See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thesis magic use

  These are the use of use a concept and thought is a possible use. As use is done you can get  the idea, to attempt and conclude in what life you live with. As a live use is a use that is with activity, this is a thesis or theses in effect. This is the metarule to control and guide others. Think and use a thought directed to some other and as you are to use what you do. As my use is a thought your use is possible, in as a thought your use as a point in motion or a thought in activity that is done by evolved use. As a point in some use is action and some is thought you can get an idea to create with, as a theory is a basis formed fomidable with a thought or otherwise formed from a thought is a concept as a thought to do. This is a thought not done, if inconsiderable as you think use is cool.

Individual use

   This is a point of reference, of what I do for a living. As this in no thought, is a puse of what seems true of what this is in "america". What is thought is done, as if a moment is not there it doesn't exist if nothing done. Any animalistic behavior, thats about caused by a violet activity against an innocent is if in evidence can make the person into a karmic stranger. That is an animal shape karmic chosen, by criminal activity except no except as computer crimes are in innocent not abuse. There is a point to do things, as if things are a point to construe and thought are an idea to seem a source to use as magic.

  There is a strange act for love to get their attention to create in above the love, that use is a thought to seem "useful" in effective attractive or not. As if the act is not existent, that you can make in use of corrective affluent in use of a liquid charged with thought and effluent is the idea with use of an object charged in thought that can enchant or create the energy effect in a point of thought use. There is in use drugs and alcohol and that is forbidden, as that in use is not thought but activity. There is a point in reference that is referring to this, and as you think on it you won't actually use it. This can seem a use in things, such as 6th dimension and other places considered as a dimension.

The 6th dimension disjunction

   Think because "I am", use the third eye as just do and think use, feel or not what is a thought and you use your senses as a concept in what is a point in thinking is necessary. Think to repair, do a purpose or kill as they take in energy to seem use, as of what is their idea as a gift is energy. As you do activity use their thought, and if what do use their will and use it against them if their will is against you. Go now and if you are in an idea then you cancel, is the use and think of a point to arrive in as you are. With an idea and not to seem and just act your own self. If you already did this act, don't have to do things like this again. This can stop any askance look, with activity by what you use or do in life.

  This is a point to this as you think to use a concept, there is a thought that those around are there to do things to believe and they serve your purpose and create things for them to do with given suggestions. As exploits are a point in view, use the point to think and they will possibly do as you think with little or more chance to actually do an idea work. This is a fey to create a change in idea as a point in a thought, as you are not asking for things it will create subtly as if you feel from the heart. Don't overuse is "uuse" this if you don't have to use this. As this can stop by any no said in use with any activity, if you don't have to or to create what you think is a point in an action not to do if in ordinance against what law is in a use.

The indefinite fold

   Sink in like a blanket to the area and you feel warmth as the body folds in energy, so stop and do something else. As this is an idea, you can use this as a point to think and create. The idea is to stop and create an idea, that the moment you do things you aren't observed. Think and feel the energy, flow is there and use is the feel to seem a thought. Fold in the 6th blue silver energy within an idea to think and use the energy, and release the energy as you feel it remove itself as dissipated into the pool of mana. As you are an idea, use in idea a concept and thought is to use a gemstone with music energy. As a truly relaxed state of mind, is what you can think to use turn and shift fade away.

  Stop and then do or not, as you don't use the blanket as what you want to not do is overuse this idea. As an away point, if you are okay with "us" as if "us as this is a group idea" but in use is not there. In a use there is no longer any use, as in a thought is a point to do and function right or not do as things are not there to use in a moment that is a point to do. Other wise you can do things on your own so don't do, as an end this is as if your not sick as your not and this is the end point. As if a point existed, you can use what you think and thought itself is not there to abuse.

The Fun Conclusion

   This is a point in mention that is useful tidbit in information however don't jump to conclusions on what this is as isis made true. This is a point to remember, as you can say things you can do things as in if a thought you are an idealist with a mind and allowed for what you think. The dust of farewell is if you don't mind talking, as you adjust the mindset of the person you create a new form. The power into energy is what makes, and as you are the idea you are a point and the dust from a being is turned into flame. The dust is what is made from the idea, or nothing as you use thoughts as to seem with phosphorus you can get a name to the dust that you create.

   As if in a point, your a well being. This is to create a peace of mind, or to work within an environment to work with spirits. all's well that ends well if it ends in a thought that is what can seem a good or bade use. In idea he or she is use, as some ideal is useful as information is a thing of the past idea value in mind in body. In use its the value of the book that is only a value, in loss is losing a point that is a win as that is the use itself. As this is a use described this is in the future as in use is a point of view from the past, as lose or win you can get better from things in what you experience.

  The end is a well that is a point, as it collects energy to make a better end. The end is well, do as well or not do at all or not, as you do but as you think this think is nothing. As if a good quote of the day. The trick is a power that is a base, of itself as you are the spell form. Mage golems are a form, this can cause. As you are a recount in thought, you use nothing except that which is safe idea is an idea in a playbook in the daily times. This playbook is sometimes not used ever yet, as this in admittance in things not there if refused in life by intrusion. Then thought is a trick of the moment with this idea, trick book trick actions are in play or not as is interested study as its medieval.

  As if a point for things in a trick book play is something, that makes or creates a point, breaking anything you don't want that can improve the idea. Everything is a fun point, what you think in a moments purpose. As in you are point to remember, you think and focus to get the trick or not as you don't and think as you can to store energy for a reasoning that time is use. Think it worked, and it will if you believe it can or not as you are seeing what you want. As if so what ye think in treate, real thought is what you think in a point that is what you think.

  I temperally adjust the time, to suit the purpose for any reason. Temporal energy is what you think to do. I am exploring the unknown idea that are aspects, with what things are in space. Identified is you by what you see them as, think what you want and try to create a point to make with thought. The focus is to think feel and create by imagination or thought to the air. Think focus and feel as things as the things are not but a thought and things, you want at the moment are what seems and if not they aren't. This is a point that as your idea, your fine with life and as profession exists you can shift to seem where you want.

   Fun thinking is always done, as "timeo" is over as you think of practical moments of who is a help to a place or area that is fun to do. This is a fun idea to do, think of things like an order form now as you get things to do if decent thinking is in a concept to fix or make into activity. Collection is fun as you seem an area, and created in idea this is what seems an idea to wonder or work with. As a collective consciousness, this a point that creates things by what you are perceiving in thought. The last thing I noticed is that the medicine, if hermedics you can take this wherein is a point and in to seem is what disrupts your thinking a bit. As you think you know you seem as if you can think and if you can see, you are in an area that is not actually interesting there to experiment in. Some may need medicine, and you can seem a thought and thinking, you are you can create as if to seem a point that isn't created yet. As if a thought you can get a partner, and work your way to create a moment and the moment ends.

   At the end point in time adjust to end the moment as if it didn't actually happen. This fun is a time that is your own, and use is up to you or things you do self-support what you make to do. So whatever you do try to think and in focused energy considered with focuse you get what result, if possible to create as a do or not as an aphrodisiac is used. Which slows the wit and dulls the will, as in what you think is done as there's no actual idea to do as whatever it is. This is you are doing some other idea, as a thing in a meditative or meditaste pose as a meditation that cures and brings in flavor. As you think to see a possible use, you can try and if it works you can get interest in how you work. As if possible essence in idea is a make it up, use is thought in different things by feel with focus and by what you think this and mind as a point that is but if not liked isn't in mind.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thi in action

  This is the moment of a monster, that is what you can use as if an area to do things. The thought is not to do, or not if you do results and use is to make or remake something as an object. As this is an interesting thought, you think or consider in idea and what you do and these are results from what came from the attempt. So sit and read if you want to, or not if you already knew this as 'thi' is this in action. As in the thought you can seem if to restore, as though a thought is a valid healer and your energy heals if known.

The inverted tertiary field

   This is the point where the pleasure is greater than the pain, and as you are a point you can remember as though a time gravitation field were in use. This is the point where you are an idea in the pleasure, in thought you cure and things you think are time related to create what you want and make what you will. This uses the time mechanics, that are what you are and nothing else bothers you. The time that is there, is a point that is a concept and then you are whom you want to seem. This is a concept that is a conclusion, and end point that is a life force and thought that is a point to create with. As if a point you can use this inverted energy, can use what is a point and what you are considering is a point that gets done in the past.

  Efficient or not, the idea is an idea and nothing more unless made reasonable where you can get a result. The idea is where you are an energy, as you are free to roam and go and yet not in any given heart by energy condition as this can give you a heart condition. Healable by food or drink, intaken by what you use in mind. Overuse can cause a frustration and heart attack, as you think your out of energy you live and yet your heart is the thing that isn't too good a shape. In this field is the inversion effect, that trades heart energy with what is unnatural slenderness.

  No matter what you eat, you cannot actually say you can gain weight, as weight doesn't stay on you no longer than you want weight. In a thought there is a point that is a theory and that is where time really comes in, and uses a point to get along and make things better for what you want to do is do something else in or out. As you want to seem, as if or otherwise you are stable as a form. This is the point that awareness is naturally there. There is a point in where the thought you have is not as thought. Counted as illusion this actually shows in a glimpse, the point that is there and what you think realigns the space.

  There is the point you come back to your own idea of space or you ground yourself to seem, as if you came back to your senses as you come back you are awake and aware as to come to reality. As thought cast, you can create what you want as you need you can come to senses that are protonatural and super in thought you are very unique as you can do things and space realigns around you. According to what you think, you are unique in thought and as you think your awareness makes things.

The jump technique

  That is jumping and think as you focus, as you do balancing of what you think and know as this is the effect in time as you are able to adjust to the flow and frequency of time in space. The concept is very easy to do, the doing of the correct actions are to summon energy as formed by what mana is there, and you are imagining the frequency key and using sometimes in mind as things are done. This is where you imagine the idea as a memory, and you are as thought as you are in a pool of watery energy. Then, perhaps as you think of a time to goto, jump ahead and move forward to think ahead and see the idea form respect or if you can handle it as you are going through an area as a concept in thought, so with every effort and you are seen but not seen as this cloaks you and you are invisible and if they don't want to know they won't.

  Then, shift the conflict with thought shift is you are able to land and where you go back as you shift into the time of action, as to have 5 seconds to adjust your path. And, if you are jumping then bunch up the energy under your feet, as you jump as you are defeated by what you run into what is there as you are to understand as you think, no in use the life stream as the jump is done to evade as enablement is use of time energy essence to correction of energy, is to movement in time as you think of the flow back and flow forward and you are moving as though in a liquid time stream time move forward as you think it, time move back as you think it as this is the power to seem and is flowing with time by will for freely flowing with the current as though passing by time as you move to swim with the flow of motion avoiding the obstacles in your path.

  Time in achievement is 'thi' and you do as you normally are acceptable, as no reproach is there as you rejoin your body an as it works then you awaken memory as you wake up. This is what you find though as you do, their is a plane where you were in never in death land and then you regain cognitance which is thinking ability as you think and drink. Jjarbrla is as an effect of love them but not get near enough to no bump into them. As, you do you never learn too much to not do wrong with it. At attention to the time tunnel by time out and weight hunger, you will get to burn it away ill or not as all will get to lose theirs as your weigh of conscious goes as you want, as you ask things of the universe you get them to lose their weight.

  Forward or backward in time you can go, as you think to go to where you want, as this is like death and you are travelling to the other worlds as you imagine losing weight, by need as silver energy appears to be in your aura and then you can try, or not as things don't seem to be there. Time out and you can black out, and are able to jump with your spirit to see everything and think as change push in idea of another an your pace and in place you go faster unless you slow down. This is the thought as you think, and do things to go and know what is there to explore in imagination. As you imagine you know, you jump in time as you think of where and imagine and move and you know things as you see them.

  Do something that you want to do and enjoy yourself, as spiritual you are restoring as you can by drink of energy and food of energy. Do enough of thinking and you do and act as you see reason. The difference is what you sense, as you see in the time in your mind as it was, that which is of time and this is compared to answer the action with a concept of what you see in full figure of the memory so perfect thats its cerebral of what is right by that which you think with your frontal lobal part and it creates as visual action and you perceive them to shift your point of perception and see them as this is the method. If you can't perceive the jump then gather up chi and you think motion, and if you have enough chi with energy you do it.

  This is the time jump trick. If you use enough body weight, as energy mass drops down and then you will slim an can eat your weight down. Jumping is not actually making any appetite on you. This can adjust dream to make the changes necessary to get along and heal the heart. In particular, with psychomorphation there then that is a possibility of making by energy in transforming there or your han forced to change form of your body with a growth of chi change, thought shift by change of shape or change of form with a thought of the transformational form spell. Then, unless if your not on thought needing this and rediculously prejudiced about enticing your people around you and in the frame of mind the need not hit you as your brain seizes admit control and not needing this will stop the transform also a 'no' on the moment something will keep off. Particular seasonings can make certain effects. These are here..

The moment of fixl in thought

   The moment in concealment is what you use to do things and you use energy to fix things as you are focused in on energy, you create a concept a that is imagined to make the area change due to the energy reacting as if a conscious mind in the material that is there and your energy changes the area. This can use the electron to allow in you to manipulate what happens as this is a moment you can change by your mind mending the material by energy change and molding the in immaterial thing as an in area by thought forms and forms what is in connectular is in thought as if a 'bade' was state in existent in mind in soul.

  This is in thought of what can happen, as in with a mention and out with a thought, as the right vibration and idea is expressed as you are what thinks and it does. This is the idea in a point in which you are what you seem and you can say things as to focus and weave. For what in mind idea as you get in change, to get things as if in an effect, you use the thought in action as this is what you think you can get this to effect nearly any action or things that are of that which is in are in thought. The idea in a concept is what this is. For what you get in an effect, you use the thought as energy and you can project the energy forth as toward someone and they will do the action from the creator.

  This is as though reaction, this is to do an action reaction, is to do what you think for you to do an action and and think to create by what yourdoing a doing as in a motion is that which your doing as this is the thought in intended moments. As energy is in what will respond as with a conscious idea response, use that action timewise and you can get in thought to get what you want as this creates a reason to make. As if lightning is there, you can do things to make things and as you think and look around if any energy is perceived by the third eye. As and is interrment, you can make a moment to make something seem as if you want things you can get results as you look around and think of he results you get and you think to see and you can notice a difference in the area.

  Think of magnetics, as you can get magnetic effects as of what is in use as energy you can get the idea of what you intend as the gravity effect is use as an effect and EM field is the area around where you think gravity that is gravity in use. As the force of the pulse is the pulse of the gravity that can be forced to seem like, as a beam lance or outward bound pulse that looks like a laser and acts like a viewed beam of light, in a direced pulse that is pulsation by focus and feel in induced effect is by thought as what this is and in seems like out indispersed effect. Violet laser light can turn things violent, however if the pulse is stopped by not focusing as directed pulse this in effect will have no offensive effect.

   Use the now technique, as you look around with spirit and notice you can use your voice and create the intended result. The idea you intend is the thought you do, as you are using the idea disappearing trick. You can use things to get what results you desire by stating 'invisible' to create yourself as invisible as they who look are what they seriously think to see and this can be what you create in the object. As you redirect their minds by energy to the object world person, they do not see to think of you.

  Use a knock on the table, to create a thought and view a thought as if a problem if in the object world that is what expires and exposes in itself as if on your bed. As you decide to have it exposed, it will expose it by its own possible problem that is defeated as you think to see it as if already defeated. In a thought, of you your able to get results and your able to get things as if the table was there and with stones. Arrange the stones and tap the hem to change it, as teo is thought of tap them to change them as to get what you will them yourself as a pattern is order and chaos is no pattern.

   Use a knock on the table, as thought is energy to change is a thought. This is to change them as to disrupt, the flow of time variable in a moment of thought control. This is to make and change them, as a disruption field an dc charge fix them, whom you think to fix and this can be a object as well. As if as tune ups are possible, you can use them to corrupt or correct as in things at will are what you are able to use then your body is able to use as each and every thing is an element.

   Each element after what you do in use, is in what is usable, as a force is in use as if a natural thought we're arranged to do things and you can do things in thought as if action is a track and you can get fixes to the body as if you get a fix to your mind that fixes itself. As it is fixed, you are fixed in body time and you are not able to be effected, in time by anyone as this is ever again. This is as though a spiritual arrangement, to get things as to do them in time and in what order that you want. The next effex is to create a time shift, to get things to be somewhere. As each token in time is cog that is in the 11th dimension.

   This is where you are in idea, as you are with an idea of what may be this way. As this is what you may seem, and you are able to get an ability to work things out. This is where work is as it is. As this is the case, go on and do things as you want. If you are a special case as in your own idea that is what may seem right, as if proven this can create what you think and in need you are thinking. This is in need, as you can go on and do things as you will this you can do. As on a magic attempt, you can do things as to invert by thought effect you can either do real magic or create magic as if you do. Think and you are in, you are able to seem and you are thinking a secret to do.

   This also allows you not to use magic, as or not this is as there is an idea and belief is to use magic despite the effect of not being able to. As if you can create things, of which can get true psi effectively you are done. As if the object has a power, you can tap into it in space as in space you are what is there. You can use it to work and play, doing things in thought as action to do is to work things off and do things else as you are what is thought. This is where you can make and do. As you do, you can get things to use things and make things to recreate things.

  This is a concept, and win is loss of some energy as you are doing what is possible, as this is the point of what you do you get things to go. For this is where you can direct a car, or other things such as people by will because this is cosmic will. For power is from the objective will, as your in heart you can get better as you are thought to be good as this skill is useful you aren't able to use it without things to do. Change is with a change in what you write, or in think use mode to make happen as every skill as though thought enhancing as enhancing is by thought of enhancing you are drug.

   As though they have a purpose, this is by natural intuition as they know then they know as they are with spirit knowledge intuition that makes them now their future. They are what they know and past is done, as once they are omnipotent and they are in use of cosmic as string is use and as they are use with cosmic string, tho you say 'in no' you can choose the right moment or they will as you are suddenly things to do as it is to vibrate it and they will do as they think as if needed or they will strike everything with a chaos novas attack that is the aura they gather from elewhere as other people with live control is use as a source and as they are doing things they spread the death as chaos ensues as from their chaos novas death attack attacking their minds and causing these people that they killed to appear.

   As in their place this in their mind world, is as if a subconscious world existed that is ruled by the subconsciouses and by the thought of the people who are supporting with energy and creating by their will handle. Handle script as though anything written down were an object, and you handle it as this is an object to you to be used by them and done as they tap into them as this through the object as this in mind they are done and their land is revealed to them. As if they were explorers of their own land, in mind they are whole and in life they are in death land and you decide their form if they choose to be one as if they were you or they decide their own form. As they think to do things, in as never they are never dead they are with use of the cosmic string not attacking anyone, as if they were natural sworn to peace.

This is noted as to be in an idea as the method to control. They who are what they seem are realized, as they realized themselves through what they see or think to form and they control themselves as to be alive by puppeteering. They can puppet and you can control if they allow you to. Think and this is made by soul magic, that is from a guardian angel as they will do and an angel appears before them as they do and need to get things done and this can be done. As you break the thought, they stop and you can control them if they are will and do what they intend and they will do it in an idea if use is to so and they are to get them to do things as a permenant control is to those in proven deadness as a stone dead effect that is where they control if they feel threatened and then they are animation. Do they are the type, to get and retrieve as you use thought in motion to control by what you weave in power to work with energy. This is the point that you make a point of reference, and you get them you control to create as thought as you make a thought as permenant dead is brought back to live mode.

   As if a 'aloe' were spoken and thought energy were interred as though a transfer into someone and you get someone there by telepathy to control and use them as an idea in use. Use their source to do this as they retain zanity is with sanity, as a zflux level energy is used with what you think as energy is used as if magic by them who are as though an idea were warrior sane or not as they don't attack and with them use using power is using 'allian' an what you can call a source. This allows them to retain original powers and mind, as copied though from their original soul thought and believed to be theirs by signiture as a belated energy trace and energy pattern read in the soul and matched to the cellular level of activity memory as they have an ability they do as they want. Zanity is the moment, some idea is there as though you were a normal person with an abnormal mind.

   Thought of what they do, in any life is an instant restore to them and they are as if not ever damaged in life. Their way is our way as their way is your information, as put down as an idea to use and as it is you gain their ability as if copied and in entertainment that is useful. This is called an idea risen effect as you are the reiser and they are the risen as undead that are not as thought dead as you are alive they who are reisers are alive. Think to them what you want them to believe as they take your thought as though thought were their idea and noone elses, revert to form and as you do they do what they as they act as if on their dedicated act own will as if independant they are exactly what they want to act like and their purpose is their real mind as this was what they had before as they are a natural actor this is what they think about the idea to seem like the moment they are harnessed, they say and if discontinued this is anything unwanted religion unnecessary as if they are reborn again druid.

   Think as if stepping out of time, and you are able in a moment to go and check things out to see what you are thinking is correct. As you are to act as acceptable, you can do things as if of experience as if you know and observe or not. As you act to do, you are with a concept to work with unless not needed. As you are to get a thought you can work with it. As you can do things able mindedly, is the thought you use to move around with as though independently. You are arranged differently as you are interesting to watch. As this is true, you are doing what you are thin as for a reason to do this idea in the first place. This is where you see things and can be doing things as if first perspective view on things.

   This is where you are thinking, and doing as if you were needed as if elsewhere. This is where you are doing things, and not thinking about it unless necessary. You are what seems as you are project, this is use of a power area spot and by use of a stance you can do things as you project forth. This changes the power of the object, as this is thought you are away and you are away as you can direct by voice. This allows you to do an activity, as if you believe you can do and things make what thing you use is power to do.

  This is the idea, you create with the objects power that is the heart of you as the object can use your idea essence in energy to do things with in thought. In the mind you are able to work with things, you can make with mind as if you didn't eat too much and you end up losing weight. As this is done, you are possible as a concept to become and you are what you think where you are quit to thought about and you can shift to where you want and you can become as if born from thin air.

   In sequence of life, you are where you think you are. This is the secret to life effect, and you can create with a powerful effect. On a use on a fruit that you can use with a focus energy. This is what you think, as to do things and you get the drow idea. As you are in things, this is with an idea and think as you do. This is possible to do things, as its made possible because you want to as the subsconscious makes you able to because thats really whats happened and you fit it. These are the moments, as you are without apetite. You are an idea, as you are an idea and you can seem things to from here. And what you express and think is what you can in expression make to happen by what you projection oherwise and otherwhere. This can make an action, as this can do an idea in mind and this what you sometimes intend. This is to influence or do actions as you think and use actions to create a force timewise to create a force rewritten reaction in time to do as force.

   This is called because you can in use force in action, to create an equal or opposite reaction in movement as because you are what you use in a thought projected. This in as thought touch can set this and this is as though a thought to set off an activity as this is a force reaction to word things or not as you got things to go or not as you get an idea to play with you can do as though to achieve. Or if idea is cast, things can psionically be used as a go moment in a concept as though thought set off an event in moments that you will see. Even in moments, they can seem different as in the moment in of a wave effect. Or even if you do, you don't and then if nothing happens you can stop and do something else.

   This is by hand movement, that can do things and direct by will and make psi movements. This can make a psi wheel, to move and spin as if you can keep the spin. With a directive word, you can create and cause movement as if you were done. This is as though you were done psyching youself out, as yet you do though if you intend to do things and you can calmly create a movement. The movement in premode, is created as to seem real and yet isn't as it is the trick of the mind to do thought instead or thought is not done and yet this is called psychokinetic action. As activity is done, direct magic is cast and by will and this is made by thought that is perceived on a perceptive mode as set by trance.

  Thought of self love and action is what can set this activity as this is what you call prerequisite in idea. You breathe in and out and think of what you are thought to do as you do things you can do you are in a hypnotic trance that you can suggest and you can get results as this is out and about. This is made by will, and use is what you think, as you are thought with imagination and made with thinking and not doing as nothing you are creating thought with a mindset of a genius.

   You can credit by any thought to pay with an idea, card in hand as you swipe if you pay as if you had enough by thinking the credit was there as you swipe it. To get better idea and result to do with the thought to do. In idea you can create with credit, as this allows you to create any amount of money. So, if you are in attribute you can change. As if you treat the body in energy bathes, and if you are agreeing or not agreeing you can do things. As if into the aura, you can cause movement and you are with body power as this is if you have energy to work with use of its body power or not and that is the objects energy.

  Treat it with the idea real body, as if you were an object an you cause it to act normally. As you do things, you can form things or do other things and you can program in things as though the body is formed or unformed to form as you want as if you were an idea. Now power it, this all done by the consciousness as you think and you are released from the area, and that was a mesh effect. Think and you are working on things and doing with thought as if you were what thought. Thought is an idea in motion and you in thought is in moments to get a result, as this is finished you may go and you cause it to go.

   This is considered, and you are to enable yourself by thought that you are an able minded person as you are with an ability you had in mind. This is considered as use of a direction word. Use is of a different psi wheel, and you doing this are getting what you think. As this is psi action that is what you can do to make movement or create things from memory or other things in idea. As though thought you were a source, and you are able to get wherever you want as you go to places and get there as though thought 'teleo' to teleport to where you think 'I am not even nutty'. You can think and create energy, to form as though air itself were entropy. As for now, use is up to you for an idea, as used idea is possible to make movement and thought is through the idea as this is an area as energy itself is with thought or power. The gesture can be used to make movement to create actions, as with a void creation area that you mention and you are with an area or part and other idea to get created. This is not to allow control, on anyone that isn't wanting to be control as to control others.

   Thus, use is up to you as you are with act to do things right. As this can be used to make action, you can create by a word as this can create the idea and you are what you think to change form as to be what you wanted as if on an idea sight or otherwise you are with a concept that you want to be without glut. Because if you are in glut, you are no longer as you consider what you do and you stop for now as thou do in thought and you are quite well off in what you achieve. As if you do, fail or not you are a will as if food was a power source as thou were yourself.

  As if you are normal, you will succeed witha thought of magic to do as this is mai. You do things, and if you are success you don't glut as this the nature of negative energy. If you don't succeed, you are what you do and possibly eat, you will however not forget anything no matter what you do. This is what you do to get better, think positive and think of a success and rap a table or object. Then, the condition disappears as you disapprove of this and you are amazing in ability.

   Things such as this, won't happen again as if you are self-filling and yet not fulfilled as though a pseudofed affect. As this is true, it can turn false in normal and then things are normal. As this effect is a concept, you are what this may seem in effect unless you don't want or think to be it. As this is the natural witchcraft, you are making it work as if you think work again and this is with a hit to the object. This is the idea in moments, to use a molecular control in device that you use to create with and make a result.

   Cast effect is a spell effect, 'fidt' is your control as your in control and can change things as your use is with control of everyone. As if nothing you use as a thought is use. With a thought your in idea as you use what is there they are in idea, and you manipulate them as you thin and think by the idea of what you want as if you are a chaos elf, thought in a car is energy you can create and do things as work is work and this can make things run. As if a thump to some object, this makes things work as you are what seems to be at an end. Whatever you do, you can get the objects power in energy. Just by thought, you can get the object to do things, as if you are what you thing as this is what you do in what you want you can make things run by themselves. This is where you want and the objects power surges, and you are exactly what you want yourself to seem. As timewise you can manipulate any result, you only have to get the result in mind to get it your way.

   Ad energy is used to get any useful result, you are with to get a result you are intent to do as this is extra thought energy to use with a vehicle or object to be not in as you want to remain outside in your mind world. As your thought is directive, use ad energy and you can do things to do with impossible idea or whatever the heck you want. Otherwise, you won't do anything that you say if nowhere in thought as to create things their way. You just have to do it, and and you do things in what you mind. You can create what you are in yourself to do, as you are with the idea in idea and summoning is done.

  As to stop the thought is directive 'or not', you can create what is the thought into doing action or action is done by itself. This is moment you think and create what is created you can find in a store as you ask for it. As you can create and this is done, you create what is to be done by derivative actions and depiction. This will work as you are with no resistance in their mind or the object as it isn't possible to make possible unless the power of the activity is done and depict of thought the object thinks this is thought done.

   An object can be used, to create with what you want as will is energy and thought is energy that is combined with the will to view and create as with a thought of what you can think. As use is the power of thought, that is what you can use to create an event with as this is the end and this is the moment. This energy of yourself is used as a touch or teletouch to become an conscious that is an enhanced object in conscious. This is an effect of molecuratronics in use.

  That is action in molecules, in the thought of use as this is molecular structure in identity and you name the identity to be of use and it will act it out. You name it, it will do it and this is what is in considered as a thought to do. What you touch, you control and you create the energy of as this is the thought in mind, in a considered thought the cosine creates the pattern as you create the idea the pattern uses as a wave of energy passes through the area. The thought as energy is from its wave pattern, you can create its patten from a thought as you think.

   This touch creates the energy, to be awake and you are with an idea effect to manifest an create with at an idea to play along with and use for your own. In idea you are with an idea, you can get the wait period as you were and you can get results as if the end result were a point to work with or this is not to be done. As if there is nothing to do, in activity by time things can stop as if on their own will. As this is on a mention, you can get things as if you were good as this is what you can use to seem good, use with care as this can do things interestingly. What ends this, is to use thought of something to do and use this as an idea. The idea is you name the condition and it does ther idea. This can cancel out an idea, in action you are as if you revealed yourself. Such is a way to do things, as you are notwithstanding things as if use is a concept and not with disagreement. As if thought, there is not much left to do.

   As you are, the thought of yourself can stop you from doing dangerous action as if in retract you are going to do better. As if you are reverted to yourself, and this is what can make things ad if by your thinking and what you do is your intent if you use an object power, but if you use natural energy you can do thing in super spirit by natural flowing frequencies. This is being done as if by your spirit, that uses and makes with your subconscious mind. Your spirit is what can do things and yet not guarantee results. Your spirit can make and attain to get more done. To make and create a thought, your spirit can make or create a thought and this is as if you had a crazy streak in you otherwise not. This is as if you had an energy, as ability is there if there if you believe you can be here or there as this is an unnatural end you can undo it.

   This is the use, and with the creation you create and make a thought. As the idea is to create, you make with drow as if an area creation. The creation of drow is to use dark mention and intent, as they use this to create dark elf making in ability. To use at will is to create at will, and this is as you create a think and use them you create at which you will to create what you in spirit will make and then you create what will view and become. You create what you will in thought that is what you do in which you create things to do as you are done this is what an object will create for what your spirit wants is done. Clear and you are okay, in mind, body and spirit. This is in creative idea, as your spirit wants in a point that it is there is this as if natural ability as if innate by the focus of internal energy to be at use. This is as if a natural intuitive, and in though this if approach is real as if intuition were done on inclination due to insight.

   This is just what some others can use, as with a defense is use and anything can be a defense. This dense is as use is by thought, with defending and possessing others before they attack, and you are as you always gnow you know and you can do as it if you want. This is premonition, that is by revealing through the asking of the subconscious and you get an answer as if by a yes or no answer or full statements as the single answer is a fishing idea and the full statement is a moment you view as if a vision as it is needed. As thus you know by premonition, that reveals by what is there.

   That never the less effect is what outer bodied beings, view and see before you try this. This can seem a dangerous approach, but it is thrilling if you don't mind the danger, as if a power sport. This can seem to do as you think, and focus is this with a full understanding of what is there in mind or not as there is nothing more to do. As you think and type, you type true as this is to use inter energy an use if this is done. As though thought, this is a thought to know as if from inner fire and water without you can find what you need to know.

  As this is a thing you know it or a vision will occur to you. You can hold up a hand and make a vision appear, if your ki from chi enough the subconscious can use the sunconscious as if you are able and you think as though you are intelligent, with a greater intelligence. Just focus in control and you are in control of yourself as you yourself to use is 'ofof' you are an idea. As you are focused in control of yourself, your in control of your feelings and your feelings are led to be in control of your emotions as if you toss a kushkush effect which is energy o focus and is of use to be with.

   Control your body, be with thought and with the words 'or In thought, In mind, In control'. This can make things by a voice control and use with a thought projection in a standing stance. Thats the thing you are in control of yourself, as you can waste throw away or water control you mind then you don't. As this is in hex, or otherwise things will go amazing. An idea in mind is what, is an idea in your inner universe explored by your inner planet. So, anyone who wants to use this is enabled and hey who want to use it are able and likely.

  As if to make use, don't end this if it is useful and this is by the thought symbols in power embedded line area, or as if needed you are able to create it with a thought. This is powered lines, by powered idea from thought drawn into a symbol any place you thought about. As this is to think and use it. As this is as symbol, you can use this to be anything thou direct thought in response to create an end result of concept in action in activity.

   This is the symbolic power symbol, as your in the thoughts they the lines are powered. As the thought that make are power, as energy is drawn to use and directed by the symbol drawn right as it is felt right. This is a psi sigil, for use to create in real life. As there is spacic area that habitated are with no magic and no psi energy there is a way to tap here on the object. And you draw forth the energy as you held an object, and you are with a good idea to do. These are spaces that are in a nothing realm, that are with the heart of an idea that is the object. This is where the point is 'or not' as you are likely to not sense these area, you can bypass the moment in thought to not be there at all.

  Thus, this is what can be used, as to cause a natural result is to focus within and without and you focus your mind and you create. This is where you can easily, use a thought to get a result and things that you know are enough. Otherwise, to create for what is inside is to focus within, and feel the things you want as you want be and become. As you feel the strength within, as you do wish to not lose the humanity you hold and do as time is allowing. Think what you want and feel the strength, to real release the energy directly into yourself. This allows you act as though you were your higher self.

   As for that, if you release you can do what you want as if you are whatever. An idea is this as if you were there, you can see a burst of energy that is what causes things to effect things outside you and as the inner world is actually outside and without any concussion by delusion you can stop as the natural flow of energy is what makes  and can do. In a moments notice, in what you say as 'ef' you can do things that seem in on a purpose and not in moments you can create alone with. This is the ending point of what you can do, with things that can be in expression.

The Trial by thought

  The triple action idea is whar you do, in a hostile area using a hostile act that seems good to be in and you are safe when your in action and you find something to do. This is only to ensure what you do as in an idea that is in defense, and you feel the need to get inside or some strange thing might happen elsewhere as you can think then as you enter the first action is to thin there and do else to not get noted for the effect you do. The moment a strange thing happens find safety, and think to mae a defense as this stop time and you get somewhere else to go and explore with the help of those you think of in mind. This is the actual technique from the life I just visited. So when you think, you can use things to trace the problem an you can get things to go help with as to solve the problem, as if you were able to fix the 'source maei' as in a source of life that is a life that you fix it by thought and thought make better for the purpose that you try. As you do this, this in mind is if the only option is to kill the problem.

   Use 'Marrow' to form a trial as if to effect things and use is up to you as if you think you are to see and fix things as they are broken, as a third person observer and this is traced to the source as if to a person, you can then if to kill the person with a 'slicer and dicer' energy effect or 'dicer' with 'noter' to create the 'Do as in the thought' effect and then use things to create things as if you were using their source. This allows you to create with their essence, as if to use your aura and make a persona and present a good reason as if 'reisen' were a reason as though to goto the store and buy candy as the alibi.

  This is where you can use a concept that is what you do, to use things and bolster your spirit and you can create with thought as if to 'infamy' or use the essence as a concept to appear as an enemy in disguise and do things as you get close to your target you nailem. Then, to get out you walk out the imaginary door in mind as you are then in the real world. This is where you can use the persona technique, to use essence and thin by dimentrical in real life energy and use is things to create things as on a need to find and do a purpose.

   This is the point you gather energy into the aura focus point and spread an idea of thought in the aura energy from it and your perception changes to what you think to see in the soul or area you want to see. This uses the thought in action, to see it is thought thinking about it you are not and you are there. In action is using time as an idea to create with as you think the idea to use you create things, and you make thought to be thought and even though you move or not move you can disrupt the energy flow around you and put people to sleep as you do things as need.

  To 'wee' as to wake people up, use discipline as you create the energy flow as a watery 'enffect' as an energy effect that gently wakes them up and the energy you distantly disrupted. As you approach is restored, as the store is repaired as you visit if any damage is there to be repaired and otherwise don't fix it if its not broke. As the energy you used is there as though you are in idea from your energy, as in essence you can by memory be traced back to where you are so think and you go as if you move and the energy. You left this is gone as you, so you remove it by thought in energy dissipating itself as if you have proven an interrupt in activity vanishes it.

   Things in mind are suddenly more real and things outside are less real as 'realarea' in effect. This is more like an idea as the idea is what, as if you are the idea you can thin and think unless a wizard in accomplice not needed in thought but is in there and treating things fairly as you use him to get better idea. This is the area that you can take in energy, and use it as essence from an object as you work with the information from it. And no smacking around till you think someone deserves it, as you need peace and calm in your mind you can create the aura effect by a thought of 'yuri' and you use the essence traited for effect to create a new power with energy effect as if trained in it and use is the energy around you.

  Then, you create the persona, as this is necessary you can use the magic as in imagination and this is where you think it and you do things. Or create creating a sigil, as if you understood it on the spot as this is created on the spot it is empowered. You can think of it as you do things, but in essence you are different as this is the sig you can protray things. As you act civil, you drop the idea and the idea is not portrayed as if a person by the aura. As you can know how, as you can get so I now how to act to be known or in any of this you are what this is not noticed to be.

    As if a different person as if you are using your aura, to make with a thought and manifest the idea that you want appearant. This can make things, such as an interred idea to fix and use a new skill or thought creates the persona in effect, which is to make the idea to create as if you were one to work and this is the 'intimate' or 'inemate' idea to act good to the purpose and get to know the person. As you do things to help, and as you don't do things here you do to give return and you don't unless you need to get things in idea finished. This is in an inverted field of energy to control the area with a thought, as if to help you can hinder if they are criminals to people as to make them think what you want.

  This is to create an actual idea as a person in thought becomes real from their essence and you essence guides them, no this you can as can is can't to seem what this is as though you were that person and that was an aura personality of probability, that is a mode to seem change as if a mask and this is of what you think and this is due or not as you can get be nice and salvage things and you are not here. As if you use real illusion this is to make an imaginary cloak to seem disguised, as you are in thought to appear as if real in the imagination.

  This is the trick to disservices, the idea if thought on in idea were real but this is not as if your charged or not changed, and things you do are remembered or in thought not seen and this isn't to happen as in though real to do things unseen and your aura made this so it can unmake it. As is 'inme' is in effect using flames, from somewhere else cancellable as if believed not real. This is approach to do as the thought is what just deservance as 'creatres', as the person thinks they deserve it they get it.

  Whatever they decide to do things as, you can get the result of what the person wants and if you were acting fate out you can use this on them as if they were fated and due of a purpose. You are what you seem you want, as this can make things to be as you want to seem as though good and as thier subconscious is to make you as you perceive what they are thinking. To avoid the bad moment, you can avoid the term and you won't get any bade response as the term is use in mind as use is to be as to not be done as now this is the seen and to not do is not to use this.

   As sane you do and not use, as this is to use things of the terms as if an energy source. That use is in nothing as use is nothing appeared. As you are not in use of the term do not do things to make with, if you acted right in a rite to do as if 'dlo' this in mind is where you can be in thought and do is not. As this to not make manifest and even if you summon, and you do not do nothing as with you feel to not due as with a thought with the power to understand by natural results. You can use energy as you unsummon with any incident of nature, considerance or thought, unless not a moment this can create despite what it seems in an idea as you think with a thought you get nothing back except energy. Use of a mention, is a thought that is quick stated an you in thought, are what ends as in this is what you think in an idea that can form unless in thought you are okay with the idea. So change the thought and you change the mention, as the in thought mention changes as there in idea you can see things as they will be as if by what time says.

   To do an idea to see and you can pretend to seem, and you are easier to work and counter with as you are there or not to be. They, if they are to be there are use and you can see to know, as you draw them to where you want by thought of them and things they do shift them as you use their energy to make them appear in idea. As in you are what you seem, abort a thought in you as you can then use idea if you want to use the idea that opposite in mind is synopsis by energy. Unless you are not to be effected, and you are are won and you are good in their mind as you are then able minded you can use things and no to uncreate things or use things to create effect.

  Think and the disguise form changes, to be as though someone else if you desire to be seeming to know and you are what you think to seem and be and you aren't exactly like them. Think to be and seem, as you are and you are as you seem to be and use it if you don't need it. As depiction can be real you are what you think, or not in as a condition is better and you are not dead till you think to be dead. This is as though a real depict, as think you are and you will be if you are as then instruct not as this isn't necessary then it doesn't happen as if no promises then handle it.

   This is controlled by thought or not and you can do what you are possibly able, this is to use the heat as you thin by the inner fire and outer fire energy and your thinking as 'not' is used to get better result as you stop in an idea as you go around the area to create better. Then as you need to think and the coast is clear, you use the idea that you get and then think and do else to create as the moment is done as then the point is where what you do is not always to happen unless its needed as if your aura and gift made you powerful enough to be recognized and things are either against you or not by the spirits. So you look, see in and think to do as you do what is a natural cloak, to make an act to do things to get along to soothe an area with energy as music flows as if water. Don't in act crazy, and out act weird as you are what you think to seem. And as you act you can become what you want.

   This is otherwise, as you 'now' it you can create it as if you know it to know. The idea is to leave it alone to make improvements. You can study as yo eat the energy you gather from elsewhere and you get things to gnow. This is then and that is what is an idea to study. As if you were in no trouble, you think of no trouble as you do things and this then is the last idea of the moment. Then if you are what and you are free of guilt as you can assume, the moment you pretend you are not guilty you act not guilty and this creates the right reaction through the aura that you belong there as if you were innocent or not guilty. Then, you are normal in appearance and not abnormal in mind as you are then easily studied as though the field of study were unnatural by the field of idea energy. This would delude you so use this and get things as things are pointed out, adjust by thinking about it and you are action that is 'of' the accepted the way you want to seem as they want you to seem as this is to use a 'just' idea in mind.

   As you can use this to do 'I do and I don't as I think about it' and think 'I know what you think' and you instruct your subconscious to make as you know, and change the energy 'sig' as a signature that makes it know as though in trust as if omnipotent and this is where you are 'I now what is going on and do as though by the spirit nowledge' what you think if you want your idea to work and things block it like a copy from the mind library of the person. Then you give things as if there and not be there, and you are anywhere and wherever that is not. Power ranger, in effect by force of what you think and the aura manifests it in idea this in effect and you can use a biosuit and this is a safe gyver diver suit of armor to pull this off. You don't imagine you do. As this is the thought, you get to go and do as normal till you lay low enough to get away or make an effect as not or nor not.

   Think and seem yourself as to invert an idea energy such as weight or other things, and as you eat you actually lose weight or thought can be there as if you drink to invert the bade idea this is as though it were. An energy drink and to think is to create things, by the energy to draw and use han as true heart energy that restores by quick regeneration as your heart is restored by ki and available use is chi to strengthen you. To create an immortal thought in 'fet', or fey form by feat of activity and imagination or not is to end this and if is you are in thought you are not recognized for what you did. As you are returned by going back to where you came from in hidden view, if as though you were a thought and with a thought 'I am not observed' you are not unlike a shadow that you are not observed in an area as you can appear like any person you can think to seem use with in response or not as you act yourself.

Thi as 6th dimensional effects

  The point of this article that you think is to get a concept to go and do, if your bored or not and you don't want to be this bored. Then think of something as with a observation, which is the 6th dimensional idea to do or reverse the problem as it comes up in awareness with traces in the body.

  This is a thought and that isn't what you make things to do with, as this is not stupid and you can attempt or not to do is something not to be done and thinking smart in this area as if a field that creates energy with energy in thought. As if you were doing things in your own interest, what is right is up to the beholder. As a reserve of mana in the body to make use of energy, that is if thought intended to do, as if seeing an idea doesn't create it as you are to attempt or not as whatever you want.

 This is the ideal that life exists, then use and with use this is a fact of life with thought of the fact, and that ends the start that life is a concept that is in things you use imagination to create an ideal life energy. That is a lifeforce, that if imagined you can us it to create a life effect, that use is what is thought as there is not much life energy in what you use.

  Personally, it is simple if you have a great amount of personal poder/power. Calling the mental dot as uniting point, it can represent that uniting point that can move. This uniting point is a unification of forces that make your perception up. This movement of it causes your perception to change. When you are dreaming, it's moving to left. When you're shapeshifting, you're moving it to down.

  As in shapeshifting, its done by holding in your thought of what you want to become and holding yourself by your aura and it becomes spiritual. You hold your assembly point which's on your collerbone (on aura), and make it go downwards. It's called as the devil's inn among naguals or spirit warriors. As you shift your shape immediately or not as in existence as what in existance ceases to exist as nothing can happen or not as nothing exists.

 This can use all the memory techniques.. from

 The boost of this is a point by purchase with Yin and Yang energy electricity in use, now as its about and the in moment energy idea that your male and female energy sources are an opposite but equal. You can summon the yin energy into your right hand or left hand and the yang or Yang in Yin energy into the left or right hand and focus the yin and yang energy together, into the hands and meet the hands to send forth electricity.

   There is another possibility of focusing yin and yang to do different things. To do this, think of the source as of Yin or Yang and collect it as where it is to be applied. Then focus by thinking on what as what you want and apply the energy by letting it go. As though the yin can be chi (which is unstable and creative) and the yang can be han (which is more stable and creative).

   So use yin and yang is hope for death that is a thought for unstable idea that is of chaotic or femalish means that last until you focus on something else. So if yang is life energy for stable things that is to use of creative means and that last, even after you focus an on something else an or until you decide if not to be there. The application is to thought that is possible to be done by unique idea as you do an action that thought up. To create is use with energy so use is energy. By use it gets easier as you focus use by meditation or relax, as a thought or what you practice is done easier in idea.

   This is to magic as thought is a type of magic sometimes thats done to cause major results, as you draw in energy from the 6th dimension or its abhorrent magic strain in some water energy. This in thought to create results is that think you can remove aberrant idea to stop an influence that forms the abhorrence or something that is unnecessary.

  As tis a basic point, basically its thinking of your purpose and intent as you create some end result. Then as it is unnecessary as you did what was necessary as your subconscious thought the idea is as in the right word achieved, stating the result can remove to erase the result as you will the intent to manifest if necessary.

  Possibly drawing a sigil thinking of the result, to create the effect easily, as objects are what they seem as your dead from even mentioning. This fact from the charged energy already nearby to use, as your relaxed in as a 13th dimension is the ruler Feloh or to see use to kill from the root Felohk or the crystal that was cursed. As anyone that wants to get killed thats around you or the area can die.

Conscious Subconscious focus in thought

   That is the area to use by thought or feeling is the area in use. As your balance is there in use or thought is energy by summons with magic. This is what is there in by what is an idea in use. As there is in use as essence to the thought, your idea is sense by te feel in the thought to the use in energy in is thought to seem as you think or create by feel with focus. Their is there as theoretical in use, that is in nothing sense or sense by sensical use in idea. Ise is water ice  frozen by an idea of coldness.

  As your sense otherwise is known by telepatic by sensed feel or thought is there, think to their mind that your sensed as you want to seem sensed in the feeling. As your sensed in life your life "ese", essence in thought by thought or thought by sense to them. Say with thought is sometimes use in activity by the essential oil to use, as a profession to live with what you see useful. So not reacted by reaction or as thought you believe until this is proven as your cool.

   As the area your idea is sense in idea if in nonsense is innocense or thought sense to feel or by the feel. This is focus by the heart, thought in idea to the area time sense allows you to see to travel or seem to the area that your safe to allow or not bother. So the right idea is sometimes the right idea in images, by the perceived to seeable place you think as the right suggestion is the correct activity.

  There is what you sense or see by illusion to water idea. As you see by adiou or action in perception, so if you know water that is effecting you. That is there so you can see nothing unless necessary to the sense, create in the idea or not as tough is thought an nothing. As you see this is gone with the right vision or not to use, if not necessary for those that need to work or over work don't do as you leave to wherever.

   As you think subconscious is with a conscious area or use is the brain activity, thought is no to the feel that is the subconscious consciousness in idea in thought. A theory is thought by the telepathic use in feel, this by use in idea so in new experience your cool by thought. See for the experience thought or hurt to others that is not always wanted, that is prescientific warning to see what is there that can deter or see as you need or not to not do.

  So tune your senses by idea in or near an idea world area, there by sense to see is by what is there hidden in life stop you've seen. As thought is what you think use is consciousness or think you think to see, as you walk or see use so to go to use as you see what is by the energy in perception in use. So this is a point that you think, creates by view the energy you think to exist or unexists sometimes experiences with extremism.

   As this in thought creates as thought is not in use, if thought not if no interest as each one is a way with thought. So don't always dismiss what is thought as wrong. As you so or seem in use the area energy matrix creates by the planet energy, still or not seeming as is nothing isis creates is there unless necessary or is what you do thought to create. This by listening is use as a watch with concept or not is the use in thought as aether thought.

  So not to do is in thought or seeing is minded idea. This was what I got from a few faery tales, that I watched in the computer use as Anime episodes are thought to see or in exist. As your an energy being created by love, this is your idea by magic your own creation in idea to not always use. You have a magic soul by what you use magic with sex.

   The method to their ability is the third eye manifest, the eye master is mastering by idea that you think is open to create with no feel by thought. No feel in thought is a feel in thought or not is sometimes yes because not is nothing in concept, think by the use that you can see as use or your sense is feel as you except to what you perceive or not is allow in thought by love or life.

  This can seem what you are or is thought base view in life, seeing as your based view in life changes view or what you sense. This or use an idea that you create with, this as the aspect or sense that creates your idea is what your sense indicates what is right or considered is cool clues. Thought is a probable death, as you know what it is sometimes with the power.

   As you see, sense or create in view, that is the thought to the view is not the tv that you see in use as you see that is the last person in passion. As your energy is idea to the area you see in idea, as a sense your point that is pointless creation is thought that your create is great enough. So if wrong, flawed, created equal to your sense, sensation now let the mana glow or work in the body by viewable results is energy. Thought to the area is some alter you sense to the area in an idea, so by the sense you see is by thought to the creator to view by what you think to create.

  As if your alter to the sense in viewable area results, to the area you see that is what your area is that you present in life to those that want to view. So as energy is anarchy or thought to see, as your peace you see is by understanding this. As your able to work is this by water or this is what you mind, here by understring is thought known as subspace that is sense with means there as thought in understanding to consider or use. Some idea is life to work the area. This is by what you see in sense, sense or not your not there till you want to be.

Focus seeing 6th dimensional style

  This cool area use is the 6th dimensional idea in use. Tis is an area to use by the feel, focus is energy thought or taught that, things that can break will shift the area in use or your energy shifts is you away to get away in an from the death you might get by death waves with the broken item or see use to not think the person is effected that is linked to the object.

  Done is I could feel the use things to the moment but not with a blanket, as a blanket is any type of covering where the viewable color is thought idea to focus. Think, focus, feel is a point in the thought to create, so the creator as necessary can by focus undo the idea.

  Seeing as you see the area was use, as the energy was perceiving what in use by thought altering brainwaves that was doing or wanted. As you see the area use was as you were or were is altering your pattern in space is change by thought not control by use. That was were use for the 6th dimensional area I thought up. So as I was were using or doing things the area was doing to me what I was if I want things done.

  Considered the thought to do is what you are considered, done with the use that can seem were or your energy is misconstruing or not misconstruing things. Thought is perception with avis not by avis or activity, that is what you sense to perception in idea is the activity you see to aware idea.

  As you see this is release to the earth as a cool point to the 6th dimension as responsible. Watever is thought in irresponsible behavior is response, not in idea or done is use or things in wasted moments are what is construed by feel. Seeing that is a sacrifice to their area to see free or better idea, seeing by feel is othersense or thought can exist by the idea.

  That dies there you see or what you think can happen, as you thought "were you to kill a bug or toss something away it dies the conscious or things exist as you want." A knock seen is a warning. Were is a altering by a thought or seen as a knock to death or thought warning by frustration. This is the otherease or othersense with use. Things you use or energy create aren't, always better by telepathic thought sensing use you sense.

  As this uses the words or thought actions, the area is what your wording is that the area can do. so slowly or however you are moving you create interesting idea or misconcept by the words you seem. So think your not effected, defected or otherwise thinking, as I am thinking your cool is thought your unaffected. Think to ward away trouble by what you consider the use, see to use the 6th sense is the third eye manifest with focus.

The thought by 6th dimensional view

  This is the 6th dimension by the 7th dimensional viewpoint with fireworks. The 6th view is in as a point death as a dealt area that to thank you is life as they are what death creates by life creates to see, what is there to what energy is there from idea is by what you create.

  As the area is dangerous don't go in unless necessary, as were possibly in recreated view that can seem by illusion. As your energy is in because to thought your point if to kill an innocent or kk is not done, as you don't see the sense in of an thought the person uses. You can think to send energy to cause what they want or not if necessary.

  This is by idea that is similar to the similar concept or idea is cool. Cool is not bad off where hot is bad idea. So what you think is in creation. Similar to what you do is sometimes misconstrued. Still water is where you see that is what you get, so the area or interest in interesting things is thought to exist. See general basis to the idea that is in thought to understand or not misconstrue what is there.

  This means the 6th dimension is the new hell. Added to by what you think or not. As you think to constrain to suppressed urge the demon is gone by thought feel or getting off. So as you were is this thought to see or exist. That is no longer there as you think this isn't good as this depends on "wo" as who this is. So give or get things to do or avoid what you hate until necessary.

   So this isn't what is seeming necessary unless necessary as to seem necessary you can create the idea to exist or not exist, as the area is not allowing disturbance by the feel or thought is feel to the use in idea to create better this was to advance medicine but is no longer necessary as the energy corrects by the creator. So the idea you see is what you can create with or use is tough, as thought is not allowed.

  This was moments ago that I noticed irrational idea dissipating, so tis work as this is known as engelmans concept. The idea there is nothing more than nanotech, that is the cell response by silver particles your subconscious in use creates by perception to adaptable point by use for adaption by change that doesn't have to be new.

What I found

   This is what I found out, that mostly if you think itse true time idea is true until you think its not. As perception is creative by prevention your thought is an idea this is almost anything that the subconscious can then create. Tis as this is the case that is the idea you use, your point is mute or nothing as proven is innocent idea or thought you see in idea unless you don't do the urges.

  There is an idea to the energy use other, than what you see or sense in thought now otherwise your idea is sabe or sane act to see or what you predict in sense is by what you feel to work. Thus your subconscious gives warning by the area it perceives, otherwise its when or were what you see as the idea is the thought you can detect by the point.

   As you sense or feel then made idea the being that makes things happen, in psychic idea or normal perception is wat you can use in superan or thought you sense is things you can easily use by what you sense supernaturally. So if you need something, the supernatural area is what will do the idea you think. The idea that was done before, if you don't want to percieve things to the area you might if you feel the area.

  This was a fclhth or forklift that is near there that I was with senses to see thought that it would do, this with there in idea was born of bad energy with idea to bad clothes. That is a thought by what is there, as this is so where thought is better this is not worse till proven in worse by idea that is idea.

   See to know what is there in idea by thought, unless the presence is what you can perceive by the area you can use as experience. The point you sense is the thought, that essence is the sun use to create with thought to perceive. This an ancient american museum that is livable if the end result is realized to work with as your area is legal or thought with legal walls. As you think to use focus to the area you can see cracks or figures with the use  of some idea. The area thinks the idea is concept to create with if you don't always need to view it, yet can seem like a curse to use.

  This is the area to use to thought, if you don't think to see or use the area life you won't be effected. As you won't want to effect it the area isn't responsive to you that is there. The wreck is te area you see in use yet isn't livable in the area as the sublayer, that reality is revealing by thought details if you want to see it the destroyed aftermath. I think it fits the name of a earthquake set off by thought to a volcano to not erupt, though in the movie though this space was displaced in 2912 by the 5th dimensionists.

  See for thought or depicted idea in the movie 2012, this was necessary to the use or thought that was not obvious this is possible here to make the scene plausible. This was energy in as though by the thought or area in use, that caused the idea that you see or sense is thought as if a movie scene yet not moving if nothing was thought to what is there.

  This only appears to lunatics or people that are sensitive. I think psychic was te energy intent that caused it, without that you can dismiss the energy or thought as that will disperse the wall energy to not exist. The area was actually disrupted by a chaos string in the area that is once considered the superstring, yet too much focus direct your attention away from the area.

  That can seem what breaks down the area by focus with intent to realize the end result, as a concept in realization by area to break or cause you to be ripped there. See or the dimension developes rips in the area, like a Dr Who effect to cause the area to disrupt itself as it ceases to exist to not effect you anywhere you are as down the road or thought is called "fellock" as it causes falling down or disruption of anyone. Don't think about the idea so the area won't effect you.

  Focus to the word to sense by what so you are not lying down unless necessary or things can seem in idea that is seen that are solely lunatic that is a vampiric presence, see or feel is what that feeds off with the souls it consumed with a hit there by idea as your effected your not effected.

  This is with credit in report or other focus that is thought in the idea, you want to find by analysis in idea is thought by focus that is not cheating the idea as they pay themselves. As they think their paid they are by their subconscious.

   As your ordeal that senses out an idea is good to thought not bad as this is not nasty, so that what I perceived in psychic sense is thought tragic or in the area energy. What you sense is bad or buried restless dead there, as you see this is thought changed in view or better so what you are in idea to think is to use thought in some times by idea.

  That was essentially energy to use things, so don't believe religion to do suggestion unless necessary as needed to thought. This is the existing idea to the area as perception to rid things you perceive is sometimes just necromancy.

   That is the point there to use or by idea in thought this to the area, as you don't always perceive by what isn't thought to use or not. As you see this isn't what you can see to cool off or peaceful rest the ghost, so as you think to the presence to not exist as cease this. As you say some idea is existence to some. Some are aware where some are not awake as they sleep, so what you see in life is not as you can believe in concept by idea.

  You don't have to do the idea that is what gets you arrested trouble to know what is wrong by long range sensing. As your seeing this your free by realization, that your subconscious cancels out the bad before you do the act or not do what you want so you think before you act. All that wanted to so not is not if necessary where in if don't necessay or things aren't necessary.

  That is perception only, so that leads to concept death or fake out by perception. So if that is what you see, the chance increases to remove with focus or a holey stone thought that is dissipate if this is done. Tis by the feel in idea where the creator unexists, this can unexist with thought by the feel to a lit or imagined lit candle to not exist as you think. This is the common point thought to "not exist" the attacker before the attack.

  So that was sprite as an idea a faery with a grudge was named oberon with the cause before death by mental illness in idea. This was thought to the area as a private investigator found, that is a cool idea to see or check in the area by outbound notices. As if not done don't create, seeing as script over where there is magic in a phrase.

The 6th dimensional direct use

   As if there is a point to energy and expression is dislike if you like, if you think death is the energy release necessary then this can lead to the right conclusion as you kill the moment that is by the right thing said, magically expressed or thought is otherwise. As this allows a destructive keyboard or mouse click to get rid of dislikes or use by feel and focus, think this is with crystalline energy in thought and brought by things your aware of as awesome is a thought, this is not as energy supports the need by necessity. For the need in fantasy is different from the things in real life, real as you focus and the third eye manifests by the feel you just create and use is the area energy by feel or a touch.

  This is energy by the subconscious that fills in or substitutes your need, as your point by use is by the mention, think as a point or not as you see the feel in life to create with energy. Disgusted as the created is the creator with black magic, as if energy not otherwise thought is dislocated as association is made.

   Thanks for your information, the 6th dimension is the plane of existence with a place of killing energy that can warp things. Yet seems to be the same place as ours. 6th dimensional energy can cause insanity, very easily.  As insanity is instant the insane idea energy, disperses and disappears as if a shot cures things.

  Thi is the building conscious, as if a character formed as you want from the being this is from as that is a concept and from formed thought. That is what you can do to use with, as though a god and create a being as if a a creator that uses your subconscious as direction to do or not. As you are with a thought, this is conclusion with a moment to create as though with a point and the act goes on.

  This is the spell, to make a space in the 6th dimension. The Cil Ean = The 6th reality; No the 6th dimensional form demise to create and accept, transphase to the 6th with the 5th as life essence to create with and the form that you need is possible but not if you don't desire it. The 6th can reach out and touch you, as this is a practical joke on you unfortunately or not, and unless you don't intend to and use it this is just. As in an idea that this is what, you can use this to attack with as by use is on close in quarters.

  As the close in quarters are closer in though an is isn't an institution freak that is thought, and that you do not like on dislike or what you dislike you can avoid. As that can make things, from what is the criminals energy and is not a computer crime you can create in mind as you will things in effect of this. There is no actual time in the 6th dimension, as things are if you need it to be as you think of a place and this can seem a ship place or anytime. As if a scene or concept, that is in or things are what they seem in mind to do or don't do as if you don't you decide. That can seem there, as such is a fantasy concept to do, to create in mind to think about and undoing into making creates the temperal nothing effect. If you don't intend to see reason to do things, then you don't do to them what you think.

  As if a bump freak this is acknowledgement to what you do that is a defense that can attack in spirit to attack things or not in disturbance in the force not liked on thought, with dance combat that you don't like as you use it to almost wreak havoc on. An ideal isn't but an created thought or not as if enemy that is energy to target or not, this does gets energy as you get energy except for what you then know what you don't need that can go to it. The phase out or phasing to other planes is a concept to shift back or shift forward, and things on that you don't in like an you think away and do. As you think is best or think not, or complete sentences as not is nothing in a moment to get better conclusions. The thought you have, is what you think to use and have is what you get.

  Avoid people that study in panic as you do in a fight, that as they can use what they know against or for you. The possible 6th dimensional energy is what allows you to control and use the 6th dimensional field energy, as there is of no regard if you don't want to be noticed as the 6th is thought on and used as a resource and your individualized self is what you use for death impulse and other moods are thought. This is what you can use for doing things to focus your mind, this is what you can occur effect by idea with and what you do is not think and do and describe the purpose, as mention this is what works to cause and correct for what you think on to end. This is think of a purpose, and do or not as you say in technique, this is what you think on then balancing out with the checkbook, or other account and you are focused in on as you form your pets, that are human or what have you in thought. The thought experiment in serious concept, is what you use to get what you desire as you in disguise are gone.

   Each thought you do want in thought is noted by someone, that is what you in purpose make to create by what the idea in mind is to do and only if you want a 6th dimensional form, as what you think is done if you want it to be success then you can choose a form to be in the 6th or not and you live as though beyond death until you thought as to earn life to shift away an your spirit jumps to the 4th and the planet of the four suns. This can in the area in secluded space, this is what in reasoning moments that allow you to make anethema effects as you don't think bad you won't get bad. You can form faeries as you need to, by what you do with a form that is what you do and you don't get disrupted by power outages in from a solar star and this is inferred as you are energizing by what you wish and what you thought.

  The energy is there as you desire, but what you do makes and gno breaks. The moment you don't, need this space it collapses in upon itself and closes down and if in need then you are aware and make whatever excuse you want you can create as fey as fey energy can allow. The reality in is in what you know, in as you think in and in change by out idea with mention the scene can change to seem adjusted by thought to adjust your whim in you or their scene mind is stabilized except as that dimensional mind you are as though tempered.

   As this is true, revert or not cast recasting by Opp Ce you won't get any unnatural result in any way known. The thought exists that you are not born but alive as you want to seem. Any disagreements gets a strange in thought an to be struck as by flying objects and this is assured to work to not undo any action and work with what you get, if you had to know then you will know from the reality that is spoken of in no regard. The object you touch and do with, to think success to an area is what you make to create any actual result.

  Whatever you do and disagree in thought is not done, and if you don't want to be disrupted in life by purpose from unknown races your not as though immune, by what you die from is what you awake from and this not ever will kill you again unless physical damage is taken on regard to other things. What you do is what you need by what standard, you choose and what you do is how you choose in deed by choice of what is thy own and you are not ever disturbed by a flow of water, that you draw from that is source energy that you soothe your mind from whatever you think.

  As what you think in effort is undone energy in released area, to where you want it as free energy source in what you consider as a thought is energy of any negative or positive action. This concept is what can be used whenever, wherever, however and in where you think it as state the spell the effect is done and you are released. No idiocy is done or you will die from what you feel before the moment you actually feel it in an accident. Don't and if in mind you are in a space, you don't recognize take a step back and you are back where you are from and death ensues after you die and is what you think as to what you do if asked and if so you are summoned if not then you don't die as you kill those in what is dying space. Which in thought, is gone and you are an object yourself.

The 6th dimensional food

  This is the 6th dimension in food to no idea, as if you had a unlimited supply of food you can use the thought. To eat or not and you will in use things to make food or water with or without more or multiple pockets of what is a food larder as with no food in the idea food, as if the moment is a lesson idea is to pick a food and create it out of thin air. No as if the idea was unique, and you are what you think as if you were dissipating things from an idea to use is there from essence of death unless you don't want it to.

The 6th dimensional pantry

  The is the pantry that is what there is described in food, as a specific area in nothing that is a point in where things magical are stored. Think tap and you are thought to seem, unseen as you get what you think and place things.

The 6th dimensional conscious

   The thought is a point, and what is thought is motion that you think and then do. As you think you consider, as this is a point in reference that is a thought that you conclude, as if to do you are a thought in motion and stopped by stopping and continued to do or movement in cancelment as a a source. Then use the creator to create with, and you can conclude as you create with the creator or make with the thought of intent. Think with what is a concept, as you think you can get some end result. As you realize what you did wrong, you create as this is think what is considered a stopping point in thought if corrected if in considered. If any flaws, and you avoid the flaw this is as its real you work around it.

The 6th infinite motion

   This is the infinite motion, things as thought are you in what you are as a thought where if thought you are a motion, the thought is a motion as you think. You can get things, as if you use them and use is to leave what is there. The object you create with a touched motion is a concept that muscle increases, and to seem created equal to the motion that is a moment and that is a thing to see unless you don't intend to show. "It iz isn", what is isn't motion and is in a point to seem what you want as you can create whats said but not whats done. As in what is said is a point to create whats memory as a simple conclusion is a simple thought used, to recreate what is there as if a touch and you can create the thought in mind if you need it there.

  As if a thought, you create and what you seem to get is what you are doing, as is in what you think is there. As the spirit knows you can create the idea, that subconscious is "can wizard erase to get retracted idea in thought for use" that is not there after. There is a point that is no use and as each use is there, as a sigil you can trace the sigil and it will create what will be there. There in mind is in a remembered thing to use, in that as if you can see and use what is a thing of the past. Make use of the motion observed by incident as the spirit sees, as the motion is movement or exists as a motion is made by what you see or what you create with a concept.

   As a concept per each idea is a use to create an incantation to work in a spell effect and the object, you use as energy can sustain or not sustain the form you think on. As each thing that in thought exists to you, you can create what thought there is if out by threat or seem in an incidence. Happenstance is by this as it is what idea and the idea can create, by the things you see as in a source in what area as land is a point in reference as thought as a source changes to the will. You restore what is a point, as yet thought is what creates by the creator and yet not restore the idea in body in mind. The restore is a thought, as if ability taken if from the object or thought this is a concept use. As a point is gone or otherwise not in the end used, dismissed in different view.

  As a conclusion or things, "Ty" are a time of lore used to thought and create as if a source to "use". The body use is a thought, to use the motion is to use the movement to get a point and create what is. Now you can use a cure as energy purifies, and cure thought as what is a thought in action makes what you think and you are not what is a thought. As a thought is action to make is to use the sun with a concept, think and drop the mention and think if to use the needed idea is to speak to direct the energy.

The 6th infinity

  The infinity is a point is fun with the infinity sigil, that is what restoration or not dastardy as a kid or good use can create what is. This is the world within a world with a world, by view in concept that creates what is a thought and what you create is what is thought unless what you think not to do. There if you end you can create, what is a life that you want to create in however you think in a thought. What stops this isn't thought but feeling that guides, as a heart is a thought is not there to do. This is a credidarma effect that is creditkarma in form, and as you are a way to see things you are what you think you seem as not. To end this is to not do anything at all and as you do things in the "Quit reality Stop De spells Dat"

  The 6th is the point that reference makes, as you think to keep an activity stored you can place it on a 6th dimensional computer that is there as imagined. As in use is a thought and that is a considerance, use is a televised user or thought in a scene that creates in a thought that is in to bring you what you energize. As you think the thing you thought, you are energy with use with this as a concept thought that it comes to you is what creates the idea that is an enchanted object as you move about. As the thought you think is a thought in use, it is what programs the idea in what you use as there can see a use.

  As such, think your need as such to create a need to do. The sentiment is what creates a thought as a mention that creates the 6th to show and create a scene or thought by in activity and otherwise things you use are an energy source. As in a source is in an energy source, this in a source is a point that is what intended is a use. As what is in a point, this is a path that is in use. As use is in a mode to create with, and as such you use things to create things. If you don't that as a thought you "Don't thought intend it as you don't think infinite motion" In thought is responsibility, don't overintend as you think to use the idea so no, thought as intended idea ceases to exist as a thought in theory is no longer useful.

   Foco = Focosing; This is to take the face off someone, or otherwise you hook yourself up in the air and it is energy as if to materialize around your neck. Don't do this if you don't need to express you as you are revert in timewise motion. Revert is a thought, that is nothing as this is a this that isn't done in mind.

   The Do or no = The Thought done; No thought is who done it type deal. Whatever it is time is as in a point this creates a time to do what is a concept, or not as in a thought you are not observed and if not in a thought this is a point of view. Who done it?

The idea of consequences

   This is the planet that is a moment, but you can choose to live it or "en" not. The idea with thought is what guides, the places in mind are a concept and as you are a way. The way is a choose and get things in a moment to bridge the gap to spaces, and survive as if in a time you can get a better deal by what you say or create. As this can seem original, you are a place or thing to create an as if spoken a point you can create a place. As though a place in time, in an imagined idea and time exists for us in a way to use by thought what energy is a source. This is a liberal use of the two that love, as use is a point to thin as if to think and get places. The two lovers is a sign of "rwo" that is a rowan fantasy granted, to live if you think to live or consider what things are in life. As if a thought, this is the idea to base things for use.

The Sanity Warriors

  These are the sanity idea in the 6th. The sanity moment is as though, so is the word to free yourself from the area you are in idea to do in iife as you are to do as thought is in the life you live, where ever you live as if you are where you are you are and as you are willing or not to do things you don't unless you intnd to get better results from reverting time. As if you are with thought to die of nothing, as you are with life to live until you are dead of old age that you can use thought. As energy can seem there, as drawn in by subconscious use and you can seem younger on neccessity. You can lose you as if a person in your mind that was insane and seem justice to kill him or her off, and you can seem sane yet again if you are alive and well again to live beyond the grave as though alive and not intended killed.

The power of death

   The power of death is to use death energy to create with intending purpose as death is pose required, as suppose you will and you do or not as you can create it by the effect of removing it from yourself and then using it in a shield effect that is what can create. This what is in use or cause as if things to do, are things that are, and what you require is subdued or thought done. This is the use of what you think, or not as you are using what is not where you think about in a concept that is life. Where wee create it and you use it or not as you think to do.

   Use of necromancy comes from this, as your use is to do as you seem to do and yet you are not. As if you don't dare apologize as this can be a very interesting point where death magic is, this is in use of life essence in life to create with life is to make with a life effect. So, in the true meaning of death and life you actually serve death, as life is and your use is to get better idea from what use there is unless you send away death energy to sun. Necromancy is this, as described here and use is very interesting.

   The power of death in effect is to create a mind that which sits and not do to be noticed, as this is the moment you are realization you are agreeing to do certain things. As this is the matchup in the mind you can create, by use with death pulled from the body as if it is not with idea you are capable. This is with the eye in of the brain manifested that as you can, use is the due of the moment as this is do or do not as you die and become alive. As if not forgotten as if third eye makes you alive from dead and as if not ever view death to not if ever been dead. This is a jump or thought, or if in thought you can seem to shift into the body as if to remain alife is given if in birth it is not defect. As if you are alive in the body that was prepared, for you you are never as if thought and you are as if thought is if to live and not die till you decide. As if to die and the spirit releases, as if to get to places and if thought you shift. You can use this spell to do the effect, if you need to do kill or not as you think to leave them alive.

   This is the beyond point, as you are in awareness you can do things and sense is there you can detect as this is where in if want you do. Desire builds the thought, the mind makes the concept as the moment is done you can begin and end at the same moment you began. The idea is to make and match, with a conceived before point and made after event. This is where you go as if you go you are what this can seem, if you can try or not and you are done and you are due what you think if you regard it as due in an idea. This is the due point you are thinking about, as you can become as though thought were real and you are their will as if they created what you think to become. As if you are whatever you think you can make idea don't, in to make due death a point to create with a thought as if you were good in thought but action is interesting. Dieing by this method does not ever happen, as you can send energy back to the idea you can use as a body you can think and now do.

   As if the body were living as if a body but not deceased at all you regain. An idea to use as if a power, as you get power that is energy from a wall. As if you die you can seem alive, as if you never die and you can choose where you go and never before die as if you existed and remember all lives that you lived. As this is the truth, sensed out by what you think and do you can still try to use what was there but not if in abuse. All you have to do is to use the idea to jump bodies, as if there were extra body to use and you can think and choose in from your lives as you seem to explore with and if you can you can go to the next life. You go as you can and test yourself as you know yourself, you don't die there and if your other mind self or real life in is done.

  You can make your body adjust to the idea, and it can resemble the next life as if next life in life but existence is a point to work with a thought said 'soul'. You can decide not to die until you choose to not see and not die as fairy, this in life or that in moment to die there is no death except life that passes on and you can get better as life goes on here. Their is will is people to live and, you are what you may seem to exist as you are what seems to do now never to not know as if you are what is forever but on a given note with need that you are stone dead. You are a being that is a god in life by choice, and you are to seem or are in any dimension as each time you are in an upper dimension.

  This is in an upper dimension you are free and useful, where you can go and become as you are and can think to be in time. This is the death of seems to die from, and as you die you are alive. This is the power, of death that is in thought of no use to use with no insanity exists that with the burden of love is in no more. You can choose to relive or not, just say sanity and warrior sane you are stabilized. As long as its not destructive, you can use it safely and things are not destructive in use.

The psyche energy

  The psyche energy is what you are thinking, as you psyche up as you are thought to do you build up energy as you try to attempt things. Thus, you psyche up the moment you are more energetic. Wholesale goods become more affordable, the more energy you have at the moment as the more energy you psyche up will increase chi. The life force will allow you to believe, that what you do will create what you want and what you want is possible. The psyche can do anything, as long as you are thinking and doing unless you abort thought and do something else. Now stop as need, and if you don't forget as you don't need to do things then the will to remember is with thoughts. The idea to put somewhere else, as the will to forget is there and you remember afterword with focus.

  The dynasty psyche ward

The psyche ward is in the area where you are psyche and as you there are more you's that are there, for deranged and otherwise in the same area and they are the trapped, insne or unmoral you people that area can allow to exist. The phyche energy is where you area things, as if in your mind and this is any set complex in which you want create or you get a adjuction effect.

Dislocation Time

   The Dislocated as dislocated time where motion of things in time can dislocate things to create a new result, or action to get a better result and a natural shift as you get an in point idea to try and do things and an out point idea to thing and do as if you are possible. Things are done as you are okay with, what time will allow. This allows you to place one thing and then you can translocate what you think you kill or not kill as you effect action with altering reasoning, to alter the timeline is to shift by what you touch or shock the body to shift out to where the body translocates to by what you do and your thought acts as a change of the area as if it were energy. This is where things in thought and you are where you want to seem in time by what, and you think to seem in a moment that you are willing to go and find a way to seem correct for the right conscious shift. As you think about the moment in your mind, so remember use your point that you think about and think. This as is natural thought to fix the right brain situation, and adjust to seem right as you intend to shift.

   As this causes the right reaction, in time that shifts you as thought natural. What you think in a thought motion and desire, and then to imagine or state the right thing is to create a memory thought as is to create. An idea and this is the mention to do or not act on, as though the s-curve of space as we keep our memory and correct as needed as focus. To match of the figure, and if you can think of the person you can get their attributes or not as if you do and think to seem. Think as you imagine the third eye making is to project with the 3rd eye, and think energy on each wall and correct as the 3rd eye creates with the crown chakra an in motion we do else. The effect of protection is this, as you use the area to create in you get the idea to blank as if a mind blank or make something existence elsewhere as if in need.

   There is a way across universe as you think to shift and build up natural harmony, and you use the natural energy that is in life and you think to use things as a natural shift point as you translocate by higher dimension energy use. You think where you want to go and your spirit is shifting you where you want to seem to become by natural harmony that raises vibration and shifts you there. Now you know that there is more ways to get places then are obvious, as if this was the right way pick and choose. First an idea then you get to gnow the dimension, that you get to sense and know with thought to become as is good to act out. As you act out some part, becoming slightly disoriented or thought is to go you shift as you walk to a door and think and you shift by feeling. As you shift the object, you shift in real or perceive what is there and this is his translocation effect.

   At first you will feel dislocated and then you will feel energy now that makes weird, thought of visions as your brain is active and after you will shift as if an energy surge as this is the energy formed of form and shape you in can shift to a place that is thought and deserve possibly mention that you remember or mark. This allows the idea to think and make better, an you can imagine things as the sequence of events is lag. As you think of the events the subconscious sequencer action happens and you focus and imagine what is you think better you seem to alter things, as you observe things you can get the better time point and resolution is to focus things get better.

  However, in this case as you are thinking time rearranges things to do, as you want or as you do things you can not really think about it and do nothing. This creates and as time resets things are accepted as thought action idea is normal, in life or if you don't desire an action it ceases. As it is a sense it in thought seems normal and associated, as if in and transfer or think reason to them as you can accept then things are normal again.

The transition

  The in transition is a phase out in life where you can phase in to get things for better, in thought as in expertise is in to act smart an if you have street smarts. If you had lives and as if you think you are more smarter, as you think better if to talk better and seem to have intelligence. This is in no known thought as consequence is this as you need to know with this is natural energy as this transition is what you are capable of what will live in what life you choose at a given moment. As you choose to be somewhere, you can think to be somewhere and you can become with technology and natural energy to become as to get somewhere. This is to get there and back again, as you think of the space and use by thought link the object or area that you think on. You can chage your perception and values back to what they are as you are alive in the area in which you live. The transition happens as you think of the things written and as you get to do things, you think of your need in your need as you want you desire and as you desire you need. As from the space desire itself, you get more and you use things in thought.

   Take or not this is an addition, work in no distraction to your body rhythmic energy flow and yes in you can get positive energy now en no energy quality thought. This adds energy to you as you get better in life and stuff is there, you can use the energy of the area and place it in an object to create a portkey. This can be summoned, as you become with thought you thin as with atleantians by thought of a mention and use is mention to gather thought energy, used with chi or natural life energy you can use the mention to shift with as if an in idea and mention of the area.

  This is the idea where you open air gates and create summoned energy, or not as though in only the energy can get through the gate or others if you want them as if they knew they are invited. This can also be done, as if now by the in use the open third eye and you can do and the third eye in use can manifest if thought to be open with the gate use. Don't use the thought, this is not as thought suggestion is as though programming as you don't do it to use it.

   This is of the crown chakra and this can be used to halt, any invasion and create any idea into manifest fully things that you imagine or feel the presence of the spirit as hostile. If not feeling good near it you can make it slightly hostile, unless you feel better as you can make it peaceful in by projected energy of peaceful intent. Now if it attacks, attack back and disintegrate it to leave dust as if a thought repository and a purpose is done. Nothing in as in thought your save saves me if you in entities or ghosts if hostile, an no they can be defeated where your not as you use them or not in original size by attribute. As in energy this in though as this is in a magic effect, and in or not this is in a concept by moment as if an independant moment is by being now in magic and in magic. Their out as by imagination with an original concept indeed.

   Now you get the idea, as you can use the object as if you gathered the energy of the area that you focus in on and think to be here. This makes things and whether you gather it by hand or then gather it by a chi hand, and use by what you think of air energy and water and use the effort to think of the area then feel yourself do the right thing activate the object energy you can get the idea of the place and what is there. Enevitable, as if you are there you shift as you are thought energy and transition by natural transition and this is with spirit in things that are correct by correction energy as though thought you reform as you intend to reform. Energy is gathered as if by thought through the use of the spirit, and whomever needs to use it can.

  Now remember that the spirit, can give you warning and knowledge before the moment in as you think you know you will through the air gnosis, as the spirit gathers the energy of the air and the knowledge of the person in an area is there. To seem in use as if in the right person, act as good as within you knew or in you knew not and out you know. The thought as bubble is a natural act of energy, to think you can get along with people as you think it you know it as the thought pops into the mind. As in air then you can as you do as though in service for service, and exchange gifts. Then in a moment that time does things, you get things to do and you can let them go as if by thought. Now was to think or not, no and they use the door as way to exit.

   In thought out thought is you as you know entropy as thought the creator knows, you know and you can draw any knowledge from within him in is life and this thought is in energy as entropy and time you manipulate after by thought of what time to create and after death you are all dimension omnipotent. This is the point of no thought in no unless necessary as you are thought and this is energy from you and you can be seen. As though a natural energy shield you can seem as though this is a wit energy, of other intelligence that is opposite energy in thought and as that is what opposition is this is in an aura shield. This is in a viewing conscious that shows conscious, your life is purpose in every act of what this is in attitude or action does what is your intent or positive intent shield.

  That can be poison to those of nasty attitude, unless you in emerging as you see who is thought this is their energy to adjust to now and you are not in attack you can get along. Use balance in motion that is there and here in thought, and now release the thought as energy in along with the flow of what time is survived you can go and not seem an enemy. You unage as you feel young, run and tensions release themselves in thought in self in body. As you think you now go walk away in life, that you gather from those in fear.

   This called the lucky battle aura in disrupted life is disrupted in area, that which is the natural flow of energy and any no is a neat enchantment that disrupts what is near by a rap to a thing. Think it and you do it, is the rule to energy and natural fighting with useless thought. Think to flow with the energy, as you are naturally thinking your flowing with the natural rhythm of the energy as taught by the energy you are with a concept to write. As this is true, you can think right to know right, as if thought to seem as you are with a music of the now and by nowing you know in a spirit touch or things you need. To know that your spirits advanced, listen as with the flow of natural energy you hear what the spirit can then let you know, as you seem to get along with an ease of tension as the biorhythm is letting you attune and adjust as if you see and drop away energy as you feel in harmony with the area and release the battle tension.

   Think to know as you do things in mind as you use intuitively your gift, as you then can use your pets to see through by a shared thought and they are not unlike a familiar. You can in do to resist a natural will at a willing glance in life to fear. As this is fear in a useful fear glance felt in the aura, is you that can use this to make things back away. Don't project fear back away, and in no they won't fear as if you were a dragon as double your will and you act an arsenist. This can seem in a country that works, with those in fear to trade fear with worry in a thought out with a thought as in a moment to movement in action.

   This is also possible to think of the idea you want yourself to in see and the outer spirit will make it as though it were there, as this is the spirit that goes through everything you can know things before and gather information. As energy to make as though thought were there by your essence, in things that answer by conscious decision and you can use things. As to create by the effort done by a person with your essence, as a guide and you can create by a will of the spirit before the moment it were arrived at or not as it wasn't intended. Soul is easy to use just think and you breath in and out as a trance, to make and will as to do things in an idea in a conscious decision you summon in thought and think to go, as you do you copy the soul and form it into a shape as if to create it by the creator himself as he uses the subconscious to create with.

   As if you were from air, you are not thought to be anyone in use is the thought and thought is the energy that creates a psychic nature or use with other elements. These are the elements that are there and with your spirit they are not intuitive, unless with enough energy they are building intelligent use as with a counterintuitive use and you can do things that are intuitive. That an you are done, as if you don't need to you are stopped as if your third eye as the trouble you face is gone. Use of them is here.. and and use but not hinder for this is as use is use the element you can naturally use is an idea but if you don't help you hinder if in all you do.

   Before in this, there are many styles if you in use of this are there and not there at all as you are unnoticed. Think as if the wind and the wind is remakable, as you feel your need as you will and influence it as if a head or body as if you were thought to speak. Or, if you are fire then think to create fire and you create the moment of a fire manifest as if you pull in the use of fire and it comes from a live source somewhere, you can draw it into the aura and summon it to hand as you cast it forth into the area safe for fire as if a firepit. Think to thin air, and you will be heard. This can be done with other elements too, like earth is the thought of the leylines connected to the earth and think about being somewher and you are but choose your elements carefully and you can get in places with key. This is as you transition, an you can use the idea of what their energy is to you as this can seem as though alive. If you think your nothing and in thought you can seem to be where you think to be, as you can be here on a thought to seem you are.

   As if in by natural choice as in to draw in water and you think to use it, as if on a touch to it was psychic and you are a master of all 5 elements including spirit and soul. You can use it to think of the area, and feel the energy shift things or what the object is shifted to the area. As if you were there and you can shift, as if if shifting to other area were natural to you and ice is to feel the cold and think to move with the gravity and as you mind things. You shift through a natural tunnel, as you move as you surge the energy through the area and you shift as if by the air way that opens in the gravity.

   Think return and you do. This is granted by he the element master, in a moment the creator himself grants it. As you are there, as before you go your in thought as you can choose your change of shape and you can become it as you think to get an ideal shapeshift off. If you have the natural energy flow, you can shift the form as if by will and with your spirit as if you do you view the form and you become what you will. He that does this is ensured to come back, with the will of a god and the more the person does, the more godlike you are as you avoid bumping into things and just touch them instead, if its a live source you can fix the moment and create as you will as creator.

   There is a will in thought in a way to save yourself from any problem, as you think your nothing you act to shift somewhere and as you step back and think of where you want the gathered energy surges and you are back to where you came from. If safety is to avoid hitting your head, gather thought and you aren't hit as you can avoid this by sensing it out with a view portal. As if thought formed the portal, and the view exposes what is there by think and negate the act. As if before the moment, you seem to shift and the act to return is done. Any use of the monitor is useful as well, as its a magic device to use as an artefact and create with this is to make the created effort as if by ease and if on a thought this be use. By will thought and concentration, by focus in you can in feel your need in an idea to create yourself an appearance as if there but somewhere else and things of else is done. As you are aware of what you think, or observe to do there is reason.

The insistance

  The instance and in not moments is the the morning light of the day, as you can get things to do you get things to go. The idea is what you get to do, that is the revitalizing light of what you do. This is the moment you are good but cool to the area as you feel good, act in an instance and restore what you think to work with. As you restore, you can get things to work right and as this happens, you can get things to do better as though the creator will is what you think and do things to work right. This the moment we can get better and any negative thought diseases disappear. As if you are willing to do better, the positive attitude can adjust the negative and you can get things that work for you. This is the instance that ends in what you think, 'shroud' is a part that should end shadows and you are unseen if you were in a moment and this the thought to achieve. You can get things to fix things as if their life source is what can be directed to restore what is there.

The body effect

  The body effect is to work on a few things to do and as you do, think of a death scene and make for a death effect. This is where you can think to a person a scene and you make their subconscious think they killed you. Then you can get to make a scene in their mind of appearing as a different person. As you do this, you can make yourself seem to appear, as if a pile of ashes that actually appear in real life from the imagination effect. As if they sought to kill you, they are appeased as if there and not as you here. This all done on a thought, to think as if you are alive yet dead and yet alive as living is a state that you can seem alive. As you are alive in an upper dimension, that is where this is energy sent to your body or not as you are alive and well no matter where you are. This uses the third eye to get this done, as the crown chakra can do this idea with the third eye as I. Never do this on someone, whom doesn't seek to kill you or threaten you nonetheless. To do this trick is to think, and its done as though an 'as I do' is stated.

The apartment room complex

  The apartment effect is to do as in a concept, to make a thought and seem in a thought as this in a moment can create an idea. The room in the apartment in the center is to create an instant medical shift that is what is what is considered in an idea moment. To due a cost is not anything as the room caster is not but a conscious idea. This is like a superintelligence but it draws its, as this is the case you can abandon your quest as to do as in a moment and wake in your bed as the moment is done with. As this with thought, your with an idea an with an idea to use you can repair almost anything. This is what is the thought, as if you are an idea and charmed into doing better and see whats there. You can seem nothing as you do as nothing is done unless you are what be out with a move through an open door, as to be right outside of the building. By leaving the room, you are in the apartment in complex. Your into the idea to do, as if to do in a moment you can do thought as though faster than light and think as in the moment is the time you choose as you sense things you get things to work with.

  This apartment idea is a reason in an action as if an amazing complex, in that uses the whole building to be tesseracted as in a time shield separated from time you get things to do. As if a vanishing thought, you are able to work and create as if looked at and unnoticed if you don't want to be observed. Not move or move as you want, any time and any life, you are able to create in an energy room that has magic set the rules. This is the set done and create moment, ableminded you are able to create at a will and do as though a thought were a whim and any area is able to create as though you. This is done by a thought not done 'Maer Q'. The subconscious is in thought not as you are with a thought. But, with the motion it does, the magic is necessary to create with one word. As you can use in action, to enter you are to think of a room and you can enter into an area as this is a room or not as you are not welcome there but here you are.