See as you are dead or see aware

See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. I think this the end point, so my doctor says to me so I dared then lived or died by the feel.

This was thought in the 80's the new thought is no allowing is nothing there to do. For misuse you are mazed or for no misuse then your free, this is why faery create things so your unmazed or use is think this is non misuse then think your out of the maze or matrix. This is old information that took 8 or less years to decode from a hidden message idea sight.

That is faery by creativity to create a wyrd holding by reality or releasing the fate you release. Seen by what you think you don't place it there, seen as you place it there then the reality this is not done otherwise that is effected that doesn't need to be effected. So you don't have to recreate things or everything you think is there. Think to see use or useful information, by the area creator creates what you are aware.

So you think then the "area feel is" what you consider the creator releases you for or from the area the faery keep you where you think your kept.If you think to use this other than for information so you won't be sued, don't think to come attack me with this for I realize the point. I also know I have 3 users that are mazed or unmazed by the creator that exists or unexists things. I think thngs aren't working out.

So I allow certain idea thats non harmful considered ne harmful yet you don't dare ne things oberon creates by the area you think to create. I think this means no war or ne war is there ne is no, not or nothing with atleantian. I think this page is amazing so enjoy what you can. Seen is the end point I lived once so I think your feel source ot thought was all that kept me alive. Now think to let me go so I die if I think I should or not tempt the living with my were vampire self.

I am forbidden now from the area so I am thought if I die or live I will not be a man. So you see I am aware I am a were or a werewolf living in paris now, so I will quit then post what I discover here. I think this was written partly by my other is connected with the self mostly by Jay my brothers information. I think people psychic tell me things. Such as a lived nightmare that I am somewhere yet live here by feel.

However seen is Paul my brother that alerted me if he is alive, I see that I was by the area to alert area feel by me or use is theory by the creator that creates by area feel or my page was worked with by another life before I died. Now think not to be created insane then your not going to be or bear insane, ass or not your not dead till you think you are.

As I believe him or her or you think. I see so I was working by area suspence with the area feel or the creator to release, that failure was my only choice until the original writer realized by the concept that is here or there or ne not is the feel. I think he or she that wrote this has gone way overboard so I will write my own things. This was a Northcare patient named Joanne.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Aserf column

Aserf Berkela 1210 - 1720

   This was created by a person named Berk Lancasth aka Berk Lancaster, that was use to the area to cure a mentally sick community that liked no drugs even with payment. So they used herbs as a pinpoint idea to use calm thought to create calm emotion with no beatings as they had allot higher energy. As you see they were used allot if they wanted to seem used or not used if not useful in activity they were thought as skill is a concept.

  Bear skill as common skill was caused by drinking beer or drinking water as beer essence thought was in the drink, that is thought was useful to protect with or create use by feel or fear was avoided as they never were impulsed. Assumed to seem Asel Foliah this is interesting, thought by appearance of some things was a thought human to use roots.

   So he lived as though a hermit that use was creative by folding area energy to the body to cause, or created was an idea to the area that was curative seeing as the area was mandatory the area was energy use as this was a vampire community to the feel if you thought the area was strange, unique or desired as you found the use was energy usage to the feeling that was energizing use or focused thought drink to create some idea. Stop folding right there to move around was thought to release, relent, or think to let go as the energy is thought to the area light you were calm or considerate. That was instead the light created, by notin to the use by feel as a light being.

  There is a thought that you concept is dimensional, see or create concept in what was once earth to use. This is a spell to cause curative or creating idea. A thought thats done or is not seen is a point or thought to not do, as there is a good idea as terrific if this concept creates what you want that works. If your daughter or son or sibling gets sick try this, paprika that you are focusing "cure", sprite, cinnamon, chocolate or cocoa powder with cherry powder (cherry flavor packets) or imagine the use that is play or not use.

  Well its very simple an idea in use is activity by concept, "tina" is the originator and tis is what I saw her subconscious do as thought. Tis was an interesting concept as it is to heal someone, so think "no break the law" and use is thought to focus your mind on the thought you want to do as if to kill a roach and they recover.

   As per say you are alright, see in contact sense as thought think energy is use with energy from objects. As to use the chakra to reform yourself and become what is thought to clear the chakra, that is inner fire to disrupt the innermost feeling to cause glut or otherwise that draws energy parasites as parasites dissapear created by "witte right" as tis the area energy create is curiousity.

  Then let your subconscious do the deed for you or if not actually possible and deadfall is possible, as you say 'done' for what did or 'removed' in some way by will or some phrase that is like that practical joke and in idea you are your own mind as that means what you want to do and you become something else or something you want to seem. Then the subconscious will do the rest of the work for you, as you are aware the awareness is an idea.

Here's some quotes from him:

  "anti = dying = animatter or animation energy material, lying about the idea were beginning to see te use as not very likely as the production isn't easy. The subconscious use creates with less tangent activity is less chaos exposure, as is thought to focus expected ideal result as antimatter isn't what will is manifest. This is use by this is the end to what isn't there if it is used, as your energy is suitable to see the use you can see by what is there. The area is unstable that makes you unstable by the energy you feel. Tis is unstable by the feel so unstabilizing is shown by creacks or energy cracks focus to the area, thats flooring the area shows first as dispossesion as a dispossess by sinewaves this is use by removing itself.

   As corruption that forms by chaos is wall cracks that were observed to appear there or not were there, often are as if they were before you thought to see them is what forms temple shakes. That create bad tiles as though energy were disrupting itself, tis if a wave of people this creates from the temple of atleantis the sea floor disruptions in motion. This is energy thought to use, focus the area with your feel to observe. As you think you see or don't see you create or can see, as they form by activity the thought is "seeing what is there not seen or cannot see" as you see this is some use by time in the dimension that changes by will.

   The area to disrupt by the feel that shows in the walls or not, as there is no sine till you focus to use. Creative idea by the point to think is thought to use in this that forms from antimatter, after you think of this in idea as you watch I gave you everything already or use anime you see or nothing in idea is time flux fluctuation along a point that is a sinewave or an expensive time line where you can seem alive not everything can occur if you don't want it to.

  Fix = ani, antimatter fixation, the end of suspence where things stop to not act or not seem to do or no suspence is animation to some idea.
in = an, or not, deathly or sacred essence manifest (that disruption by negative influence is this by sacred injury to anyone) with quenya or other style as paeg (paid or pagan), paed (do or death to paid life) or not do as animal instinct or your own intuition. This is because you don't insist (as this was the time of macdonalds then), that is you create by feel or do what or swat you normally would. Don't do what you think this is necessary only unless safe or you could get killed." -SH (football or soccerball hit in the head or good in answering with in a hit gut as though in aftereffect, if you think to use someone against their will or mentioning things is thought with an aid)

 "Solispsism is solopsism is what is a slip of the tongue, that is the case you see that creates by what you let work in life. That you let use or work with in life as life is wat it seems. As it is with thought this is concept better left alone, as progress this is use by thought or concept is what is left to note as life matters are as its okay." -SH

 " So is not in line again to create no damage. So don't cross the cosmic string in area that you think is manipulator. If you get it by the area or wielder that uses the strings you can create instant death to those hit or not as the creator recreates the body. Otherwise seable as a one hit kill by unseen, the personal area is normal disintegration as if you see interest by a point. Now no drama is selective-self in thought is life, that exists by the feel not thought that you create with the creator as think in time is that time to the use in time. Think before you speak the idea, as you think it to the idea energy you see." -SH or Mr Balere or not a cent is thought or think as your service is worthwhile.

 "The in theory sicke as you know is a sickness that dissipates away, as a flow is time energy is energy to dississis apparatus to the thing effected by sunflight. Realize the point thats wrong in as the idea dissipates. You shift to dissipate the energy that uses a source you thought, the apparatus is energy to work with by device to the focus thought that you think to create the area focus to use the area as movement. There is in energy to use energy viewed by thought energy. The well made thought that is sick energy that dissipates to create a well mind or not mend is there in idea to teleport, as though by thought with the array well of energy to the area you think create to use. Seeing or not brutalize or fully materialize to each their own unless not thought to exist." -Shay Moonstone

 " See is to lets not touch base with the people that aren't there or not wanting contact. Thats so true as you remember yourself or thought is possibility, as you create especially the area when danger is near so think evade. Touch base is interesting, noting done touch base with people or nothing is meditation noting to reason. In what an aspect is by thought your energy this is where you see water, use to create feel in that you see is not always working or not there. Your will is over or thought till you are perception, decide to end the area energy that is disruptive feel or nothing so stop as nothing in idea wrong is nothing done or nothing amiss. As egoer Knowledge in Aeor ego destiny shift, this is not in use inan idea not seen is thought not in desire unless love is as a friend." -Sherl Glannaera

 "Al are beings now. Insane or not insane your ability is energy, percieved in adjustment by perception or not in desistance. By the area you look to see or seres that means arrest. So water is what you see by time that creates release to create focus by energy that is focus to achieve in use. See that is spirit is thought so use is perception in thought use, think by the mayan spirit thought as guiding by what thought is gray ritual. So to restore by you use used up energy, this is an overborn to create in regeneration by immortal or god effect thought as its a trap source. Tis is molecularization as molecular energy is molecuarized by a process to form into substances." -Aliciae capone

 "You know I belong to big and tall and yet can do magic non physically by magic, the physical realm is there for interest, your spirit realm is for those that die or the other place is altering your brain to make patterns in space. As you have a specific form in mind to create think birth to create a birth in the point you create by question "do you gnow what brain pattern your standing in?", that is a physical spirit realm with something wrong as their all ritualists.

  As this formula based in system use and not too bad. So thought to time idea, creates time as the attrocious is theory so some wrong creates right or wright is this in idea. Still use is action as the monster level of activity or giant twin level, see the thought exists is what can unexist to the use that thought by focus is energy to disrupt life or chaos by a pattern. The pattern is existence so find a different pattern in life, see is thought notice by listening so entering that creates by the thought you create unless a different life." -Shelly Long

 "As that is the aerial plane, that shows Aegil Al but nothing or idea you see is to go. See as you are or thought is theory, as you see the pyro in the area or go as you want as you wait until Al beings are gone. Say or thought is not reasoning to beat things, see as your conscious is the brain your not a real thought to use or create with by idea so no car is no extra care." -Shae Moonshae

 "As if you feel tea idea or think the message, think it through the object to the area to send a message. This can seem or be a penny for nothing in idea, thinking is not to spend for thought. If not enough in the area then business fails or this is not, as idea or thought is no need. So you don't have to do it, now your released from that spend as if you are to go where this is for use for thought so home is not some afterlife." -SH

 "As that is such an ability, your ability is energy is wat you sense. No is wat you see in a sense by view. As you see the area tat is concept, illness dealt with is think well to create the person well as noth or nothing wealth is nothing spoken where you can think she is. Thought well is wit information an thought without lust is use as you are able born energy, that is awareness you have your feel as you see in that the idea is well thought to pay less pay is not equally transacted.

  Thought with the card is not touched or creative by feel or not to do, now as you create is with card purchase idea as the way is instant credit. So what you were is water by ice use or not where you thought you are, as you think not to be effected you aren't as Agei or positive feel rods as effect. Agelle is unlocking the inner core." -No spellawk there as there is Aegor Yeagor Alligoria or Aegor Ye Al Yegorl after memory recall

 "This is the area I speak to use or no hammer touch to the feel. This is as you see so it is you do as responsibly, as you don't know what your talking about that is nothing as not a posterpedic war. As your seeing this your free by realization, that your subconscious cancels out the bad before you do the act. These are the 5 or more idea or not that use psychological breakdown. So un does as you think, good is skill not to be effected so think you aren't." -SH

 "As a an tis is the natural mother selector os what planet you stand on or not thought by mention made by mentionable facts." -SH

 "Potassium you see is theory in any idea that is with the element such as bananas with use." -SH

 "The area that won't last isn't lasting, as think your with an effect your not effected." -Seriff Nitiff aka San Seriff Nitiff

 "Ass is if you associate with nothing this is a point, as your able energy is able enough to create with will or on call is disuse to the noted use. Tis is area by thought that is energy to seem as time, sometime is you see as associate by personal means that you do in theory. This is thought by action with a generated moment, with a generated energy generator to use or not as this might appear to the senses. Otherwise you make an associate that does wrong of yourself by association. I saw as in association your use is wise werewolf tactics." -SH

 "As if a tooth to a nail this is creative or ceramonial." -SH

 "The fist is the number 1 weapon of danger if not necessary that is wat you say to ethiopians that disrupt you or help." -SH

 "As if too old in thought an idea space you don't stay, as with better business sense if a business didn't want you t stay. As your allowed if you think you are, this proven true by the area is creative so whenever in idea you are with the sun it dissipates away. Revert the expensive trick, finance your own things as things exist this is done andor is won over by a nut." -SH

 "The idea you interpret is the idea you sense by the term, see as this isn't true as if you were or thy term were used right as you are a good idea or thought to see as use." -SH

 "So whatever nerve 679 this is done so this is gotten by you or not there at all. So yes we are or not as something as a burning sun better left alone." -SH

 "AgNSP2 is Geodon 2 that is calming lithium additive to calm nerves or thought is possible to allow you a non acidic substance that can control victims or vampires by idea with Ag2No3F toothpaste. As you think energy to a giant you can use, the area to control the giant with as you think I am then as I am were not. As AgNo3N3 disrupts the area energy to cure you as sicke in thought is a stop to where you thought. There is another way to what you do that a were alter to the area or assistant." -CM

 "An is evil sworn to seem good, Paul is a saint cuthbert. Jay is a number with the 13, Daniel is a great human that is not a number but a person that is a cool idea observed with a magic cook. Otherwise Paul is saint Paul, Jay is Saint Jay, Chris is Saint Chris or magic is concept. As nothing armed nothing intend your not in order you can go do your own, not if nature is thought as though what you see is a bear or fox. See that is with magic to see use as defend by thought love by honor not fought well in life.

  This is essence to use that is essence that dissipates, as good is thought bad is evil nothing is distraught. So your with a cool area, as the area is thought or auror the creator makes or fixing things. As your ability is energy, essence is dissipated disease so your not dispised or feeling. This is as better off left alone so your feel of the dead is an idea tat you can seem to shift away, see or use is sometimes more than use as tanline or that is a conscious area.

  The creator uses to create in than the area thought, as energy thought to a pyramid that is enough for me. So feel or stop doing this as you need to seem normal, see not an so your idea is essence. That is thought dissipated is thought, energy is thought to not change a sun for thought. As nothing is ashes to work, I seem right but sometimes are not bad off as correct." -SH or Harry Litheum as advocate

 "NO2Li that is NOLi none of this as sometimes illusion doesn't work so sorry, as this isn't as this is as geodon is lithium, from a vitamin with creative feel to use is a cool calmer as soon as your hot you count anyway you think." -SH as Shay Litheom

 "Think to focus is think to thought, this is the idea you think to the flow in life to avoid the area that is a sense spot as realization. Think by focus is to the area you sense the life energy as chi to the point that is there. This is grey light life energy that is use to area, that is energy that focus is thought to create or the creator creates to thought. So if too much energy, this is possible for a poison feel or not as nothing noticable." -SH

 "She offered to kill me to release me to see as I will, as I wasn't to kill her or throw the baby into the trash by will with that child." -Shae

 "Familiars have an unusual ability to inhabit a mind with use or abuse. According to what the master wants or does." -Shear

 "As this will be seeming fun as you will feel a fire intenseness feel to the area. As your ability is thought your energy is no or yes idea, that is tactical so not dumb is coordinating operative thinking. As AN2Ag is curative. So just use wat focus or see as you think is necessary to cure or work mojo or magic by use." -SH

 "Ah as you see to fix the thought or not notice, this will be seeming fun as you will feel a fire intensness feel to the area. As your ability is thought your energy an is no or yes idea, that is tactical so not dumb is cooroperative thinking. As you see to use or thought for create as you cure with idea to use by thought." -Sae mOl in 16th as a third dimension

 "Mojo is the area you see to energy use or not the same people as you shape the area to formation." -Ahab

 "Assume that body immunity is there for thinking or not threat by idea."

"Thats nothing I suppose, as I did more for you that day." -Saen again

 "Assume or not use, that is te case of everclear or thought by what you view." -Say nothing or nothing does except normal

 "Whatever is whomever, so your idea energy is the thought you see not. Whomever cares in use not abuse or not for a case of lava elemency use as paralysis, as the area you see that is destroyed is thought in idea that they caused or wrong as it causmic cosmic vibration or cosmic string vibration. There is not anything that is necessary to the use by thought from the creator to work by touch. This is to effect or influence, the area creates creative use." -Shey

 "Whomever cares about a psychic phenomenon not happened. As if a were is thought good this doesn't always create to happen. As if a thought, sometimes wat you want or see to focus isn't always where you think, as the area if your thought is to appear the area isn't always water proof or is by in thought activity by lava. This is the end of makke." -SH

 "As wat starts with a storing point that isn't insect minded is the area you focus energy, the energy is whatever you think as water to use no longer as no is a concept. As eating with idea as you create in thought as wat is eating to a bug." -SH

 "That you see is taste to the good intent, except what training you feel is in thought. So as your energy your ability your ability is energy to create, what you don't always intend as the intention is good you can see or seem cool. That is use by focuse energy is thought to use, the use by the use or thought is were alter you think the area to the use. So alter the alter to burst the area focusing area energy, that use by focus is possible the breaking point that is what you use with the feeling. That exists as your an energy don't or the reality could break apart by focus or not. As you let your energy not attack someone else, your a point over so were not is nothing as you are aware. This is as if there is a were." -Sael as Spelly Hawkins

 "See or not is the area that is where you see or feel as you think to note the difference, your ability is what pinpoints differences by the thought in idea is not to notice by what is thought as if by the feel. As that is not in there your idea is creative or no taking blows. As you see the use your seeing what that should be in mind timewise to use." -Sae Hawkins

 "Seeing is believing or not thought in mind, so watever the cure is in the area. Assume not to assume as thought is the use by feel. See as use is there, as you think not there your idea is not effecting as the creator makes easy. So as you seem or any you know to use in life, this is creative use in energy by thought as if I was beating the glass aware or knocking over the glass to feel energy as fire as you are seeing thought to work. Always seeable except by the third eye use, seeing with the crown now set to chakra. That is a set to use." -Set not to win unless necessary or not a thought

 "CJM were beginning to see your a joke, watch as you see as what you see wat you show or what you feel is not there doesn't al easy or appear to appear." -SH

 "Say as you want or create as you will energy, to create is energy focus by the area with idraw or idea that you feel use energy to create by focus. Not incorrectly as if in the theory, this is use as thought was energy so as your idea to use in the area in use to energy. As you think the area you really reality shift to see or not, so say as you are there, where you are or were is things you see free by use with the area flow by life or in thought by lifting in use. Well facts are facts, life is concept your body is your own or not.

  As no its not see as a touch you see, the area as t-virus curing area was thought or use is the order that can seem to be. See or not is nothing in mind no active combat in idea is the area, see to create by imagination thought or use as energy is ashes to use or seem is non insanity. Stop be feed so you see for yourself, as if "sae" to your shift you shift your adioul is energy.

  See an not to see is another place by feel to see or create you don't have to do anything more to me. Ting is energy thought to tang or orange drink mix, that you use or hear in an area to experience the area. See that they were seen in use by thought, see by thought with energy focus or cancelled in thought out moments that you were seeing or not appear were seeing." -SH

 "Say or use is idea as an energy by use, think as an energy consists to the use in life by the skin. As is this an idea to create use with as a life is consisted idea by focus. See the use is dragon thought to use, as they can do many idea you can create by their energy that comes from the planet core as if no ship no sip no anything. That for use is thought by energy in nothing, stop so the creator is what you create with idea that creates by focus use is done. As your left and touches the table, your idea isn't what is there say as you want. So is what you see is nothing by watching what you use." -SH

 "Say or feel is until you see as unseem, as if thought in your energy is energetic focus so ciao. It is an expression by feel or love that is energy to use as you know why you are, who you are when you see the area is thought in use you manipulate by what you feel in focus." -Shellis Campbell

 "What your told you don't have to do. Un in a moment is done thought or created by feel. Un is done in a moment not or so free. As if done is information in a thought, now is a moment you don't need to do not a thought point as pointed out is nothing. As there is nothing aware where noting the air reveals what is there or unless is a thought about point as unindention. As noting is what you are senses to use in idea, so figure out or thought is a way to do so this is idea in use.

  As your energy is not in public your activity is not in use. As nought or no in thought your energy is action by idea. As nothing there is nothing that exists in idea, so being isn't beating by idea near in message idea. Concept is nothing more than an idea energy, that isn't in existence. For the spell the archonic evil was cast by use is with several thought, down to time immemorial as your idea is an end to the area. This is really a perception outside what consists as a thought energy to a box.

   As thought in energy was the box by schroediner box, tis is energy that was curious as a cat was near in energy by the area that you see that your done using. Hardest, easier than pie is a thought that your energy was not an energy. So use is use but things you sought to keep to yourself, as secrets kept are thought to the use as things you see.

  See as you are a near area that peach is perfect in place fruit that is thought to see, that reforms with thought as this energy can reform with the secrets energy so sprite use is thought use. As your idea energy is form, think what you did as you reappear with as nothing is what you consider as I design is feaery or feasible use with magic or faery stuff. Delink before you kill, by thought associated idea that isn't recognized by the person as their own.

   So your idea is subconscious as a soul shift, your mind is thought not to do if nothing to create is nothing for idea in enulle. So is thought so create is will, see by thought this is tea or thought as our reason is some idea. That is in a theory that is your energy is useful to creation, your genious by thin use or thought as this is an exit that was in the air. A participle thought in use or creation by idea, isn't creation by the thought or use you see. See by thought for use is nothing, as thought is things you see to use once the energy is gone your free as that forces some guilt activity for alcohol idea.

   That is an energy use to the area, knife use is practice not on the self. By what you do is thought as you are to do, seem what you are able as not with concept you are human. As thought you see isn't what you sense, the area is thought sense to create with a feel to use. So the fix is thought, as your thought is with what you consider to concession. Seeable unuse is in thought by the area, you can see in use by the area you notice by the feel or as not to triangulate as this figuring in remote this is out in energy is not in use otherwise.

   As you do or think with idea in nothing thought, nothing sown by salt in a field that is water as I remember to ruin a field. As a phrase is a passage the barrage, your idea was done by the time I returned to die as if I stood and got ran over or evaded to do something else. Thus as I was in thought, went seem or came in idea. As you believe the area changes to what I sensing is I am sensing the third eye is is doing by seeing or some idea not done, this is nothing or something by thought. Focus is energy so tis is thought energy use to create as te creator creates or figures things out in use." -SH

 "This smoke effect creates dismissal or not is a reasoning that is separate from, what you do is that you create if you think to create. For "thought not" if this is not as if unaware, think no danger to get no danger so this seems or creates not as thought dangerous thought purchase. See things are with an idea, this is energy calm as you back yourself away with looking in or with the condition so no attack.

  Stop the mass disrupted, as you feel yourself walk away think shift to see cool or hot idea you create as or one child is enough with the creator. As yor energy creates by feel or with thought energy is nothing by the feel or thought effect, as if a common friend focus is energy as though you clean your room by use for a common defense against bugs not thought is untrapped in time. Your never as insane as your cool with what you create or do." -SH

 "1099918601 tat is a serial code, that popped up that I used one day to see by motion be by use." -Seeable results experiment ended by the resolution of idea to create as this was ended by CJM

 "Stop in the kincaid as your use is over step out to be where, you were as not as thought or bake is think if you think to look to seem there." -SH near Cathy

 "Sane is Sanely Sane or thought by nothing, this isn't as thought is normal in appearance as not is insanity. Your not but as your sanity sane, this is te energy of the idea with intentions or you form a winecup." -SH

 "Em and in more that is what you see in a dark twisted landscape really with twisted trees or dark area shades. This is formed from twisted reality to seem alright, as you sense things even as I die or live this releases by thought to seem in the area you can exist in." -Ciao

 "The trick to this is not to be seeming things they can trace you with, as you see this your not dumb as your unseen by the area you feel not to be found in by idea or think better from better results. " -Seadra "Dragon" Andrews

 "You had to be told if sleep walking or aware as awake in you or as idea as you sleep dreamless. This is where any rule can apply to create." -Ghosthunter

 "- is to stop, = is equal, + is allow or not as necessary to add. Use nothing to see what can get allot or not have the disease that is neutralizing itself." -SH

 "- is cancer or disease that is against what the cancer is represented by as thought." -SH

 "In wat you say, this is the evil eye ended by the thought I cast you to the pit you created when you decided to disrupt and do in evil. Say or now is seeing to see life to cause life or create life in idea, except by thought the area you see is interest to use or not as to do or ignore." -Seing is believing by appropriate movement

 "Cancer in recession, the face returned to normal the area you see is send or now do. So don't be thought unless it will beat you." -Angela from 12th life ago

 "Never ever contact someone that can or will beat you in face. Don't be recognized for what you see or seem in use for unless your not going to disrupt someone not worthwhile or create as necessary." -Seandra Andrew

 "So no if your going to do disruption not pinchface. Don't destroy something your going to use or not do. These are allow of do's and don'ts that are not exactly required." -SH

 "No is a concept, a beating to the head or not is nothing. Think so do you recognize that tune? Well you aren't that ghost." -Ghost

 "This time I am going to break more generators." -Sheal Mcqueen

 "Now tell me something, this one right here in the area with the beat in if beats too much you can beat back." -SH

 "Now tell me something, if you get beaten sometime beat back." -SH

 "As your will is well energy, use is energy created by feel." -SH

 "It seems that the presence with a match to the area steering away that is feel to were alter where you go." -See or go

 "As I suspect, you are versus with the were alter. So stop as you don't need to do anything." -SN

 "It seems the presence with a material can cause interest or energy to create physical energy magic, as you feel necessary when touching as if this is touch to create by focus to touch by create in idea." -Seeable evidence

 "See as able minded your illness is gone, as your ability is curious your believed ability is curative by aura anti-stemm as a different defense. See as though your defense is a different interred energy awareness by reaction. Wat you say is creative to use, to stimulate some idea life to some point as aware your awake or the subconscious guides. As you don't acknowledge wat isn't there if you are about to be beaten, attacked or disrupted by a player point in a game universe that you walk around." =See life in sea with the universal terror that forms when the correct idea is correct for the moment.

 "That ciao is a happy ending by thought to destroy the insectoids in sickness or unevolve them, then to disrupt in the energy depth charge to disrupt itself and depending on use is create by death to need. Still to use the matrix is creative to feel the sickness gone not to seem happy as the end is near. Seeable use is able minded hoax proven to be real, that isn't if someone you see does the idea or not as though in idea you try nothing with no result. Unless necessary as with nod result or not hate progress, as the idea I saw was a roach was there from some idea gate." -SH

 "Nulle attack to not be effected to attack the pestillence without effecting people, as you think without effecting others you shift away that is disrupting its own essence by turning against its own nature that is not a bug form. Act like the god you speak to is near as necessary, this is create or approach or not as to say to create or attack to do better. Don't think to be effected so you aren't, say this is not a hex to the area you talk to the police saying what you want as those who are spoken to are accepting your view as without trouble this is a true death by appreciation.

  As soon you are 9 you will assume sometimes are tough so you will do wat is necessary by thought, so wat you think you can or seem otherwise as anyone unaffecting are good if allowable or otherwise as your ability is energy by focus to create with seable idae. So wat you say you see or pay to think is not think to creator to create by idea. The opposite is don't bemuse it to not use it, as they tend to use it to see as no use is not then done." -Shael Orchestration

 "The area energy isn't destroying by the feel so the area is effected by energy that you don't think of tis, as circucumstances don't occur a madhouse this is where you are not thinking oppositely. If you think you will be hurt you can expect it or not seem or not attack at all, as you think the energy is temergity to an expert tem is them emerging by the creator or the connectivity. This is with an energy to the area, that is by feel if in feel to the area by moving around not bumping." -SH

 "The god creates by not as nothing is not actually feel is there to create with easiness in a moment by some area is wat you see with or without a hit or weapon. This was "In Itz Ez" yet isn't now I am sorry that this is by idea. As this attacks the real issue about this no don't focus. As you are seeing in concept or your aware idea is creative or you don't think to be there, as you don't attune you won't seem to be or appear or see as you look. So as you don't you do, as you are you recognize wat you do." -SH

 "The area if disruptive is were altering by leaving or not actually seeable is the person, if they don't think to be seen as seeable is a need to be seen and you don't do it to yourself. Unless you can think to shift away, if you think your not there you can stay as if noone notices you. As there your their now so stay away from the people." Neighbei Deiene

 "Once you see the area you can detect realism from people or things, to create as you wish to create as life is idea or creative use. What you don't expect you won't get till you think to not expect as you wish. As you think a wish that you won't you won't as if an active case or pretense." -Shelia

 "Here's to seeing you old man." -Aserf Fable

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