See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is right: Danger sense or Psychism

  Which is right, psychism or Danger sense.

  The danger sense can be nature sense, which is a rare sense of natural conditions. And, mechanical sense that is the sensing of vibrations or vibes and these are the vibrations of some activity. They can be perceived by sensing electrical wires or metallic sensations. If you feel heat thats excessive, for example. That is mechanical sense that indicates the possibility of fire. This has been noted, that in danger sense some people don't react or don't think and react by instinct.

  Danger sense, in so many terms makes you perceive the event before it happens to hurt you. This can happen in visions or noticing the little things that mark a better and bigger event. Almost any damage can be premonitioned.

  When you notice a little incident that gives warning as though it were a omen. That is noticing the little things. Like, seeing or noticing a spark when lightning seems nearby.

  This can be a cause to avoid the danger exposed. Sometimes this is by reactions. Or noticing a burning smell that exposes fire danger.

  There is also the body's pain reaction that makes it avoid danger. When the body feels pain from an action, like tripping and falling. Then it will avoid those actions and create reasons in the mind for the avoidance.

  However when you see danger coming, you can overreact. This comes from the fear of what will hapen and reactions that are remembered. This can be a defense as its treated like a premonition. You can choose your destiny better and try to prevent the disaster.

  Now, when you perceive a vision of danger, before the incident occurs. Then, its a psychism, where you perceive the moment before it happens. This happens when you believe you are psychic and are able to see them before the event. Otherwise, you gain psychic visions by having an accident and surviving it.

  Psychism can be dangerous, as the effect is given a body response. This is when the body acts out the scene that is perceived and things are done that shouldn't be done. This tends to make your activity dangerous. As though acting out a scene of a murder.

  Ancient mages can cause these visions to be manipulated. Thus, they can cause the mind to make the body react. This reaction can cause things to be different, in real life.

  Basically, your psyching the body out and altering what would logically occur. As in, making a better score in bowling by making your mind see it hitting all the pins. As tnough, if it appears then its imagined and it happens.

  Training the body to avoid danger, is to train danger sense. This is to focus your mind on the possible damaging and painful moments. Then let your mind move around the trouble point. Also, you may avoid the danger altogether.

  What helps this is to see what will happen before the moment by thinking on what may occur with the trouble spot.

  After awhile it becomes a point to bring your awareness to train instinct by becoming aware of the danger. Your body automatically avoids the danger and can fix the damage. That makes the danger real and avoided.

  Psych danger is where you find your visions leading you into danger, after trying to avoid them. This is avoided by being aware of the influences that surround you and doing what feels intuitively right.

  Sometimes you can avoid a danger and find yourself caught by another. As, you are mislead into believing the danger is over and miss the signs to the danger that gets you. You are blinded to the danger.

 When danger sense meets Body reaction

  When danger sense interacts with instinctive body actions, then you get "Beluosis belmonte" or triggered hypermetabolism. Where everything you drink or eat is inciting a pituitary gland reaction. This is to increase or decrease the body mass by feeling the dangerous side effects of food.

  This can be other measurings and has at some point been measured this way. The fat amount is how much its increased by 1 ounce per 1 gram. The cholesterol is treated the same, the sugar is amounted to 1 gram = 1 sec and is how quick your body fills up with temporary fat or loses the excess. The fiber decreases the heart risk and amount of fatty tissue generated by 1 gram becoming 1 lb. The vitamins can be used to increase or decrease stamina and body strength. Any excess to this is eaten and increases the weight even if healthy and acts per each seconds cellular activity.

  To diet is useless in this condition. That's caused by drug overdose with side effects and consistent radiation of Radon trace or metallic essence. This is with a result of immunity that is occurred. The danger sense can trigger the result quickly. Psychisms can effectively be used to control what the body does, with this effect in mind. Psychism's are more powered or done with more energy, when near radiation. Other conditioned results may be possible. When the effect is experienced over a period of time, the body stabilizes and becomes more able to be what your mind wants it to be.

  This means, by will, you can intend your body to become some solid shape. By body shaping techniques, you can increase the effort your body does and aid results. This is done by the effect of breathing in and out slowly and holding your stomach in. This may not cause you to lose weight, but it can cause slimmer appearance. When done, don't actually breathe and hold your breathe except when you hold your stomach in. then do slow short breaths. Do this while you focus on ther activity. Until, you down food or don't need to.

  Thinking of your intent, willing the intent on your body you feel your body change, if you have any ability at all it will trigger a response by need and desire. This has a slow response at first, then the effect is sped up as you try to do the technique. This may relax the body, but it increases the hunger and after a few doings of the technique.

  Imagining the body shrinking or swelling to fit your need, speeds it even further by the spirit effecting your body. The spirit sets the need that the body conditions itself to. When you go to far, by attempting this technique, then you could damage your body after its triggered.

  Too much body shrinking can either squeeze the heart or cause deep bruises. Too much expansion, which occurs when you try to compress the body weight too much. Increases the body weight by 5 to 10 pounds. This is cancellable by exercise. Too much body weight increase can increase the heart attack chance, as can any other body weight increase. Eat better and with a food balance, then you help the weight lose itself.

  Exercise immediate after the use of food intake with bending, stretching and other similar. The benefit is to not ever lose or gain excess lb more than thou exercise, and to know what is the wrong (sugary and chocolatey stuff) food which chokes till thou throw up. You will urinate if thou get poisoned and often get the runs, till the bad food is ejected out and it immediately disappears by degeneration of bad tissue. Heart strain is another factor. That gets worse with degenerative heart tissue from chemical reactants in food.

  Any diseases are degenerative to themselves, with good tissue to replace by food intake or water intake. This will allow a few seconds to a minute or more to create reduction of fat and muscle increase with loss of weight. The effect of personal choices create an instant clarity, and feel good effects are simply the way of shocking the system into balance. Usage of "natbalanc" as a spell is a good and effective measure to recreate a similar consequence.