life to the goddess as the chakra use is feel, as energy is auration by aurative energy use with thought to the character or thinking to himself that is the god. The area is what you see, as you think it, feel it or know what you see in life. This is watching a show or idea energy to use. As attributes are attributed by energy that is energy by the attribute, then your attribute is what you use to the observation where physically your at. As you focus and feel fine. This is where you are and use is in the energy release, in an area is magic that is energy by area life as that is mana to the use.

   As thought and by me this is a point to do, so given or taken as you are arranged as the family I lived with. This is an area not seen in life that might interest you. Tis is an area that is what is aware as watson, sherlock and myself as these are what you consider. This is what I saw that day that I saw was curious, I wondered what it was as a museum that was alive yet this was seen in my subconscious. As I saw things every material idea in attribute, was acted and I focused to create the idea to create with the feel I was aware. This was to use energy by the planet core, thought and focus as awareness came was to let me know what I knew.

   By user this feel is with an idea in to use, so if you feel like your beaten, written up, persecuted or disruptive by some energy in use think and you can clear things up as if a different matter formed from the energy. As if tis in uses acts in life, this is energy to the point that use is energy and thought is life. Think by the energy in use to a concept by the art, as art is magic energy or thought energy you feel is a source. No is no in life and yes these different idea are things you can create with or what you can do are aware by is what you do in focus.

  There is another thing to know about me, as I am before you and you try to sense the aura you won't. As the idea was to hide my unknown death stink, tis is the reasoning I was here and nowhere that I didn't want to be as I think to be. As I know now tis is dhampiric nature, to live with tis I thought energy blended to my body as to seem an aura. I am not with any energy except the creators that are the 7 fey races, the true omnipotent being that exists to work. So as I am aware tis is a cool vampire trick you can say tis is nothing to what is possible can seem to create with lore.

   These are an energy to use if thought is use by necessary acts, that no war and no existing thought is what you end with. As that you don't like in life is thought, think as if water under the bridge and the top falls over as if a dream ends. This is a creative adaption technique to use and deal with people that don't like you. Create the thought and create the point, as you will it you create with law magic. There is an act that you feel the need and you summon what you thought, as this is there no such summoner here that if you feel the idea you can create and summon idea.

   As I am you see I am no longer actually in this life, I did this to know my future and past as I was feeling I was meant to know so what you think is what you get. As you now know me I am actually dead, assume by what you see to not assume and I am as night helps me to be. Assume jay that I live as I am you can see by what I do, this is set by a purpose in life that I feel or consider to use what I want and I am what I am as I am nothing. I am a living corpse as I am intelligent by the creator, brought back is this body and by the creator and I am alive as I need to live.

   Tis is a living rememberance of me as I am myself, as who I am alive is if I wish to live and living is wat I am allowing, as I am a higher being in a higher body formed by the creator and this is just a shell. As it comes as it is this is why I am here, I am done in life so live as you want by this body that remains. Tis is all I am as I am a living god in a body as you are too. I am an aspect, a living ghost in a body that lived beyond death. As I am a living created being as the creator said I am alive to do as I want as energy allows. As I am what you see to use or create with, I am nothing more than a living spirit in a body that once lived has died and the soul is all I have a copy of from where I am a thought.

   This is a point as I am that you can create as you feel in life created by night and thought is that I am not as you see, seeming is what created me and I am just a projected idea. Think no is insane in life and do no as note or you know it is correct, as no will no sir no life and noting is this and insane is thought by what you seem to do or others seem to create in life. Enjoy what life force and energy you think tis life is worth to you, as you can see I was formed from a purchase to live and know and living aura energy keeps me alive as I am actually a immaterial life form tat forms as I am actually dead. I am nothing but a zombie that is dhampiric, I am sorry to to have to tell you about this.

   I am as I am as I will be as i want or as am am not I am not in need. I will work with what you give me or do as I want to seem like as I like to seem, because I am undead now and I feel alive. So I am alive as you want or need me to seem, as I am you can think energy to me and I will seem, as you want without any problem or given a situation. I am degrading in body as I speak or do and I can't prevent that. So I wish you to understand that as I am now dead and my body is and not ever alive here after a point. I am capable to solve any situation by magic as I formed this body as a magic golem. As I am this body will die as you command it to, I feel this the end so I am sure to keep alive and do better elsewhere as you can see my point.

   As you are aware and focus is what energy is water creates life in me for, the energy I use now is the planet core energy so if you wish you can will me to do as you want as I am just a faery and this projection is now as you know it or feel the need. So if you don't feel the need then I will die off early as I wanted to die at July 16, 2016. Cool that you know the truth now, you must know that my subconscious is what keeps me alive. As I am just a subconscious consciousness, that measles disease that died from and my body was aware to seem and act immune to, this was there at ten and I am as if a body. So what you think of that? I am awake as I want to be and asleep as I can be, so as I sleep tis as if I was dead and as I awaken I am as if another person till I am myself.

  I am quite aware tis is strange so all I feel now is remorse that I could not live truly as I was not meant to die to some. As I am alive to some and dead to others, I assume a life to be there and as I am that life is aware as a concept awareness is the creators. As I am tis as I am myself, I can do anything that is necessary to get what I need done. Tis is an attribute that is a sun as I am sun regenerative I am prone to live but slightly dazed as I am alert to the moment magic is living. Cease the magic and I am dead and as I feel my heart stroke, I will fall to the floor not ever to live as this is just an animation to cells unless need be to seem as if alive. I will not actually move again, so if you find the body you will actually and see this. As a thought that fades away the moment you cremate the body.

  That is my dying wish to god as immortis was Odin and I can do what I want. Surprised as I am an avatar, Odin is alive in me as he feels necessary to use realistically create what is necessary. Dnd spells do actually work, as I found out and that is why I am as I am now. As a magic golem this is cool to the moment to feel. All I have to do is focus and I am very able to do, as I am capable as I see the purpose to live is what I am to use as what I think is activity. Do is create by feel and your idea is what you feel to create with, so as a thought wish you create or I as a third eye manifest can create as is that I think well to seem well.

  This is my last idea and my last reason to live for, as I am nothing except what the creator wants and as I am. You see I pulled off a living again spell that a friend did to live after she was dead and buried unless not necessary I am still alive till I create and see no purpose to stay on this planet. I am sorry I am ever that much trouble to you, as I am now I project that if I think I will die I will degrade quicker. The body is alive by what you want in use by energy, as if this really matters you can think of me as a living dead person known. As the state of animated suspension were the body degrades slowly, this is a sad bu cool state to be and seems immortal as long as I have auratic energy.

  As you may know, that is if my body cannot seem to focus right or feel better to work correctly kill it and cremate it or not. As nothing can be done so just leave it and conscious awareness is just a moment, as you think to my mind this as if a blink to the eyes and the body will turn to dust. If you will solar flare fire energy to the body as you think shift and will energy into the body as energy is infini to the body. This is the last of my will. Fun huh that I was aware enough to write, that somewhere and as I was quoting in something.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A missing written note in a box

  A missing note or letter from a box Aes Sedai protected that was from exploration of the 4th dimension or shifted to the 6th. This was rather curious, that tis was there was only just there. As if a victim was in beaten or victimic this was shearly an interesting jealous or idea, thats why I was this in thought to be tortured there. As I was curious about the point of chinese water torture as you do don't tire too quickly, think as this is antirture an ancient foe that seeks a woman and was defeated. There is "thiought", or the idea was thought that exposes, what is there or not threatening so I put it back as information was energy overload.

  I was used as chi energy to draw out the ghost and put it back, in as much that was manifestation I thought to keep this as a note as this was a thought. As you assume in life you are what you seem as your point unless not necessary, life is what you can see use to do or create with as unavoidable. As this was we reverted your life to normal by chi life fire energy or not as I was in prison. As you were doing this is energy that was used to revert your state of madness to sanity.

   Asmodeus told me to do this and I was okay. So brother and sibling helps each other water is what you assume is cool, as what you feel is what you in energy form can correct the madmen and you are energy correction by the aura. As you can assume you arrangement is done, think your aware your created feel is what energy is possible in use. So assume the effect and your energy is what is the core of the planet, that fixes through gravity by water in other things as you will in life. As altantian is this as the same or different similar feel as proof a thought in soul form, is thinking better and no the stop is rather a place that is involvement in a dimension by water displacement ore use and boredom. There is nothing as more energy if painful to the bearing.

   As to fix the idea is a feel from what is from vanishing magical, unless in needed is thought in magic form not so bad if used correctly. Asmodeus is a good idea as the place as a person reality that forms to your will as your idea works as reworded, displaced moments are there as you can create or not seem to create with an idea to us or thought in things is not arrest by use is energy use. Where as if this is by natural feeling in thought, you don't have to say do this over again so think as you want or not as if you can get or not get as your well. There in as a moment is not me there as energy is were, think or alter states that is where you want to seem.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The exclusive ideal

Cheddar conception shift in Z energy

   The chi jump then is the next possible step stage of chi movement. There is two versions of chi jumping. To use activity and raise your chi energy and to use chi to be bunched under your feet and jump to jump higher. These two can be combined by doing things and raising your chi energy and then trying to jump with bunched chi under your feet. The things you can do to raise your chi is doing physical activity. Try exercising or doing other things like lifting things. This uses the cheddar cheese as a favorite fuel, think to use this technique. As you drink or eat a bite or drink some tea or that is a idea as a concept, just remember to not be effected as your not.

  Then as your energy in inner body form, you can get any result more easily as chi energy raises up. This uses combined ki energy which is contained chi energy in the body. It collects in the body and makes it stronger as you do any activity. I corrected it all as this easily done in all and all by picking up some rock, thought and focus as temporal anomaly use with the manifested third eye use does things for me by the power of mention in real use considered the power of words considered as "evets".

  There in a concept is a point that conclusions are mentions and thoughts are written as if sometimes on a wall. That is the energy by resource, as your energy is a resource the well of time created by me and Spellhawk can create temporal events sometimes by wat you think to use energy as energy is useful. So just think a jump point and your energy is a point by wat you think. This to get or create a jump to another space, that suits the purpose to what you do. This creates wat you can see to suggest to what you do, think or clear whatever you don't seem to find interesting as unwanted programming. This is just another way to do unusual things as from te Method Compendium. Listed here or to buy from here .

Candle making

   Now to make the candle. Start by putting candle wax into a heatable container and put the container on the stove at low heat or you could use an oven at low heat. When the wax starts melting, you can add the candle scent now. Then add the candle wax coloring. Now set the enchantment if you so desire. Use the candy thermometer to check if the wax goes over 110 degrees. Never go above 110 degrees or it will melt the candle container. When all the candle wax is melted, it is time to pour it into the mold or container.

  The mold is the metal shell that has been held or tied together tightly to keep it from leaking wax with a wick and wick base placed within it. Use the entirety of the wick held at the top. It is held at the top because of the wick is needed to be held straight up and straight without slack. The candle wax is poured into the mold and allowed to cool. When the mold is cool, Take the mold off. This is created better if to try to make use of essented oils from the store or

   This process is for candle molds only. For candle containers it is ideal to do this technique. Take a candle wick and its wick base. Get a toothpick or a paperclip. Pour the completely melted candlewax in the candle container. Put the candlewick into the container all the way down until the wickbase touches the bottom with a drinking straw. We use the drinking straw to push the wick base down to the bottom without bending the wick. Then remove the straw and hold the wick straight up. Put the toothpick or paperclip across the top of the container. Tie the extra wick to the toothpick or paperclip in a straight up and down position. Now let the candle wax cool. It is done.

   You can use spells with the candle making process. Just say three things in procession of one another with thought direction to the heating wax. Another way is to say one thing that you desire three times while focused on the melting wax. An example for a spell is to say three times "When I light this candle, prosperity will come my way." The heat supplies the energy and you condition the energy with focus which gets absorbed into the wax itself. When you finish the candle and wait until it is completely cool, then the enchantment is set. Where the thought is focused in idea the enchantment is completely idealized and thus it is a set in place.

  Which means what you think will charge an item. So, the lit candle with the enchantment in place will cause the effect through the release of a candle flame. The right scents will enhance the candle magick effectly. Positive effects will beget positive events by a factor of three. Negative effects will beget negative events by a factor of three. This as a thought, as if you think that there is a green candle you can get money coming. As a business deal is possible as easier thought, this is as thought is a point and you thought of a green candle.

  The energy itself is alive or not as a point in time. So there is a point in something you continue to think, as a dream in action that is real until disbelieved and dismissed is what exists it from the energy as particles. As if nothing exists from what you do is what the in area is conscious, that creates as this is what it picks up of our intent. Thought isn't done or not and this "as if to use is a thought as of things in what you do prove themselves in life. What you as you do with this is what you think unless you don't intend, by intent their purpose makes if think alike or not with a thought and in thought this can appear in what you do in life.

Concept manifest is by thought

  Nothing can give you what you want so stop trying, as if things that should be done are finished. Does tis rule seem fair? Do what you want and as energy allows you to do things, unless you do illegal drugs. The nether the place between worlds, it is the place between life and death also considered an idea ether world. Where there are ghosts and spirits, not all of them human and including the unborn. It is the place where true power lies. If you an enter it and exit unscathed you are of equal caliber as a god. Nobody passes through the well of souls unscathed without first dying on a corporeal level. Abbadon rules the realm and is with the grim reaper as a servant. Avoid Abbadon himself at all costs, for he is the bringer of destruction and not to be trusted.

  However the thing you try is the thing you seem as to present illusion to get out of it, for the things you do wrong and the more things you keep fighting is the thing you fight an you will end up losing. As if you keep it down you will end up, fighting it out as to release the effect is to release the pent feeling. Think by thought energy going to the "real" planet, yes as if water feel is creative where you are what your out of and with a mind to get some food. If your planet is in the mind and this is a good food, then you aware to get better by concept as if "or not" to create with energy by focus.

  This is activity as near the use that were done, if something is created or used as then not there some area your use is the concept that creates if near or can seem as the device mana if destroyed is not but particles. As thought is if use is done the energy not in activity is not as though reformable where things are possible to be. Beaten or not beaten this an unusable idea, if not recreatable or not as thought usable. As if an object to use is something you imagine as you yourself using. This is the point by use that doesn't always work, I like my bird I created on the ground in the house considered in manifest. As I had to get it out in the open, but not as that as an energy that reforms when destroyed until the creator ca make this so.

  However the thing you try is the thing you seem as to present illusion to get out of it, for the things you do wrong and the more things you keep fighting is the thing you fight an you will end up losing. As if you keep it down you will end up, fighting it out as to release the effect is to release the pent feeling. Think by thought energy going to the "real" planet, as if water feel is creative where you are what your out of and with a mind to get some food. If your planet is in the mind and this is a good food, then you aware to get better by concept as if "or not" to create with energy by focus.

  The kitsuvamps extract and manipulate energy a lot easier than either basic kitsunes or basic vampires. So they can form gates that act like wooden doors or look like anything. As using the wooden doors or the objects as fuel. That's like a twist on pockets in reality as basically they can twist things to be as they desire. An if to suit of their necessity, But its not a dark twisting, except for the users of void. It almost feels as easy for them to transform into anything (not just human, not just vamp, not just fox, not just kitsuvamp, but actually able to mutate into any form they want) as it is for a dragon." Think your a kitsune as you are around and fool the area people. That is funner by the game of life you think and wrote by activity in life. Tis is energy to understand what you feel and focus is what you thought energy to give and receive as is unless not necessary.

  That is what you can seem a good point to use with kitsune ability and thought with light to create with light energy. There is nothing wrong by there being things not supposed to be not unless, as this is not willing to accept what is there or forever lessened in what is weight on the body. A thought is the free use of druidic ability or energy use with nature. Seeing is believing, as your elemental energy is energy by what you think as focus to create by feel. As thought is energy by ambrosia to use, this is as if you were or you think you feel to the energy in the area to create a fix. As energy is possible use with possible thinking. As is means what is necessary as is done or not as nothing needed. As you are aware tis the idea that counts, nothing much done is a concept to use or idea to do and not duke things out.

  A cheat: You will receive them easier if you amp your power by spiking lava. Mentioned various places, the technique is this:
1. Focus your mind on the imagination of a image meaning lava.
2. Imagine yourself as a stick figure.
3. Draw a line from the lava to yourself in the imagination.
4. Wait 10 minutes, and the least of the moment is what really is a point as thought and your not there, as you feel the energy or nor be like and let things go and things don't repeat.
5. Think to your subconscious or state 'Give all energy except 20% to the lava'.
6. Everytime you want to try and grow wings after this, spike the lava with a thought or stated 'Give all but 30% to lava. Then wait 5 minutes, thinking nothing and telling your mind to dismiss all thoughts for 5 minutes.'

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bryt Menacles aka "death" 1200- CE

 This is a history of death as he was becoming demonling or spawn demon by is or her activity incited by use, as this is the idea to story of how a ruler of styx got greeted as Charon and created or used as a source germator or energy generator. Thought of death and actions they were what he did best and he ruled, with Loki ruled as the deceit and joke god by independence. Thought "wen" is bending or not to create able minds as energy was allowing and as a suitor, as he seems this is alive to him or would be. As the area is there if he was alive by the of the lord creator.

  This is a death being named Abbadon that is a death lord of the death gods in uses that water could seem useful as he wanted to keep and use what he or she as night allowed. Thought to see life work and sometimes by the creator he served a purpose thought in life by pursuit of happiness that he never got after he was diagnosed as bad off, think of balance by a thought to do or with work by what they now call necromancy. There is a point to the area as the energy was dealt, there was not here and not there as there was nothing but void space.

  As you defeat dealt blows by death, you live as if you are death by the name you think, e is energy concept and it is time as tis is the idea in time he could use in bone sorcery or not as he wasn't able to focus. That is a bone to focus with and thought, the spirit energy is able to get done or make and uncurse by the spirit that flows by thought with the creator.

  There is energy by the will and energy by the idea you do, as you do things to work things out you can get useful results. As this is mankind this is to avoid the Belambe idea that was done, think or this as if you thought by will you use bone to do what you think the world was saved by Odin.

  Think with will and the indian spirit named, or not means to manifest through the idea english thought was everything is energy. As your will is in the thought to create the spirit is by and called, the death god or whatever the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything serves your will or nothing happens if necessary. The name is Abbadon to not say, as the point is past in call as whatever you say is not done after you say that.

  As you can think this you can do what you consider or not as your saying to do or not as you die for tis as a dying will that was spoken by Death aka death as a Mark as to a point that happened to kill the body by a curse and thought free was the soul as the spirit was taken by what the the creator had someone name The Eagle or the thought belief to jump and shift, as sex was the last thing that he did and as he was a shapeshifter. Think tis scene as if he could and was use to night, thought as he could be and as he was becoming by her essence he died in her arms.

  "Because he serves a purpose, think he isn't thought of as this is still thought in. Not in any way to avoid his influence is to see and do. He was in town in the city as you can call it Delcimer territory called Saracea and there is none, that actually can full or not remember the Saraceans name. Death was saracean by blood and thought was his energy, as tribal rule was sorcery in time.

  As you think by the purpose as whose will you serve was what, as he decided by in the energy or not by the will with the creator. The creator changes things as you can create or use a thing to create direct activity. As he is the will and the thought is energy to use your will converted the idea, that to your usage by aura magnetics that attracted people by thought converted through. The aura to make energy was use by thought as the real ruler of styx and the underworld was a point to use as nothing was there to do you could." -Anonymous aka Hades

  Death was killed by his own actions around town in 1200 CE, as he was kept alive by a point this is in the article of his letter left below in or not there as you thought. As your actions were an able able minded idea or source energy to him. Hades was his name after he decided and was a reaper god from the point he saw as he knew the death gods. This is a letter he left after being raped, by is own subjects in the time palace as the idea ultimate idealist named time.

  By enforcement with water, finished is that life after seeking and creating this revenge letter otherwise death letter, as if he was alive and died to become the styx ruler named Bryte "the brigit" Light. Some trough full of slime to those that seek revenge ridden motion was punishment to them, same thing said but not in the same way leading to tiredness as concept is as nothing and recreated effect. This is if not as water to clean by or you stink not on or you make to denial and death is from, the energy noticed as bade to seeable area thought to be and nothing else after the fact except creator idea.

  As if that animates the body through animus in the energy till not needed or not wanted to be in the area and immediate death happens after. In life he was known as he was to be sought and yet after he was death as nothing else mattered and yet if death was to occur if the power to be was illeged and illegal. This was the true death of myself as a moment in time that I see myself as in the car and alive after as I wake up as thus I was where I was there as am I as I am no more.

  See ya all or whatever as this body is what you can use as the statement was said wen he ran away and return is not any more as death is now his servant and as if death is nothing in life his life is what passes his spirit to the next point that is to see as your life is what you think. As water is under the bridge as thus is energy this is nothing as energy goes back to the source. As this is the energy to do what you will, your energy is what you will or not will where I am you are no longer and not as energy will allow as the energy is energy and the point is done.

  Damage no more and do no more as life is not but a dream to the life you will is energy you saw and the life to work wit is nothing as you can see things and no more to do is nothing more to the thought that you will create with by the name of the creator uncreate this from when I am born. From now on as I am a conscious form, I am now myself where I choose to be. As I will to be, make or not as the creator I as the planet conscious will to make as I will by the third eye to be as I will and know as I can seem.

  See as I am or know what you want, be as I time can or you will allow. Now and forever as I am will no longer will to exist, as I am no longer necessary to live may I die now. Thank the creator as I am no longer anything but death or not but death as I am and will. I can no longer and am no longer to fill the idea, that is what means to no longer fill in the sentence. So be this and know as I know oh you pay attention, to the area and make as you think.

  Think as you are and know water you can do, as think and gnow are no longer what you feel to do. Think well of me as I thought you well, as I assume to not assume you are and I am as what I am as no longer and not wanted dead. For nor now as I am no can not see as I am nothing to, do in life as nothing seems and exists yet again or not for what I do. Think or create is water under the bridge that life exists and created is bright energy or waves, that water is what I came from and nothing here is nothing as there is nothing to what I see or don't not see.

  As I am aware and nothing else matters, this is what I am as I will and am as thought is but not as I am form that is in death and create as you will I will never come back. As I am I am death and ruler of styx, no longer am I alive as to see is to seek love and feel is creating as your energy is energy no longer to work.

  Say no more be no more and you are no more, this no longer exists. This is that you know you no as what you do is as think what you are in rememberance as a note said before I left the old house, that and not ever said till now and that I was seeing signed by myself. Say this to noone it said, as it would seem to cause death or life by the idea to the use. Think not unsafe as assuming your intelligence you are safe, ask no more as I remember is waiter energy and this was read from her soul. So as I am I consider this a death rite notice, tis from sexual assault and insane is not any longer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Associa Sea fox

  This is a thought with seasoning sesame or things you don't use. As a moment if thought, the right seasoning for the right things you use as to think and this is curative. Thought creates as an imagination if you don't have to do it you don't stay. Thought that exists is thought, that created the moment an idea existed or not as things were. There is the area in and around the place, that I saw in vision that tis was done in a place that was in or not aware and allowed things that form as associative sea fox.

  This is the extent made in a point more potent to the area by energy, as though in thought a focus in a point that is by trance and this spell can create nearly any result as thus do not do dumb things you see and know what you do and no butts do not run the job. As if you are awareness you can get things, think and no with imagination in no more to create even better than what you think in life. As this creates no fear and thought is what you what to think in life, you create as wealth is were you want to earn money.

   As in annen nothing more is with a witch popcorn and coffee, use with thought as you form into a fey white dot as if I am with a free fill as you are thought and think to effect. An area is what you do causes changes, if you think to do things as an activator or immediate idea manifest by feel that causes the thing that is conscious to create or not. Which I and we whom watched just saw or nevermind this, as this is a auratic key frequency that is unnoticed if you don't think to look for this. Key Blades are easy defense, as if they work use a key that you have on hand.. then focus darkmatter energy along the key and imagine or feel it form as a blade. This energy blade will work to disrupt spirits and kill demons. Interesting thought to do and your awakened to the point, to create with the create and will in result now set to detest fire and there as you did it or not as you say no to suggestion.

   Ta Bag Wyki is to think the idea is the point, you make as if a thought is the tea bags walk. You are as what a know is this in the right thinking and not always in things in the right upper spaces are possible to create as a take home bag is what you want, as energy is what transforms us and allows healing to create as you will and you see where you go. This has already been done though, so if your wanting to try and you will. As if there is a will to use your energy is what what allows it on the point as thoughts spoken. Frequent use is frequent idea by thought, think or care can seem to be making frequency to stop insanity.

  As your aware your not unawake until you sleep and wake up. Aesir es I is erasure energy by the need and the energy by thought, with third eye manifest as if in the thought and create is effort to use in thought as a creative effort. Think now is a worry free moment and this is that is what creates by what you think to use in energy by the thought from activity, as you are fixed or possible to use in any area that expertise is some water create by analyzed idea realistically used. If they're needed they are there as they want to seem or portal sent, if otherwise to be or not there if they so choose to seem there as to seem isn't to be.

   There is a thought to the energy and as this is a thought or use is soul revealed sharing, as if not a curse as you are a common soul energy or energy as common sharing comman nature. No nest and medical cure and injury fix curse, unjinx to create with an original idea as the point is interesting and use is to create something. Thought to make something and this source can fix something, is as you in noting energy and not thought is nothing as your not about doing things as that is nothing by nothing use. This is also the inadequate marking of the face. That is to will it to be there, as this is to will it to be gone unless necessary. There is nothing more left to do here as you will energy, think to do things in the energy that used by others increases your skill by ability formed from energy.

Teres column

   That is an energy use by the thought you can sense or consider to use, as your an idea or thought use to the feel your ability is energy to use as energy creates. As this is a point by thought or use in the area energy to create by the area and made in life or not in life, tis is what you can feel to create better or not do as tis what created feeling is not there to get done as if a fly swatter. As your energy is concentrated into the flyswatter, things you do are not in always so as you see.

  So you are not as if doing things. As this is your spirit you can create in a moment, as to create the right effect you only need to focus and create. As your aware by what you do to see, "theory" is pissing in the toilet as theory creates as you sense to create or know what you can feel. Consider or never, are told and now that is a theory or storyline that energy by use is not done.

  As if you write and use is as thought if understandable. There is an anchor effect that is this as that if released you can not do things to not disrupt the area, energy as the rooting to the mantle of the world is the inner part of the planet that is energy free to use from you. So that gets and uses the energy that you timewise think to there, as the energy returns if you don't as not in seem to do. As a thought is a thought and desire is a desire, what you don't think to need you won't need at all. As if you think no more to be no more as you hate no more as you don't have to be what you were as if no more thought put into this.

Unusual animal tricks

  These are an ideal to use as energy is by water or energy is what life external order is done, other than food bits to the area by the thought. As your energy is creative or to create by focus and the feel in thought is use of t in temporal energy. That is tea time by the idea energy you think, or create by use is creative thought in some point that you use as experience. So as if you show what you think use thought energy as through what is, as you think this is correct or they want to see and they want to know they can see.

  A thought to consider as cat people are activity in their heads, is this point as they consider the energy and feel what you need by empathic use and the energy. As they perceive is felt as necessary they can teleport you as magic is energy and back by thought, thought as temporal field changes are by small or different activity and suggestion that you don't have to do.

  Think by what you think and do things with thought, think is tis is a moment in time that ends as you feel or think. This does interesting idea or in thought is with energy and time, that is temporal as thought is moment to their senses and thought action is sometimes unlimited time. Time this is until what is thought appeal, or thought perception is a sight known as second sight is psychic nature in sight.

The dog mind perception

   The dog mind is the mind that is with what water or drink you can sense and perceive in a use to do with them. As things you can sense are tings in the area as the world of a dog is named asreal. The dog will do what you want and be your friend. As you are aware and things you can see, as you think to see things you can sense is by what the sense in different means. As an act is learned and as the area is clear to you, tis from what you can show or use to detect things with as energy is food to them or provided by the person.

  Sense is trust as they see what they know and guide by the will in what you sense. Aspects of the life they lead or seem to work, think with the use and they are activity in aspect to the act they tell you they do to you. As you are as if they are aspects of what they live with, they are not as sought as they can see you seem unless you need them to be what you want in their mind.

   They are man made from a ancient dog breed that was vicious animals shaped to the will and yet evolved physically. They could do things if given no reason, as they sit if commands are trained to them and do tricks. This by the energy they can use, as a point in thought they can see a wishbone and use is luck to them in time.

  This is the point or not by use to get better and make better by what you can show them, as they just do things, think you are useful as a master and only. If in thought you truthfully don't care and seem to do as you want. They have to seem to be taught a cool lesson, if not wanted to be near them and you don't have to stay they feel they don't have to stay.

  Nope, make a reaction thought by the right focused images to item nearby allows them to perceive the thoughts as images or idea, drop the images that they recognize as thought to be an object and the point to be nice is that. Think to react nicely, as your activity is nice and they won't mind you.

   They also can be evolved into what they can be considered kitsune, tis is by energy thought from a kitsune with the chastisement and changing of the aura by the kitsune aura. As this is energy by "tought" and infusement by the interrment or thought, energy gone to correct or effect by a point with affection is an affect. Think and you get it or things are done. As "en" energy or with an act to make ionic correction, tis a concept and is with healing or manipulative concept use of focus and magic is by imagination.

  As you can use things to do things and as things, this considered are at the end result an idea with an end as your thought is energy and water tis by being a friend near them that they can look like you in their mind. As the black cat crosses their eye of vision, they are and they mean what say by activity in the thought to use and not eating is not eating.

   If you look in their mind, don't as you cannot be fooled by what you see. As you are aware of the trace energy set by aura you can easily set them aside in your mind and not easily move yourself as if your immovable until you device create or decide and realize not decided idea.

  This is the kitsune and human can decide when to move and not to move as the dog is usually the person that is what can form as you will to do as you want as unwanted and that is all. As unwanted your not wanted, as you are aware by the user friendly energy or a thought to do is a thought not unrealized unless otherwise.

   As this is not unliked by the idea you sense you can create and energy is changed to what you can will by water, as your will is energy in the water by feel they can and do as you energy will to them. Think out and your out of their mind in the material world, as they consider it the prime material as the port is a port and thought by the energy they see. As they just go by the feel they need or not need by the fight or flight stimulated area feel.

  As they can treat you by in water you are what you treat them, as in their minds or not as you train them better you are perceived as what you think. They can if they react treat you, as a trainer or they train you differently by the feel you want to seem. Sometimes they can treat you harshly, if they are thought to be with energy to timewise think they can avoid being killed by senses.

  As you do they are aware by focus and think to know, think and you can see and sense the time or movement in the area as if you can see what they are thinking. As your aware of the moment and their thought is perception. Think and that is how they can save your life, as thought to not being there in a burning building. Now they can lash out at your head, so don't think your near them if they are in pain. So sorry as you are, if you lose a pet or thought is sad near them they will sense this. Think and whine or think to express themselves.

  This is by what they project or seem to your imagination. So free is free and your thought is your own, by the free idea you can express normal. Some ways they are treated are reflective on you, as your will is detected and they unconsciously react they can lash out or not always get your head in life. As your aware and the purpose you choose, this is a point to the feel as in an intention you think and the dogs activity is thought in them and outside themselves.

  So this is freedom from that idea, thought is there for you as your an ideal to use creative as you deem yourself useful. This still means that your use is not always a useful idea, as if thought to their point of perception. There is a point by use, as you point it out they can do things. The idea is think an area to use and your use is known to what you think, thought by what they perceive and do in the activity by the idea felt necessary. As you think of a animal spirit they will seem to be one, if you need one and they can in spirit form seem to be as the creator wants.

  They can seem in their mind by a energy port and they shift as if you were out, as a port you feel by focus to be somewhere as you depict and materialize in life. As wit magic, energy is concept and temporal by thought to the feeling in use or not in use as activity. As empathy rules what they can give or do in life. One thing they do is fix the time by request, if they trust you and if you can influence by focused feel.

  They are what energy is in feel if in the world you sense, as a dogsune or not as a good suggestion is from a creative kitsune useful as avatar. That works with you, if you need or feel a friend nearby. If given energy to use as they feel your need or think a purpose, you feel is necessary as if on a feeling by what they feel they pick up with sensation by seeing. Think or gnowing what they need and they do, consider what to do in life as the idea is pursuit or not pursuit is concept projected forth.

The cat mind depiction

  Tis a land they called empress that this came from, to explore the mind of a pet as the democratic view rules the area, as your idea is based in the demonic land called lightning and thought was from the diablo game not to be in idea as the area is demonic and was once sorceria or sorcera almeida that was who named it and thought this was shifted away before demons could invade. This is the area you can see from an area in the game, with thought you can see that this doesn't seem different so shift by thought of home as you are there with a body. If you can use or create longetivity by feel you in the land and adjust out to seem one, with the land and thought form a body with the land you are able to use as energy or extended exhausted life.

  As you don't have to do the point, sometimes the ability comes from energy and essence helps shape what they do unless no interrment or absorption through the skin if you can let something die you let it go, the idea is wat you can seem as the idea in feel changes to what is there. Thought and energy in idea is water or any energy that can seem use to create in a thought. This is the area and age of legends, to the feel you do things and use things to create with the mind till a certain in use point.

  This is the energy in use and thought is what you can use in the idea by what you is what you feel and what in feeling is purpose set by what you want or think to do as tis is perception and sometimes sensed from the thoughts perceived by a cat, tis is the idea to use as you want and not feel the desire by what you think or sleep as you want to live or die. There is no more reason to do so, do as you want and clean up after and that is to lie for a purpose to do so by thought perceived image to do so is do so by life experience.

  As in the mind of a kitsune the cat world can seem, as you will it away you can cause it to disappear. See it as an ideal experience to use and create with. The idea is simple, stupid or smart as in street smarts. As your able to use the user idea to create with, your idea is another awareness as your avatar in mind and thought is another way that isn't always there. As you are aware to do and thought is to do things, your aware your awakened by thought and nulle dumbness as you are aware to use things correct in life. As you award things and correctly done idea is correct in the use you consider, your will energy is what you can see and use is the energy to the point that your use is your own business. There is an energy by the idea you can sense, this is with feel and not felt is pain as if to decide to do as set purpose is set desire there as activity is experience.

  So as this is not in or out and not as when you go and feel you are unrealistic you use the art of practical control, as this the acceptance of the fact and use is the idea you can see practical. As if you don't have to do it, or if not needed its not done. As tis is not so, plane the idea is wat you think, as the deal in life you do or not to do and the idea as a point to use in focus. That is first obvious by the idea that is what you are if sharing, or file sharing is common interests or that can seem sense to see by thought or not to use in life.

  As you can see to be prepared, that what you see won't effect you. As your energy is your own will to use as energy is what you sense, as if noone is insane where a source is focus to the point that your view is changeable. Thought by what you can consider is the insanity you see and is what dissipates and not into thin air easily as tis is poison or as energy dissipates away the air is better.

 There is a view that is energy from what you get near you, as you are aware by the use in mind your arrangement is gone and as aware is the conscious part of the brain. This is want and desire as awareness of what in the brain is thinking for them. Water in a bowl or cup is what the can sense, the act of independence and water is they can seem to use what you can sense to build up a world in their minds.

  They usually know or don't know if they are drugged, as this is what douses the senses. They are either awake or they tend to relate to what you feel, as they make you feel better in life. They absorb the bad energy thought as feeling is awareness and senses are in the head, as you allow them as if in their head they can form as human or think they are in order. This is to relate to the feel they can get from by whom is near.

  This means they can appear like you the more they feel like what they can sense and feel in life. There is a way they feel and sense called othersense, as they focus with their forebrains and use the back part of the brain they are psychic energy aware. This without the need to do what they sense, until they see it is by no accident and if empathy to be necessary. There is an energy to seem or feel and they will know by what they are near with the essence they collect in life.

  There is another way of life standards to them, as they relate and feel relation they can share with you and as they feel its necessary. This is the point no attack is no attack as they are not but aware to run away by fear or no fear to the feel or sense that they know you. This is the idea sensed from a kitsune realistic in approach and thought to do is with water and the code of common sense that it used to get results is intelligence with energy as a focus to the feel and change that was intended till not felt.

  There is no reason for them to do anyting rather than just curiousity killed the cat. As that is energy felt by focus and energy intent that was done. I was able to get one to talk and say what I thought was speach. The area I saw this in was my "rome" and rome was viewed as I was seeing this I was aware that the fact, that life was conscious and energy was by creator awareness. Tis is created equal or not in equal area by proportion in the area by moments, as this is easily not done by feel and thought of this and "reverse" you think to use as equal is unequal and yet equal in the area by what you will in energy. This is energy by will that isn't energy by the willing user. As your energy is willing to be used in the area they can change what they mind by what you say, and they can then use or copy by what you can see if they sense it and you can sense the thought.

  As a vision they can send you as you send energy, this is on hold and old knowledge as tis a vision in thought that they respond to by feel or rub as in a human feet massage. By your thought and to the cat person they see you do, they can sense and see you doing strange things. The idea is this and the spirit of the cat will make you aware, by altering what in the area you feel as you time are something to them as your ideal is to seem or not to seem. This is with an animal companion or animal spirit, after they die off if you use things you will die or think and use is up to you.

  There is another energy, you are aware and think you separate from the mind as you do. As they hear something they relate to it as here is the thought and proof, as you can sense the idea. As if a talking cat or otherwise evolving, by aura manifest this is done by the kitsune aura and thought is what counts to the kitsune and chemistry held in the air to form a chemistry illusion and it is felt in the air. This is considered "dementrics" chemistry that is energy to you can feel after you use it.

The ideal non ion use

   Assume nothing is the worst, un as point is no point no waste you are aware to live and create or make. Thought as a pet or human servant or not as you don't desire, the idea is as what I am in need now make no more for life. The use for crack and other legal drugs is not there, as if thought energy is not what you can see use for your idea is not usable unless no drugs or you use herbs and essential oil. As in life is not use and thought is not what is a used idea and the overstimulation killed it.

  Assume to not waste no more and as you see a use in life don't use it. This is where the body is what you can not produce, if as an idea this is not produced in the body or nothing known as dopamine is use in the aura effect as if done to dissipate by illusion and no illness as you sense it or in life as the monsters dead. There is no more to do as I can seem to create, no thought and less movement in life is not unless I think to meditate.

   I ca use the third eye to correct for things, focus is an idea or thought because as you levitate or raise in eight as height is up when this stops the intelligence raises as this is you don't have to. As famous actions is sometimes in famous is with concept, think as you are considering or not thought is for the feel in thought by idea tis fame as the fame in the idea fades away by hades. There isn't any thought there and think, as another perspective you are not or as you want not doing things your ability is as you think. Say what you want as you need to say the idea you can safely use, in an impurtubance think as that doesn't in thought always work or not.

   Just think the creator as though the god and the creator's shield is locked, as you know where to work if you think or not and you feel is awareness where you think to work things out as you focus to feel or don't use wat you think. As out an layers of realities are with this as some layers exist or no, you don't as if no need and they are not there as your aura works with them or their aura or not. As that has layers, that there is what tis is dopamine if by use in thought is water. Thought and focus was energy to cure the pain. This is water and not drug by the use as drinking, as if water were a drug is opinion based as this is like an onion in healing properties and garlic in restoration. As a concept there is an idea to know or use water, as this is correct as you think calcium is use.

   Think from possession or no possession not by what you feel, not by the presence to create or recreate with the right idea thought to see by the concept. Think and the right images are persistant or recurring dreams in idea, by shared perception or thought thats unpersistant is the right subconscious thought by shared common values and goals with vision and you see the vision. As you focus and think, you create as you can seem to do things. As in probate period and thats influence that is over, this creates as you wish and focus is tis as you realize what is there. There as you are capable to do, that or as want is jay to do in life is done. As you think success you are success and in life as you want success.

Thinking dog or cat by the thought

  Concept is not always what moment you think is thought in time, such as a thinking cat or dog. Feel to work right and know what you can see by what you feel is the right methods. Thought is to feel and as the time is a moment, thought by meditation to create with or go away to not seem there. As you aren't thought your not energy by water to manipulate, fire to use unless necessary by what their subconscious doesn't always see as invisible seems as what is not there and what isn't makes what one considers. Consider that they think to control you or not control you for what you can do. Then use the idea to base an idea to the thought you want and don't need.

  Decide what as you are considered as condensed energy in form and decide by what you need in life. As you feel with a focus on the item or area items, you can see to sense what feels right to get as if right. This is the idea apprenticeship was to me and as I was energy in awareness, I was energy to others as a use so I can seem to have stopped creating and excepting you I went ahead and created as you can think friendly to be friendly as be nice. This was a point to create with and if not wrong I was right to my own senses.

  So I guess I was correct in this by all the in correct right idea responses and methods, that I was using as if temporal feeling is time by activity in focus to make. That is energy from a summoned energy to create energy from, as the core as from the core is energy to focused use. There is an energy to the use that is on what energy is thought, lets not as a cord of energy is chi focused to use as in use is thought use by superstring. As you just let it come as a vampires guilt is sometimes a violent idea to do. This is if a warning is sought, that if your use is there you can see that possible violence is a concept or as thought is violence is not seen your not thinking to be hit.

  As if this in use is the head to a dog, as a cat is cool. As to think or don't as you do not have to be an animal shape to be nice this is a concept, as this or not as thought is or what can be states to see. Think a concept from a freedom formed from thought, as thought if the animal is bopped in the head your idea is what you want as it subsides. This is feel as you create and make as you go, so seem to create as you feel or focus as with an open mind. If to create with energy by thinking the use the intention an making is what you want, think and intention as you get an intention or not seem to do things except to create better from nothing.

  Think or use is where your the creator with the inner world in you. Think an idea to use an idea, as tis is diluted water to use or thinking different to make better work. That works with the thought you see in life, as you will energy the ability is energy to the thought, as become as "I am" is said and use is practice that you can see or become or not seem in what you are. This with experience if you want to be, you are as you believe by intents and purposes or you got what you want or as you see you feel better. Now I am the wind.

  Enulle is the use of the crow chakra or thought by feel to see with te birds eye view use and energy of the bird is use or by focus of the ideal use with use, focus as you want to know and you know an idea to try another way to or create with concept use. Think as if the right time right moment and energy is used in the right moment in time to create by use or make useful concept in the thought as tis is not any programming in the energy.

  Otherwise if in thought, don't think to know and think as you don't always do the suggestion by feel. As you don't need the purpose to create in life or perhaps you trap in the concept and release is thought, as your energy is water under the bridge or thought by energy practice.

  Think use is not inlife by focus as nothing used nothing done or you are by not always the feel in the area, as if nothing happens or you meditate to create with what is there. This is focus to the feel of the earth or planet that your on, think to create and see what you knowledge focus to know or feel is right or wrong by what intent or purpose you create.

  This is the reasoning and your feel is interesting. Feel as you do and tis as you say, tis is the woman intuition or focused feel thought as you can create your feel. Tis where you can care to do and your where the thought seems to need you or don't care and your where you want to seem. Think or cool the area if hot and otherwise, you are in where you think to be. This is a light memory response recording by the thought to record the energy, as a pattern in light and use is focus to seem and create by light.

  Life is nothing or a thought in focus to make aware states as a focued mind thought is what you sense, think in reason or feel the idea from text to create or sense how this use was in detected or sensed concept. As nothing is actually done as I is use in thought, seem or seem or not unless necessary with third eye manifest. As your energy is will your life is focus to use as energy created by the thought that you sense out in reason. Feel or flow with thought and fire is spiritual use by the use, I am aware that not to burn people as you burn away the parasites is a different idea to a good reaction with a different better feel.

  Think is to know spiritual use as is, by what you can focus manifest or don't use thinking to create. As if so this is time to feel what is there, thought or see and remember things in what is a point and know what to do by what you feel or not do as you consider or attribute by relative idea. This is to feel the flows of life as if water is concept or you can seem to be there, if you do work prepared or know them whom you work by and are with what you feel is good to create and seem to remember.

  As in a view of life and thought is energy by your "inerited" idea as inherited, tis is an energy viewed by the life you see as water is where you see the area and create by the idea to use. As if something is nothing to get what you consider, your thought is an energy by the form your by will that is by water you consider in the feel of calm touch and thought is what different energy seems useful or thought is creative in use.

  This is feel as you are aware, or create as think to do or not as you feel or use incense sensed by a state of mind or know by what you do. Knowledge is there as you are aware you realize by the thought, figure and consider yourself human if you can see to the point or feel by focus to get what use there is.

  Reminders are what is cool to see as this is unnecessary to the rule, this really goes unobserved or see with the work by focus as this isn't water and life is always going on. Look ahead and your gone, as though thought if you feel what work to do and seem to get positioning to do create as a good position is thought use by concept. Think I can see what is there and don't sense by water, feeling or considered viewpoint as you say things causes a concept that forms what you will.

  As you keep aware by thought states in activity use these are by focus and motion, that you can use or mind are an idea from heat and not in tea energy. The body teleports by energy you can focus, even though it does seem to it doesn't or not as the conceit in time is over or thought is not there to keep energy there is no other idea to do.

  As if a spirit catcher is what not that entraps you or your spirit knows, what is there is release to think by means as what you can sense. Think to gnow a few minutes to a few years before the actual thing or if by feel, you know what you create temporally. Awareness is energy to the sensation you can see, this to feel in life or not use is always a point not to get hit.

  A hit to the face is what I see by this, so I am stopping with this math problem here and now. That is allowing more than 40% brain focus use by trance, thought and now sense is some time sense. Thought and what you know is from water and fire use, as now you know by intuition in thought by noted energy you can summon to use. Use the reverse to unavert feeling and shift away by the touch to create wattage, that energy use and that if focused on a dog or cat creates the intelligent idea it can feel.

  When as you do the reverse, think tis is the energy as is the decrease of the breast occurs with a thought and the inward spiral on the thought or energy taught muscle release response and the stomach increases then decreases by the activity you do. You don't have to understand it, to know this, as its observed. After a certain repetition, and this is energy as things in focus are energy in a thought by energy that will work and this can have an adverse side effect as dangerous enhancements. That your body could feel hungry by the feeling and drop the feeling, as you hold an object if you think to drop the object the feeling disappears as you will with the thought.

  As if you sense by the spirit knowing what is forms in use as life, consider to find a way to where you want to seem as you are projecting water energy. Now this is done or your spirit can identify, by knowing the work or what you sense out by thought in the energy. Thought is always to see where things are, or thought to direct as isis protects and not insane. Think as though if you focus and use is mustard in powdered form, ingested or not ingested sometime is to see by the third eye or some focal energy used in the area that energy makes.

  This is to know by power and all thoughts are understood in the feel by electricity that is power as focus, think to realize this is your realization from there as in felt idea what is awareness or not is known. As if that comes from your feeling to know, what is now comes by what you see or what you don't use is saving money to get somewhere. If there is nowhere to go, so as you see it this doesn't matter.

  When you want to remove some power or effect and you breath in fresh air and out breath, the energy in fresh use or other thought idea expelled from the breath. As the energy is to cure the body and with a breath out in thought is stress relief, tis with the outbreath as energy release is done in life. Tis is nulling the idea that is not unliked but is no in longer useful life, think by energy passed through the body and not electricity by focused chi life energy.

  Imagine the fat off your body disappearing into a extradimensional container thought into exitsting space that is in the form as a jar to contain the weight. Doing this you can't appease everyone and making thought energy in use makes in energy as the will to do creates dispersial fat disappear as you think on the shape on the shape of the breast, think and otherwise not different is by focus with what you sense by thought in the area and with idea and that can seem to disappear.

 If that is well think on focus as the temporally used energy, with thought is sent from a point that goes back to the body "tattoo" or engiogram. Thought or object power that resembles body energy is not always welcome and that body that receives the energy and sometimes by a name in thought for the body isn't always well in person. This can seem use to see use by the person and cure is nearly anything as if to leave the dog, cat or person well they who are treated well as well. As you are aware in life, things in life are energy by tat life you see or having sought and gained what you want you say or can say what you feel is the need or thought at the moment. As you do what you want, where you think as this is necessary.

  As thought or immune the body is what senses things and as the energy is what you see, don't react as the object is the idea or by as your energy is thought in focus your ability is the energy. Think you can shape to focus as think nothing, feel the energy of the body leave and flow through the chakra points and work by the energy. What you sense by operation or feeling is thought with water to flow by focus and spirit fire, think in thought from within as the healing and change in focus is use to create the shape as you desire. Wherever, whenever and however you want or not if the thought can seem to feel right to create, at the right time and in the right area is the right space, such as a safe fire retardent surface or space.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Terese Clareance 1954 - 2003 from melissa

  This is an obituary by what ye think to feel, see as you get somethings done today. Think or not as your energy is a thought to what you feel or consider in life. See or not is up to you as you are not doing anything important, go no and excercise as you think to see and create. This is the area energy and last idea from the florentines, as whatever to see is in thought as this is. As you want or were thinking, you can sense out and see to create with a feel and not an urge.

  Think to see or "not" as is by the third eye as a manifest, or created thought is by what you feel to use in life. Think or in use is not in use as nothing done, this is not any results you want by water you feel as thinking you want to do. The idea is not always a seeming use and what was the source as the strange urge anyway, as you realize what this will do and thought is what can create as no suggestion or no will to do illegal activity.

Tink by difference or similar errata by illusion to spirit created idea

   How one can tell the difference between illusion and spiritual manifestion, basically the stage that looks like illusion there, rephrased or otherwise is simple or as complex as you want. The illusion you won't actually see, is by what you think and the spirit can create as your subconscious seems to manifest there. As idea creates an use is the energy that goes up an were this is the body weight that can go down as you find necessity for the weight to not be, the excess energy is not unlike food particles that get used up as essence before digestion.

   The spirit manifest can by use of energy feel cool by true idea that the area at least can be felt or not manifest with its energy, as with energy and thought or the body does as you want with movement to your energy focus. Unless not felt this is still able to make good use and create, as you claim or think to create and slip away otherwise as you wish or thought te creator makes by a source. The way to create this is the thought, that when you think you can and the spirit fixes is the weight or use that can sicken you.

   As you think and this is "say or not" a suggestion by ions as you think you did the idea. As the inner fire if the fire energy in the area ate up what energy is consistent, if no link is time that energy by use is to use the unwanted food particles as need is energy or unwanted poison as a source to dissipate. That dissipated by night energy with the sun energy that regenerates you as you think. This always seems to work or feel right in life, no poison is use of diseases as a source and you don't have any in life. Diseases by tis means you can reduce your disease if any or this, think not to be or to ease the pain as you null energy as think not to be not as you were and there is none.

  The presence in the area is not actually felt, so don't bother worrying and move on by water energy as you can imagine water pumped. There is what you do in real life with the energy in life, eat little or less and you will assure no gain no pain as a tense and release by muscles to relax by use of relation techniques. Thought energy or aura fire energy builds up to lose the mass, as if you don't want or feel the energy as your aura leaches away the food energy. Think to able as movement and thought can occur.

   Think where you are uses up the weight, less attribute is less eating and this might work better. As you think you are eating up body weight by activity is use, as you think your where you are as you can. Think or feeling the area energy is to get a focus manifest. Think for whomever as that is to want things manifested, thought or not need at the right moment is the trick to weight loss. As you think your somewhere you use up weight energy unless not necessary to do, feel great or come back to whence you came or not as that is not necessary and you don't have to do this.

   As a weight is different feel this is to be, as you think and not to be as you don't think and you can be as you consider. As a point in life where as you want creates as you are willing to be, don't think the calories unless you need to and this is not to beat yourself up. As tis is what you think with a thought, there cure is thought as though a cool idea with fruit or whatnot to seem in life. As if you aren't and you can deal with lifes disappointment, as thought if the right medicine your idea is sincere. Thought energy is sent to an object as if a container and not is the thought, that is a transaction where the body is the will.

   Think as you can be a persona, not the weight or well no weight no gain. This can cause you to shift your mass energy to the mass of the planet core, thought or not is where you'll not gain weight back. Think is as necessary or not and you won't, so make the effect that you image or state if you need to and know as you think you won't do thought. This is a concept or idea to see as possible, an if theory proves true and feel is where chemical reactions are not actually effecting you this is by magic.

   Think as this is water with thought focus to water that fixes the body humour, as the body fixes what it does with what you don't do or not create. As when you eat and this is not to overeat as is with the excess energy, you create as necessary with the creator the excess weight to suddenly dissipate away by focus and feel. As if the weight goes down and your energy goes up or no matter as the weight isn't there, the energy is generated to seem to go up with and without the weight anyway. So continue as you want or not need as this is tis isn't or not.

   This is a coldness by thought and sometimes not as if felt except as heat in the air sensed by what you focus to feel, tis nothing as cold as you always keep a coldness in the area or no activity no heat felt and is when the person isn't feeling well. Think and focus as you were and you can feel the area around them. This is where you are or seeing people that seeming to exist are there by the creator, if you won't get yourself in trouble by thought and what you feel is bad by example. As if a concept in liu of life and conscious is water sent or fire based energy.

   What by focus can manifest then or when you are done, when you can do things positional is not always to do things by as with an emptied feeling as if you may want to stop then do. Just say stop or feel like life exists for you and you can or already have, just as you are and you do or do not as if this is or is in not as noting with thought and nothing more is done in life as tis.

   This is with an example of how drug use is feeling in use and the spirit is a creative thought. The point is to create in auratic hiding is by feel that you don't seem and can do, think and feel numb or thought seem with a cold feel is by the idea that is undead or what exists is heat otherwise that is by living things as they feel attuned to the area and the aura is reflective by what you feel.

  Tin as a use and among other elements in thought is with focus, as this is concept to fix a mediate to raise by levitate or feel not there by the feel you see unless necessary tis by the feel and not there and no drugs is if your well as a thought not feel. Think as by the thought though what the idea is drug free by what you want as if not present and no drug need.

   You seem focus as you feel to sense as the undead in the place is there by thought with a cold cncentrated feeling that you can see or the body shivers, think and feel with undead by energy can drive by the feel that is from the cold presence or no ghosting from being present. Tinking or pissing out the effect is interesting, as you are and aware you are as your idea can seem or see use another time and the effect is effort. Tis is to release the unwanted dislocated or not unliked relocated energy, effect that is unlooked for by life is not unnoticed as you need it to not seem unnoticed. Tis can easily remove diseases, as an easily thought concept and acting is easily an idea as energy cures themselves the disease disappears in life.

   Thought or not as necessary this is energy, this is by active use as in employment. Seem as you think or otherwise focus and think reduce, focus by weight energy dissipated away and the energy thats sick causing is gone, as if pissing or shitting in the toilet and focus is thought to release the toxicity in and not out by bad experience. An feel is a point to no use there in use to see good use.

  There is a point nothing works. So expect as a price to pay for things not normally excused, things by energy buildup can in or not cause an idea you seem in use to create by the thought. There is no essence to the body if there is night energy created, think by the gift or motion an tis in use as this is the the original text in thought. As energy creates for what you feel in a life you want, thought to effect with a cure is by water in use and not out by use.

   Think or see use is not to seem to work right if thought and used to the workload and the idea item, time is molecular energy used up with the object or if not use is right. As to not work after awhile by wearing down, the device and the energy is what isn't wrong as the prices tend to go down as if in weight that raises your energy. Tis is english pounds that is or isn't energy, as the energy goes to create credit in the life you live. So lets stop as this is in the planet at a different time.

   This by feel is that if the excess energy is gone from the system, so no worry or thought except to do what you can ssee use to create in or you can feel thought in effect to not feel like eating if not linked to the user as if a death energy was torture there. An there is an area that is energy in the auratic field area, as your area energy is energy to create or not create as water is use you cool off.

  Your presence is in by the feel and thought is this in focus is by the vibration in the area, that by feeling the gravity is use as were aware where we are in thought to be. So the end of this example is if done in or doing wrong you are "dead by the idea your alive", so think by thought or your dead by the feel in the thought. As this is your limp, as dead as a noodle and you decide dead and alive states your mind is curious.

   Thus if we use tis example. Think is by the feel as that is or use is by the feeling to seem and do or not do, from the area or by what you feel and what is felt is not always there to the gravity well. That is a pull down or not as a knock down to keep us mindful, as spirit is energy aware by fire that is heat and thought by feel that manifests.

   Thought to the gravity is to direct time by feel and thinking by the sun and use is the planetary spin, thought as true or not true this is from the area gravity in the area we are in. Thought as is creates if the situation reveals itself timewise, as what you notice or no by the spirit that flows freely is thought as you feel free as thought can flow free and the shadows are water born. This is like water that which flows through everyone your energy is restorable and by activity or shielding in auratic feel.

   Think as thought your energy is a concept, what you get is what with the energy is what you think. As if the druggist are the legal sellers, thought and feel of what you think to need by prescription can manifest easily with a focus point at low cost. There is no wrong in immorality for children or amorality for adults, thought and morality is what is there by wat you think to do. Consider and act by feeling considered water under the bridge, uttered by "Drugist" near the bridge in a past life sometime.

   What I learned is that no abuse and no bad by area felt leads to no need to do drugs. As the lesson I learned is done in real life I realized by the use if, as I took prescription drugs to counter for my need that seemed to materialize. As blood need or blood sugar is a polite view to energy and thought food energy as I don't mind in the thought, tis to use food energy as you feel or not feel the need without eating until no need and no food to date unless tis necessary.

   As if I covered for it, this was as you think it in the past as to cancel out what caused the idea. As a slender form or not as your triplicate or as if energy is allowable. Think and fear no beating as your energy is nothing to the sense you can feel, then linked bodies can create improved conscious considered triplicate energy. There is a tryst idea or three people in one thought where by energy one is the focus, one uses water and created is the feel as energy is by focus with the third or not without a loser or user design in focus by thought, feel and focus to do to create by the creator and the temporal use is a tree of life or life chi effect.

   Think and you can make an idea example to create better health, thought or make is to not do things in life that doesn't seem necessary from what you point out. As your energy is storage in the aura to use as the thought seems the point to use and store energy as energy in solid form forms your energy into a sapient thought that is a shape by will. Tea energy can create or feel by thought is to create to the moment as you shape by thought and feel with energy things, this is to shape things with the idea and create by the created idea or creator as you will or think feel the idea to exist no mold.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Heart use or Hoax made real in life?

  There is no worry over this, as your will is energy and well by use. Your thought is energy by the will in life. Use or no use is energy by what your energy creates by in the daily area you seem to use. Tis is energy by the point you can create otherwise to use in the life, that you sense by chi that started this idea and thought is energy by the radio listened to by life energy.

   As at least there is energy to free your will, tis is the area in the game that you can see in the diablo II game scene II. Think and do so if tis is hell you are not in it. This is not a joke as you don't do wat you intend to do, remember the ocean and will yourself set free or as you say you can be and feel the hands pull you down from hell. The point to there is this, that is the area you can see and find use for in thought.

   The legend of Zelda in came from this below or water you see to use, that and the ancient wooden headed beings from south america. They can cause this as you do things wrong, think by half-demons and your never hurt again that don't like the use and say in otherwise if a point or attempt if your caught. They can cause different in things per different use, or in thought is to think and you are in as the area as you are energy in there by the thought of whom you hit. What up brings you up in height and places, that are were or where you think to see known in living by the area.

  As in the right words are your words and you know what you write. There is possible idea situations, so use is interesting as you think to make or create. As you know there and be there you can know all the possible points created and this is a possible necessary point by life. So as you know the right words, as the right time happens or you remember and as if you think. Now lets try the right word.

   As in es is the essence lowering weight till not necessary. This created as I created or others created by the creator are a creator. This is the spell as if "embers emberle" or cancer cancellable by the energy, and with the energy is a fact with its own energy. As a relatable point if the third eye, thats the tird eye stimulated to use. Inh neh no cancels rewards and real life moments in no alter or idea that are you as you are near. This cancels out the effect, you think to exist and the creator in thought unexists things. As if red eye disappears by red energy imagined to dissipate.

   As you notice the pattern unweaving itself, people aren't hurt and things fase and make sense. Things in use are sometimes in curse or effect that heals if you are hurt by him. This means that things unexist that should be in defense ed elsewhere. As if in the area that the head can create or make in moments, that you sense or see by what your spirit can feel out or not "As if inh in en erh".

   Gather from the area with chi focus, energy through the wrists and create a spiderman effect. As you focus energy in the wrists to the hands and feet, tis can create as you feel the focus by gravity, so you use the thought and create by feel. This can create lift in the air, as if you are focused in upon an area and think. As if thought is energy and energy comes from the wrists, the hand and feet are not unlike suction cups. feel and create what you imagine in life as you wish to climb things.

   Feeling thought is done, feel as you imagine climbing up something. Use any crystal magic or focus area to think up and you are up, as with use of the cords of life energy bunched beneath the hands and fingers. Thought to create is thought to move and chose te chores to do. As if under the feet, feel the lift and create as you don't think you can or feel. That you will is as you think you can do, as energy from the creator allows.

  Don't expect to die easily as chi like activity, including drinking energized water will elongate the life. This means life and includes tree life of the ancient grove, can create and crest energy as thought is use to xcreate the unswell as you think to not swell.

  New things to do is focus, focus in energy comes to your will as it seems to manifest. As if your weightless by no weight in thought, thought can seem what you sense by the created or creator idea. That you present an idea and if believed in, as possible you can get away with the thought to see and get done as its at least believed possible.

  Think if you drop the thought to do and the air creates, that is beings, phantasms or dark creations. As you think or you use ore of some sort and the creator makes the air create out of the air or the element creates. As you think an element of a mountain and the area creates, think with your energy as a directive will or as you imagine. What you can create by a sigil is by an idea of tracing the written idea, thought as energy to be done by a line that the thought empowers by the will.

   Sigils need a reason to exist, as there is a reason there is a way that magic works. Sigil thought to exist with existing energy in what you element you see to use by the use. As in the air can appear like you want it to be, so can your body appear and if thought to be. Your thought with this is like you want it to see or seem like as if "li". So can your soul be like an adhesive pad, bandaids pack, thought or what you want as soul copies are possible.

   As tis ca create relief, think or thought after energy buildup. Building up energy is with a focus, and creation by feel or coincidence and think to create as you make some use useful. There or not there, as you are aware in a focused state of mind. This is a were alteration state if breathing and trance related, as to the releasable state of mind that if focus and thought release your released. Release released as you idea is what you think. This is sometime your clear or thought exist is due a point by use, this is where you are in situation and out of situation by the feel.

   This is where can't be clear and do things good, as this is a condemning phrase not to do or you don't and try to not do. Concede dumbly and conceded is what or water, that you can see or find and some attack in return sometimes can seem or not be. As you create something or not, so as for now you don't do, be or beat those you meet and greet or avoid if a nuisance. As a thought "no obese" creates no obesity.

   Think you are realeased from the dream of life, tis is a real area release from the area. As you are feeling free you can see and do, as you think "you are free" for a time by experience. As free you are by what you want or need, thought or not indeed tingles are there as you are free from the dream. Now to recognize the idea and dream images or languages, that you hear or see in action by activity.

   Unnduu uncalled by name is no and Depare a ghoul and use is that or isn't what gets energy from, the creator formed by thought and not an aspect that is dumb. As no is en in nothing deu that can dieu as necessary. As no diarrhea is no problem, Diu is the city name. The world as the astecs made, when they shifted by the power of the ancient mayan gods with the manic named Mu. For nothing wrong, use is this or not as nothing wrong or good.

   The point is the use point, as they believe it they can do things with wat they can see use for in idea. Thought for realistic death is the reasoning, think and real dobe is the ideas they can have used. The thought they had behind this is stopped by the idea they use as life is death in action being done. Just like a movie, that is located in a mountain area city in the area that you can create a sense of by thought in life. Tat is a city fox built, as you are wat created part of it in the subconscious. This area can be visitable, by thought to visit in the ruins or other area in the hills on the mountain side.

   Also the industrial city in the area, if to time or think and focus and you can see it. As tis is by the area yiu is an episode nade nade made by japanese created in use as a shift to there and where you want to see is thought to view or look in an area by focus to know with awareness. As with Seu dey your this as your looking about, treat energy by this idea treated with syrup and is not unlike a sunday. Called deu is actually syrup, think and you can seem to be aware with the area awareness "deu" ended in by thought. As the ice is frozen water and cream is duy to the point of making a sunday called sorta diue but deiu.

   This is where diablo was in a point the city called dieubeia from a phobia, to think to the area dangerous to them formed them if you named it and wanted it and your released from it. Thus is a point and the post point you see. Diy is the ancient diarrhea, caused by thought or energy with impurity. As the idea existed you can be made or see to be aware of it. This is by drug, food or water, thought in unclean mountain area with unclean water sources or not as some other idea could happen.

   As you don't complete, that mission is not done that is the mission the ancient being called biegor rhei. Formed from rheumatis or disorder from melee and interest, from the mountain with the vein of gold. If you want to gain gold, think to get energy from there. As if their energy is what empowers, the being and you cause others to don't always beat the being. You cause abiding by the will and the energy is concept. So what of this paragraph is true?

   There is nothing to write beyond this point, just remember what you create if not thought real can control you or not if you don't allow it to so feel free to keep this as a record and I free you from your bonds as I am a friend near you. You can go as you need where there are to go and things you do is what you think to use as the thought and time is actually where and water you consider to the use, tin and other elements aside from me I can see is you that are wearing what you were. As you go on about thing that you remember think to see the truth, focus and it appears as it is written as you prepare if you look. See yas.

Final farewell

 Thought to think you know if these methods actually work, know that some don't have the energy. Some don't have a good connection to their subconscious. Those people with a good connection to their subconscious will get a spell off more easily. For which one worked, think as will if you know you have a really good connection. Think smart to your subconscious, if you can control the point by focus and feel to project thought as you think feel is mentionable by the fact. Think for what you create is with what you do. Create is listening then or those that want work still can work, otherwise its up to you to figure what works with you an ignore what you don't think is useful.

  There is nothing to write beyond this point, just remember what you create and if not thought real can control you or not if you don't allow it to so feel free to keep this as a record and I free you from your bonds as I am a friend near you. You can go as you need to go and things you do is what you think to use as the thought and time is actually where and what you consider to the use is water under the bridge, and aside me I can see you are wearing what you were as you go on about thing that you remember. See yas.