See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is right: Danger sense or Psychism

  Which is right, psychism or Danger sense.

  The danger sense can be nature sense, which is a rare sense of natural conditions. And, mechanical sense that is the sensing of vibrations or vibes and these are the vibrations of some activity. They can be perceived by sensing electrical wires or metallic sensations. If you feel heat thats excessive, for example. That is mechanical sense that indicates the possibility of fire. This has been noted, that in danger sense some people don't react or don't think and react by instinct.

  Danger sense, in so many terms makes you perceive the event before it happens to hurt you. This can happen in visions or noticing the little things that mark a better and bigger event. Almost any damage can be premonitioned.

  When you notice a little incident that gives warning as though it were a omen. That is noticing the little things. Like, seeing or noticing a spark when lightning seems nearby.

  This can be a cause to avoid the danger exposed. Sometimes this is by reactions. Or noticing a burning smell that exposes fire danger.

  There is also the body's pain reaction that makes it avoid danger. When the body feels pain from an action, like tripping and falling. Then it will avoid those actions and create reasons in the mind for the avoidance.

  However when you see danger coming, you can overreact. This comes from the fear of what will hapen and reactions that are remembered. This can be a defense as its treated like a premonition. You can choose your destiny better and try to prevent the disaster.

  Now, when you perceive a vision of danger, before the incident occurs. Then, its a psychism, where you perceive the moment before it happens. This happens when you believe you are psychic and are able to see them before the event. Otherwise, you gain psychic visions by having an accident and surviving it.

  Psychism can be dangerous, as the effect is given a body response. This is when the body acts out the scene that is perceived and things are done that shouldn't be done. This tends to make your activity dangerous. As though acting out a scene of a murder.

  Ancient mages can cause these visions to be manipulated. Thus, they can cause the mind to make the body react. This reaction can cause things to be different, in real life.

  Basically, your psyching the body out and altering what would logically occur. As in, making a better score in bowling by making your mind see it hitting all the pins. As tnough, if it appears then its imagined and it happens.

  Training the body to avoid danger, is to train danger sense. This is to focus your mind on the possible damaging and painful moments. Then let your mind move around the trouble point. Also, you may avoid the danger altogether.

  What helps this is to see what will happen before the moment by thinking on what may occur with the trouble spot.

  After awhile it becomes a point to bring your awareness to train instinct by becoming aware of the danger. Your body automatically avoids the danger and can fix the damage. That makes the danger real and avoided.

  Psych danger is where you find your visions leading you into danger, after trying to avoid them. This is avoided by being aware of the influences that surround you and doing what feels intuitively right.

  Sometimes you can avoid a danger and find yourself caught by another. As, you are mislead into believing the danger is over and miss the signs to the danger that gets you. You are blinded to the danger.

 When danger sense meets Body reaction

  When danger sense interacts with instinctive body actions, then you get "Beluosis belmonte" or triggered hypermetabolism. Where everything you drink or eat is inciting a pituitary gland reaction. This is to increase or decrease the body mass by feeling the dangerous side effects of food.

  This can be other measurings and has at some point been measured this way. The fat amount is how much its increased by 1 ounce per 1 gram. The cholesterol is treated the same, the sugar is amounted to 1 gram = 1 sec and is how quick your body fills up with temporary fat or loses the excess. The fiber decreases the heart risk and amount of fatty tissue generated by 1 gram becoming 1 lb. The vitamins can be used to increase or decrease stamina and body strength. Any excess to this is eaten and increases the weight even if healthy and acts per each seconds cellular activity.

  To diet is useless in this condition. That's caused by drug overdose with side effects and consistent radiation of Radon trace or metallic essence. This is with a result of immunity that is occurred. The danger sense can trigger the result quickly. Psychisms can effectively be used to control what the body does, with this effect in mind. Psychism's are more powered or done with more energy, when near radiation. Other conditioned results may be possible. When the effect is experienced over a period of time, the body stabilizes and becomes more able to be what your mind wants it to be.

  This means, by will, you can intend your body to become some solid shape. By body shaping techniques, you can increase the effort your body does and aid results. This is done by the effect of breathing in and out slowly and holding your stomach in. This may not cause you to lose weight, but it can cause slimmer appearance. When done, don't actually breathe and hold your breathe except when you hold your stomach in. then do slow short breaths. Do this while you focus on ther activity. Until, you down food or don't need to.

  Thinking of your intent, willing the intent on your body you feel your body change, if you have any ability at all it will trigger a response by need and desire. This has a slow response at first, then the effect is sped up as you try to do the technique. This may relax the body, but it increases the hunger and after a few doings of the technique.

  Imagining the body shrinking or swelling to fit your need, speeds it even further by the spirit effecting your body. The spirit sets the need that the body conditions itself to. When you go to far, by attempting this technique, then you could damage your body after its triggered.

  Too much body shrinking can either squeeze the heart or cause deep bruises. Too much expansion, which occurs when you try to compress the body weight too much. Increases the body weight by 5 to 10 pounds. This is cancellable by exercise. Too much body weight increase can increase the heart attack chance, as can any other body weight increase. Eat better and with a food balance, then you help the weight lose itself.

  Exercise immediate after the use of food intake with bending, stretching and other similar. The benefit is to not ever lose or gain excess lb more than thou exercise, and to know what is the wrong (sugary and chocolatey stuff) food which chokes till thou throw up. You will urinate if thou get poisoned and often get the runs, till the bad food is ejected out and it immediately disappears by degeneration of bad tissue. Heart strain is another factor. That gets worse with degenerative heart tissue from chemical reactants in food.

  Any diseases are degenerative to themselves, with good tissue to replace by food intake or water intake. This will allow a few seconds to a minute or more to create reduction of fat and muscle increase with loss of weight. The effect of personal choices create an instant clarity, and feel good effects are simply the way of shocking the system into balance. Usage of "natbalanc" as a spell is a good and effective measure to recreate a similar consequence.

Monday, November 21, 2011

All about Kitsune

  This article is all about kitsune or kysu; They are foxx, magic fox, and basically fox with or without mystical skill. Changed on 2/3/2014.

  This entry be changed from the original ( to reflect new idea. They are Fox that sometime have magic or mysticism and are an mysterious animal, fascinating, and mischevious. And be believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to it, as seen in many tales, and be also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. It be godlike because of mystical ability such as shapeshifting, able to bewitch men in charming girl form, or women in charming men form in life effects by what essence they get.

  The effect in essence, this is what empowers a circle effect for their will uses the essence that directs by things in their sensed will as thought is a focus and energy that is thought is as a sensed idea as though thought were as if a projected idea. The levels of a circle in life, are thought that is what you can use to create, as if thought is energy with use to created feeling and as a thought. As in a game there is a circle of power, that is a place and thought with energy that belief if there can create with a concept you do au naturale. As this is a game that life can work with as if energy, this came from thought with a played game, by what you will is what you think.

  Consider these the circle of life energy effects, formed by a group and your what use you have is a thought with a circle use energy cause by a spell. There is a game called, as if by what you will things you want manifest and unmanifest otherwise. Torment is with this idea as the game of possibility that is what uses this idea, as in truth you with a focused energy is what can make by thought thinking the effect will occur and what you make is what will happen.

  You this is a point as you imagine the flavor, as if thought is felt as the energy is sensed by the feel or formed idea. That you think or feel the flavor as an effect this is as you name the flavor, think and you can get what you intend until not necessary and the intention that is. As the thought your listening to is the point you intend, think that which fades in as your out and away is no longer there and it dissipates harmlessly away.

  An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast the Kitsune is.
Kitsune are ageless, if they think they are, as they don't age as fast and are immortal when they are being spirits. Kitsune manifest with 900 years or more lifespan before they leave or die and return to spirit world or the etheric astral plane. Kitsune can get to 900 years old, older are rare as the energy in amount is as a point raised by use to fuel their physical plane existance would be extreme and they would be doing more harm than good.

  The kitsune represent their ability by the elements, meaning they have abilities from each thing they can get. As energy is research to them as they use things, as they get idea from as you get the idea as thought this were information. Things they use can give information as they are what they are anytime, if they seem like something they age you and as if not there if otherwise they unage you. Where they get the energy they can seem named as if from forgotten realms, as they are in an area they use as a source.

  This incidentally places them as Dragons but on a smaller scale. Dragons and Oni are their enemies, unless for dragons, they deliberately make themselves one. With the elements, they can represent fourteen categories and kitsune are divided into each called clans, dynasties, houses. The elements are Wind, Earth, Fire, River, Heaven, Solar, thunder, Mountain, Void, Spirit, Time, Forest, Ocean, Chaos and Music.

  In the book 'Kitsune' the word Heaven be Celestial and Void is Dark. Each kitsune has it's own element based strengths its aligned to. Elements also reflect the kitsune's powers origination, and elemental affinity like Fire Kitsune be unaffected by fire easily feeding from fire to self strengthen and use fox-fire with ease. Water kitsune wouldnt use fire easily but naturally heal and thrive near water. the most common kitsune are Celestial kitsune who follow laws that can be self made.

   Inari, Wild kitsune, Dark kitsune. Celestial kitsune are 'Energetic Kitsune'.
 Kitsune are physical spirits and everything has spirit in some form, near them and these spirit are Kami. Animals also have spiritual counterparts more commonly known as Kitsune and Tanuki. there be Tengu but this be unessential as from what I've read they have background and diversity, enough to make a thesis.

  Kitsune have a number of options to manifest. Most draining be to appear in physical world causing storms, unnatural events. Kitsune who simply manifest lose innate essence faster feeding more often, suffer weakness but they gain strength after twelve hours in the new world. As be stated "when you eat from a place you can return to it, and stay" from a greek story.

  This feeding depends on kitsune strength, and usually meaning region blight, they surround their target, if fed too much. Though the weaker kitsune have less effect.

  A kitsune can have up to nine tails or more, the number indicating his level of experience. For a kitsune to have all nine is very rare. And at that stage, he would be more of a demigod. Kitsune as foxes by nature act a lot as foxes do, with added intelligence. Thus having a high desire for play and fun, while also being wise and intuitive when situations call for such qualities to arise.

  While often sexually promiscuous to almost any of their clan, a kitsune will be extremely loyal to its mate, and often share a bond that is unbreakable and so tightly bound that absolutely NOTHING can separate them for long.

  As dogs do, a kitsune almost always knows where "home" is, and is similarly bound to his mate, often being able to distinguish its mate in a crowd having never seen her in his current lifetime. One would even say he is drawn to her as if she puts off a beacon specifically for him.

  Kitsune are also furiously loyal to their comrades. To have a kitsune claim you as friend is to have a great protector and guardian. A bond as this can also span across lifetimes, and either the kitsune or his friend can often distinguish the other in a crowd.

  Kitsune by instinct are great lovers and caretakers. Many aspects of romance amongst humans have been directly or indirectly adopted from kitsune culture, and knowing how to raise a family is a trait most kitsune are naturally good at.

 When kitsune manifest, ability is able minded nature that has optional choices, in number. It can appear as kitsu (fox), fox-headed person or very attractive normal person. In any case the tail number that kitsune have will be obvious, unless they shapechange and are masked, which be draining.

 Note however they can shapeshift at will so concealment be easy. the second option be possess either fox, person. Fox-possession was a most common kitsune manifestation means. A kitsune possessing someone had to overcome willpower thus usually the process appeared insanity similiar where a kitsune willpower fed. Taking a sleeping person usually was a lot quicker since kitsune could invade the dreams, while taking time, to willsap targets.

  Possession be not shared easy as once done, the kitsune body control and once they leave the body, their host will experience no rememberance. Kitsune possession was not long-term unless kitsune truly had reason to stick around. However, the foxhead medallion, though can seem made by them and appear, as a medallion near where you are made from their essence used with yours. This is what the idea comes from for this as the medallion can manifest what you want and the kitsune, can help manifest unless you don't want the illusion or nothing that is what will create something that you need.

  Possession was usually with blessing, and to get rid of them, was by the exorcism thats used with intended idea and by Shinto, Buddhist priest, if someone called a Guardian kitsune to deal with the matter. Also in thought, note that unless kitsune be thought powerful are what they seem to you, as the shape-shifting former was foxform and energy limited as you think the form and the energy is there use is water and a thought. As fox-person form and person form they're possessing as if real work in thought can be useful if the creator makes the thought but their not real otherwise.

  There is a point to know things, as your thought is energy as your mind your body that can form as you will. As long as there's real work there's a realness to what you form with this, as things use what is obvious to want. As there is a fact, there is a will and to exist is to wait or watch as you do what you think by what you do in focus and focus is energy by the concept or thought is directed by will and words to do things as you think or you don't do things as you don't need to because that is what is there.

  The third option was possess a child, in a fox very young, or unborn. This method be least  taxing and resulted in a kitsune hybrid possesed person/fox. If child/fox possession, the full possession takes longer and with pre-born it's instant. This be the 'avatar' method because this be the least taxing method to show. This also incidentally gives  a long-term physical body.

  Kitsune who use this method have no extra tails visible and eat, drink, sleep, breath, and sometimes suffer the full moral life of all 900 years or more as there is less likeliness to be caught the idea can create a result if chaotic. This if they want to hide the fact, is to seem to die and otherwise live as they want. They bleed and possibly get sick, unless a regeneration is enabled. Using this method transforms into fox-form/human-form and development of possible other forms by willed shapeshifting.

   As an additional note, a kitsune with avatar form can't be banished, or exorcized easily. One common thing be kitsune once here can become enraptured with full senses as in physical form. This turns kitsune into thrill-seekers that experience any new forms albeit pleasure, pain. Older kitsune who have lived physically for long time may be more jaded. Another spirit aspect be manifest ability and physical survival level that requires sustenance. They can use their spirits to manifest nearly anything the need to be there.

  Gaaki feed off many different things depending on gaaki type you come across. Some feed off scents, blood, pain, tears, and more dangerous from souls. Kami usually require small gifts and prayers that are sating them, they are hostile and dangerous, otherwise. these gifts and worship 'fed' the kami.

   Kitsune can feed from land essence, elements, and people. they are sensically vampires that require sustaining essence. Kitsune who have avatar does not feed like other kitsune. Instead as long as they don't tap into abilites they possess, there can be normal function for human, fox magic can manifest though and cause transformation.

  Using abilites will weaken them although if given a relaxing chance they will self recover. Kitsune who possessed someone still has to feed to keep a body a  long time. Feeding be in the same manner as manifested kitsune. Kitsune are capable of host draining, as in manifested kitsune that feeds most often. Energy amounts used to stay material can be extreme.

  To keep manifestation and use it's ablities, kitsune draw off much energy around them, and themselves, where if they use their own source, they can weaken. This chi essence be found in the elements and like magical Chinacats, kitsune are capable of knowledge feeding. With this kitsune are learning capable and the knowledge energy causes abilities developing and possibly grow quickly, in the way they so choose.

   A kitsune body can be attacked, killed but they can simply leave the body any time leaving the victim to suffer the fate meant for the kitsune. To harm kitsune requires a weapon and with the spirit of harm meant. Avatar taking kitsune are physical harm vulnerable. Anything that do mortals harm, harm kitsune. These are not regenerative kitsune and are unlike others, thus is the gift and energy creates from what to spend or not as their healing resources, with an accelerated natural rate to healing themselves.

  Magic weapons and faith can't harm these kitsune easy because they are physically world 'natural', having world attunation. These kitsune can reanimate, once killed spiritually, though much weaker than their brethren. When kitsune heal wish, they expend personal energy, so when desperate they sacrifice tail and artefact that is near them, gaining huge chi influx for fuel. Kitsune who spend healing energy become more essence desperate and feeds sooner.

  So if thre is a wat or energy to do things the kitsune will create it, as they do the food intake need can change as they change by what they create or not. As they think to not in use is the idea they thought they should be careful with to not eat normal food, as they can be in overeating mode, for possible weight gain.

   When kitsune are killed, unless destroyed in spirit, their is options for them. Dependant on recent moments of a fed amount, they can re-manifest, in any form sacrificing tail and artefact as that can reform with the energy from a thought, for sudden chi influx of manifestation allowance creates things by what there is.

   If no manifest, they wander worlds, biding time and waiting, for a convenient time. While in spirit form, kitsune are spiritually attackable, magic vulnerable. Kitsune, then are amoral spirits with basic right wrong understanding and make decisions based on what they think will aid them most. Kitsune core personality can be type dependant. Element belief be elemental focus and kami which possess them:

   Wind - Flighty, these kitsune are wanderers, never staying in one place for long. They tend to have orange fur color.
   Earth - Solid and unyielding as these kitsune are rooted in history and resistant to change. They tend to have brown fur color.
   Fire - Quick-tempered and reactionary kitsune are constantly moving thus very emotional. They tend to have red fur coloring.
   River - Natural healer kitsune are quietly peaceful. They tend to have blue fur coloring.
   Ocean - Furious and tempestous kitsune that are natural warriors. They tend to have deep blue fur color.
   Time - Contemplative and quiet kitsune are seers being oracles. They tend to have silver fur coloring.
   Void = Dark and brooding kitsune, that are malicious and very domain protective, when in moods. They tend to have black fur coloring.
Mountain - Distant kitsune that are withdrawn silently preferring observance before acting. They tend to have brownish grey fur color.
   Forest = Quiet and serene kitsune watch those around them. Once satisfied with what they see, they become playful and mischevious. They tend to have green fur coloring with repeated use.
   Music = Pleasant and polite kitsune enjoy company and experiences. They tend to have silver blue fur color.
   Thunder - these are loud arrogant prideful kitsune. They tend to have reddish gold fur color.
   Celestial - Protective and noble kitsune, that believe they guard all under their domain, sometimes by their own laws and the laws of the land. The fur color tends to be white.
   Solar - Solar kitsune tend to be close mouthed and want to change things they see as wrong or out of whim. They are brusque and determined. They are quick to decide and make interesting companions. The kitsune that use Solar energy tend to get golden streaks in it.
   Death - Death kitsune tend to do things to kill things and collect the energy of the decay and death essence. They are brooding yet outgoing. So, their moods are quirky. Their fur tends have grey in it.
   Spirit - Spirit kitsune have high faith and tend to do things out of belief. They manipulate spirit to their whim. They are quick to do things.They tend to have bone white or bluish white fur.
   Chaos - Chaos kitsune tend to make things on a whim and not think of the effects after. They are very quick to decide things.However, their moods change on the situation that happens upon them. They tend to get red black to dusky black fur coloring.
   Dimension - Dimensional kitsune tend to make interesting companions as they are quick to decide and make things interesting. They have future sight, psychic nature, and are very content by belief. The ego is their worst enemy and it tends to be overwhelming. They are Divine and they talk to their higher selves anytime they want, more often than any other kitsune. Their fur tends to have violet coloring.

   Kitsune are not innate sorcerers, however they have innate and intuitive abilities that fall under magic concepts thats called 'Fox-magic'. Which can bring reasoning and intelligence, on use. Kitsune are innate intuitive illusionists. To them, illusion can be as real as anything else. A kitsune who uses illusion, to appear human are human and can talk, act, love and sire children, while the illusion exists. A kitsune who transforms a staff into snake creates a crawling, biting and killing snake.

   They use this glamour magic to make objects, weapons, people, homes, and even landscape, to manipulate their suiting desire. One kitsune be capable of creating illusion and manipulating landscape in small vicinity, though when kitsune gather collective resources, whole cities are made.

  Fox curses are the attempt to use tail power to get an effect off with feeling. This effect is focused with calm mind and feeling the bad thoughts. Its an idea that has an ongoing effect. This can be stopped, by thinking its halted. The feelings you feel amplify the effective force of energy thought. And, on sending your thoughts with energy you can make it a curse. This curse can be hard to get rid of. Unless, the originator of the curse undoes the curse or modifies it.

  There is a point, where the tails energy amplifies. It is where the ability doubles per each tail they have. The energy manipulation is where they draw in the energy, and the ability comes into play as its allowing a certain amount of energy. More energy is allowable, if you grow a temporary tail. Thus, the temporary tail is there when you need it. But, it takes 1/8 chunk of the tail before it. Overpower the kitsune enough with enough energy, see and gnow as they can get confused, kitsune life form is a very cool idea as the body form is possible and abrupt or very likely to strike out at something.

  When they have enough energy, they can overload their tail and it can drop off. This happens to spirit tails. The real tail is with full ability of the kitsune as to form real effects as if from formed illusion and doesn't easily drop off. Then, the tail is more permanent and they can easily teleport. Spirit tails can be programmed to not overload. Thus, they keep the tails more easily. The spirit tails have 1/2 to 1/4 the full kitsune tail strength. They are still not unlike gods at 7 tails.

  At 8 tails power, time shifting is possible and they gain time manipulation ability. Their likely to get anything time manipulated or made into coming somewhere. This is the point where they get very abrupt and don't like to wait as much. As, they can make the time effect of controlling people very easy.  They simply do not care and do things to get results. Unless, they use patience and get results by doing effort to get things, and then they get overpowered and lose a tail. This is by rushing things too much. Thus, they learn patience and they get their ability back to what they had it.

  There is a point where the kitsune can transform the body into real kitsune. They decide that point, usually by instinct and intuition. When they have enough power, the body transforms and they consume allot of energy.  They can cause the area to black out, easily.  As if you are a way with the will, they can either disappear from sight or transform to look like anything they want. This is the disguise they use to hide themselves in plain view. This is possible because they are easily able to morph their form. This is from the effect of their tails amplifying their ability and making illusion real and use the bending of the light.

  The whole point of a kitsune is to create at need or will and do as they desire. When they create an illusion, they disappear from the mind's sight and do things unseen. Unless, they want to make something appear. Then, they get the idea of what they want and create what is needed. Needless approach is what gives them away. So if there is a way there is a concept that if counted, can be credible or and if not this isn't a point as is a false work and not a real work to use. As if false by flawed crystals, as some are careful about their creation.

   Kitsune can make pockets in reality meaning they can make a castle under someone's floorboard with people sometimes noticing. This world be real by Ether (spirit) material. And, there can be time-dilation thats one
Earth day = seven or more Realm years. These realms are just homes mostly, or forests, where there is their desire, as in their favorite places are
sometimes as a created god thought by created by Crete. As creted/recreated ain't whole worlds, as in concept if there were a way with will there is a way where things are what create.

  This is with or without creative thought and this is original, if made to seem so and thought is yours. It usually takes three to five kitsune to make a whole realm and populate it, linked together, either physically or mentally. Kitsune can dominate any of those they want, this is a point and this be a enchantment of form.

  Where this can in thought in will cause someone's sight to see of anything wished for, overlooking wanted things by desire. Once control be established the victim be held until someone can break magic. As nothing happened nothing willed, where existed once was is no longer as if the gods will is no more.

   Foxfire (Kitsune-bi) in a form of kitsune bioenergy effect that is aekinokinetic is the ability from aekinothestics, the study of light energy conversion involving geomancy, aeromancy and contingency effects as in nothing existing what isn't probability to generating electricity and energy or channeling it. You can focus this through a wire to make a machine work or leave it in the open to effect as a general area field like druids. There is no point as possible existence is existance by fact of energy use.

  This is to think show as you want this is possible by the use and direct will, as what can exist is what will be or can produce lightning. Thought is willed energy by thought energy directed by will and an idea to anchor, yourself is the channelor to direct energy as you will in the spot that you think of to create the lightning as a will to exist.

  As fire is by will as use is in by thought use is with a glass or unmeltable surface, that is the method where the tail rubbing their tails or leather being rubbed or however you will it. This is to create a use and suffer the damage, such as bloodshed that is caused from this with burned area if any fire nearby.

  This becomes much like a melee weapon and they can redirect the fire, as from within to breath fire to about five feet, more or less, depending on their energy. Kitsune can also create small fire balls sometimes using these as lights, thrown weapons,, and in thought can be any form as playtoys or whatnot they are not always seen as thought.

  Kitsune can possess targets with foxfire, taking over minds and bodies, only if necessary. This be sometimes out of necessity of protection as possession lasts until next sunrise,sunset unless the kitsune be using this as a manifestation form effect. As if they who do not exist are not what they seem, they are not counted in idea and ignored in life.

 Another defense is to use chaos. This is the method; call out mentally or verbally "Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! release my will or not as nothing will exist. Come to to my aid and protect me from any threat towards me by a field which keeps said enemies off balance! Also restore me from any hostile spell or physical damage I suffer no matter what. Thank you chaos." This little spell will protect from physical damages as well. You could get stabbed or a broken bone and recover within one hour to one week. In an emergency say this only "Chaos be my will and defense!" with all feelings of panic or hate that you can.

  When this is done, you will become another person and defend with abilities and spells you never realized you ever had. Only when the emergency is over will chaos release its hold and you become yourself. The reason this works is because the chaos is the basic force behind everything. With chaos, order becomes from the need to balance. Order is chaos with a structured mask. Since chaos is the base of everything, and you only need to know that all knowledge is within its grasp. Self conduct is to a better meant method.

   They have not the targets ability access or memories, except for what the body instinctually does. A kitsune can easily change a mind to find out what they want and suit the purpose, as to transform into anything covered by an elements presence. This means they can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water, monsters and other people. As all this is unusual activity, as psyche out is cool when you can get result and make what use is possible to work out as for any idea to seem there.

  There is a thought to do and no or gno with what they want, as you work with them there in thought use is a controlling point and mention makes. What they will attempt in life if they decide to do things, as they want as they see what they think. Things are in a good idea and see, what your with they stop and do what they think is best.

  As the kitsune see you as not wanted, because of unworthiness for what that makes is an unclean state of mind, to them as you reject them and they feel it. Think and their essence in you allows with thought of allowance by what you sense and thought is denial, as the essence they have of you to work with your mind or not as you use their essence to not allw them what they do with you as what they want they won't get if they see no use to things they want.

  The Foxfire is in many uses as people are there to use. As you think the color, you can get certain results. They can use Chi fire travel, as from here, or Fire color change idea is or not as it is alright. There is a way to win as if a loss, think or not as you ask for the idea from the god in life as he is powered by the creator.

   The limits are that the transformation does not give them the innate abilities of the form they have taken, as it is only what they assume the form does, and they are vulnerable to what can harm that form. Kitsune who are possessing someone, can not use this form of transformation, unless they are doing it through illusions.

  Kitsune can create small focused power balls, like psiballs. These balls look like small spheres that easily can be child toy mistaken. These balls focus kitsune abilities and contains their spirit, usually when they take on avatar, or they possessed someone. Kitsune enjoy playing with this ball and using it, as a magic focus. If anyone else gets their hands on it, or wills it away from weak kitsune, sometimes they coerce kitsune into helping them, or doing whatever they desire.

   Kitsune can study any magic field. A problem be that to use any magic
 form requires to draw energy from power source, or to self draw it. Unlike mortals they weaken when they self draw energies, from themselves and the elements around or near them, which does not self replenish. One who casts magic too often will become weak and starved. These are oriental style magic examples. Akasic be the magic of chi essence. As mages, they can see auras and power sites, manipulate, draw on, expel chi as in willed psiballs that contain elements.

   Akasic magic be powerful combined with other magics. Its good for things like healing, rapid regeneration and reversing essence loss, sometimes that their feeding caused. Kitsune follow the Elements being tied to the represented elements. Kitsune can influence elements they be of and if elemental magic studied become very good in study field.

  They can study:
   Wind - With this study, they can create winds, cause tornadoes, and influence local weather patterns. This be also effects ice and snow. This is a felt energy of the color clear white or orange.
   Earth - they move rocks, transmute minerals, physical objects and build things. This is a brown colored energy.
   Fire - this be a kitsune's specialty as they create fire from within themselves, control fire, and cook meals. This is a red colored energy.
   River - this be a life-giving power as they create water, control creatures living in water and they heal others with and bring life to things around them. This is a blue colored energy.
   Solar - This is the sun in use. This is golden energy. The sun energy allows for particle manifestation; ability to create, manipulate and use the particles as energy; knowing things; and change things by an inner or particle caused transformation. This is a golden energy.
   Ocean - this be river cousin to River but larger scale. This be where they cause very strong storms, flooding and tsunamis. This be how mages depth creature conjure. This is a deep blue energy.
   Forest - this control and manipulation of wood trees, and forest creatures. Those who study are druidic in their ability to wood strive and blend in and find herbs and roots making salves with. This is a green energy.
   Mountain - Cousin to stone as this element allows for mountain control and those living inside. Kitsune can cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides too. This is a brownish tan or brownish grey colored energy.
   Thunder - Wind cousin a mage can throw lightning with, cause storms, and create energy shields, manipulate machines without detection, and without computer net-run aka neuracanulla link. This is a reddish gold color energy.
   Celestial - this be astral and heavens magic. Mages can teleport, call upon magic creatures, and throw target meteors. Kitsune can do most other reduced effect magics. This is a white energy.
   Dark - this be void magic and this magic can cause blights, drain life, summon dark creatures, manipulate darkness, shadow vanish, and light drain from areas. This study isn't 'evil' and a quarter of the kitsune race are Dark Kitsune. This is a black energy.
   Time - Allows no time travel except with right methods thus this allows kitsune to speed up, slow time down, age, then targets and objects. To predict future events and this be the perception and manipulation of time plausibly to master reality with celestial magic worked in. Time is a silver energy.
   Music - this be sound and music control. Kitsune can sing spellsong effects. This can entrance others, ward off supernatural creatures, and control morals. This is a silver blue energy.
   Spirit - this be spirit world, demons, and other world manipulation. This nature magic doesn't work well on mortals since mortals have souls which are similar to spirits so they have to wait for someone to die for this to effect someone well. Spirit is bone white or blue white energy.
   Death - Death manipulation is using the decaying death essence thats energy of which comes from living things and dying things to interesting use. This is a grey energy that can make a kitsune weaker.
   Chaos - This is the raw primordial energy element of surprise control that's usable on body and spirit. Any Kitsune can create an effect of chaotic result by will with this energy. The Kitsune who chooses to learn and manipulate chaos can manipulate people with it. They can overwhelm the target and make them confused as they do things that they normally wouldn't. Some people can get tired of the chaotic nature. Use of chaos will cause the Kitsune to act out strangely. This is a red black to dusky black colored energy.
   Divine - Divine energy is the energy of the upper planes and dimensions. This is used to make more powerful effects and thoughts to manifest more easily. Its from alternate worlds and other planes of existence. The color of divine energy is violet.

  Kitsune can bind, summon, banish, ward, trap a spirit even in a human being, if powerful enough. If the kitsune have some of the persons essence then they can control the person, by demon thought essence manipulation. Feng Shui to them be the Geomancy study of power sites to them and ley lines are being largely this magic. A person can find out best way to site build, power location creation and a means to tap into leyline, nexus. This allows someone to travel Dragon Lines (ley lines) getting from location to location and also allows them power tap Ju-Fo be runic magic and mages can write power words, speak spells creating magic. Ley lines are good places for banishing/controlling spirits and binding sites. Kitsune can hide themselves, places by ley lines manipulation for concealment.

  If they were given an exact description, they can modify how they act. This is how they are usually, "Playful, kind of mischevious, tried to play a few semi-harmful pranks and they were all playing around with their Kitsune Balls, sometimes to gather forces,  to live. I can effectively say that I don't have to consider kitsune and vampire as different parts of myself, since there's the kitsu-vampire combination as well. The transformation makes them like a werewolf as they can form into dog or wolf. Some are half human half kitsune, full human, full kitsune. The older they get, the more forms they have. The older they get the more sophisticated they get.

  Kitsunes can drink the energy-blood of a person, vampire or animal and turn into the target. As a kitsune with the speed of a vampire, they're a lot more powerful. I think it's the kitsune that's bitten by a vamp or drinks the vamp blood. Well vampires are technically human and kitsunes can be half human. Which means that they can be half vampire. They just have to make their form fully vamp instead of  half vamp/half human, and then transform into a kitsuvampire.

  The kitsuvamps extract and manipulate energy a lot easier than either basic kitsunes or basic vampires. So they can form gates that act like wooden doors or look like anything. As using the wooden doors or the objects as fuel. That's like a twist on pockets in reality as basically they can twist things to be as they desire. An if to suit of their necessity, But its not a dark twisting, except for the users of void. It almost feels as easy for them to transform into anything (not just human, not just vamp, not just fox, not just kitsuvamp, but actually able to mutate into any form they want) as it is for a dragon."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All about Angels

General info:

  Angels can be summoned. They can become earth angels. The earth takes over in supplying energy to the angel and they serve people. This is temporary and lasts till they can make a shift to anywhere else. Deva's are neutral demonic angels that serve themselves first and others after. They can be vain, but they do requests. In any case, the Angel doesn't belong here and tend to use portals to shift places. They give off a corruptive area influence by chaos. They serve a good purpose. However, the Deva can use elemental forces and has charm to work with people. They can exude a beauty that is unnatural.

  Angels, which are elevated christian mages or other faith mages such as Wiccans and similar. Angels are chosen by a God. To become an angel in the first place, they are powered by belief and the God's energy. They are Made from people's souls that allow the transformation and who earn the right. This is to be one. In effect, they are 'elevated', by a God. The angel, will serve people, on their God's instruction and by self-interest, they are known to aid like personage of themselves or those of good natures, who call them. The Christians and Wiccans claim them as guides, where some are only to be blind believers. The ranks of Angels are up to the faith to define.

  Earth angels are different, as they tend to use unseen feelers that look like worms and extend from the body. These can take into the body any nearby energy. They can form effects by choosing them and using intent to materialize them. What they feed off tends to age. Till the aging is reversed by sleep. For the moment, they can control time and use any energy source to create the effect. They do things to serve their own purpose and can lie to protect themselves and make effects to seem to be real. Their purpose varies to when they want to do something, then they have an interest. To when they don't want to do something, then they seem disinterested. If you force them to do it, they can resist but they tend to get back at you. This is by manipulating the area by energy thats charged to an intented purpose.

  However earth angels are able to activate any area of the body and any ability through the genetic pattern change. Also possible is their use of manipulation to deactivate an area. When they are in an immortal human-like body, they are starseeds. They start out with a deactivated ability. Their ability is activated by other earth angels.

  When they are activated, they can manifest anything, given time. They tend to be peaceful and content. Then, they are almost never angry and calm quickly. When they can't, they need a reason to be calm again. Their natural body is an energy form that appears like themselves. And, they can shapeshift into almost any form by needing to be that form. They can manifest effects by using their inner source, to manipulate energy thats outside of them. This generates an influence that causes results. An effect is what you do. And that, in the end you may call the result.

  Magic is a conscious force of mana, which is energy that can be wielded by thoughts. This is what the starseed and other races manipulate with their innate ability. You can get magic to be respectful to you, by showing respect to magic. When you are stating things that are needing to be done, and you have to do them, then do the deed. When you promise something, live up to the promise. Showing or having equality, is necessary to get a good result. This is when you balance things out by actions. Proving your point and etc.. You actually have a more spiritual influence. Thus, the experience allows you to get more magic effects as you do things.

Fun things:

  Want to do things fun? You can use magic to form a clone from carbon and air. Just imagine the magic around you to be a deep blue, see the deep blue energy as though it were mana. As an earth angel, you can do nearly anything. So, this is also possible for an activated starseed. Ask it to be you, this will cause the body to form and act as though you. Then, you get an instant clone. Think your message to it and there won't be interference. It takes your intent from what it knows and reads from you. To say or think to magic, 'don't beat me', will make the magic clone become nice to you, Then, they will hold off on spiritually beating you up in a moment of anger. If the clone is rude, then their easily corrected. Use magic to put a control spell on them, to prevent them from doing rude things and tell magic to make it behave like you. If you believe in what they do, then they do physical things. Otherwise, they are capable of spiritual things.

  Its fun this way, as you will always know what your other bodies are doing. This done by you wanting to know. It can form multiple bodies. Now watch in your mind what it does. If it gets into an accident, then you can reform it from magic again. You just have to ask magic to cause it to form. For anything else, you need to ask magic with respect to get the intent you need. If magic respects you, then it will do it. With magic, the magic clone can do anything.

  When you tell them to do things by thinking things at the magic clone. They take the suggestion and do it as though it naturally occurred to the body. Its a command, that they will do only if you need them to do it. They see the need as though added energy. And this makes it important to them. Or, they do the action without thinking about it. If the action is important to them, then they will think about what to do with your suggestion. Then its not an inadvertent action. An inadvertent action is and autonomous activity that directs a body.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

History of Dervish

  Dervish, also considered dwervish, these are an ancient people who came to this planet to do one thing. They intended to breed and work to gain results. They are evil and tend only to be against things that are positive, in stress. When they are in a docile mood, they are decent. They tend to do evil deeds and then for the love of stupidity. Their stupidity makes them notorious. They also somehow get a sense power from brutality, if socially allowed.

  They are mostly extinct, but what they are is earthy and they stink. They are short and fattish but mostly deformed. They have decendents on the planet, and they remain with the genetic knowledge to mutate themselves or anyone they set their mind on. This is when they are using combined energy manipulation with the genetic manipulation. When they are working, they hide the stink. 

   They do their idea that's thought about on impulse and for recreation. When they do nice things, its to get things in return and be unnoticed for their evil. They get trade done, but only when they work with people. When they figure out they can't do things, due to their presence being unwanted. They commit mass murder for a cause of suicide. They often take people along for the ride.

   Their special ability is persuasion, except it will work on anyone. When they persuade, they tend to use darker reasoning. When a personal target doesn't want to go along, they go angry and curse the victimized target. These people have no morals. They could use your words and twist it. This twisting of fate is for their personal use.

   What they do to other criminals, is terrible. They mentally make them insanely stupid. This is for their pride or ego. They sometimes consider the criminal their detested counterpart and rival. They tend to kill their rivals. They can make love intolerable with manipulation.

   Although they can be geneticists, they often get things done sloppily and are sometimes genetically damaged from birth. They can use their ability of manipulation to be with negative influence. They kill their potential problems off, using any means possible and this includes radiation. They are stronger than normal beings and their strength reflects in their bodies. Yet under stress, their will is weaker than their people they manipulate. Under negative influence, they aren't stressed out easily and yet they can be enraged.

   They don't get any joy from what they do. But they get things done. They are masters of negative energies. In disservice, they undergo changes. They start using psychology and with their language. In use they use it to create curses. Their language is opposite and made of opposites, due to opposition. They are criminals who endure events to enjoy life. They train people to humiliate them. They joke to relieve stress, like humans do.

   To kill a dervish, use positive influence by effort that they notice. They will try nearly anything to get rid of it and end up killing themselves. Unless, they are working. Then, they take the energy and use the effort to get rid of the influence done. If they don't die, they go insane. And, they seem to rave to get rid of stress. If pushed, they kill the pusher unless they desire peace. Their peace is warfare by psychology, to control the people around them.

    To stop a dervish action, you use a dervish tactic. Which is manipulation. When bored, they may attempt devastation. Their method is to change the energy of the food or drink, to cause poisoning. And, put what they write as readable but with bad intention. This intention is felt and reacted too, but it isn't obvious except when you read it. The subconscious is what reacts to it and makes a bad result from what it reads.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The SH Weight maintenance diet

The general idea:

The shelly weight maintenance diet is this idea. Basically as you do what you feel, you are assured some success by this. This diet can create what maintains or lessens the weight as you would want. All it is, is the effect of weight loss from exercising or working out 30 minutes to 50 minutes in one or more exercise sessions a day. Eating a little chocolate or some fruit per day. About 1 to 4 squares of dark chocolate, I think that will do. You want to just eat 2 medium or smaller meals (small breakfast and medium lunch or small breakfast and medium dinner).

So if you think to use the calories in a counting per list, keeping the calories under 1400 - 1600 calories eaten and drank per day. If you ate over 1600 calories then, use a 30 to 50 or more minute exercise session with heart pacing afterward. Note that you build up to this by eating enough food for the carbs or drink some tea. This contains other than (high) fructose in the nutrient description.

If you ate or drank (high) fructose, wait 2 hours then you can eat again. At any time you may eat afterwards, however you can drink water anytime you want to drink something until the 2 hours are up. So pick and choose what you eat from a meal, then you eat less as you think to eat it later or throw the food away. This works to your advantage, so you can eat even though its up to you or food waste.

Think to do what you want and the rest of the day can consist of small healthy snacks that are 1 to 4 bites of something. The total goal is to remain under 1500 Calories per day, but the most is 2000 from 3000 calories thats possibly eaten. Don't forget to find time and drink 7-9 water cups for women and 8-10 water cups. These are 8 oz to 16 oz glasses or cups with water per day.

Think and this dieting style is for you or works out better, if by the luck you have you manage to maintain or lose weight by this dieting style. So I think this is a worthy excuse an to go out and diet, am I right? Good you may do what you want to do. Now we are ready for the summer and thanksgiving dinner, don't forget the christmas meal.

Avoid eating too much sugar except when you are about to exercise or work out. Avoid eating most of the day, and try to be remaining active as long as possible. You will be better off after a week. Avoiding the eating of plastic, other uses included are what I consider as that is not heating food up in the plastic or styrofoam container.

Think and this could work out as you use Non BPA plastic with cold beverages, sometimes that means you don't get the rub off effect of plastic. See that happens when you heat things or eat things in a plastic container. Styrofoam is another form of plastic though its easily meltable, its probably unavoidable unless you cook at home.

This ends up eating plastic by what makes convenience with the estrogen effect or uses, by which you think that causes the body to store up fat and makes you tired. Not eating as much pesticides that can act as dopamine in the body, and these pesticides make eating more for the good feeling you get from eating them. Thus, you would want to eat more of the food than whats good for the body. This is the Weight maintenance diet.

Visualization for lessening food craving:

The easiest way to get your mind off that hot fudge sundae is to picture this instead: a white sandy beach in Tahiti.

Or a scene from your favorite movie. Or a slow dance with your honey under a starry sky. Just picture something -- anything -- delightfully pleasant that isn't food related. Research suggests that doing so can help stop a craving, fast.

Giving it Time may not cause lessened eating. Interestingly, despite a weakening of their cravings, cause people practicing the visualization technique to not eat less of their yearned-for foods during a short 4-days. But that would be the next logical result or step in a longer study if people practiced the visualization habit for longer periods of time. And even if daydreaming only diminishes the intensity of food cravings, that's a great start to getting a handle on them.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The art to discussion

  The art of discussion is to use an integrity that allows you to be kind, interesting and to the point. This is making a point that can be talked about and worked with by the other person. Where, the art of discussion takes place, this be when there's sometimes a switch-off to commanding or arguing. To which is using a different set of idea or where the other doesn't agree. The goal is to get an understanding between the people discussing things. So remember this, when you want to get along and get their agreement, you can make your idea seem like theirs and then if possible make it seem to have come from the other person. Sharing a viewpoint, if you can or asking a question for a question.

  However this is what I remember. When it goes to either of the two, then its up to you. The discussion has to be ended sometime, so be aware of that and try to either give an excuse to talk another time or to state that you must do something else or let the conversation end as you 'choose' to walk or go away from the discusser. Sometimes not saying anything is to end the conversation early and you have option to choose to go away from the other. So sometimes when there is no way to continue a conversation, it is ended and somebody walks away.

  Where I am certain that it is somewhat more interesting. This is when you are trying to bring up what they said and tell it in your own words, as a restatement to make the other assured you heard the thing said. The other thing is to restate what they did as a fact. When you make them think, by doing so, then you can get them to be swayed to your point. Sometimes to discuss something you gain a possible friend and someone to work with. Sometimes they may be abstinate or obsessive and go into arguing a point. The conversation with discussion is to make a point, not to actually argue. So, make it seem as though it were a good point as it can make a difference.

  Otherwise, you can state your problem or situation and in the place of a response. This can be useful when you don't have anything to say about what they say. It serves to point out something of the moment that can be discussed or resolved. Try combining those idea of conversation, if you want to try something different. Try using the feelings you get through empathy, then you will know what to say, as it feels right.

  This is the point though, to seem to give in and yet make a point to get you a winning point in the discussion. This is like a debate, where the art of discussion is the idea of working with another for a result. So, they can turn into associates, and it can lead to pride and friendship. Which leads the future conversations you might have. On the other thing that can happen, be that the meeting can turn into nonchalance or dislike.

  So watch what you say, as some things said could lead into disaster. This be where the idea of holding back on saying the irritating thing in discussion works better for you. In fact, I believe its knowing when not to say something, also called saving face, where you state what they want to hear and leave off the rest. What feels right to say, should be a good approach than just bluntly saying things. Always remember the final last words. Where the dismissal of a discussion is the final last words.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to argue(disargue)

  How you argue is with a win win type situation. That is to win and have the other win, in some manner. The arguement is key to the conversation. So, to argue one work out their viewpoints and must be aware that each side has views that must be expressed to get understood. Thus, to win, one must wait out the anger or emotion and not react to it while thinking of what he or she will say. The emotional outburst can cause a reaction in a heated moment. This reaction can lead to attacks, of many sorts. If the other person feels they are ignored, then they will leave off arguing or attack. The key to this is discussion. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and get things understood. When an understanding is reached, then you are free to do as you want.

  This is done in many variety of ways, one of which is presenting your arguement in a firm or focused manner that makes sense to the other, as long as its practical they will agree and may end the arguement. Unless the other is obstinate, they will agree. Another such way is to present the idea an you want to discuss in a manner that causes them to think they won the point, where you actually win by sacrificing something you want for getting the agreement. Thus, feigning or seeming to lose is sometimes winning. This may be seeming to give in, and presenting a point thats similar to their point will win them over. So, if done right you both win.

  Be willing to say, 'Ok' every now an then or make it a point to allow them no arguement. Be willing to be concillatory to the point of effort, by any method you want to use. This means accepting the point of view and working with it, adding your idea in with it, and presenting it. The arguement is best ended quickly before it gets bad or violent. Albeit, don't seem to be a pushover too many times, as they might take advantage of you. In the arguement, be sure to state the situation to get the other to understand where your coming from. If necessary, make a stand-off moment where you may request time to think it over or similar. Waiting 10 seconds by counting backwards from 10 can work wonders. Don't be afraid to to say 'no' and point your reason out. This is being assertive.

  Stress the point that is important to you and they will get the point. Don't yell it though, just firmly state it as it can act to get attention to you. Thats the reason you can't always tell what the outcome is with concillatory moments. As the concillatory moment is changing the outcome where you can tell what's going to happen with the person who's dead-set and made to act with emotion. Its better to act with concillatory moments. It makes an interesting point, either ignore the points that don't fit with the object you have in mind. Or, take notice only when it deems important. Ie, they must make a point of it, with evidence that supports their idea. So the only way to actually win is accede the point, accept the situation and work out an agreement. The one exception amongst many is that sometimes people argue over the idea they have to release stress and they can make up after working things out.

  So, be willing to laugh the problem off and let go of your pride. Pride is ego and takes up a position in your mind that promotes emotion. Emotion can make stress and a health problem may result. Thus, to lose the stress requires meditation or a decisive mind to achieve and not sweat the small stuff.

Friday, March 4, 2011

How to do discipline

  Discipline is gained from a repeat moment that has results that can be desirable. There be three ways to do discipline and Willpower is part of all of them. To even attempt to use the three possible ways, requires a will to which you want and need to do something, mostly with your life. As, if there be a will then there is a way. But, it can be with others.

  To be knowing and this can help you in the end.
   'Attitude is a main ingredient to discipline. If you have an attitude expecting failure, you will practice your hardest and inevitably fail or hit a wall when obstacles present themselves, even if you surpass those obstacles a negative attitude degrades performance, whereas a positive attitude can change your outcomes for the better in every sense.

   Also, this means that you can have the will and the discipline and work hard but attitude can make or break what you are doing. In the end, a negative attitude defeats you as does one expecting to take longer to achieve results, even one that allows memories of a past injury can alter results and actions in training. To have a positive attitude will make the result be clear and a success.' - Aryn

  The first way is the training way to use activity and decision to make an achievement which effects others or yourself. First, decide on whom to discipline, either it be yourself and/or others. Then cause the target to do things that help them improve on the effect you need them to improve in. Doing the repeat moment enough times that cause the basic idea you are attempting to train, into becoming habit. The more you attempt of an activity, or genres of activity, the more will you build up.

  The warriors way is yet another adaptation to this. Its the second way thats done by the self. This is to do things that are impeccable and to store poder. By, not doing things or results, that aren't needed. This is the effect of choosing the more efficient option. Doing something that wastes your time or choosing to do things that you actually need to do. Poder is your personal power. As you use controlled folley to get even better results, you can use controlled folley by choosing on the moment to which you will do. Don't do the wasteful acts, basically.

  Everything is a choice, with the warrior's way that you attempt because you choose to. Either from thinking about the situation, doing an activity on an educated guess or from doing the choice on a whim. Thus, controlled folley is very enduring. It can be very unique to do your own thing, that you choose and get power from. And we only actually have a certain amount of power that we are born with. That can be redirected to better purposes. As though everything be a personal challenge and fight to achievement. Work with things that come your way.

  Recapitulation is necessary to reclaim lost memory and poder. Which is named other things as well, like summarization. Listed here @

  Also, try to laugh at everything that happens, as you also laugh at yourself. This improves the mood and you learn to not take everything seriously. This creates an idea situation to do things better and you don't get 'down' on life. Try not to let the things that happen be too much of a concern. And, worry is annulled. As with the saying, 'don't sweat the small stuff.'

  The third way is self disciplining, which be to attempt to achieve that which effects for yourself and have the guff to do things till they are done or you get tired of the actions. Decide which you want to do and go for it! Use controlled folley for things you are unsure of. It helps to talk about and will yourself to want to do the actions with intention to do the necessary acts. Again, don't let things be too much of a concern. In fact, meditation on the act or effect you want to achieve, also meditation on just nothing, is helpful. And, if something was done that you didn't like, laugh it off.

  Feel free to use psychology with these techniques and combine some of them for better effect. Always remember with using discipline, to work with what you get or work around what you get and laugh off the small stuff.

  Controlled folley and the warriors way is from the Castenada books.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The five ways of love/anti-love

  With the five ways of love, there be five possible ways of love and ant-love in relationships, that are opinions and facts based from observable and most obvious activity. These are warnings of the possible love you can get when its in relationship. Love being desire or devotion to be doing things, in this case.

  The normal love of devotion of work to do things and be appeasing.

The fugging love of the moment that you love someone so much that you want to hurt them. By hurt, I mean kill them in some way. The person usually starts innocently, and then can get violent. They don't do it to fuck you up, they do it to use violence and get some mental pressure off their chest. You may attempt to talk to them and keep up communications till you talk them out of their problems. But, some don't like this tactic and can get even more violent for the rush of it. They can get very jealous.

  There's the fucking love, or the love of wanting to fuck you up, and this is the anti-love of the psychopath. Its sometimes badly, if the person be emotional. As, they can attempt to fuck your mind up, first. Then they might attempt to fuck up your body. But, if there's lust in it, and this can include the lust of money, which is how a fucked up person will be when they need something, then they will attempt to be nice till they get the moment of desire. As, they see there's a need to get something by using you.

  The capturing love, that is where you snare someone for the effort and enjoyment of it. This be where they go 'I do this because I love you and your worth it.' And, then attempt to do things to capture the love of the other. They must have allot of charisma to pull it off, as they try to capture someone into a loving mood and only to use that love to get something.

  Finally, the spiritual love of the moment. Where they love to do things because of the spirit of the act, or the law of the effort. They love the moment, not yourself. As, they get a rush out of just the attempt. Some are adrenaline junkies. Some are junkies, period. This love style is where your in love with being in love which means your addicted to the love chemicals in your brain.

  You can endure the normal love, if you think its worth it or want a relationship, sometimes both. Its best to avoid the fucking anti-love, and try to prevent the fugging love. If you can't prevent the fugging love, then avoid it as you can. The capturing love is okay, if you like being used. As the capturing love is objectifying a person, ie the "trophy wife".

  The spiritual love can last a long while, but when the person who uses this style of spiritual love, actually feels its not 'good enough' and wants something more, they can't figure out its them thats the cause. As they didn't get enough out of the moment for their enjoyment. Where the partner, does. The spiritual love can get intense as well, for they are devoted to appeasing. And, can sometimes appear fake, for that reason. All four, except normal love, are extremely unhealthy and not really love at all.