See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The moon trap

The moon trap

   This is if you read this you can cause a victim to qualify you to create a trap. As this is a trap, find a way to evade or don't evade to create what you mana feel you rule by mana to see seem use. There is no mere moon trap, so as you see if you disregard this your not effecting. Idea as you don't you effecting so don't hurt yourself as nor or split area fire hazard.

  The idea came from the elves, that are actually faery that sorta work or not use free if not in curse to create what you want. So given use is cool or use by feel is thought to use, as aware is thought with your family as a clan or no war necessary for this to see use. So read on if interest not there you allow nothing enemy, that creates not or creates by use is a peace sign for the right idea.

  See or unique is energy in feel by voice noit violence. Seeab dismiss te bug. Seam noe me ine no. Tis energy free in use ise in as your use create uses. So you see as you are youre ability in use is use by feel fixed. Seeable is use or thought by greate fee not evvilish you see is non in use. Salary is energy to use in idea is ein yp or myne mipe. As your energy is or en or no in healing use. As en is in mo not to do. As you see you oblige you see by use. Anyone effected as an oblige is way you get over it or not mind not never have to do.

  So you see no bad is nothing, sorrow or wrong isn't by idea or create is no scent is wash off. So mangle no code, ed in ine in ine no unaffected. This is a moon trap. As you see the area you notice is the area in idea as you see don't dare try this, as this deadens the skin so your energy on a touch to the area. So this is what you think as you rub your hand to think you free.

  Do not fuse. Tin or energy metal restores as if the creator cures things or rot removal. Disease removal is gumline disease removal en if not if in is needed. This is created area fire with dark energy to create by use to seem to create by idea, as you imagine with with focus to not seem effected is thin as you think "not effected". Not have to eat as you don't want to as if FSa21 as mil. That is a lower weight chain area complex, that is nothing but concept as no empathy here. As you see your not use is not by any use, so you use to use or not by feel or see as you are with whatever you see. As limited to 100 $ per month or less, thought or created is from savings by use or trust funds by idea if necessary and never touch your bank unless necessary.

  The thiere is energy is case use by feel or feel by cool is thought to use. Focus, feel or see to make by idea. So where is use to create by feel, if nothing is to create no wrong to create by what you see or not effect yourself with attack. Think their not effected as you want but they are if you what them to be. So think or feel the need to effect, corrupt not just see to not see effect or no effect unless necessary. See or realize is thought or nothing by feel to use or create with idea so you gnow. As if gnow you don't fallow or follow the same patterns from your point. I just had to go there. 100 limit so if you made a comparison beteween one thing you think to do, as similar you can shift on idea to use or place one thing to another as if done right or sometime correct.

   There is what you see so what you create, as you see is isis as their goddess isis is or was by feel nothing except concept with hera to aid by focus. So by use or focus is conceit in use or senses are focus, you see by vibration, see to use by chi or aware thougt is "thougt" to end all as some use is done or "thoughtn" is overhead lightning. If you leave something then tis stops by death or not happening, then it is death or tis not en english or use.

  As your weakened your no trouble yet not weakened your not trouble, so not trembling your no trouble as your ability is energy. This is focus to see or avoid what you hate, realease by knowing is thought is by use with no use in ese or se with license. This by vibration or use by feelin to user costs that go down. Meticulous nature was created by Spellhawk as Sean Edenio with use or no feel to create, so with no pain with pleasure or feel by focused area energy.

  The tot idea difference as time total moment of difference or things done differently or similar in moments is what is represented is use with compromise, by feel by cerebral activity to one charge or one point credit imagined with a purchase. Tat is harrasment in the field of doin idea, this is settled by a court of law.

  Note different things are relation by what you do or see your doing, so you stop learning to create with reaction as similar things are avoided by unvictimized approach. Think unavoidable and the difference bewtee two objects or area activity, usually the same time between two different area activity so.

  As mobile to cause movement by thought or idea to see is dirupt or cause to seem right. As repeating te same area activity or focus in time is different timings in a typical thats not typical by feel with focus as you finish one thing. Then other idea is what seem by occurance to the subsconscious, that allows if you feel the point necessary as you see tis is interesting on thing don't harass me. So automated moment is to go with this, or seem aware by conscious focus or idea. Tat as sappirin saccarin to use. That as some idea is why frustrastion, seem frustrated area not repeated to use is focus to not unduly understand so think to see. Get things right you can't seem touched.

  You realize water from wine or area is focus to wait, see or create by idea or use so what your doing is there yet other idea. So you might look to confuse or see, if you can see use or not create by cerebral live move moment dream. Tat was the same escorted area, to realization by feel or thought to business so doing things as you realize it. As see you or gnow by idea, as a secret area or move you see use. That is wait to go or the pointed out positive or negative position in an area is wat you relate to see tat could be seen as your area activity is not miscontrued after you think.

  See as you are, sterile is idea so to use is clean. As to discern is between the two male and females or don't sense, as you see the use as reason Mk-17 galaxy. Meaning you could see or are me as you could not discern, between two area or interknowledge or relation is there if not too overloaded by feel so no feel or sense as you see as 2083 $ or 2 $.

  Heliose Ablose Abelos creates living en froud fron frong from insane action that disappear or not sit on people. That corrects for people not doing things, so tat is correcting for by idea with life not as you will always be seen to you. Sisam Adasi isable minded or cook as sometimes if unliked you cook yourself. Birds of a feather flock together as "you place with experience" as "a ab en" you say together your free. That is what this does as you think as natural witchcraft commansa to use.

  Healing by tea is Ebelios Nebeous Cioa by idea with erbelious ebelos abelo, as if you step into time or space that can be closed. As you see an open space that is a closed space then don't stepping back you won't ram your head in an idea. Tat is enclosure as you imagine things as a box around them, as if your a sphere monster enclosed by cursed not feel no more evil god by life. Ebbe Ebeloud Encloud is a cloud over your head that is water till not your nature, as tis "a nastly or positive done step in space by corrupt or not in idea is thougt in tragedy".

  Goodbye insane elf as a goose or mongoose I am being cooked. Enn Ebou Dar the fight or flight spell as things are as build up or activity energy or energy to react by flight or no fight till necessary. See enable or enn habla espaniol the spain invasion speach learned as listed to use by directed feel. Enna Yabba En cures by idea so you can see or cure to what you see. I do good by what you say by thought, that was from maya sorcera that was not use to use as liberally stated its died by life.

  Translate by the translator or as you see that is creator translated use by feel. After effect not with evil activity use is evil is born, seen to not see is no bad this was what caused the elves to see no reason to stay too much done can by not actual use not effect. By thought I mean use is not always done so your use is created, use by us this is prophecy not done, unless as you see or created is what you say as "though" if "deablo" ciao.

  Parlor tricks are possible with thirds energy of excess body weight or this as teleport or not as sesame Eel the root sister see unless to Ebilious then earth shaker. After a century of dragon hunting they the mages gave up, as the feel was not to attack they left "as soon as boredom struc hell". See no use or see use to cure to disrupt the demons you see. Nought the area use, buy by what you see or not use thought in a store. See or not by focus that really hurt, this by no is feel to use by what is a point to use you see or US is through.

  If a dragon feels your false or your not a threat and needs to get you away, they could attac the only reason for leavetaking is to disrupt the area to cause leavetaking. They see as unn abelios to create by a hunt or not hungry they leave an area by not needing a target, reason ehe a bellious that died from trial not to use what he wanted by watcher going for the first witch or not attack the son.

Friday, August 29, 2014

More interest thought

More interest thought
By war eous

   So you see that is amazing I met the amazing fantastic 4, their ability is cool like the fantastic 4 so I now wonder wat i can do or not for without cost. As your energy non conscious, you can seem to get along as chi focus converts energy to create funds by bad converted to luck. You aren't by effect you use your idea or thought is easy work. Not spending is creating more funds not spending in feel is by chi energy as a creative funding federal reserve can use. So you could never forget things. Create by trace you recognize by feel you see by witchcraft or create by rite, you create by feel with spirit energy from thought creator energy now peace. See as your energy is cool your idea creates or created use is useful idea for life. So peace is energy by not doing activity with creating non war by the right suggestion with the positive attituder. So your life is creative or positive by feel, see te peace is effect by effort in life to not use thought. That causes conflict or created by use is thought, with cool points by the view or use in idea as if linked to others. As by thoughts of a superstring you can create nearly anything by drawing with feel from, a planet core is instant niceness by wherever or a brick and mortar two story building.

Post instant by warrios

 There is a lot to be missed from that blue planet called earth, that had 4 other livable planets yet that wasn't a good coice to live on so instant war over.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stereotype art

 Stereotype art by feel is thought to use by feeling, use or created usage by idea is user able to create by some idea area in use. There is an idea to use by thought you use in some idea for use. That is drunk driving by use or feeling in us or not, as user feel is not user ability unless not in a nearby area with energy unless you thought it was.

  The idea as first you are, ten you know the werewolf, the idea is to know the pirate then get away or often the pirate will get you for false rememberances by his own. Voodoo is an energy thought to see as use is a being or user energy, demented by a doll passed on as you were given or left somewhere to pick up.

  As a reverse inversted in energy is not thought intwisted. Say as you want as you say, your brilliant yet non distolerant intelligence as distance is dis with tolerable conditions as no is o with r as movement so ant is sometime use. As dismissal then is distance by mississipi or missing in action by a sail tat king arthur made to get away with, thought time by the druidic idea you saw in a movie that was seen from thought.

  As you thought the characters as druids are psychic you don't always, as you know what you see till english changes you see the idea as that was defended till abandoned. As that was displaced or disappeared from reality  was one of the forts that is around to use, they used druid fosterillary as a name is named for till changes made allowed different "nanes" as a name.

 Foster child was what Odin was with her the person named "illidian", meaning was illmaking or kingmaking by military now or that was forbidden this is a measure of respite to drop the kingdom idea. This is where odin came from as Yeodibin, yet the name is erased as he was disrupted from the space by disrepute.  That is their use is the point by use.

 With decreditation after pulling a credit trick with chat or with purchase with that was failed, so idea he was found with fraud with a friend student that was with some attack the druid schemeria created by idea with the use with forbidden notes or noting done safely from a distance. There is what they were or knew yet that was what you see. So we didn't know till necessary by some feel or focus.

 This is stereotypical behavior the only reasoning I found that was interesting, so things I was found interesting for were from an idea that was there. Unexplained mysteries forum: "Detraction is use by a warriors idea in use. Dealt with moments is traction thought to warriors, No detract no war is not detrecting or attracting the wrong attention.

 Hey I called it witchcraft I didn't understand by thought, till later as I died what it was as I was married then killed by idea with vindictive nature. The use to this is create by use is feel with art, see to look or what you see identified as a quality product to use. Think to create is with the creator, as you see this you will know as you think with realized focus things are created or not done in idea.

 They were or are as you are where you are in life, see that is what learned with idea from Meister the witch worker. This was some time ago so I figure not to use things out if unnecessary by psychology. Te way to work with patients or clients was thought safer from vindictiveness as with psychology in use. You see they thought they were leaning from you, they were learning from themselves so I don't blame them.

  As I was aware your an energy not an enemy so what is your point, concept that if your able to do anything with a wish yet nothing that helps out. What you see here is useless, so what is the idea behind a useless theory if it only messes up people? To give them what tey want as an answer, as often they say to accept things in cultural enegineering. A circuit or other area as you are or they will work or not work, as you want as a control to nothing wrong.

  So you see as these methods actually work, as you are aware yet you aren't in thought your in water or thought to seem. So or be seen sometimes as you are freaked, what is the point so to ask as you are aware. So you are sure as your fixed unless not noticed. As whatever you see, as you won't care to cause a few car accidents with the correct feel or wrought idea. As with ay disaster that you cause, you won't cause a car accident as you are aware with focused energy water.

 As you are with earth energy to use as a medium to create, fire is fire or exchange in blows or credit to the fight not to you as energy. Air is the psychic activity by feel. Detraction is feel by ingenious ideal or acknowledged idea in life, as you are the person targeted you can stop nearly anyone by the way your right I was acting. I was acted out by others so I acted as he acted to use something he had. As he acted to use I thought to share within rights without being there to use as a shared particles effect.

 Well as if you are you were well, as you are well aware an thought as a dead man is crossing the street or a lucky person is thought to not have survive is thought or used too much to have died from permanent death of the body. So say to live as you live. Say as you see or are aware, say as you are to live, you as you are live as you want or die as you see the need. So for death that doesn't effect you or use isn't done, as you live to create or create no more lore as you are no more mortal offense.

 What not to do is hate no more, as you hate to do things body and soul. So think to get you in no trouble your not destroyed by idea you see or as you see the use. There were ware or wars as he chose wars to suit the area or nothing to fix no reason to do things, as nothing more is eating less unless you feel this is necessary by idea.

 As you can see or create by idea, you are as you see or create as you think as the creator creates. Can't do anything is no no more by the way as you say you can create. As the eagle is called by the energy to use, you think to call it as the eagle comes to use by your or feeling. No fear is thought no as you think with a spirit, to see no need with a spirit unseen that is pure by the feel or emotion. Whatever revert the spell to not effect, not effected is those you don't want effected or those by what your use our ounce of prevention you created." -SH

 So as these methods actually work unless unseeable, know that some don't have the energy. Some don't have a good connection to a point their subconscious, this can use a point to focus with as inme is fics in lighted candle imagination you feel the point is possible. Those people with a good connection to their subconscious will not get a spell off more easily if your not aware by the things though you think.

 As they are aware you can see or sense by feel with light by idea. As you say you get by summon or forgiven idea, you see that is thought I got from the inhabitants you seek in your room or created no more is out of mind out of body out of soul as you thought.

 For which one worked, think as will if you know you have a really good connection. So as your mind is notice your not in feel in feeling by grace. As you don't notice your third eye shift is done as perception shifts through the spectrum of light as a vibration sequencer or effect, that makes things through seeing or use perceptual area. You notice by aura energy use, think through this with energy to use made as you think. As you ask advice just see or sense in the area the need, see or if use as the vampire or dhampire can or doesn't project need to ask.

 Some say as a cold presence details as they are detected your aware, aware or not your not with hallucination so you don't not tolerate or in order to hillucinate you can see changes by object influences. That is high energy plastic feel. That is focused objects from a hill so you don't always perceive them, by feel or not as you think so your brain is aware to what is there as perception reveals. So that by what is there, creates that is to reveal what is or you gnow what you can create by chi in use or to distract till aware is concept to get out or not by feel or aware.

 See or not by feel, that is created feel I got from a ghost in a living ghost body caused by necromancy or otherwise use is use. Thought is understood by the feel or not in past due, as you see thought your energy is not there to seem detected as the counsellor says. There is thought or use in activity, tought is thought or feel in activity as with animal spirit or dog as you can see that is all I got. As you create that is feel to see or create by fidelity in use, see that is wat a real rael hit gun is for or rael gun is thought by telepathy feel you can perceive you passed by someone. As you see that is moment. See for idea to see or seem detected or use to or create healing by feel.

 They think as you are so you think energy is use to metabolize or stabilize in idea are use to charges with energy feel, aura energy they manipulate is by thought changes to use. As misunderstanding concept is without conclusions or background unless you do, thought information to allowing understanding you can create by feel or thought for imagination or not as information is not clear or not easily understood as you don't want or the spirit realizes what you see or think. Thinking is energy yet not in an area not imagined to use, tis sad but true were unable not to use idea yet don't react or use unless necessary. Seeing use is seeing use, yet nothing wrought is feel by idea to your use.

 So you say what you want and death but as you are run or not inserted to create or not created, as your idea is energy set to a pattern or not as you are as I feel this is not unallowable by illegal use by idea. That is an idea to use or create not is curing by feel, as idea to not do is not effecting as energy is effecting think as the subconscious undoes the idea not seeable or effects by feel. There are not in any actual rules or thought only things you know in your subconscious, unless you are who you realize. They are or were able to come up with your mind again.

  You realize who you are as who your aware of is thought is there, for use you are able to cope or think there are idea things to do idea in light by day or by idea create is equal to use intuitive. As if an idea you see or create effect area or feel is as though I use no drugs as necessary. There is in use or thought is energy essence by feel to your created focus. Because you could never detect everywhere the thought occured to seem or are you were, as you are focusing to work or are aware as thought exists as you see or concept things. Now wat happens after is up to you as your activity is energy thought is directive, see or you see tis as thought can make sense is suggestion that thought you saw is interest to save, from by some cool point as you do things as conscious not until unnecessary.

   So as your mind is notice your not in feel, so use is in feeling by thought or with use by grace. As you don't notice your third eye shift is done, sure or that cures high energy with no sickness. So as you see your ability is energy, you can use a point as a voice or not.sure or that cures high energy with no sickness. So as you see your ability is energy, you can use a point as a voice or no eating is as you would not or need is want. As the energy is there, your energy by the energy you can see to use about it. So think if too much you get abuse, then you will or whatever you feel is with creative.

   As if you were not seen or forgetting, you have a picturesque memory to use. Remember time is a point or sequence that you can remember to fix or feel as a source as you are were you are created or not were not bad off, as you realize the idea you see or have to do to "esq en" or change events. This cancels what is paralyzed by the understood idea, so no you see as if part of the sequence you thought you change time.

  As to what you imagine disappears by what you think or think directive to disrespect or disrepute to disperse bad energy. As you see the true reason you can create by idea or use, create is use thought is imagination feel is by act devine by what you can see that is sometimes restoration. So removing pestillence is disease removal to not see or seem effected, see by whatever you thought you can do or your situation can create by the feeling or satanic is feel.

   Think smart to your subconscious, if you can control the point by focus and feel to project thought so don't care to try as this isn't possible as you think feel is mentionable.. Then all of them work, otherwise its up to you to figure what works with you an ignore what you don't think is useful. As there is a way there is a will, as your will is a way you create as you want. As this is effect after the activity is condoned to seem allowable, you can create as you feel or not feel to create as things seem to work better as you say that is true.

 There is none as energy subsists your energy is earnest by feel or creative by thought, that is what you call head bonking by idea where see as you are positional you clean up by feel. As you see or feel or create no head rush, your ability ca manifest to create by feel. Say that to logical reasoning the wrong person hears that you could get disruptive behavior, see or not to do what is not necessary to not get violent.


Sunlight disease cure

  As NeSF3 is use by thought or Fe is iron with Sulfer, as you see this is alchemy with influence as anything. Any store that is radioshack, as you think that is the place or what you want is done in metal. You see is a medical to cure cancer a condition, that causes hernia that with Mercury oxide is thought an idea is you can still effect. So to cure by water infused with energy, that with energy is necessary not necessary is use as nulle for sick or not use is to nulle unlikely or not wanted root effects.

  You adjust the body to clean the teeth to cause body adjustment, that is not to swallow fluoride as its poisonous just use. As a necromancer effect is bone magic by focus with energy, from the thigh bone on the teeth as it causes blood flow as you produce blood by the femur. As you see that is after too much, in this use causes idea with is sunlight cures you. Yet chaos decay is sometimes to the teeth to state the body condition, so to use is the impron or imprisonation effect by impersonation effect as known identity by stealing.

  What you say in as is water use cures in effective need. Do this somewhere else as you do what it is, somewhere else as a prisoner by warfare, was what induced this in vietnam as blood infusion to keep someone alive turned bad. As disentegrated area conditions caused this on him or to effect others I used aura energy. As a blood victim you can turn into a blood or vampire. There is a were in an area you see to detect. So "this" what you use on him to get rid of the werewolf.

Seattle curse

  As about to die is a supposed good suggestion then continue. Dislocated note on a door I said I had lived in by release from prison to a supposed safe area. Then go for it, as you say with use is curious as a past life I remembered from dreaming. As the in area is sometimes an out your ability is energy to work or you can nullify to use.

  This was an interesting cure release. See "ciao bananana ceaos" see conceptore or creative cure is not cursed by the created use. Conceptia is what you see as you are aware. As you see an aspecte you see sicke is the view, watch it it cures things imaginary yet no overreaction to this thank you. As you changed near chaos I chafed near people, that is the curse I saw in the area considered the chaos effect that is represented by a rue rune that creates what you see or in use is to think. Think your free from this effect and you are, then you think and now you know.

  Each thing you create is a different effect sigil as you see violent action you can do violence that is venice curse, as you say if you desire peace to destroy the intrusive. You can see to understood with the sight or pattern to what is there. The disruption translated by negative activity causes the rune to change, that is one such idea you see will possibly happen if you tend think the effective idea can occur.

  That is the effect of the dead girl effect with the living dead girl song I heard. As she did violence to live she was stronger, as she didn't she was normal without a need to eat sometimes hidden behind a cause. Diffee is different effects to use as cee effects as ceased effects to create better or forgiveness. If you don't think your a full figure your not effected except for this, if you cure the effect you perceive by readjustment to stated body activity. This is the use by turmeric with sage or paprika with stevia.

  As if Cor was to cause reflecting idea, by activity you feel is activity you see to deflect or reflect. See to work nor you to hit someone else, as you see or kill an idea as an offender is killed instead of you. That is the medusa as medical energy from a medical ward, they stone in you to death as in some means to kill.  Corrant is power by the planet core, that is state power station use in usa.

  You otherwhere are not effected, as your dead as they brainwash you to kill you by feel. This is the brain body glut disease, this can cause vampirism or if an hidden disease by blood energy. So if you die you could say the day, you die is "tje" as the tearjerker or teargas effect with the dead state or vampire. As the use is an icy area is walked once realized is energy.

 I saw this was expensive in a place I saw so I went here after walking in to go outside a bank, near citi banc not near me as I sensed it. As I saw this was desperation city, that was vampiric where you could not. Walk across or cross the guard with seeming concept, as threatening is the point as your use is the point you seem. Imagine it to create. As you create your alive, so I see I created what was getting and that is half price.

  As your peaceful in desire you aren't, so not necessary is assaulted trade by the energy area in idea. Any threatening idea or any activity can get you arrested or killed or not. The area was aware so the area creates as I wish destructive idea,  to criminals that do before the violent crime.

  This is the source to the cell, that was supernaturally destroying as the stopping is "you are supernatural enough". The area I saw was creative in idea to use, so I thought to add to this effect to correct the idea I saw. I got a good cure effect to use. So seeya as you cool, hot is not really thought yet not within striking distance.

  You came to the wrong place that can project it, so energy is chaos, for feel or calm is chaos calm to live by the streets. This was set by a rune vampiric by feel, no fear yet remade is thought in hopes to reform as the criminals in created. As if cured by the calmness in chaos idea is idea no relocation or otherwise.

 There is a case in point to use for living, as your an angel or user or wat you have is there. You ca say that is the end of the moment or life to live in mind to create or see some use in life. You see you you only have a few choices to live, as you dissed me or saw me in the bank. You saw wat I did to others in my mind, as you see to desire you can use or not design and still use idea to get around. As you wrounght in desire that pushes up the use of feel or animal desire.

  As you are aware that energy or use by thought or bephelomine, told you off yet that was all I saw to use so I am aware you are now reborn to live as druid an angellic in essence gives you silver energy ability. Yes but noting this is true tis is in desire by te idea you see as the streetcar named desire. As we're out to prove ability with magic. Your out to desire by magic in blood lust so I will avoid you from now on the time of tomorrow. So as you are aware you will see no change till you think you see change so as you are aware a blood energy is use for webbed feet as a bloodflipper.

  Sg at arms Sgt Morehouser. I saw this letter in a morehouse or an abandonded 1000 years ago safehouse. Nearly got crippled by the food and the water was poison, the area was not hard to breathe for a person born yet not you can still seem sicke to your stomach. Yet the traffic was opposite to state the flow of traffic here. I walked to avoid the attacks of vehicle, as if water that is harder than I saw.

  I wondered about this so I stopped, by bone magic any disease or magic word script as no script can effect you after to see awareness. If its not there its not going to appear, as that is what you see this isn't going to get you effected. That described this area I was walking through as almost anything was disaster with crashes that you could not walk across. That is the most destructive chaotic energy in a wave chaos source I ever saw.

  As this was from unintended driving with noone aware unless necessary. This was almost like a movie yet written as a book. So I get te point that I see noone I see some near. As I saw the reason to live with life I was aware suddenly, that is blood magic to draw the food yet resist the urger so to not eat as you don't eat you aren't gaining weight. So I discovered a hoax was true till proven, as false is true till no more is true by activity.

 That is a proven hoax yet not till you think it is. That is about what I saw or remembered, as I saw the use or real use somewhere else. Greed can bring that on someone as you think to get money you can get food if money isn't desired. So don't think of money as you don't think need food, simply put thats right complexity is still or not wrong. So you can still see my point.

  Stinking is a symptom or focus is energy, "curas" is a feel or curable use, by far you see that is what I saw to use as pot luck or think. A blood right to use is to create by idea to use. So suggest to not seem or be effected as tis is military atleantian magic to use. To stop this don't think go. What it is is glut by cures to the pig I was working on to cure vampiric forming deseases, that magically spread as the pig bladder disease with corrupted pig bladders.

  See or thought is thought magic by feel that converts the area energy, thought to see what deceases after a point is otherwise known as vampirism that forms as blood need. Cure the glut cure the need as no need. So you see I set that as a dietary disaster against criminals, that operate to disrupt their violence as they if in blod think the need to kill. There is what you say is concept to use as were altering, this is disrupting disease to correct the body with energy to fix things such as it.

  So as you say that is what afflicted by blood lust, as magical minded disatisfied disease disorder. Get over it to work better to get good results, as the lead or steel if magic is done with energy focus to it in the area can set off. Violent fits cast it off or think it not to effect, as I saw steel with tis that set off an elven community. That is what I noted you ad from that area or america, I saw you in that they dislocated it to by aura energy to cure by as you felt bad.

 You were effected so though you thought to deal with things you were not exactly sincere with the doctor you saw about the idea as doctor set it off wendy style as if a cooked meal was mad cow. Each generation that was there is gone, as of this moment that had it is now not there till proven to not attack. As tis from bad feeding bad desire energy you could, say payback is fair play and so is an epidectomy if take that steel rod against me again.

  -Seargent smith that inspected as your building that smelled with shit scent without shit appearant  use is there. The creator can cure anything, so think cure to create cure by feel in the area your in or as your not

 Ps. According to your source that mattman spoke about , if that you can see is that you saw was true you can say the world you saw it is abandoned. Think things cured by the creator as you pass or not through trangressions,  you are available can fix it as the creator there cures anything. That is written, as I translated for it is plague as in black plague.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As go no more till later spells

  The area you see is thought to use with cooking by idea, see what you want or think by feel is thought so I read somewhere elven. Ab Ablo Nob the area was called to the area I sight as a bumper sticker. So I wrote some effect to work with the street and use was interesting. As you see you were able from the first, "seeable so I added on or off" to the area with expertise. I remember that misunderstood fluency, didn't as sometimes I did see intent is sometimes no war. See if understood by use "by figure from imagined use is some use" or fluency in airflow is speech. As if "ae f luency" or not is nothing by idea not be to damned to doom.

  This a few spell uses so see the name feel, see or use by thought with the creator to create or not cause as "aseago goe" or goen is gone to or as the feel is felt. As you see that is the spell of madness midnight was giving away to what, you see or not to punis 13th dimensionalist that disagree. So feel a feast or create cool idea as "as e noe" to use to transparancy we witnessed. Seen as feel use this is focus use or concept use.

  Es "ago" = friend in or as Sein Fein Field; So made as in agreement by thought if no sacrifice is interesting yet this doesn't not work, till you wish this does or seems to by the creator with no loss of energy or stop as you want suggestion to suppress. As costs go down you know this seems or not to work to the express or created idea, the creator as no regard to banking or spending is thought is not spending as no this is done as not necessary. There is no "en" more in life not done is done true by what you see in as no need.

 Disrupt the area energy in idea to free what want yet disrupt tooth rot with gum disease by idea to use water, the creator to noulle the rot create no problem or if necessary to go to the dentist. Displace the area cancer that is there by feeling to create with water by feel or work, as thought no cancer remains safe in a safe. Done As you see you are with out anemonies by what energy you see or use, as lava energy is the source energy that creates or if not as you are creating by or not as you can create. Dispell dogs essence as the essence is there or here.

  You can make things from energy to use idea, to change idea to something you want. This is known as alchemy as new land. Idea you seemed to have paid as not ever isn't necessary as no billing is no use as you see by what you create. Out by the idea you shift away or not knock away if necessary. This is the atlteantian program I found could trap or not trap, as you see what is necessary or the weirdest area or part were the sigils create by concept with the creator or not as nothing necessary. Once e

   Sean Connery = Sayable feel; Made into an idea useable to your feel, you can create he says but only the idea you see or speaking you can say to hear in the air. Thought into activity to use by the user feel, the area use is area idea to create sane to the area by calm thought. Any concept you feel is without no feel if necessary. Thought is as you see is appliable to feel, see or feel for energy is existing to what you see. With no punishment that is my idea to create with by idea to feel or see escape time if necessary.

  See not as is = As you see you create your way, that is create by the idea you create by non feel to create with idea. As a focus is satiating to hunger so you can soothe energy in life you see, what you can create or feel by moments to what is concept not from imagination. You what yet not is things that torment or create with use or feel with distance. As a concept is energy to create, you will or see with a sigil or thought not to scream out as not to hit out. The I is third eye focus with the creator conscious.

  Sei Sea = The Lorebook; The Dadaelus Lorebook in the idea in the mind is thee greatness by via in thee, mind the book that is in the library by minding what you see in not to seem done unless necessary. To see end this spell is no by no more idea that is though thought were necessary or no recall to what you want.

  Sea Cui = The creep; That is the idea the creep is not in the bank to create no funds by taking some from others as thoug water is energy as though a few more drops to cause no weight even after a few drops as though geodon. This can end in a single stroke to drop faery or dissipate away harmlessly as if "oh al are here".

  Sea Bree = Seeable point; As you see that is some cool idea in as you see things tey are done or not done as you want. emm as inn enn. So no recall, is a stopping point by the energy idea to use in energy.

  Crate Fries = Asses Inf; So you see I found this quote as I realized what things were doing to me as tis was. "As set idea I think so the creator causes idea, say or not to not get nonsense to as I sat to defend but things happen better with less money needed if possible or not oppositely as needed not have to accepted not to sass me. I now unswear to keep my promise as necessary so I never am brutal.

  So intricate moment by intricasy that is by ideal. The secret to change is to focus some idea by your energy, not to be brutal as you are not fighting the old accepting that your not fighting your building. Tis with the new by the wisdom the old or new idea can use. No none in hought. Yes that is already known in thought, as you are we are fixing things as we speak not to be insane. -Socrates

  This is what I saw was a desperate area by feel to work or play with by idea. This is an age I saw that was interesting, but the effort I saw was useful till proven useless. As you saw that wasn't nice to use." That was energy use by nothing to feel, so this age was seclusive to me as I felt the area was changing when I looked to see the area I created that was what was useful to the idea that told me you were seeing as I was. This was energy to the area groups I worked with by correction.

   So as you say you are very interesting if you aren't there to avoid the area that is disruptive to good health by idea tey seem to believe. That proves the populace is going down, stopped in progress that started to degrade by the area polution in actions. Thought seeming good yet not that great by activity with energy, chaos focus is not to overdo as you won't overdue it hit to kill to see or not create by feel or use. Yes I did see that. You can shift by night or lava in use, think to shift with love that isn't tough love. So no relative is dead.

 Sayer = Sawyer; Reverse gibbering with thought to cure by idea that is something you think. Fairy hiding as though not to seem effected is natural or not as there is the concept to not seem stopped.

 Tom = is ins ops; The spell to create seeable or non seeable idea as your ability is interesting, your abiity is not except in the mind unless energy is in te form by how you can create as how one does this comes natural or thought through idea unless not necessary occurs. This can create idea to materialize in a form you can use, that isn't destroyable to what is the body. See you can easily translocate body or parts as you end up a conscious bug that is killable not vicious. Don't tell if they already know in the life they realize. As you collapse to the ground you can seem noticed, seem or as if your not detected by conceptive or vicious idea people think won't happen as if in accord your a value with life not push.

 Decunt = Cunt remover; See the death cunt removal is the removal so by when the cunt arrives is removed, cunt activity or elven is detecting the area with no corrodive errodive with warning to stop whatever. Reverse is not effect.

 Astute Behave = Astut Behavior; The behavior is creative yet working in life, yet creates what you didn't feel or thought to create. Note they are likely to invert then instead of taking overcontrol than relinquish control to work. Don't force astute behavior.

  An tis that was from Sawyer Tom Jenkins or those who passed away serving by from chaos.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How to live longer

  To live longer one must be able to make changes and adapt to situation at will. Thus in some stress, some stress is good and alot of stress is bad. Some stress is very good for a fighter because of the needing to be kept on edge and in balance. Thought isn't as a point as this is an idea as you see in or not see use by thought to do an idea that is cool, this creates a balance point so accept what non mean is by thought with law.

 Create is a concept that makes the edge as if thought is a point and as sharp, an idea if as atomic edged weaponry you do as I sorta like an idea your thought is use as to avoid alcohol. That is not alcohol sugar concept to the area of illegal content. Yes the equivelant area energy is an actual use, so think to imagine as though to use idea as you want.

  Not right is what brings disaster yet right brings no 1 inch blade to your belly. That brings desire or feel by no result or result is there, if you dismiss by alpha waves that is focus to relate to a scene "in en mo". As in energy by emotion is not in relapse to create your able minded to see, so or feel the area conscious for a correct trip.

  As you see you "can seem to create a weed feel without weed by meditation", seeing that in the area you use things to create things. See that is what can seem weed, so you can correct or turmeric with stevia or sugar. Relaxation techniques thought then aren't to seem overused.

  Tis can make you dumb if your too lax viewed in thought, as you don't think except to do things for yourself as you see you can create yet don't as you feel in you to create or fix what you see or you won't think to do things unless reminded.

  Thats sometimes all that is a drink is water without high fructose, by feel as earl grey with lemon or creative energy focus to the drink. So this can create more longetivity by idea. So an idea is equivalent to how long you work with the area. So you see "ah yeah" that is energy by water or use with witty idea. That is an idea for an advanced energy use, as you are aware to change by thought as you are or curious. Think "ageless" for the creator to unage till you don't need to so don't mention it.

 If one has no challenges, one finds a necessary niche to be disruptive or create with his actions. So the clue here is to be active, yet relaxed in a thought to seem in a cool place that isn't inhabited. Strained slightly with breaks in activity at certain points, but not all the time. The lifetime can be improved with balancing the activity that happens with us. So if you ask, we are thought to use as we use things and continue with what we want. Think or can is thought if necessary, follow the guidelines below for improvement or no impediment.

 Think or don't to start out, we sleep in a general pattern or creative do what you want. That is to go to sleep at the same time at night and rise at the same time in the morning. Sleep is important but there is a way to make up for lost energy while doing sleep. It is called resting. As its an idea, to attentively do things by thought. Why do the rest? It is meditation and sleeping while bad dreams are kept off. This is healing with concept or creation by will or will not, think as this isn't necessary and when it is you create.

 Thought is a payment no more as tea or made idea is payment is and otherwise to not be distracted, this is thinking or sleeping as thought you see in thought to see in life someway somehow. The ability to think is time to do things is correct is what you think. As thought is idea as nothing is done and your idea is what was thought or could be, the shift in dreams is not actually what tis seems in dream envisioning.

 Thought to be is as this isn't the dream, that is interpreted by body senses consisting to dream sense. Nothing is there till you figure out what is and if the resolve, thinking is with biding the time the situation is done or in not as nothing needed. Think "live longer, eat right and work as you want in life and you are right or not." As you can do wat is essential to the body, think and you won't not seem in unright moods in life. This elongates life energy, as you think life to live longer you can seem to live. Think you will seem alive allot longer, if you want to try to by the creator that is do or due that is what can guide you to do so.

 When in a pattern in good sleep is a pattern of resting that starts, this is beta waves in the brain that uses idea to think as you focus. As there if you void meditate on curing with the alpha waves, think or only meditate as this uses chaos or energy already there. The body resonates as with the aura thought in reason and response is thought by seeming better and making things up, as the healing become faster in the body for 10 to 30 minutes by area energy.

 This can use a strobelight in effect to create dream sequencing, as a light is good to correct sleep with you can focus energy to create. As you will or think create the events by what you consider or the spirit can use energy to create energy. This is where you are able to create at will and make in moments, think by the thought that you are by the saddle side and creating and use is feel with intuition by insight. Wake up as you think in the feel to be awake and you continue or seem as the point is what they might want to see.

  Suggest as the person is dreaming or direct to thought to keep composure by the strobing light or blinking light, as tis creates the different scenes or thought in progress to see by the creative conscious. If resistant to hypnotism you can not be effected, if you want to not and need to seem in focus that wakes you up. Thought or not is to seem real or hynoptically effected by energy as yet you can get aware quickly. Focus and will and you can control the dream state as alpha waves, here you creative focus and feel is to direct.

 As the dream responds you control or are directed as you direct by gamma brain waves, thought or any disruption with a slap or water in the face you woke up as if a moment study were just a dream. Where if you think to know what you see you will, the area idea is from the y level perception or this. This is to create healing by the brain in use by thought that use and body adaptation can create energy with, thought to fix is by what you do as direct energy with an idea the heat is a shield as in energy to correct the aura and chakra points to focus people.

 That is as you realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the idea wasn't real. This is also known as the 'lucid' dream state. Then focus on drawing in energy by meditation for at least the rest of the time, you remain awake as if coelescing the area is to form. As thought energy is activity and done by chi in use with activity, an yet you use focus to get stronger and better feel for the things you do as if ogre strength in a game of baldur's gate.

  Seem is here as if not human and not be inhuman with nothing as mold energy as that is what you were or create as activity or things exist that is possible. Thought to be elsewhere is what you can seem, as noting differences or indifferences is what in energy creates by night and use is denature or regeneration by daylight.

  Allow yourself to fall asleep with the thought of nightmareless sleep and protection from disruption by any disruptive by thought method. To focus thought energy to a drink, think a point is to lengthen your life as you think your brain uses the energy, as to send by in interring influence that you want as a touch is in mind energy by thought to yourself as the drink. Then returning it as if your own energy, to and of yourself by drinking it.

  As in where things works, think to create a thought as you are aware nope or not. Think as you are thinking in ionic energy with feeling and you won't shift, as thought out moments could displace as in thought in mind if you think to heal. Think as energy to rejeuvenates by turmeric with soda water with passion fruit, as you see and use lime with oregano with stevia. Thank you and nope makes you less hunger, energy is activity but more stamina in idea by water use to drink.

  Then there is not the diet of which you may partake. Choose the best for you according to the webmd magazine. When one chooses diet, they must understand body type. There are three types of bodies in which humans come. The type of body which is like Opra's or others. It will retain weight. So the opium effect of optimum choice is to eat lightly or be a body gaurd because this type is not beautiful. Also a manager position is good as the allure of beauty is not natural or there. The next type is the perfect body in which they can eat anything but not gain in use by any weight.

 This is the type that is the trap type because of the prospect in which the body will gain slowly, nothing at all, or to lose weight slowly. When eating anything you like, try to make the chore of drinking 6 to 9 glasses a day of water. Three in the morning. Three at the middle of the day. Three at the nighttime period. This will keep the weight off perfectly and if you sleep you are a person in a dream wake that is aware state.

 This is the thought use is sleep as you think but not in the idea to do things, as you think the idea you can create things as timing things you do you think to get the dream. This is where you are or think your aware, an as you get aware your aware your able to do and time manipulate. This is then by direct will in conscious as thought is sent energy and your energy can restore things, as if to think restir lost hopes and dreams and manipulate otherwise use is the idea to correct or make a thought to seem a thought.

 Don't support now unless you have to, if in the mind or thought is a conscious awareness to direct the area energy, thought and control drop away as what you think is necessary to get your idea done. Finally, this is the last type as is the type that makes eating look fun. It is the type that can't gain weight. They can eat anything, do or not as they want but they maintain at the weight of thin nature.

 This by the thought, "as I eat I lose the weight" this in essence as I imagine the weight not being there it is exercise; think and whatever the third eye does can take care of itself. As this is done as lost, and you have no excess by focus and you sometimes use what you lose. As if in action exercise or not as you can't do in things.

 The next and near last item is the way of life. If thought the don't if you think it will go wrong. When in thought thinking about vampire, do meditation often and make life without disturbace unless that is your job or in your job. If "soe" that is where that creates a violent reaction to somewhat interesting points then make it where violence gives you peace like a scene of a violent movie can calm you down. So always keep on the edge with the feeling of thought or whatever you see on top of the moment. This is unless emotion is necessary, soothe with emotion music or not, as you are in an act as normal again came at a calming peace by acting as you need in the mind. As if not this isn't a movie.

 When feeling emotion, always keep it under the lid or with what you want as in the body using the stress release meditation or the meditation how to as things could lead to high stress. Think of life in a strategic in strategy and tactical view point. Much like a chess board, players have their moments and so do you. Be able to outplay or create, them and even a loss is a win as if you fillibuster or not insanity.

 Be willing to change your plans at or with in the last action moment. Plan points of escape in necessary moments in case of failing moments. Also say no in avarice to avoid attack, as for attacking this idea counts the most. Flow with life and not against it as if in a pattern which changes at a moments idea by you because life can pass you by. You decide the moment and fate works with you. All there is is to live through it. Be wise in your choice. If you don't want confrontation, see everything as challenge which must be resolved in a satisfactory or peaceful ending. Seek to terrorize in small ways the criminals to force them to a better way.

 This is almost the last alternate version of living longer (similar to the Tai Chi Ch'uan thing, only not as hard as listed here in thought. Some described these as idea, and considering that it's kind of hard to test something like that before this idea is left to rot, I decided to cast out any doubt, paraphrase, and place it here.

 There are three methods: One leaves you fat. One leaves you skinny. The third leaves you, uh... 'bare of things'. It'll make some sense soon, don't worry.

 The 'fat' or phat one is done by feeling energy pass through your body, and freezing your cellular activity, except for your waste effects by thinking 'not wastes' to the point of not actually aging and doing too much activity. After that, it is done.

 The 'skinny' one consists mainly of creating a gate. It has to be outside (or it can be a door leading outside - but, "you don't want visitors coming into your house through the gate"). Make sure when you build it up with the mind, to think it is to open into a 'safe area' of existence that is the same and similiar to your own. It can use any sort of gate as a base, and you do not need to have a gate which you are actually able to go through. It will still be powered by atoms a brought by your brainwaves which pass through it, when normally it would be powered by the motion of people.

 "Focus on the ground see a pattern and see the trace of a gate, like a door, then walk through it in your mind and in physically. Think 'younger', 'repair' or 'reduce age' if you pass though it. This gate must be outside. Some make thier car door a temporary gate that goes to a safe area of (or?) dimension. Just touch it by mind or with body after seeing the gate there. As you pass through, the cell structure slows in aging. Lastly, unlocking your chakra points can be as simple as drinking charged drinks and stretching. Focus energy into your muscles as you stretch.

  The 'bare of things' one is done by putting a little of your energy into several objects. Through using it and such, more energy builds up in the object. When it stops working for you in the way that you want it to, 'sacrifice' it by throwing it away and think that it will release the energy back to you. It will give you the energy once it is thrown out. Because you are throwing things away so often, you are left 'bare of things'.

Some rules to living longer are:
  1. Talk to someone and everyday an then you get 8 years back of your youthful life.
  2. Exercise everyday for 30 minutes or more on aerobics like walking.
  3. Do lifting strength exercises every day for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Do stamina training everyday like holding something for 30 minutes or similar exercises like crunches thought, as energy you direct is if push-ups, and leg curls or back push-ups.
  5. That is relax to think so feel is by what you seem to sense, so what you can seem or can create where can summarize to use. See your peace by mind is creative through, don't seem too lax the thought you have as a cool feel or use is hot.

  Those rules above won't work by higher energy or thought that is stress, that is things that stress you out will cause you to not think better. That or your will is better thought by accepting with idea, soul is awakening meditation or thought with soothing music allow you unless prevention. That to live longer is not without teeth care so take care of the teeth or body, as you see you don't stress out or is not always by some idea thought. That is what you said with a calm, but smooth feel by idea with a thought that youuse or feel you create by tolerance.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Inevitable idea interesting to see

Inevitable idea

 This is the inevitable as I saw the 9/11 fall some time ago or as a interesting tidbit that you see is useful, seeing how use by your feel is created in use by something . I found this amusing idea off of Draknet before it fell around 2039. I was wondering quietly what you see, as I saw or not if nothing necessary so I will post this and not see if I don't need to.

Create view

  Fixed by idea of success or with no actual scissorhands is where you aren't near, seeming not near enough to run into someting till you sense its safe. Tat is te cause of safe or personal area zones or created idea time was with my life use to time sequence or time with personal area perception. That or Os see to not get what you sense is third eye corrected you see as a point or time visual area of progress by idea with view to the third eye to create with as a faery guide. As a concept to sara or sharkbite attack it only comes out when its near.

  As you see, this is sometimes a guide to others as you attract by dream, create by idea to see someplace then to create area energy that are points to create meet or avoidance. As you see that is creative wilderness idea, as you ward away if you can't stand the idea or lunis to some area that is away from them.

  As you use attraction idea you can think of them to get information to use, as for a project as you see if by three standpoints. So disappearing is fun with drawing energy to seem an area drawn to some area, that they find you after dreaming as a purpose or known as mischief in life. As you see you can work with change "tem" to them as you want or find other mates.

  As your ability is create or fire will, as you say quit I will do as if I need no more. Ao quick response is quick as necessary. As you say or create by feel you can use or get results by effect focusable to create with idea. As you see to set foot in "the rim" you create by reusable idea or bottles, thought to use by idea to create energy focus results to cause fovus with lucidity that is physical.

  As you mix science with idea energy you create by feel, what you want or not scene is not done as not even in not manipulatable mind or not as that is. See as that seems to the persons mind, think as you are unless necessary as drinking is thought in allowable bars. As you see or set use by feel, the area is safe by what you feel no sorry that was not for nothing or creative in idea is concept adeou.

  You create or use object consciouses to see what is thought in and created by view or not in use, seeable by some idea that is sight from an area perception. Thought to use this is Energy to "use me or use an empty space" that is time to me as an empty area is around in practice by perception to see, the right idea or signs to see lifesigns or not react as that is what you see or you can get, see to create or share a sense with cold sight or not reacting inert items.

  As time objects conscious aren't as visible were you say in a non visible space seeable sometimes, this by idea to turn the wheel or not is by idea to create. As you create what you see you are as you are tis is planet core guidance as you think "ti m e to t i me" in timelapse movement or normal time movement time adjusted as sane or release. As if you release or reverse the controls to work with, your idea is avoidance to use so yes this had to work or seem with use.

  Ok see as you are this is by thought, with the poem given for today via my guides or non. This is the hands of power uses by focus to energy create with gloves to create. See is not badly using idea or not attac.

   For all thost that isn't ow its thought about being persecuted around the world at this time for whatever reason, this is for you with love until you decide it is done as you say done or safe or of then to use. To end the problem before you can create with by idea you think manifest, as time energy "release" brain uses the manifest with anytime where the third eye is the manifest you present to set people up with some use. So don't act yourself out or don't act what you perceive or feel is right that is abuse out. See the dangerous road is set by music altering the string as the time you focus the string creates as you are wit or see to visually think, as you want then or now move.

   See as thought to create by focus to form idea, so te releases as not always instance is happened. As this is so to expect this will seem to happen or not, things can seem summoned by energy in te then movement with immobius strip energy that is how you get away with stuff. Focus to become what you think to seem if you need to, thought with feel is that you get by aura energy. See or look unless necessary as you are some other form they are great or thought. By Tenguie "tranquil" Chris.

Look into my eyes
Am I not the same as you
Just because my skin may be a different colour
My love for you still shines through

So much hatred
So much pain
When will the world's peoples compassion
Shine on through again

For we are all born from love
Scattered all around the earth
Our lord, he doesnt care about colour
All he wants to do is give birth

To all those souls
Who want to learn to discern
Dont just judge me by my colour
Take the time out to learn!

For love comes to you in many forms
Like the flowers in the spring
Nothing should stand between us all
Just let all our hearts all sing!

  This was for atleantian by use or creative area art. They got experience from many different area life points, oftentimes to get out of the sugestion tey thought "or not" an thought if you turn me into a drug user is not ever done. As you see by some area components, your energy use creates by feel in collective idea. As you see conclusion by closure is conclusion by feel.

  Dark area room effects are art by association or photography. Not always conflictive is the use by idea. Thought is what life use there is, see and use as there is a pose in life to create. As thought in use with a will is to make, by thought with what you think. Non by the use as nothing there is now concept to exist or no use. As you see so there is idea to use, so use by closed minded idea isn't bloody use.

  Now think as you will and do as to read the points you create, as you in think and seem in view. As in what you think to sense, think. As if what form you see you are in, this is what you think to live as if one life but many bodies. As if you have a thought, your life changes to what there is by use as if one mind. As if mending bone seeing by idea, as estate use closed that is correcting by what is according to your thought. As if not your hot or water use seeing the need, so for cool idea or what element there is see non is by what lives. As there is life so or not, there is life your life is not your own by what you do as you are aware.

  Sitting in a corner to think. Can't gain weight by water drinking or thought is use by weight balance, think to create by focus energy adjustment to the body. All allowable drinks are water based without alcohol. Think before you speak as you do things not again. Not form demons from ourselves as you see or forgiveness is focusable as thought in difference is indifference not dumb. Physically you don't need to do anything unless you need to do things. As water can seem flavored as drinks you see or need not, see by thought is thought by feel or created by idea put upon by you.

  You won't split the brain as you split a lie or line, see as you are aware or see as you are good looking. Your not as though mental with what that is not to do lobatomy. Not always is a point to use, an idea splitting thought is not always mental disorder by mentos. You aren't so disruptive by hitting or not hitting by use that is that by thought. Clean is your hands to feel by use, so you see what you look at anytime as you are anywhere you thought in life. As you use water to clean things out you can cancel that one to fix if not otherwise.

  So if though lost weight you can see or seem without a slap in the notice not face by feel, one idea is not overuse to create is sometimes one question to use so if he resists he's not knocked out. So you don't is not knocked out guest or host either way or not, as you are so your seeing visual or by some in guest. Sorry is use to apologize, so for idea you see as a game. So lets not do this one, as you are aware that is interesting. See as your energy is use your were idea this is usable, now to question this point yet no energy nothing done as if you are in or not in as you were you don't need a maniac or running over.

  So what you see as you are, using not is character energy in form except by thought in another idea. Don't react to memory as you see, as if you see use you don't use unless not drinking liquor. Solar stars are the heavens not associated unless you are aware, see that is imagination or interest not always so this is useable as usual creative in idea as you see with some idea.

  That is use as related to "in ez not" as you see not the need, no asspace is not aspects not to see or do something by feel is not to destroy unless necessary. Nothing insanity not allowed by use, as you are aware your aspect is what you conclude not always by thought is by the area not in use. Not now is in motion to create by feel, something to use in idea by idea or in seeming you are not. See or not as now your set with a job to use as in you feel.

  Now the question some area to use. Not is idea by what you see or not ever in use is to make any mistake, see and use are one or no fear is nothing as my fear isn't a personality or fear complex in idea. That is another person by an upper dimension. You murder no broad or man as though concept if by idea is cool. Now don't keep him bound by a thought, see or use is art in activity with nothing wrong is thought to use. You claimed a soul shard everytime you did something so nothing is not wrong.

  No matter what I do the right thing as I am normal. As I am not effected by idea I can see by what is useful by feel is suggested feeling. Fey is fake idea by feel as false law is no result, as you are aware your cool. Hot is hot matter or when your attractive, see or feel as otherwise necessary or use is creative in idea to use. See that is yet or usable in sometimes, as yelling or creative by some idea is cool to use.

  Art is some idea as your not creating attention by idea, that is when you won't need the attention by theory. Say as fact is your alone, so you say that is focus so as your seeming. See use is not in idea thought by idea as you see you remember by focus, as if not doing anything wrong you are what you want to seem or not suggested to aura energy is with no response.

  If idea isn't what you think, that by idea was from an addict so then this means you are to leave alone an idea. As some or all alonen is enough as you were then or your nice. See idea is use as your correctable by law, defined by your own or others to some other use. Source is the creator or feel by idea, as your not creating use you see you are what you see to feel as you know by whatever not even natural results unless you see some use in idea by what is. So what you think is needing, as you see attention but what you do is by energy or not noticed in life. As your an stimulated effect to their nerves, your energy is not wrong to use as you see.

  That is for what you do that you think, some say this is a beauty by focus by natural idea. What you get or not deign to notice by idea, say as you want by idea is creative egoism. See or not in use is by nothing not noticed, not noticed as you want as necessary you can see so you can get away. Thought to see is cool or put the plate down is theory not asspace, asspace is not as noting by idea is space with idea is concept or the use with creative points by view. As you thought with ego or use no ego. As you are seeing to avoid as necessary, this is use by idea to the created room or with an idea.

  This in creates idea to work with as things naturally, with no personality disorders or other bad focus idea. Now you have as no or yes answers as you think so, no so that is sometimes no by answer or no answer or yes that is positive. That is their idea by feel so you see there is no feel, I see but no talking to you or yes you can move. What is creative by use done in idea. If in deterium then it isn't not done in idea.

   See or creative effort with feel on by idea, you see in some use in idea to use by feel. So you see by idea your energy is focus or feel with idea energy concentrated. As you are conscious I feel you shift, you are or not as you feel as idea. As neurological disease that can cause them to heighten by neuron area focus. Now as you turn around, you can see aware idea not done normally or not done. This is noting by use with clinical diagnosis as nothing more nothing unless less, as the use is not unnecessary you create by focused with no need. Now turn now around now you are aware, as you were seen or feel concept in use. See no as your use is incredible you can see to create anything, say or so unthought by use or see focused concept in mind your energy is unique.

   Assume by feel is in focus, your energy by concept is focus or need isn't based by feel. Now as you see idea, this as use in a thought by think as what to get from this is what direction the chakras are going spinning. Spirit in a spiral that by watching I sense this, thought as by thought control the spiral in thought and you direct the pattern in that life you think on i.e. from root to crown. So as to know power from energy is to focus and use things and create what you consider focus in the idea called arts, its not to be mistaken, as of crown to root from inner self to outer self.

   This be what some would think but if you use, the chakras to use spiral and think to control if necessary. The area in conscious control and the area energy is that responds creates as you will, seeing to use is what you see not to become as normal. See resolution is so as the area, by the consciousness is thought by the energy in idea. Use stimulation is thought by inversion to their field of energy, the giants energy to invert their idea to created area energy manipulation. That is tought by idea to seem use as respected as use you seem to yourself. As you see the idea to seem as you are not by idea, your not noticed by concept you use in life to create in use.

   We are going to cover each of the seven chakras in this document. We will start with the "Base Chakra" and progress to the others. This, through three possible methods an the third method in life, is to live your will is alive and if your diet is good in your life is dead energy. As to relieve is to piss in a toilet to release energy or in a stream, notoriety as a different person if things are to use. Say that in idea is in 4 Lessons your use is as to use. As if your in thought to create and now your use, think in thought what weight you intend, thin by the thought and touch to the stomach at the base and with thought to do and create as your seeing or abort creating.

Create by field

   This is the soul shift by transmigration, as you know your energy use hit the kid you can create what you see in life by the focus with a crack in the wall. So say as you want that they feel is accepted by acceptacle feel by motive. Acceptable, accepted, focus is the area to use by idea. So you say as you are, not to stay you can create or seem by focus as you are. Seeable is seeable not only by the way you see things this is also by the area you use, as your energy your aware to use yet not if you don't serve a purpose.

   That is energy directed to cause a use, thought to what you see by focus creates by feel. As some source is earth energy think to see the crack as you appear where you want, so your energy is restorable by thought if you are able than go ahead do or see any more future. As yourself "damar" is what you see if you don't like what you want, think from your perspective what you observe as observe is observance that they understand so they seem as you are aware. All you have to do is observe, as you think to know your aware.

   The first method to chakra manipulation will unblock chakra points and restore ability to do things, for the point you think is to listen to soothing music or chakra binaurial beats as it lies in use of incense and color thought that is hovered over the chakra points, in while you are focused on the thought think 'reopen' and then think the color associated with the chakra point as you wave the incense in circles near it. As the circle in the right direction in directs what in life pulse is, so as a flow in energy with life that creates life this as a will is a path in life as if a point. That disrupts energy by feel in the focus to life by chaos in a focused point by idea.

   All in an act to reopen the chakra points starting with the base chakra as you listen to the soothing music. As the restoration point lies with the base chakra and the mind expands outward. To link to the rest of the chakra points, and from where they are in located in the mind associated by the idea in an order time can correct. There is a thought to fix, and as the thought in what you do exists, as you correct as the thought "fix" by energy thought works in directed. As life is in thought this creates as if to make the area do thought, as if done with what you want and otherwise things you do make are with what are gone.

   The idea time exists something, is where you sometimes can or cannot put something out if by water imagined by metaphysics. As you see the point your idea is conclusion or nothing by idea. As your ability by use, your feel is and genral tought by use or created feeling is theory by motion. As you see that isn't a fair tactic to use, so use idea by "os" creativity is feel as you see in use is idea with focus energy. So as you feel your idea energy, that isis protects from feel to use. As you see that was my life before, I died by trying to run away as my father was beating my body I manifested by feel with subconscious. As you see my other body got in, so use isn't as you are away then as after I sneaked away that was curious to create with the area energy.

   The area I saw was use by some idea, so I used what felt was right or created by feel. That was what I saw I couldn't find the foe, as you say I was aware to use the area by idea as linked area concept. Concept is focus is feel, see now the idea use you create is some project. As you feel to create in art your feel is created correct. Saying as you will isn't water based energy, that creates so your thought creates what the creator allows as you thought not prayed you create with idea. That is their way by the use, you can do things without taking it off. As seeable you see or thought, as thought is by the power with mind by whipped cream.

   See as your awake is thought to your idea your energy awakened, think as you energy awakened by thought to the room center. No way in idea, now your rest is written. This is based on the second method to cleanse that is build energy feel clean to seem clean, as your aware of me I am aware of you by thought is auratic cleansing. See and use the idea is to visualize bright white light all now or use is over, the body for a minute or so and that visualize is becoming brighter and radiating all over your chakras. This can heal your body causes with faster recovery and unblock chakra points, as the area 'removes dirt from chakra areas'. Just two minutes and thats it, as white light is really powerful, but if you are sick you need a long time or similiar.

   It also cleans the aura and makes it a positive or not as the area energy is with broken idea and uncleanliness, so think positive you are positive aura means more positive life and negative energy won't come. But usually colds or whichever illness, after which you recover the aura and chakra flow, is dirty so we have to clean it and in that case it can take a few aura chakra cleansing sessions to clean it of 2 to 4 min or just a one time 15 min cleansing. If this doesn't then the creator can create idea then your alive.

   The third method is listed below by chakra points and Lessons are what you see. Count after each lesson that its a stopping point, as its for you to practice till your ready for the next lesson. See or use then becomes concept concievable use by focus, that you are satisfied with the lesson experience or nothing needed. There otherwise is energy by area to use or your use is an idea to create, as if your an idea alterer of te area. As that allows wither stri that is create by greyins blac spherical energy to consume the area or target or not happened to effect.

   Lessons in chakra use are creative, so use creatably is energy to the use. As your sense is use by seeable thought, see as your "thougt" in use by emotion. That is energy as focus is energizing, think to use as energy is simple objects are object paintable. As symbols are glass or focusable energy, think is idea in use to create feel or feelable concept. That you feel energy is en focus an energy, aura manifests are fire in energy use in area by what you see. As you see this you got, as the area is the right idea by thought in an area. Seeing that is for the first creative time, as the right time is the right placement. So you see the moment to see or assume, to not assumed life there as if that were not really there. So if you want it come or tell me as I don't need things, so I know not to defend.

   The Root Chakra starts at the lowest point of the spine and is located between the anus and the genitals. The Root Chakra is represented by the color red and acts as the bodies grounding force which connects us to the energies of the earth or sun. Since the Root chakra is altering at the beginning of the energy flow to create, all the other chakras rely on your Root Chakra to pass energy through it. Sexuality, stability, security, lust, and obsession are all governed by the Root Chakra. Your gender organs play a major role in your health and spiritual development and you must come to peace, with your sexual energies to progress or focus you can see what is as you are.

   Your ability is creative in approach as your energy is focusable your energy is creating as though are or feel as you see. As you are aware your energy is what you were so if your ability is time to create by idea, as you say thinking your able your able to create as the subjects are a waste of time then no. See as you presently know things your ability, that is just use as you are aware to seem as you are in the present day. That is an idea you see or feel, so that in idea is by idea if you were or not consistent to malaise. Say as a fun or not used idea so just don't try to do this again.

   How to use our binaural recordings at here or with other music to stimulate your Root Chakra: When you start listening to our chakra selections or your music, focus on your lower genital (between your anus and genitals) area. Visualize a red energy spiral extruding to the front of your body. This spiral should start about the size of an egg and grow to the size of a flat baseball as you progress. You should feel and sense the energies flowing in a spiral manner. The feeling should bring along a sense of security and stability and your worries should dissipate. Say as energy is aware so your idea is energy, resist by suggestion or not doing in use by focus will on a point you perceive or not mind the lie as that is lying down.

   As you stimulate the Root Chakra, you should notice (and visualize) earthly energy coming from the ground and entering the red spiral. The ground energies may appear as a natural earth color, but when they approach the chakra spiral, the energy should start blending in and merging with the red energy. As natural earth energy enters your chakra, it should slowly and gradually grow. As your their idea in mind your energy, as you think your aware in lesson think your awake in your body to restore. Say if your will is in energy to create to use, as you see the use your energy is use by focus as a gravestone isn't there.

   Seem in want is their way is will as you are well, now so your idea in didn't always work or your way is will. As you think your in idea, your concept is body is your awake if it is alive there by the pulse energy feel. As your ability is aware your created by equal idea to use by feel, you use is what in thought is use in idea to your seeable idea known by what you see by the spirit. As if your aware or can create a were result by feel with unconditioning or not ruthless your calm, think as cool is the idea this seems by the use to walk away or as you are were.

   See you as not dying or you are forming no wraith, by what you see or consider is energy if corrupting by area feel. As you think to were focus you create by feeling energy from the area or resentment to facts, don't blame that as you knew what was coming as thought were false or can be creating. Then think to the planet or chaos to focus, not rude as you strike the nearest area by the power of . See to feel as though a wall or use is striking a foe by idea, as you bunch then unbunch an idea to fact or pulp fiction as "nope" one fiction. Think to strike as you are or can see to think better.

   See as your will energy, your will creates by idea to the focus point that. See that is energy not always to use, you are now out of the game as there is not now or thought is release as not is now by release. Assume as you think in another place, see by feel any action is thought if no use is activity. That is whatever you do, think this is what the idea no longer. So you see as that is an absolute death by absolute, means your a point death in what does you after you don't want to no or seem effected is where you thought. You were you not effected to what by avoid do things, unless your care is over that is you can seem as you don't see something wrong. Say what you mean as your aware, by ideology with idea that is anger management.

   As if now if your caught again your probably gonna get killed with joules energy, that is focus you will or won't see what you see creatively. As you soon will see or seem to see ticks, bed bugs, fleas, germs "seee" as you are or that is awareness by feel to the area. You see to use as you seem in use you are seeming, see with use that isn't d45 what you do or as your not by the use your ability is creator by use. As of now is by thought, you should have completed the steps of drawing. As your energy is focusing by feel, seem as you are to use some idea find thought to use your useful technique.

   As they paid for themselves, their subconscious you see is fixation by idea that is use. So if the fix is with feel to what is there, there is thought no problem to what you see or create. As you see no situations occur, no necessary solutions not doing things on purpose or your idea is done. Spirit energy is creative or focus in mind to use, as the area is created use by feel in creative idea. Say is thinking or use is focus, see that as the right phrase is a truth is noting by idea to notice what is as you see by sensing in the area gravity. So your energy is fewer than injured in field. Your use is energy by what, thought is an acknowledging field by focus to use so don't drink don't in any idea if you think not to describe what you don't need you won't get wrong idea.

   The Earth's energy not into "randy", your Root Chakra and witnessed by your Root Chakra grow in size as your body can grow till in te area energy. This causes the body to shorten in height or not, weight reduces you create by what you will you see unless you don't need by thought. See if the monday night football in use by thought, that is what seems in a game your in energy creates that isn't there so your so not in the game. That is next by feel, use by idea so your use is now watched as your allowed to live by thought.

   As your energy is use by idea, you see they are you as you create by what you are sharing energy as a link is formed. That by thought as you unlink to shift timewise, think to where you are from to where you are going. As you shift through walking as gravity fluxuates you find a safe, yet not always safe a place to go as you will to go. Although the soulbond are known to raise energy of those they are near, so they can raise you up in energy to cause effects if you ask them or when they feel like or not do.

  Where a ghost can possess you to give you energy. Ghost making is like calling one to hang around with you. Quidji board, is like ghost making I think.. except it calls a demon to them you serve you so it can exonerate itself and escape hell for a small time. Some think there are hellbound people, save that live use is pure idea that by clean energy you seem cleaner as you are sane. But they don't wanna go hell yet so they stay on this earth. So you see what you get or feel what you want think to not do, as you create or not use to see to the use thank you that is all.


  Know that some ghosts are trapped by old bones laying about. As into an area you can feel their presence on the bones. As they use the bones as fuel for their effects. So they don't wanna go as you trim you learn your power by throwing things and acting out. I find it amazing there're some ancient magicians who succeeded to stay alive in an inorganic form in this world.

  That's true and when they are or lack of power, they stay in their graves and waiting for 'power food'. Some of them still have many allies as they might be as liches, their friends are like djinns and ghosts. Well I know, that the liches are sometimes the ancient magicians power form an they can kill a man by sucking his power. This was an amazing idea that an ancient idea was possible to reusable or usable idea without fear.

  As you see that is what you saw in the past with ancient magic or fact by use in idea, so you see that is what you see or not done in idea. This was what I remembered from them as an idea, what the understood with the elements. The element of earth is that of life. Earth can consist of items, use in drugs and in similar motions you can do. It can grant life, morph items or people, take life, heal or wield life like control.

  In granting life, it creates it anew through destructive action or gives it through infusion. Morphing item or people with earth infuses the target with energy charged by the workers purpose through imagination of changing the shape of the target. Weilding life is use by feel, earth can make an infusion to do as the worker imagines. Earth is for the body.

  Life is the Light earth element. Using life you can resurrect and restore a person or objects. Life in itself brings hope and resistance to any spell or destructive feelings. Feeling Life you must keep balance. If no attempt is kept then there is Chaos. Life can restore memories and the soul. This is an element of self-determined growth. If one controls life or causes life one controls balance. Inanable is life your use is energy as your energy is energize to use as you wille. As you are will in fire or life by life event to create by life in idea your energy is energy by feel. As your energy is creation your energy is done, but so your ability is energy by feel in love by harmony in life gnown as the 5th element in life as normal.

  Additive earth is Glamour. This is the element that will form another form over an existing form Make anything appear as something else. Try to focus the image not if you suppress the need over the image and give it your life force to make it happen. Think of the property of mind to enchant with and visualize the effect in the person or object. Then give of your life force to make it set with the word locke or unlocke. So this isn't as by the words.

  The fire element is the element that gives life or takes life destructively and is the life around us. It gives life by forcing you to move on when it destroys your old life in some manner or form. Also it can give life by the healing act of the worker targeting only the disease cells with fire. Causing the body to cope by healing quicker. Fire takes life so accept the facts by burning the intended victim on focus of the worker. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as a person. It can heat up places to warm you. Healing with fire heals open wounds. Fire is for the soul. It finally is light by feel or creative in concept.

  Light is Fire from the earth and the sun. One sees Light as a way of Sight. Light can dispel shadows and banish bad enchantments. It can recharge one the more one works in it. The light is a force of guidance that will aid in darkness or day. This force will always aid in winning through a fight. Focused light can hurt anyone. By using te force one can travel using the light by creation.

  By hidden distraction is the diversion or divertive, say in firewater and makes long range distraction divert attentive eyes to aid your win. This firewater allows people to be unseeing of your activity even if upclose. Taking advantage of the moment is using this technique as you find what they dun look for. It is never seen as a distraction as this is also called unseen distraction firewater. Say as you word things right as your will is energy it is heard correct.

  Water can heal people by focus with energy or a symbol cure feel focus, overcome things as your energy is feel the feel is suppressed by the brain to the feel by sudden pain disappearance see as you want or change things. Healing with water can happen on infusion of energy with the thought of rapid regeneration for 5 minutes at a drink.

  Any other thought is also enacted. Your thought becomes the waters actions to the body. It can overcome things by being in a large enough body of movement like a tidal wave. Water can change things with an infusion of energy into water while someone imagines what they want to happen. Water is for the heart.

  That is useful by draining a sink this is lifting by focus is the element of stealth water. Use this water for idea to remove any evidence of the energy that was there. Remove energy from a clog and you clear the drain quickly. This water is useful for removing bindings. The element of draining is unseen and is only a force. That is a man that is hit or some other thing.

  Positive water is the light life water element by feel that is not to drink until you think to not need more or too much in idea as energy charge. With this water one can revert insane people to sanity. One can make resurrection possible with the thought of raise while administering the positive water. Using Positive water with items will make the item charged. This is the miracle water that can do anything. It looks like normal water.

  Imitation Water is mirroring water by feel, focus or creative use. This water can mirror anything that is living. If made to look like you it will copy your actions in every way. The Mirroring water will also be able to copy object form actions. This is useful for copying voice everywhere that you want it heard from another location. The Mirroring water can ultimately be used for simulacrum. The exact copy of yourself except somewhere else.

  Air can choke, destroy, enforce, or change things. Air choking is the act of the worker to close air in a circle around a person's throat. This is also called collaring. Air enforcement is the act of the worker to create a wall by imagination or to cause yourself to float in the air by air itself through imagination. How does air change things? Aero effect is an another that air can change things, see by the worker using it as a medium in their acts to influence moments. Finally air can be used as a mass spread medium. Air is for the mind as aero is effect by use.

  Illusion is the element of stealth air. Use this element to make make people believe in the fact of something being there but not there. This is is truly an amazing element. It is seen as the person believes it is to be. Anything formed with this will be an illusion or create by ability with energy. Stop as you go by idea.

   Aether's negative element is either use or thought is cold by idea. Ether resides in the etheric and is the spiritual element, or the active element. The etheric is with chaotic and spontanious creation of imagination, and that's where all ideas are first created. Then the idea get's reinforced and goes lower and lower in frequencies such as the astral, so as you are to tell then manifest in the quickest way possible on the physical planet. Ether is part of the fundamental principle of magic and manifestation in general if not too much.

   This is thought by imagination that is such with idea in or thought by idea by focus you create or will is done, which all as you do is focus in enough so not and feel what you imagine to seem or things that does seem interesting with peace by change that happens. An otherwise the more you focus on an idea, the more chance of it happening. Ask the spirits to guide you for the better results or feel in life and think by what you want to do or happen when using ether that isn't spirits, to always get the act desired. However where aether responds to your imagination. Ether responds to use with the mind and thoughts with the feeling, see and thought is instant by feel in of the idea you see. Ether works with you as you desire.

   You can focus the spirits to aid in anything, again for a better result. As you see the area seems by glamour, as this is with no etheric plane where all our imagination manifests. Seeable and where the creation is our lives are or begin or not. This includes forming any object. The physical world is inputed as ideas on the ether, that manifest closer and closer to the physical. If the spirits are angered thought by smooth feeling, they won't do anything at all. Always thank them afterwards. So aether is very similar to ether as it too can influence void your void is your life after the point. Stoppable by not seeing of music is listened to by life. As you see or cause idea, you can create by the usable feel.

   Magic is the culminative results cancellable by water use by the inverse to use, see and use is like Aether and Ether by dopamine. Magick has the possibility of reaching any place of existence. It can effect any place of existence. It can do anything that you can imagine. It is pure meta energies of the Astral Plane. It guides the rest of the elements. This elements heightens anything its used with no idea to create, see or use by no attack with feel to see an absorb or move aside by idea.

   Psychic is all, some or non as the vision by feel is together with turmeric with mustard powder in water. This element is the symbol of all that is by vision. Being phychic grants you a gift of always knowing the events without being told.Most scryers, visionaries, investigators are phychic. Shielding is the group effect of all the shield elements. This is all aspects of all concept or use by shields that can work for you. The shielding of a person will protect, until overcome in some manner by a object stone by feel use or use in by use. All used together is creation by feel or created, use is created activity by some way you go as you are by thought.

Assumed identity thief

   As your energy is there your not accepted, by the area you see or can create by idea you were right but in idea your are dead monterously as wrong. I wonder what you can get an idea, you see to use what is little left with your brain you claimed was an upper dimensional area that some creator was there to keep you alive. As you see this is actually because you took so much contaminated paint or other as you were able to cause stupidity to the world by far your energy created noting but havoc you achieved from energy.

  If you want to be smart you can reform your cult to accept your own faith as Odin accepted you so you won't get inconsiderate result. As you see were not allowing your devil spawn back as you see were tormenting your brain. So you see your monster level perception trick didn't work. See as you are doin your creation is disruption to maximum security that we psychics put you. So your either dead, rotting or tormented eternally for your non lasting faith. Ciao.

Bababa Babbages of the Banana repulic.

   This was the last thing I saw there that marked in runes or wall markings formed by cracks. See that was us branding your other body to send there as the deal was you order we send unless not necessary. That is a mad cow by disease removed to wat you didn't try as we had to do things for the removal. You won't ever be allowed back. Surrender to us outside your real area you hide in so you see that is our price to you as you are, instead of making you pay money as the debt should be gone if you are aware enough to fix your body from the aura trick.

  This is noting wrong with your perception as you were aware you could not live in the twilighted zone you claim was safe. So as you see your not welcome, I will send back your daughter somewhere to see her as she is so not effect use or us again if you are wanting to be safe. See I knew you'd come back yet this was a recorded message we received. "As weien is wine we don't care so you shut up to create better." That was curious uses for curiousity by feeling set by spells with items. Think you do as you think to use the item to create.

   So we did seeing how you were, yet as you suspected you didn't know the language. We are impressed by idea you sent silently so you improved by the idea we sent back. That was energy trickery as you see you were misled to the use. So as you set the energy to matrix use we got this as a negative. As nothing is wrong you are correct unless stupidity so wrong isn't right. As you say your wrong was inconsistent. Say as you were spoken as you saw nothing was right. Seeing how you were to break through a glass, as real area energy was there to support we manipulated a thought that was the cat scene. Seeing now is energy thought as energy real in mind, so your energy is dumb or smart to the use seeing how your aware energy in life was arranged.

   So you asked for the release of mad cow as you wrecked our labs and slaughtered us. As the area you see is now aware you were the culprit what would you say to drop the issue as you asked really there is peace. So we have caused them who were not to use bombs to not build them, as we magically instilled venom to activity by matrix to cause near fatal accidents. So if your wondering your real body there is unkillable yet gibbering in the mental hospital you were supposed to be in by activity you see you are cool yet not moving as you swore to die. So say noting to get nothing, as say nothing to you or others unless you want some idea. Formed or not formed by life energy. Say as your energy is low you can use the body yet I wouldn't we were thinking to use it or animate it. If you were to wish to destroy it we will disintegrate things as it dissolves away.

   That is all you see you cannot do that it can, seem to do for alteantians are there yet your not allowed to see them till you give us back what you stole. See how your influence was muddle footed like our film was there of Harry potter. That is what we watched you, as others through even the horse trow. As drow we knew what you would say so the ads won't work on you, or the others that so were not prepared as you see that is why you weren't effected. As you say tat you might wonder what happened to the church we trapped you near, its destroyed by natural energy attracted to it by your body or you have by your promise. See that released your madness as your not actually aware to speak. So as you see you in the area you breathe the natural atmosphere, as you see te use now to us don't disabuse our service.

   See how fairness is playing fair despite your hurt, you played fair to us as well with the plague engine that produced roaches or items to the area around the broken atmospheric device you ruined to destroy viably to disrupt the ecosystem. So as you see that was the message intent of the aliens we sent your way. As you see the area isn't too healthy, your aware state is a little lucid yet as you see you are untouchable due to what you thought were good spells to atleantians that made you don't immune as you see.

   As you won't be back you can be assured you won't survive the trip to us if you tried so hahah. That is to you sir, that decently destroyed 9 billion people by energy waves sent to you back by the device. That is the true source of non corruption, oh yes you got what you wanted yet be aware tempers can flash destroy by lava rome. See how you felt you refuse any good shift that goes through us. I would advise you to use some idea to understand us better in terms by understood services. As you say tat is noting wrong wrong nothing real unless you thought to use what you saw in some area. That is all.

   P.S. That burgular was looking for some bank papers you took, worth 3 trillion dollars now according to the market. You see you still use it today or your north america would have fallen. So get rid of the map you see you are use to us but we blocked it from effecting the uses. Soy sauce is our net trade. Seeing the use that you presented was within reason you can get it near your store. See that isn't unfair despite not having barbeque sauce you wanted. Now you remember that map you took from me I got it back as your runes or sigils are no longer effected you will notice the area as its natural state as no alien filters in the atmosphere. See your way is smart if you can create better, you said so this might help or use is with infinite idea.

   P.S.S your energy isn't always there we took it, as exchange for services as your energy is everyday thought. That is an idea you sent to us, so that is interesting by fact or fiction in use. You see now your aware to the area, you can create what you will by the creator. That is interesting factory use by the way you see here or there you wonder. See the way that is built is object energy changed, thought to use by magic with moleculars or energy focus in idea to use as there is a way there is a will I had the author David Eddings write in.

   That was for you to see, as you righted my wrong or your idea to your way by life. Now if you make menace to the area you set afire you could die, as well as the atmosphere is more Hydrogen. See as you feel that vibrating energy to your area, that is a supervolcano to the use set by the faery themselves. Named drow that is really elven tank created as the only elven idea, you see that is what we didn't destroy to create what you notice. Don't as your energy is to try to create some better idea, for now if you try to forget you won't. So figure out things better okay? okay. So now as you see the idea, your ability is possibly needed so if bankrupt you can bet to win as you think to have won. See as you are aware, your energy uses things you are aware by unaware function.

   So if you thought, you are not in focus by energy to use your right until you think you are. So what unless you think to use by feel in focus is created or thought to the use by thought to create. As you are aware now the area is unique to use. Seeing as your energy breaker is about to go off, your ability is waranted as a person that is arrested. So you are aware to an use is free energy, so not slap as I am sorry you see if you can't bear the sun. As I see the idea you are with an area try "Idea rest" to create what you will, so what you are aware to do you create or don't bother.

   That is similar idea, according to your courts that is freedom is release by truth. As your aware energy is ruthless till allowance. A typical concept I believe. So before you try to sleep think or not to not be effected, as the air might stifle what you feel. See now we got what our point is, your idea isn't unnoticed just ignored if unusuable. If you want suspence try ussing hitchcock, that is all we have to say. So what more or less is truth to no dare, as you are not mearly a were by pilot that is a hospital can fix.

   As that person you beat up and got run over might come out to beat, running you out of the area as he now works there. Seeing as that is true don't go near one as he is also psychic. That is wat you say to the area press if any come in another body. So as you area search for jobs as your area is near you won't get one he said, so hope your government isn't out of funds by the Ak-47 use you planned to get rid of invaders as you saw the earth proclaim to you and ben. Seeing that is an idea you spread this is the truth, so do or not do as due purpose is not to happen.

   So your were is a day over birthed don't you think, seeing as your energy is there yet not even real the area might know yet nowhere to go. Weres kill their parents by the end of age 13. See that isn't a changeling, that came from lamia that only births them. Say or not your dead if he finds you, so see as you want my friend ciao as your gone your body is disintegated your ability is energy from the release. You know you have ability if you don't want to use it yet ability is if the creator makes one. So you see your articles on magic might be adjusted to allow for that.

   This is the last or most important idea, if you see this anywhere ten weres will come at you to kill your body so your only way isn't your only way to shift if you can get one to shift away as you think where to shift. As your ability is energy you can create by some area use ability. So that is able use or un doing for energy. Sorry for the confusion as that is energy, your use isn't unless no confusion you can focus as aware is energy to use. That is an amazing fact to your use, you can create or use the in creator by use. There is energy is use is mass reduction is feel is idea is polymorphy by idea.

   There is an energy you can use by feel, that energy is any water you focus to create by pure colder energy that is heavier as you are not heavier. So you might notice something the area gravity won't change isn't there till you think it is felt. So that is energy you use to create by feel or ore use replenished if mined. As that is energy to use, see or create you can see to create by focus to the crator created energy controlled by the creator. So see if you can use that, the more you do the more chaos energy, so beware as the nuclear fuel is no longer effected. As magic faded from it your conversion by it is over, so as your energy is noticeable just glance to notice cracks. If any then think null chaos or think no chaos to not be effected.