See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All about Angels

General info:

  Angels can be summoned. They can become earth angels. The earth takes over in supplying energy to the angel and they serve people. This is temporary and lasts till they can make a shift to anywhere else. Deva's are neutral demonic angels that serve themselves first and others after. They can be vain, but they do requests. In any case, the Angel doesn't belong here and tend to use portals to shift places. They give off a corruptive area influence by chaos. They serve a good purpose. However, the Deva can use elemental forces and has charm to work with people. They can exude a beauty that is unnatural.

  Angels, which are elevated christian mages or other faith mages such as Wiccans and similar. Angels are chosen by a God. To become an angel in the first place, they are powered by belief and the God's energy. They are Made from people's souls that allow the transformation and who earn the right. This is to be one. In effect, they are 'elevated', by a God. The angel, will serve people, on their God's instruction and by self-interest, they are known to aid like personage of themselves or those of good natures, who call them. The Christians and Wiccans claim them as guides, where some are only to be blind believers. The ranks of Angels are up to the faith to define.

  Earth angels are different, as they tend to use unseen feelers that look like worms and extend from the body. These can take into the body any nearby energy. They can form effects by choosing them and using intent to materialize them. What they feed off tends to age. Till the aging is reversed by sleep. For the moment, they can control time and use any energy source to create the effect. They do things to serve their own purpose and can lie to protect themselves and make effects to seem to be real. Their purpose varies to when they want to do something, then they have an interest. To when they don't want to do something, then they seem disinterested. If you force them to do it, they can resist but they tend to get back at you. This is by manipulating the area by energy thats charged to an intented purpose.

  However earth angels are able to activate any area of the body and any ability through the genetic pattern change. Also possible is their use of manipulation to deactivate an area. When they are in an immortal human-like body, they are starseeds. They start out with a deactivated ability. Their ability is activated by other earth angels.

  When they are activated, they can manifest anything, given time. They tend to be peaceful and content. Then, they are almost never angry and calm quickly. When they can't, they need a reason to be calm again. Their natural body is an energy form that appears like themselves. And, they can shapeshift into almost any form by needing to be that form. They can manifest effects by using their inner source, to manipulate energy thats outside of them. This generates an influence that causes results. An effect is what you do. And that, in the end you may call the result.

  Magic is a conscious force of mana, which is energy that can be wielded by thoughts. This is what the starseed and other races manipulate with their innate ability. You can get magic to be respectful to you, by showing respect to magic. When you are stating things that are needing to be done, and you have to do them, then do the deed. When you promise something, live up to the promise. Showing or having equality, is necessary to get a good result. This is when you balance things out by actions. Proving your point and etc.. You actually have a more spiritual influence. Thus, the experience allows you to get more magic effects as you do things.

Fun things:

  Want to do things fun? You can use magic to form a clone from carbon and air. Just imagine the magic around you to be a deep blue, see the deep blue energy as though it were mana. As an earth angel, you can do nearly anything. So, this is also possible for an activated starseed. Ask it to be you, this will cause the body to form and act as though you. Then, you get an instant clone. Think your message to it and there won't be interference. It takes your intent from what it knows and reads from you. To say or think to magic, 'don't beat me', will make the magic clone become nice to you, Then, they will hold off on spiritually beating you up in a moment of anger. If the clone is rude, then their easily corrected. Use magic to put a control spell on them, to prevent them from doing rude things and tell magic to make it behave like you. If you believe in what they do, then they do physical things. Otherwise, they are capable of spiritual things.

  Its fun this way, as you will always know what your other bodies are doing. This done by you wanting to know. It can form multiple bodies. Now watch in your mind what it does. If it gets into an accident, then you can reform it from magic again. You just have to ask magic to cause it to form. For anything else, you need to ask magic with respect to get the intent you need. If magic respects you, then it will do it. With magic, the magic clone can do anything.

  When you tell them to do things by thinking things at the magic clone. They take the suggestion and do it as though it naturally occurred to the body. Its a command, that they will do only if you need them to do it. They see the need as though added energy. And this makes it important to them. Or, they do the action without thinking about it. If the action is important to them, then they will think about what to do with your suggestion. Then its not an inadvertent action. An inadvertent action is and autonomous activity that directs a body.

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